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Last update: 2013-06-10

Two Guys and A Bible Live


Just a quick note to thank all our subscribers and listeners for your loyalty. It does not go unappreciated. We’re inviting you to listen to a live broadcast by following this link. See details below. Two Guys and A Bible airs every Tuesday, 6pm Central time. Currently, we are discussion the Book of Revelation. We hope you’ll send us you most perplexing questions. Go to: Two Guys and A Bible at 6 PM Central. [...]…


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The Last Days Identified

2013-06-04 :: William Bell

Is it possible to identify the last days with accuracy? The Last Days Identified has taken up such a task and quite honestly may have succeeded. It is a book written by Don K. Preston, D. Div. Preston has identified the major signs of the end and has provided thorough interpretations by addressing the counterpoints of other theologians and prophecy teachers. Yet, the style is not overly academic yet does not sacrifice scholarship quality. It is well written, clear and definitive in it’s exposition of the Biblical record. Today’s podcast introduces a few of the topics covered in the book which are more thoroughly addressed. These include the coming of Elijah, the prophet before the great and terrible day of the Lord. It also discusses the great apostasy, the abomination of desolation and the fate of Israel as a covenant nation. Check out the book. For just under $12.00 it is well worth 2 to 3 times that price. I’ve enclosed a link to make it convenient for those who w [...]…


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Are Recent Natural Disasters End Times Signs?

2013-06-02 :: William Bell

End Times Signs and Perilous Times While working in my office, I was interrupted by a knock on the door. It was two representatives from the Kingdom Hall. They were spreading the word about the imminent coming of the end of the world. They offered evidence of the evil in the world and all the latest natural disasters as proof we were living in the end. They asked me to read 2 Timothy 3:1 which says, “In the last days perilous times would come. I acknowledged the wording of the text but also asked them a question. I share the question and the answer in today’s podcast. It had an effect on their paradigm of the end. Many people often raise the same question about end times signs and perilous times of the last days.  Check out the podcast. Visit the site to read the full article. [...]…


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Is the Law of Moses Restricted to the Ten Commandments?

2013-05-29 :: William Bell

With the emphasis on the implications of the fulfillment of the Old Covenant, some have chosen to limit the Law of Moses to the Ten Commandments. The purpose is to demonstrate that the Law of Moses was fulfilled in 30 AD so that other Old Covenant prophecies can be used to support a future coming of Christ and avoid the charge of being part of the Law thus having it yet unfulfilled. In today’s podcast we examine a bit of that reasoning and offer some counterpoints for the listener to consider. Remember to visit the blog for the full text at Ten Commandments. [...]…


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AD 70 A Shadow of the Real End? Book Review

2013-03-22 :: William Bell

Don K Preston, D. Div, and President of Preterist Research Institute  has released a new Game Changing book on Covenant Eschatology. Preston’s 15 point attack on futurism of all shades and types leaves no stone unturned and no place to hide. He has effectively dismantled that final hiding place for futurist arguments and laid them to rest in this work. It is riveting, a great read, an exercise in logic and hermeneutics. I highly recommend it. You may purchase from Amazon.com on Kindle or paperback using this link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BXO5U70. Further, check out more information on our blog at: AllThingsFulfilled.com [...]…


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End of the World Is Judgment Day Near?

2013-01-01 :: William Bell
Length: 10s

We have yet reached another milestone in Bible prophecy expectation of the end of the world with the passing of 2012. Remember, the claim that many made regarding the Mayan Calendar which allegedly predicted that Judgment Day would occur on December 21, 2012? Well, Happy New Year to all! God’s promise made to Noah has not failed yet. You can learn about it in this audio podcast. You’ll also learn what the name of Christ has to do with prophecies about the end of the world. No, it’s not in the newspapers or tabloids, but it is found in the Scriptures for those who believe and others who desire to but can’t make their way through the maze of all the prophetic speculation. It should be obvious that all who prophecy the end of the world is near and that Global Warming is a sign of the end are making it up as they go. Each time, time itself convicts them of falsely prophesying the end times. See why in this record. Read more by visiting our website at AllThingsFulfil [...]…


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ETS Conference 2013

2012-11-19 :: William Bell

During the past week, a few of us traveled from various parts of the country to meet in Milwaukee, WI, for the annual ETS Conference (Evangelical Theological Society). In this recording we share a few of our experiences. We set up a book table at our “Preterist Booth” had fellowship and engaged in studies. This provided a great chance to interact with many of the worlds top scholars through their lectures and some discussions. Also, students came by an visited with us, men and women alike who wanted to share their understanding and faith. For more information visit ETS Conference. [...]…


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Has the Last Trumpet Sounded for the IBD Resurrection View?

