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Last update: 2015-03-16

Dispatches from the Weird Special Episode #0

Length: 57s

Consider this a preview of things to come from the NEW season of Dispatches from the Weird.  Season 6...COMING SOON.


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We Belong Dead #4

Length: 1s

Welcome back to a new and frightful edition of We Belong Dead!

In Episode 4, we delve into a smorgasbord of horror delights! We talk horror news including some new (if somewhat disappointing) footage from a beloved flick, some upcoming releases, and just general horror headlines. Next up is a regrettable recast that leaves both Lono and Ian feeling dirty and ashamed. And to top it off, we end with an original movie pitch that's...well, it's actually pretty damn good.

Like the show? Love it? Loathe it? Let us know by sending us some feedback via webelongdeadpod@gmail.com


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We Belong Dead #3

Length: 2s

When last we left our horrendous heroes, Lono and Ian were mapping out part 2 of their trek through all that is grotesque for their 31 Days of Horror!

In this week's episode, in as timely and topical a fashion as ever, we go through what we consider to be the best and most important horror milestones of 2014. We talk movies, TV, books, and all kinds of other horror projects to delight your putrid little minds! And to top it all off, we do a recast for one of our favorite horror movies of all time.

Anything we missed for the year? Wanna send us some general feedback? Write us a review on iTunes or shoot us an email at webelongdeadpod@gmail.com


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Dispatches from the Weird #29

Length: 3s

In this special EXTRA LONG episode of Dispatches from the weird we take a hit to our electrical systems in a surpise attack that was probably launched by ISIS.  But we recover and we prep Richie the noob for his grand foray in to the world that is Dungeons and Dragons.  Join Nathan Potatoe the sorcerer and Kerras the drunken dwarven cleric as they stumble in to their first level 1 adventure in the Tomb of the Minotaur!


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We Belong Dead #2

Length: 1s

PART ONE: From the Vault…


At long last we can all rejoice as Lono has decided to FINALLY release episode 2 of his ongoing horror-chat journey, We Belong Dead! In this extra saucy 2-parter, Lono and his trusty co-pilot Ian sift thru the 62 films they gorged on throughout the wicked month of Oct, way back in 2014! Were any of your picks on their lists? Plug this delicious little tart of a podcast into yer deviant little brain and find out! Long-winded AND pretentious? Always.


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Dispatches from the Weird #28

Length: 2s

In this episode we discuss the carney-like origins of the Church of Satan, where Lou Bega currently is in his career, proper etiquette when stealing money, and how much Ben learned about himself at the local Pokemon trading card game tournaments.  We also play a new improv game called "Rory's story cubes."





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Dispatches from the Weird #27

Length: 2s

Aaron and Ben forget what podcast they're on and keep trying to derail the conversation with geeky shit.  Richie finally watched Guardians of the Galaxy and gives his thoughts.  Ben gives dishes on his negative experience watching TUSK, and we talk about what REAL podcasting is.  Listen.  Tell your friends.  Share, like, repost.  We ARE groot.


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Dispatches from the Weird #26

Length: 2s

In this special Semi-lost episode of Dispatches from the Weird Ben explains to Richie how awesome Gaston from Beauty and the Beast is.  They also flip out over how awesome the title tracks for both the animated and live action Robin Hood movies are.  Ben explains how he catfished a bunch of online rpg'ers.  Also, HOT BUTTON returns.


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Dispatches from the Weird #25

Length: 2s

This podcast just had its insurance rates drop.  Thats right.  Episode twenty five!  We delve in to some serious talk at first, breakign it down in to some real, real shit.  It gets slightly depressing, but also slightly uplifting.  It was necessary.  It won't make you cry.  But it also wont make you feel good.  Or will it?  Richie also explains his recent journey in to the world of witchraft and wizardry where he watched all 8 Harry Potter movies in a single weekend for the first time.  His thoughts in this pod!  Also, we tackle some HOT BUTTON current events that we have no real interest in.  Check it out.


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Streamatorium #7 "The Blob Halloween SpookFUCKular"

Length: 2s

Happy Halloween, you nasty bastards.  Ben and Richie pop out an epic piece of podcast gold in this special, annual, sexual, Halloween SPOOKFUCKULAR!  The blob remake is watched and discussed at full length.  Gooey blob bits devouring fleshy bodies.  Mocking Jay doritos are devoured by Ben at blob-like speeds.  Richie defends rambunctious, destructive teens.  And a special visit from a Midjun Vampire!


