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Last update: 2012-10-08

Labrador Mountain - On A Sunny Day

Length: 3m 36s

When Bluebird skies meet slushy slopes, this is what you get :D A video highlighting multiple skiers from my local mountain: Labrador. Music: Icarus - Madeon Filmed on: Go Pro HD Hero Canon t3i - with 50mm prime lens - with 8mm Rokinon lens Edited With: Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe After Effects …


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Zenk Park 1 (In Construction)

Length: 1m 33s

Skiing. In April. Almost May. Almost Summer. In the rain. At a temp of 55 Degress... do I have to say more? Music: Ratatat …


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Good Skiing Friday

Length: 1m 29s

Skiing on Good Friday. Just a quick video I made about the box I made. this is the first piece of the backyard setup that I'm making... it's gunna be awesome. When I make the "first" official video of the entire setup, it will include links to the video tutorials on how to make/get/build/buy all the stuff. So for now just Subscribe so you can get my new video sooner. …


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Zenk Tour 2011: Killington

Length: 2m 10s

Last stop on my april skiing trip in Vermont. This whole weekend was mad fun. I'm planning on doing it again next year with a bunch of friends... hence the "Zenk Tour 2012". Keep checking my channel for new videos because soon I'll have my summer set-up all built and ready to go. …


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Zenk Tour 2011: Okemo

Length: 1m 24s

The First Stop on my april skiing trip. This was the last day open for Okemo so we went here first. Whipped this up in just 3 hours. …


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April 15th

Length: 2m 18s

I made my first video exactly two years ago... wow, look how far I've come. …


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Labruary Break

Length: 4m 58s

A typical Wednesday at Labrador Mountain during February Break. All footage was recorded on a Go Pro HD Hero. Music by The Kids Are Radioactive …


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Friday At Lab

Length: 1m 54s

A friday night a labrador mountain with my friends, some of the footage got lost due to my memory card getting full. I plan on making many more snow videos this year(winter) so keep an eye out for more to come soon! Music by KI:Theory …


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On the Mountain

Length: 27s

just a quick edit that i threw together after ski club... only spent like 30 mins on it, not great but its good enough …


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Capital One Commercial: Stop Motion

Length: 30s

If Anyone Knows How I Can Submit This To Capital One... PLEASE Let Me Know! Wear headphones for the full experience of the sound effects. Just a short stop motion I made for a broadcasting assignment. Hope you enjoy!, 14 hours, 417 pictures, 35 sound fx. This video is just plain amazing. Thanks garageband for the music. …


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Friday Morning Live

Length: 7m 16s

Merry Christmas, Here's your present: My second Newscast Video. Not so great but I didn't really try, just for a school project. Enjoy! …


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Epic Book Trailer

Length: 5m 4s

Starring Karl Miller and Ben Zenker An english class project... its amazing! I literally made this in two days …


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Detox Cinema Promo

Length: 36s

http://www.youtube.com/DetoxCinema …


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MacBook Commercial

Length: 30s

Just a little mock-up commercial i made for apple macbook but it sucks, i thought it would be better but it isn't. But im still uploading it cause i put some time into it. i guess its ok... idk. tell me what you think? …


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PSA: Bullying

Length: 30s

Public Service Announcement Video for English Class. Enjoy! …


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Renovo Teaser

Length: 8s

This is a teaser trailer for the movie/video that I'm going to work on this summer. It should be done by the fall. I hope you enjoy. I spent 8 hours on just this clip. But that includes work in 3D max for the explosion, After Affects for the compositing, and garage band for the audio. …


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Hermosa Amistad (Beautiful Friendship)

Length: 2m 21s

This is a spanish class video project. It is about two boys who are friends, get in a fight, and are then friends again. The intro is amazing and most people said they thought they were watching a real movie at first. …


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HP You on You: Enigma Cubed

Length: 1m 6s

This is a basic video that tells all about my life in 1 minute and shows how I am creative I guess …


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Enigma Cubed

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