2012-11-05 :: William Bell

The resurrection of the body is an important subject of eschatology. Futurists, preterists of all sorts and those who espouse Covenant eschatology, all agree that the hope and resurrection of the dead is critical. Yet, variant views of the resurrection body exist. Some believe it is the a physical body that comes out of the ground, others that it is a spiritual body received upon physical death. Covenant eschatology holds that the body is a corporate, covenantal body which is Christ as a metonomy for his body the church. However, it is a contested issue. The beginning of the resurrection questions originate with the nature of the death in the garden? Was it physical death that Adam was threatened with or was it spiritual? In the audio we address the consequences and conclusions of rendering the death as physical with a corresponding view to the tree of life having the objective of physical immortality. You can read along by visiting resurrection trumpets. Another component integral to [...]…


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Daniels 70 Weeks and the Little Horn

2012-05-30 :: William Bell

In this study of Daniels 70 Weeks prophecy, we focus on the larger picture which includes the events of chapter 7, namely the little horn. It is obvious that the character which receives the center of attention is the little horn. The reason behind the other characters is the context which they provide for the manifestation of the little horn’s appearance. The imagery of Daniel 7 is the role the beasts play in the last days of Ancient Israel. The context clearly focuses on judgment, the parousia, and the destruction of the enemies of God. In that respect, the chapter is —-more—-an enlargement and recapitulation of the vision of chapter two. This is one of the ways in which Daniel’s book follows the format of visions in the book of Revelation. The key to unraveling the prophetic message of the little horn and the consummation is understanding the nuances of how the text reads. Read it too fast and it’s likely that you will form conclusions of events which a [...]…


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Why God Shut Down the Prophets of Israel

2012-05-11 :: William Bell

The Prophets of God Experience Layoffs The prophets exercised a unique function in Israel, primarily to teach the law of God as delivered to Moses, but also to issue warnings and call forth the judgments contained within the law when people refused to obey it. A major part of the role of the prophet was that of Seer or forth-teller. Through the inspiration of God they were able to foretell the future. This marked their divine office as so unique that Moses wrote, that if the thing prophesied did not come to pass, that is the word which the Lord has not spoken, (Duet. 18:18-21) Today, many are speaking words claiming to be the prophets of God. Yet, God spoke of the time which would come to pass that the prophets would pass out of the land of Israel. Today’s podcast focuses on that text and shows the outcome of ignoring the message. For more information and to see the chart for the lesson by Click Here. Huge Job Loss For the Prophets As many prophets considered the prospect of job [...]…


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The Temporal Role of the Jewish Prophets

2012-05-06 :: William Bell

The Jewish Prophets The Jewish prophets, often imitated but never duplicated belong to a class all to themselves. They were unique and of limited duration. It is common for some to claim to be prophets today, i.e. inspired men and women who’s word hold’s equal rank to those written in scripture. Nevertheless the Jewish prophets saw their own efforts as fading into a more permanent form. Daniel 9:24, speaks of the time of sealing up vision and prophecy. Zechariah 13:1-5, warns against pretending to be a prophet after the prophetic era has closed. Moses gave the litmus test for a true prophet saying that if the thing prophesied does not come to pass, that is the thing which the Lord has not spoken. We’ve seen many examples of the alleged prophesied imminent end times in our day yet, it has not occurred. This causes many to believe God’s word is untrustworthy. However, it is not a matter of God’s veracity but of the interpreter’s claim to be a prophet. [...]…


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What Is the Rapture?