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Dispatches from the Weird #24

Length: 2s

Special guests up in this episode!  We are joined by special guest Ian from Rijcast, and studio audience Pink Ranger.  Ben details his experiences at a basement tatoo party.  Richie is introduced to the glory of Midi files.  Ben cries about his beard envy, and the Ghostbusters Midi file trivia game is played.  This time around the prize is evil.  Evil beyond evil. 


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Conversations with the Weird #5 "Joe Whiteford of Harley Poe RETURNS!"

Length: 1s


In the shadowy distance, under a crimson red moon, the rebellious hollerin’ of 3 warriors approaching echoes. As they trudge along the swampy darkness, leaving in their wake, scorched earth and shattered hearts, the “innocent” among us weep, as the sinners grin in wicked wicked abandon…


No wait…


...oh damn.


That’s my bad. Turns out Lono’s ridiculously stoned, Ben finally speaks on IwtW (about one of his favorite subjects, CUSTOM TOYS!), and Joe Whiteford remains his cool and hilarious self as…




The multi-faceted Joe Whiteword once again graces us with his enigmatic presence, and delivers ALL the upcoming news about Harley Poe, his bad-ass custom figure and sculpting ventures, and most things in-between! But more than that, this is a fun, rambling, silly, goofy and sexy as fuck podcast with 3 pals talking about movies, music, art, and giving each other enough proverbial shit to start a proverbial shit FACTORY!


So crank up yer copy of Pagan Holiday, roll up a #, and come chill with yer 3 beasties, Lono, Ben, and Joe!




Joe’s Blog: The Lies and Obsessions of Mr. Joe Whiteford http://joewhiteford.blogspot.com/


Horrorhound Records: Harley Poe’s 7-inches of Hell!!!   http://www.horrorhoundrecords.com/


Harley Poe on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/harleypoe


PROMO VIDEO FOR THE 7-INCHES OF HELL:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIKhjjFBwTo

As always, thank you guys SO much for the support and do yer 3-second part, click that SHARE button. Spread the word of the WEIRD!!!


And since ya’ll read ALL the way to the end, please enjoy the brand-damned new video for GOREHOUND, directed by Joshua Hull!!!!





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Dispatches from the Weird #23

Length: 2s

In this episode we are joined by the infamous Walt Winfrey, champion of nipple clamps, who helps us jump through the podcast hoops of peril as we discuss such great topics as depression, the death of Rob Williams, Ice bucket challenges, chip clips on dicks, and the underground culture growing behind the e-cigarette.  We also play the newly re-named "Vince McMahon You're fired Trivia Game".




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Dispatches from the Weird #22

Length: 2s


Love keeps us together in this episode as frequent contributer Aaron joins us for this night's debauchery.  Lono reviews the new horror app sensation called "The Crypt".  We discuss the horror and terror of finding snakes.  Lono lists all the many times he's seen naked black people.  And we geek out over the Dune move that never was.  So kick back and listen to this sexy piece of podcast ass.  Who knows...maybe you'll get lucky.


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Length: 2s

At long last, the maiden voyage of a podcast series 36 years in the making, lifelong horror-geek and self-proclaimed small-town podcast mogul, Lono, now unearths for the masses his first ever horror-ONLY podcast, “We Belong Dead”!!! Taking on a new co-pilot every show, Lono will guide you through the good, the bad, the bad-good,the bad-bad and the “seriously this is not good” of horror news, upcoming releases in film, home video, literature, art, music and even the occasional game! But he doesn’t stop there, adding in well-crafted, artisan top 3 questions, musical interludes, and macabre games, the sinister Lord Lono strives to make this truly a horror podcast FOR the Horror geeks BY the horror geeks! Episode 1’s co-pilot is a seasoned horror fan you know and love from RIJcast, and Episode ? of Radio: LONO, it is none other than the Mighty Ian!!!

 As with every maiden voyage (as proven by the abysmal Ep. 1 of Radio: LONO!), this is where we find our groove, and get a grip on what needs to be improved and even excised from future shows. In other words, this is Lono way too stoned, rambling nervously, working out kinks! But hey it’s ep. 1, RAW and SQUISHY!


So come on in, and we will to!




And raise a glass “to a new world of gods and monsters!”



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Dispatches from the Weird #21

Length: 2s

In this episode we ask you tome come sail away with us to another world were we can rely on eachother.  Uh huh.  From one corner to another.  Uh huh.  We also discuss the rappings of former rapper Pras, and the cookie monster-like rhymes of the late great Ol' Dirty Bastard.  Lono calls out pregnant women for being lazy.  Ben questions the proper amount of spooge to spooge.  We also discuss just how doctors go about making Vaginas.  Listen and enjoy.


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Radio: L.O.N.O. : Ep. 8!

