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Last update: 2013-03-03

Wake Up America: Get Real!

Length: 31m 19s

World Traveler and Foreign Policy Expert Don Gould talks about serious matters impacting our world today! After years abroad stomping over every continent on this planet, Don came home and is ready to WAKE UP AMERICA! Our foundational values, our economy, our unity are under assault daily and it time we fight back to save this GREAT NATION! Together, we will dissect Radical Islam, Political Correctness, Class Warfare and the Incompetent Economic lack of direction offered up by the Obama Administration. We will also discuss the REAL Obama and his destructive goals for this Nation. Join us to GET REAL and be a part of the solution!!!!!!! http://www.dongould.us …


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Don Gould's Podcast

Don Gould's Podcast

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