2012-04-16 :: William Bell

What is the Rapture? Study shows definition of three views of the Rapture and their relationship to one common teaching of Scripture. The very term used by which the Rapture teaching is defined creates problems with both the definition and the likelihood of the rapture occurrence. Of recent, there have been major failed attempts at the raptureready headquarters of Harold Camping and others. May 21, 2011 and it’s back up date of October 12, 2011, were major embarrassments. Some are even making predictions for 2012, especially with what is believed to be evidence from the Mayan calendar, a non-biblical source! See the podcast and also visit the site at http://www.allthingsfulfilled.com/what-is-the-rapture to learn more.  See our DVD study series on the Last Days, a 5 Part DVD recording that clears up many perplexing questions on the last days. It includes powerpoint slides of each CD to ensure you follow along visually with every point.  Get them here: http://bit.ly/thelastdaysd [...]…


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Prophesying the End of the World 2012


The year 2012 is dawning upon us and with it will be more speculation on the end of the world. In today’s podcast we present some of the reasons why 2012 will be another year as the previous as far as the end of the world as we know it is concerned. The End of the World May 21, 2011 was exposed as the work of charlatans preying upon the uninformed masses who believed that the end was near. Many sold possessions believing they would be raptured from the earth. It is sad that some radio ministries carry more authority with people than the Bible. We’re not against radio ministries. We have one of our own. What we hope to encourage is that people read to ensure they are not being sold a bill of goods about the end of the planet. Such fatalism sounds good, is commercially profitable but is not scriptural. Check out today’s podcast for more information on the end of the world 2012. Also visit the blog for the written version here at  End of the World 2012 AllThingsFulfill [...]…


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How God’s Righteousness Blinded Israel

2011-07-21 :: William Bell

Israel was blind-sided by the righteousness of God. We cannot charge the failure with God. He published his message throughout the entire land during the first century evangelism campaign of the Apostles. However, as Paul explained what happened to Israel in Romans 11 and 2 Cor. 4:4. For those of the remnant who accepted the righteousness of God, the Bible demonstrates “who” righteousness is and “how” it was obtained. Unfortunately, many, zealous for the Law of Moses, stumbled in their failure to see the end of that which was passing away. They could not grasp that God had designed a righteousness through the law and the prophets but which was apart or separate from the law and the prophets. This lessons sheds insight on the truth Israel was blinded to and how we can prevent the same blindness. Your comments are invited. To download a PDF transcript of the study, visit Christ is the end of the law for righteousness. [...]…


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Obama Israel and Palestine

2011-05-26 :: William Bell

As history would prove, the time of judgment has arrived for Israel. In September, the UN may decide upon the statehood of the Palestinian people. This could prove disastrous for Israel at least President Obama thinks so. Should Israel seek peace or continue their aggression and occupation of Palestinian land? Some have opposed the President for his stand on requesting a peace process based on the 1967 borders. They are shouting this is un-American and anti-Semitic. Usually, the moral card is often played in politics but it is unlikely that the moral card can be played with Israel. What are the implications for Dispensationalism and Christian Zionists who support Israel? Are they for peace? Are they willing to follow principles of the Bible? [...]…


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Prophecy and the House of Prayer

2011-04-11 :: William Bell

In Isaiah 56, Isaiah prophesied of the coming kingdom of God. He saw the time when all nations would come into the kingdom of God. What is unique is that the northern kingdom, foreigners and Eunuchs were all considered outcasts. Yet, God would bring them all into the body of Christ and allow them to enter into the house of prayer. God’s house of prayer is the goal of eschatology. It is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth, (1 TIm. 3:15). It corresponds with the kingdom.  For more information see house of prayer. [...]…


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Eschatology and the Local Church

2011-04-01 :: William Bell

What is the role of eschatology and the local church especially in the light of the fulfillment of all things in the first century? Does the local church play a meaningful role? Is there anything we should be doing in the body of Christ? Today’s podcast is a response to such questions. This study will give you the confidence to proclaim the gospel message as relevant as it was when it was first preached. We touch on the types and shadows of the local church in prophecy, the great tribulation and the role of the local church in crisis and the emergence of the local church post AD70 in the plan and purpose of Christ. For some great eschatology charts, see “The Local Church Survives the Great Tribulation“. [...]…


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Coming on the Clouds of Heaven

2011-03-25 :: William Bell

How should we understand the statement of the Lord which says Christ is coming on the clouds? Is this a literal visible coming of the Lord? Are these literal clouds? Many believe that Jesus will one day descend from heaven. Today’s study investigates this topic and raises some very important questions.  It begins with a note from the Old Covenant Literature and ends up with a focus on the timing. See also coming on the clouds of heaven article which offers a list of time  parameters. [...]…