Length: 2s



You know him...you tolerate him...And now he’s in the studio with Lono, spinning some of his own favorite tracks to get all you sinners shakin’ and squealin’!!! That’s right, this week the infrequent Carl joins Lono to co-pilot you through the grime and muck that makes up the music we here in the bunker just can’t live without! All yer favorite staples are here INCLUDING a sing-a-long, as Carl proves that he is FAR more brave than Ian as he joins Lono in belting out a number or two! Again the track list for this week’s soundtrack is being kept in the vault, but I promise it is both cheesy AND fantastic! So crank up yer device, pop yer buds in and feast on some rambling and some damned fine tunes found ONLY right here on Radio: LONO!



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Dispatches from the Weird #20

Length: 2s

Joined by special guest Sugah Pink we bailamos through the fields of weird as Ben dusts off his microphone and briefly comes out of rap retirement.  It gets even weirder as Lono shows off his new butt plug/marijuana pipe and Ben describes his experiences being discriminated against for being fat at a chocolate themed amusement park. Ben also defends his Juggalo themed wardrobe and Lono describes his recent con experiences with the dude from the beginning of Ghostbusters.  We also sort of stir up controversy as we defend an alleged destroyer of freedom.  Dispatches from the Weird.  Spread it on.


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Radio: L.O.N.O.: Lucky #7

Length: 1s

Radio: L.O.N.O.: Lucky #7!!!


Attention all you delicious sinners! We’re gonna make this little write-up brief…


This MAY be be most amazing episode of Radio: L.O.N.O. yet! Or maybe not, I guess that’s really up to you. But hey, yer old pal Lono is back on a solo flight this week, to crash each and every one of you into the land of misfit, kick-ass tunes! NO playlist included on this one, but rest assured all yer favorite surprises and gimmicks are here, from Lono’s patented “Song to Fuck To” to one helluva fun sing-a-long! So quit dickin’ around, warm up yer earholes, and stick in a heapin’ helpin’ of everyone’s favorite sleazy, rock-n-roll monster, LONO!!!

Fire it up!


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Conversations With the Weird #4 Pat Healy

Length: 1s

Conversations With the Weird: Cheap Thrills & Innkeeping with Pat Healy!


He’s in everything from “Captain America: Winter Soldier” to “Ghost World”!!!


That’s right, actor, writer, director, stand-up comedian, all around raconteur and helluva nice guy, Pat Healy gave up an hour of his busy schedule to ramble with us in the latest installment on CWtW! I tried not to gush too much about my love affair with “The Innkeepers” (and my crush on Sarah Paxton!), but he happily chats with us about it, and gives up a great story (that as far as I know, you will ONLY find right here at CotHW!) about David Koechner on the set of “Cheap Thrills”, his latest, must-see performance which is now available on DVD and Blu-ray! We discuss our mutual love of Scorcese’s brilliant “King of Comedy”, Pat tosses a few new bands out for the congregation to check out, along with a few of his favorite films. We get to hear about his short film, “Mullit”, what is on the horizon for his ever-rising career, and we finally get an answer to the age-old question…


“Will Pat Healy co-star in the soon to be Lono-penned and directed sequel to “Cast A Deadly Spell”, playing opposite Jeffrey Combs as feuding supernatural private investigators in a Lovecraftian Landscape!”? Ya know...that age-old question…:P


I dream, I dream...Anyway, aside from a few pesky drop-outs in the audio (thank you Skype!), Pat is an absolute blast to hear, a wealth of knowledge, and a guy you’d just love to have a drink with. So kick on back, relax, and let Lono & Mr. Healy invade your dirty little earholes…


Also, check back here VERY SOON, for your chance to win one of 3 copies of “Cheap Thrills” on blu-ray or dvd, in our very own giveaway contest, “THRILL LONO!”  


And of course, be sure to check out Pat Healy’s website, http://thepathealy.tumblr.com/ and  career, a good place to start is right on Netflix, with…


Than move right along to …


Go forth, sinners!





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Streamatorium #6 "Flash Gordon"

Length: 2s

In this epic and colorful episode of Streamatorium we pop in the 80's cult classic FLASH GORDON.  We discuss the campyness, ridiculous amount of color, funny hats, way too ellaborate costumes, and legitimate acting skills of Ming the Merciless.  We also pick apart what little Ben remembers of the 70's porn parody Flesh Gordon, and Lono constantly has to remind Ben that we don't know how the Flash Gordon universe works.  So sit back, pop in your copy of Flash Gordon and enjoy the chaos while we fly blind on a rocket cycle through the delicious and terrible Flash Gordon!


