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Last update: 2012-02-03

Recipe For Results #1

2012-02-03 :: Innervision

How to get clear about the results you want.…


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Inner Slim: Weight Loss

2009-12-29 :: InnerVision

Scientists estimate that 95% of behavior is caused by the subconscious mind. Learn how to harness this power to support your intentions. * 3D Stereograms bring your mind to a receptive state * InnerSonic Audio guides you to new behaviors * Day by day instructions create new ways of thinking about food - and your life * Tweetable notes connect you with a community offering inspiration, friendship and support…


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Meet Your Inner Slimmer

2006-10-11 :: Innerslimmer

Learn the psychology of successful slimming.…


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-- Easy Weight Loss --

To lose weight successfully - and keep it off - you have to change on the inside first. This program shows you how to become INNER slim - the state of mind that leads naturally to the weight loss you desire. Feel fitter and look better in just seven days!

-- Easy Weight Loss --

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