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Eschatology and the Faith

2011-03-21 :: William Bell
Length: 9s

The relationship of eschatology and “the faith” is quite interesting. It shows there is an objective reality to “the faith.” This is the meaning of what Paul says is “one faith.” This faith is directly related to the fulfillment of Christ’s coming. In Galatians it was the “the faith being about to be revealed” meaning that its fullness would arrive at the return of Christ. The time before the arrival of the faith is called the Law or Old Covenant system which served as a tutor to bring them to the soteriological and eschatological equivalent of faith which is “Christ in you” the hope of glory. This audio has some very interesting concepts that show how integrally connected “the faith” is to the subject of eschatology. For those who want to speak of the faith disconnected to that which brought it to consummation is a fallacy. The other point is that if Christ’s coming is yet future, the faith is yet in t [...]…


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End of the World 2012|Population Control

2011-02-26 :: William Bell

Why  should anyone be concerned with population control if we have an end of the world 2012 event? Scientists concerned about the rise in population in the year 2050 seek solutions for the expected 10 billion people who occupy the earth’s real estate. Seems scientists don’t have much faith in the alleged Rapture or End [...]…


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Birth Pangs of the Church and the Last Days

2011-02-15 :: William Bell

Birth Pangs of the New Creation The analogy of the birth pangs in Romans 8, demonstrate very clearly that the last days events of resurrection, the coming of the Lord and birth of the new nation or creation was imminent. Dispensationalists skew the meaning of the text by focusing on geopolitical and socioeconomic events of the [...]…


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Are These The Perilous Times of the Bible?

2011-02-03 :: William Bell

People believe that we are living in the perilous times of the Bible. They are taking cues from the earthquakes in Haiti, bad weather, and other catatrophes. Israel is a central focus of politics and Iran becomes the scapegoat. The world is anxious and scrambling for answers. All they get are more doom and gloom [...]…


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Are Individuals Predestined to Be Saved or Lost?

2011-01-27 :: William Bell

Predestination has been misunderstood from the perspective of the Bible. It is believed that to foreordain and predestine focuses on individuals rather than class or group. Paul has much to say about the Jews as the elect of God who were predestined for salvation. He also allowed the latitude of those who said, “we will [...]…


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Seed of Abraham - Who Are They?

2010-11-17 :: William Bell

Today’s podcast completes our study from the day before on the seed of Abraham. Both lessons should be studied together to get the full impact of the message. It should become very clear as Abraham’s lineage is traced that he has no physical descendants who were to inherit the promises through him. Study carefully the [...]…


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The Law of Moses

Length: 5m 21s

When was the Law of Moses fulfilled? What does this have to do with eschatology? We continue to say that the end times we read ...…


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Antichrist Revealed Points to History

Length: 11m 3s

Modern day expositors of futurist end times prophecy lay the ground work for speculative theories of the Antichrist. Since a past application cannot be considered ...…


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Inheriting the Kingdom of God

0000-00-00 :: William Bell

The subject of the resurrection and inheriting the kingdom of God focuses on the status of Christians as true covenant sons of God. Resurrection is about sons whose privilege through faith entitles them to the inheritance in the kingdom of God. This is wh…


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Is It Wrong For Christians To Have A Tattoo?

0000-00-00 :: William Bell

Is it wrong for a Christian to wear tattoos? We have done a series of brief studies on this subject. Our approach was to examine the statements in the Law of Moses, particularly Leviticus 19:28. Fulfilled eschatology suggests that the Law of Moses was ful…


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Is It A Sin to Wear Tattoos?

0000-00-00 :: William Bell

This is the second of our installment on tattoos? The question before us is, is it a sin to wear tattoos? We are going to approach this study by taking a step back to examine how we apply the Law of Moses to our dietary laws today. In other words, this ma…


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Law of Moses and the Hope of the Gospel

0000-00-00 :: William Bell

Law of Moses and the Hope of the Gospel Amillennial eschatology (end times teaching that rejects the Rapture doctrine but believes Christ’s return is in the future, has some glaring problems. These issues relate to the gospel hope. Very clearly the …


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