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Radio L.O.N.O. #6 Part 2

Length: 1s

Radio: LONO Episode 6 PART 2!


Finishing the saga with a bang, we proudly post for you the epic ending of this colossal 2-part extravaganza featuring guest DJ and manly man, Ian, from our pals over at RIJcast. How does it end? Well, here’s a hint...sticky and slightly explosive! Again the playlist for this episode is being kept secret in the catacombs of CotHW headquarters so you’ll just have to stick it in yer ear and find out what tunes Ian and Lono chose for you greedy beauties to devour!





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Radio L.O.N.O. #6 Part 1

Length: 1s

Radio: LONO Episode 6 PART 1!!!


Strange rumblings from the swamps surrounding the studio-crypt can only mean one thing...Lono has brought in a special guest DJ for this episode of Radio: LONO, and boy howdy is it ever a good one! RIJcast’s own rugged, yet cuddly badass, Ian, takes the co-pilot seat this week in an episode SO BIG we had to split it up into 2-parts! You don’t want to miss this legendary episode where at long-last it isn’t just Lono’s picks and I’ll tell ya, Ian brought the thunder! Some damned fine tunes and some damned fun chit-chat make this thing a must listen! So kick on back and fill yer ears with this, the latest, and possibly greatest episode of the award-seeking Radio: LONO!


We are keeping the tracklist completely secret for this one, I believe you will be pleasantly surprised…


But I promise, all yer favorite staples are here, the patented “Lono’s Good Song to Fuck To”, all the rest and even an almost sing-along are represented! So stick it in yer ear and prepare to repent!





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Dispatches form the Weird #19

Length: 2s

The Kingdom of Chaos is under siege.  Enemies at the left flank with their giant wolf shaped battering ram and the King is deep in thought trying to figure out a synonym for "overthrown"  This epic is chaos...chaos that has been mastered in to a glorious MP3 file for you to listen to.   Carl break his hermetic streak and actually shows up for once.   Lono says his farewells as this is once again his farewell episode.  Ben discusses his unholy love for Godzilla and hatred for Godzooky.  Short Circuit 2 is discussed for far too long.  And we do a breakdown of someone else's silly rankings of best and worst super villains.  


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Radio L.O.N.O. #5

Length: 2s

Radio: L.O.N.O. Episode 5!


“...it comes out of the Virginia swamps cool and slow, with a backbeat narrow and hard to master.”  Or some such shit. Gettin’ a little better every damned time, Lono is back with some looney tunes for yer sinful little earholes! What happens when Lono invites booze into the mix? A whole lotta somethin’, probably, right? Stick this thing in yer ear and find out fer sure! This episode marks the (triumphant?) return of the SING-A-LONG w/ Lono segment, and of course yer humble host spins another in the weekly-growing playlist called “Good songs to fuck to!”, all the rest of yer favorite wackiness seems to gel a bit more here in the triumphant...EPISODE 5!!!


Tracks include:


“Death Trip”- Bad Livers

“Roman Gods”- The Fleshtones

“I Dig You”- Boss Hog

“Don’t Laugh (I Love You)”- Ween

“Candy”- PotUSA

“”Death of Me”- Dex Romweber Duo

PLUS: 19 more tracks you just GOTTA hear!!!


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Dispatches from the Weird #18 "Get the butter."

Length: 2s

In this special re-union episode of Dispatches from the Weird Ben reminisces his rave experiences, we discuss as seen on TV pocket watches and contact juggling kits, we give props to Quick Kick...the BEST FUCKING GI JOE EVER, Ben's asian heritage it put in question, and we discuss the top twenty weirdest fetishes and how we rate them on the weird/creepy/sexy meter.




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Radio L.O.N.O. #4

Length: 2s

Fresh as a damned daisy it’s here! Ep. 4 of Radio: L.O.N.O. “Springtime For Lono!” Held within the 2 hours you’ll get to hear some of Lono’s picks of fantastic music for Spring! From the sleazy to the greasy, he’s workin’ hard to get yer toes tappin’ and yer brain explodin’! Ever-present are the wacky ramblings and deep truths you’ve come to both love and shudder at poppin’ right outta Lono’s grimy mind only to swim around in yer lovely earholes! As always, this ep. features yer favorite staples from the weekly “song to get naked and dance to as though no one can see you” to Lono’s long-running “music to fuck to”! It may be Spring, but that does nothing to ease the insanity and fantastic style of the one and only Radio: LONO!




“Pack Up”- Eliza Doolittle

“Ballad of Jim Jones”- Brian Jonestown Massacre

“Birdhouse in Your Soul”- They Might Be Giants

“Guleh/Zombie Queen”- Ghost

“Illegal Smile”- John Prine


...and 20 more scorching track to mend yer always demented mind!

Sorry for the delay.  Had some MASSIVE computer faulure issues.


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Radio L.O.N.O. #3

Length: 2s

From the depths of the Cornwallis swamps at Weirdo Ranch, oozes the fabulous Ep. 3 of the award-seeking music podcast Radio:L.O.N.O. In the wee hours of the morning, Dispatches Studios get taken hostage my Col. Lono, and for 2 hours he takes us all on a melodic and greasy aural journey thru his very own madcap brain, providing a killer soundtrack and manic rants to brighten the day of you and yers! Seems the show gets a little less awkward as we sally forth on this voyage, so stick in in yer ear and enjoy…


27 tracks are featured in this episode, including:


“Start Wearing Purple” - Gogol Bordello

“Want It Back”- Amanda Palmer

“I’m the Urban Spaceman”- Bonzo Dog Band

“Debauchery”- David Gray

“(I’m Gonna) Shine Up My Boots” - Corb Lund Band

“Love Yer Brain” - Flaming Lips

“Would You Love a Monsterman?” - Lordi

...and 20 more scorching tracks straight outta the rock-n-Roll hell of Col. Lono’s deranged little mind!

Be sure to check out Ep. 4 next week, it’ll be our special “Springtime for Lono” podcast, featuring many of Lono’s favorite spring tunes!


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Radio: L.O.N.O. : Episode 2!!!

Length: 2s

In an ASTOUNDING improvement from our pilot episode, this podcast finds our host, Lono, in a more comfortable place emotionally, with FAR less pre-game marijuana intake! The levels are pretty spot-on, and the ramblings a bit more coherent. Overall just a big step in finding our stride. So join our founder, Lono, as he guides us down a 2 hour twisted tour of tunes designed to expand, enhance, and explode yer minds! From tracks you know and love, to bizarre little gems you never knew existed, Lono spins 23 songs just for you, and yer black little hearts…


So roll up a number and let Col. Lono into yer ears…


Included in this episode:


-”A Martini Built For 2”- My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult

-”I Never Said I was Deep” - Jarvis Cocker

- Kaw-liga”- Hank Williams

- “She Said”- Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

- “Tie My Pecker to My Leg”- Mojo Nixon



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Dispatches from the Weird #17 "Panty Shit Dot Com

Length: 2s

All HELL breaks loose in this chaotic, pointless episode.  We all go in half cocked and come out fully unloaded as Ben wont let the whole biscuit game debacle go, Lono uses his sorcerer-like wizard magic to summon carl out of this air, and Aaron demands we share our deepest darkest fears.  So kick back and listen to the most chaotic podcast we've recorded.


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Radio: L.O.N.O. Dave Brockie Tribute podcast.

Length: 1s

Well here it is folks. we lost the awesome Dave Brockie (aka: Oderus Urungus), and to us here at CotHW, a spiritual creative influence passed on. Join Lono, and special guest Ben, on this very special edition of Radio: LONO, as two friends chatter on about how Dave Brockie and Gwar influenced them both separately and as the leaders of the Holy Weirdo empire. Dig 12 DBX and Gwar tunes handpicked by us to help blast Oderus back to his home planet in style, in the very open, rather crude, and always explicit way that dave himself taught us!


We don’t claim to be Gwar scholars, just 2 guys who dig the fuck outta the tunes Dave Brockie gave us ib the short time he was here…





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Radio Lono Episode 1

Length: 2s

Well after weeks of teasing, here it is, the maiden voyage of Radio:LONO!!! It’s what would happen is Lono took over a radio station and was given NO LIMITS for 2 hours. It is very common knowledge that Lono is an unashamed film geek, but few know about his pretentious, emotional, and boundless love of all genres of music! Truth be told this episode is rather awkward, given that Lono smoked way too much reefer and was quite ill-prepared for a solo-hosting gig, but bare with us and as episodes go forward, a stride will be found! Thankfully this is NOT 2 hours of Lono rambling stoned, but does in fact include many, many great songs, request, dedications, sing-alongs and nudity! Some tunes ya know and some you will be happy to now know, Lono spins everything from Type-0 Negative to the Wonders! So, kick back, spark a spliff and do yer best to enjoy the newest addition to the Holy Weirdo PodNetwork, radio: LONO!


Among the great tracks to be found in this episode are:


-”Barracuda” live - Rasputina

-”Robin Hood’- Ocean Colour Scene

- “Damaged Goods”- La Dispute

- “Fuck the Pain Away”- Peaches

-”Big Mistake”- Tim Fite


a special reading of “The Smoke Off” by Shel Silverstein!

and many more greasy goodies!


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Streamatorium #5 "The Stuff"

Length: 1s

NO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS!  ENOUGH IS NEVER ENOUGH OF THE STUFF!  In this episode of Streamatorium we watch the 80's cult classic "The Stuff"!  A tale of horror, tasty deserts, pointless kidnapping, funny accents, and industrial espionage.  The Stuff is a delicious classic that is sure to appeal to your terrible movie taste buds.  So sit back and listen to the the STUFFCAST!


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Dispatches from the Weird #16 "Breathy and Off-putting"

Length: 2s

In this episode Lono goes through his list of great impressions, while personally giving away pieces of his trading card childhood.  Ben discusses his recent overdose and lets Aaron in on the action going on in the underground Ninja turtle Action Figure Trading group.  Also the "Mo' 'taters, Ma" trivia game is rechristened to the "Mark Gormley" trivia game.





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Dispatches from the Weird #15 "Decent Yogurt. Excellent Vagina."

Length: 2s

In this very special episode of Dispatches from the Weird:

We discuss how Ice cream cake makes any vagina better.

We unveil our plans to open the first Frozen Yogurt shop that serves it's froyo straight from a hooker's snatch.

We love on the Lost Skeleton movies.

We convince Richie to get in to the Cosplay scene.

The "Mo Taters, Ma" game returns



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Dispatches from the Weird #14

Length: 2s

In this Dispatch we discuss the governments insane weather dominator, conspiracy theorists, and the great debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham.


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Dispatches from the Weird ep.13 "No one plays the biscuit game!"

Length: 2s

In this episode we discuss the stupid sexual game known as biscuit, John de Lancie's involvement in the pony show, cosmetic anal bleaching, and listener questions!


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Streamatorium ep. 4 BATMAN '89!

Length: 2s

Welcome back to the Streamatorium!  In this episode we watch Batman '89 and discuss all things Batman.  We also review the truly offputting Prince video for Bat Dance.  Check it out!  Weirdochurch.com


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Streamatorium Ep.3 SCROOGED

Length: 2s

Its that time of year.  The time of year where you kick back with your warm beverage and pop in your favorite Christmas movie.  And we know that movie is "Scrooged"!  Streamatorium episode 3!  We get right in to it in this fantastic podcast commentary track.  Good to sync up with the film, or to listen to whilst doing your christmas time errands.  


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Dispatches from the Weird ep.12 "99% of urinary track infection..."

Length: 2s

In this episode we discuss urinary track infections, we review our most important facebook posts of the year, and Ben discusses how many boners he popped in the Hobbit movie.


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Dispatches from the Weird ep.11 "Here's to the Crazy Ones.."

Length: 2s

We're back.  Back from the Thanksgiving holiday.  Back from black friday.  Lono and Ben discuss the monster that is Black Friday, Steve Jobs' inspirational words, and the bastards that kept us under lockdown.


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Dispatches from the Weird episode 10 "Mo Taters"

Length: 2s

Mo Taters, Ma.  Any kind of taters will do.  We're back after weeks of side projects and special events with an actual DISPATCH from the WEIRD!  Ben explains "Monday Night Rock", the group discusses their first time medicating, and someone gets a truely creepy and terrifying last place prize in the newly named "Mo Taters" trivia game.


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Streamatorium Episode 2 GHOSTBUSTERS

Length: 2s

Episode 2 of our semi-occasional podcast commentary extravaganza.  In this episode we watch Ghostbusters and discuss any and everything that comes to mind.  its like a commentary track...but as a podcast!


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COTHW presents The Rocky Horror Radio Show!

Length: 1s

I would like...if I may...to take you, on a STRANGE journey…

At long last, we may all REJOICE!!! DFtW’s first ever radio play is finally here! Welcome to the Rocky Horror RADIO Show, where we, yer trusted members from CotHW have recorded, for yer listening pleasure, songs and all, our radio play version of Richard O’Brien’s brilliant Rocky Horror Picture Show! I will warn you, I gave us less time to get this thing done than we really needed, and NONE of us are very good at singing, but ya know what...it’s the fun that counts! And this thing was a goddamned blast! So save yer petty judgements and dig this with the spirit on which it was created, Mr. O’Brien’s always resonant mantra “Don’t dream it, be it…” On a personal note I am crazy proud of everyone involved for having the balls to just go for it, I must say I was surprised and impressed! A huge thank you goes out to Will Castle, who was our audio engineer for this little experiment, and to Ben Smith, mi amigo and master editor under so many restraints! Also our undying love and thank you to Mr. Joe Whiteford and his crew for recording for us exclusively, what is the most amazing sounding part of this whole deal, “Science Fiction/Double Feature”...

So pour a drink (to absent friends)

Light up a spliff (in the Zen room!)

And enjoy our raucous little tribute to a real, breathing bit of cult brilliance…

Ladies and gentlemen…



Joe Whiteford- Lips (some lips)

Richie Yates- Dr. Frank-N-Furter (a scientist)

Callie Marie- Janet Weiss (a heroine)

Carl Triplett- Brad Majors (a hero)

Ben Smith- Riff Raff (a handyman)

Amber Binks- Magenta (a domestic)

Randall McCoy- Columbia (a groupie)

Aaron Yost- Dr. Everett V. Scott (a rival scientist)

Steven Smith- Rocky Horror (a creation)

Benloaf- Eddie (ex-delivery boy)

Larry Hart- The Criminologist (an expert)

Walt Winfrey- Rod (a narrator)

Walter Whinfro- Ralph Hapshatt


Will Castle- Audio Engineer

Ben Smith- Editor


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Dispatches from the Weird episode 9 "The lost episode"

Length: 2s

A very special LOST EPISODE from a couple years ago NEVER BEFORE POSTED.  BE AMAZED as we discuss former current events and debate religion HEAVILY.


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Conversations with the Weird ep.3 Joe Whiteford of Harley Poe!

Length: 2s

Troubadour of the Twisted: Joe Whiteford

Many moons ago I promised you, our adoring fans, an interview with the genius behind Harley Poe. And now, after months of annoying, badgering and begging, you finally get to hear me aurally masturbate the one and only Joe (Goddamned) Whiteford! Writer, artist, singer, guitar-slinger, custom figure paintist, sculpter, confessed geek, cool dad, and all around really open and good guy, Joe puts up with all my silly questions and awkward stammering for about an hour and a half. Covering everything from the history of Harley Poe, to the truly killer new album, "Pagan Holiday", to a glimpse at some future projects that sound more exciting than something really exciting! While we do discuss all kinds of topics and Joe's many artitic endeavors, the core of this thing is Harley Poe, the band that, in my opinion, is the top of the "horror-rock" chain. You really have to go back to Roky Erickson and Screamin' Jay Hawkins to find such a unique blend of cultrual horror mixed with such a distinct and creative sound, Harley Poe are in a class of thier own, cultivating a style second to none, and thankfully they invite us all to the dance! So fire up a #, get naked, and listen to this greasy little gem of an interview, exclusively on "Conversations From the Weird"...

All things Joe Whiteford & Harley Poe:







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Dispatches from the Weird episode 8

Length: 2s

In this episode, you will hear the continued tale of Dr. Solomon and the legacy of the Honeybutterton family, We discuss the Miley Cyrus situation, and Ben explains what a real man looks like.


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Dispatches from the Weird episode 7

Length: 2s


In this groundbreaking, epic, devious episode of Dispatches from the Weird:

-Ben brings up Smart Phones and everyone ridicules him for it.

-In a very out of character move on this podcast, we discuss Star Trek: TNG at great length, and discuss the Character Tasha Yar, and Ben's memories of meeting her when he was a child.  It's gross.

-In an all new segment, we read our pre-written short stories for the first time.


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Conversations from the Weird ep.2 Sean Clark

Length: 2s

Sean Clark: Rep. From the Hallowed State of Horror

I first noticed Sean from the bonus features of the great franchise-spanning doc, "Halloween: 25 Years of Terror", in something I'd never heard of called "Horror's Hallowed Grounds". And like so many others I immediately connected with this guy Sean. Here was a horror geek, who like me, wore his love of the genre on his sleeve, he was showing us all the landmark locations used in the filming of John Carpenter's "Halloween", it was engaging, hilarious and most of all, genuine. Sean wasn't talking down to us, he was taking us with him, knowing how much we love the film, and simply chatting with us about the history and trivia of these classic filming locations. With each new filmed "episode" covering a different title, combined with his monthly HHG's article in the pages of the fantastic Horrorhound magazine, numerous commentary tracks for Scream Factory, his newly released film "Black Waters of Echo's Pond" and countless convention appearances, Sean Clark has solidified himself as the unofficially elected representative of us, the unwashed masses known as horror geeks! We can't thank Sean enough for giving us a very entertaining hour and a half out of his jam-packed schedule for this interview. I know you guys are gonna dig it! Find out the sinister truth behind "Halloween: 25 Years of Terror", Get some damned fine music recommendations from Sean's personal collection, hear some wonderful and candid stories about the fantastic Jamie Lee Curtis, Sean's Boondock Saints connection and so much more in this, action-packed 2nd installment of "CONVERSATIONS FROM THE WEIRD"!

Honestly, aside from me again coming off like an idiot, this is a fantastic interview!

List of available episodes of Horror's Hallowed Grounds and where you can find them:

-Halloween ("Halloween: 25 Years of Terror) -A Nightmare on Elm Street ("Never Sleep Again") -Halloween II (Scream Factory's "Halloween II") -Halloween III (Scream Factory's "Halloween III") -The Fog (Scream Factory's "The Fog") -The Howling (Scream Facorty's "The Howling") -The Fog (Scream Factory's "The Fog") coming soon -Prince of Darkness (You guessed it, Scream Factory's "Prince of Darkness")



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Conversations from the Weird ep.1Michael Felsher

Length: 1s

Welcome one and all to the inaugural episode of the newest member of the Weirdo Corp., "Conversations From the Weird"! With these podcast we will strive to bring you, dear listener, up close and personal with some of the most creative, talented and important people in this weird world of film, writing, music and art. And by god did we snag a humdinger for the first episode...

Like us here at Weirdocorp. headquarters, we know you all love the blu ray format, the improved sound quality, the pristine transfers (mostly), and above all the special goddamned features! Like us, we know that you too go completely gaga over well produced supplemental material compiled and created by someone you just can feel loves and respects the dark little crevices of filmdom in witch we all strive. WELL, Michael Felsher is the reigning king in this world! His company, Red Shirt Pictures, has been supplying us freaks with the highest quality interviews, commentary tracks, featurettes and full-blown docs for years now, and they are currently, in my opinion, the beating heart of SCREAM FACTORY!

(Seriously, just peruse yer dvd/blu ray collection, or head on over to his site and stare in awe at all the cool stuff this man has been responsible for!)

http://www.redshirtpictures.com/ Michael graciously allowed us a couple of hours to pick his brain, and I'll be damned if what we got wasn't some of the most endearing, hilarious and all-around entertaining stories from a man who truly loves what he does and in turn is loved by us, the teeming masses of genre junkies who find him vital in our realm of geekdom! Wanna know something about M. Emmet Walsh you never knew? Wanna find out if Michael took a little "souvenir" from his trip to the original Evil Dead 2 cabin? Care to hear an insider's thoughts on the future of home entertainment and online streaming?

Of course ya do! So Come on in and JOIN US as we spend a couple houors inside the mind of the talented, the entertaining, the man behind the curtain, Michael Felsher!


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Dispatches from the Weird episode 6

Length: 2s

Easily the best episode of Dispatches from the Weird we've ever recorded.  In this episode:

-Carl describes his experiences at a Nudist colony

-Ben discusses how he's afraid to use bathroom stalls for fear that he will be murdered with his diick out

-Dan AKroyd was right


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Dispatches from the Weird episode 5

Length: 2s

In this episode we go LIVE on anarchy-1.org and answer listener questions, discuss creepy subcultures that exist in this world, turtle knowledge, the jaws remake, and the mystery of whats on a piece of paper.  Check it out.


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Dispatches from the Weird episode 4

Length: 2s

In this episode:

We discuss Ben's performance in the new very special episode of "There's a Problem"

We discuss current movie viewings and opinions

Richie controls the Bamboo trivia game and shames everyone.


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Dispatches from the Weird episode 3

Length: 2s

Special guest Will joins us in this special episode of Dispatches from the Weird.  We discuss the best of the best of the new fast food items, Ben spits his opinion on Michael Bay and the new Turtle movie that the internet has deemed a catastrophe, and once again we discuss the proper usage of toilet paper...


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Streamatorium episode 001

Length: 2s

Please join us for episode ONE of our brand new splinter podcast "STREAMATORIUM"!  In this fantastic episode we watch the cult horror classic RE-ANIMATOR and discuss any and everything that comes to mind while watching.  Consider this a weirdo commentary track to the movie.  Listen by itself OR along with the movie!


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Dispatches from the Weird episode 2

Length: 2s

Episode 2!  In this episode Ben informs the world about his failure in getting two turtles to fuck, Richie discusses how a Best Buy employee tried to convert him to Christianity, and the great debate about the current state of film begins.


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Dispatches from the Weird episode 1

Length: 2s

Finally, episode 1 of Season 5 of the ground breaking, award dodging podcast Dispatches from the Weird has been posted.  Feast your ears on this epic premiere to the most important podcast of our time.


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