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Last update: 2013-06-27

30: The Silent Age

2013-06-27 :: Mule Radio Syndicate
Length: 18s

Over the years, sound effects and music have been used to make video game experiences more memorable or immersive. Smartphones and mobile technologies have allowed developers to further explore the role of sound in their games. In a recent release from House on Fire titled The Silent Age, players lead their character on a time-traveling journey where sound creates an unusual and eerie atmosphere. Learn more about the game in this episode with creators Nevin Eronde and Thomas Ryder.…


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29: Loog Guitars

2013-06-20 :: Mule Radio Syndicate
Length: 14s

Rafael Atijas grew up with a passion for music. When he decided to take up an instrument, he settled on bass guitar, an instrument that was easy for him to learn. While at NYU, Rafael developed an idea for a new kind of guitar that would make learning music even less intimidating for young players. Learn about Loog guitars and hear some of the challenges Rafael faced in the early development of the company.…


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28: Early Electronic Music

2013-06-13 :: Mule Radio Syndicate
Length: 20s

Electronic music is often viewed as a musical genre that stands separate from other genres. However, since the invention of the Telharmonium, electronic instruments have been integrated into various styles of music as well as our lives in general. Learn about the early development of electronic music with Thom Holmes, as he explains his collection of electronic music that spans from 1930–1985, electronic instruments, tape composition, and Motown's neglected Moog synthesizer.…


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27: The People's Choice

2013-06-06 :: Mule Radio Syndicate
Length: 18s

A neuroscientist, who goes by "Dave Soldier" when he's not in the lab, has a diverse musical background. He had a role in assembling the Thai Elephant Orchestra and made music with the Kropotkins, along with countless other projects. One of Dave's projects, "The People's Choice Music," was inspired by a duo of Russian conceptual artists, Komar and Melamid. In this satirical survey, Dave gathered information on what elements could help him write the most wanted and unwanted songs.…


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26: Gennett Records

2013-05-30 :: Mule Radio Syndicate
Length: 20s

The early recorded history of jazz, blues, and country music in America usually isn't associated with a place like Richmond, Indiana. However, for a brief period early in the 20th century the Gennett record label based in Richmond recorded music from artists such as Gene Autry, Charley Patton, Blind Lemon Jefferson, and Hoagy Carmichael. Learn about the history of the label from Rick Kennedy, the author of Jelly Roll, Bix, and Hoagy.…


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25: Packard Campus

2013-05-23 :: Mule Radio Syndicate
Length: 28s

Cold War tensions led to the creation of a Federal Reserve bunker inside of Mount Pony in Culpepper, VA in 1969. The bunker stored cash and currency that could help restart the United States economy in the event of a catastrophic incident. Such an incident never occurred and the location remained largely unused through the the 1990's. The location has since turned into the home of the Library of Congress Packard Campus for Audio-Visual Conservation. Learn about lost films, the National Jukebox, IRENE, how big a petabyte is, and much more on a tour of the facility featuring Gene DeAnna and Matthew Barton.…


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24: Tom Bills: Guitar Maker

2013-05-16 :: Mule Radio Syndicate
Length: 25s

Tom Bills creates custom guitars in his basement shop near St. Louis. Hear the sounds of the guitar-making process as well as stories of his most famous client, his family's woodworking legacy, and the mighty Gorlok.…


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23: The Great Animal Orchestra

2013-05-09 :: Mule Radio Syndicate
Length: 23s

Bernie Krause grew up loving music and fearing the natural world. Following his influential career in music and composition, Krause decided to leave it behind and devote his efforts to studying the sounds of the natural world as a bioacoustician. Through his research, recordings, and his book, The Great Animal Orchestra, Krause is trying to raise awareness about how natural soundscapes have influenced our lives and how our actions can impact habitats all over the world.…


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22: Audium

2013-05-02 :: Mule Radio Syndicate
Length: 16s

Stan Shaff has been interested in the relationship between sound and space for well over 50 years. His Audium installation in San Francisco is an ever-changing sound art project that involves a control console forged from dozens of pages of schematics and a dome-shaped room with speakers placed everywhere from floor to ceiling.…


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Episode #21: Nick Zammuto

2013-04-25 :: Everything Sounds
Length: 29s

The Beatles released their album, Rubber Soul, in 1965. This album includes a track titled “In My Life” that features an instrumental bridge created through a clever production trick by George Martin. A similar technique was utilized nearly four decades later by The Books on their album, The Lemon of Pink. The Books were known … … Continue reading


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21: Nick Zammuto

2013-04-25 :: Mule Radio Syndicate
Length: 29s

The Books were known for making use of sounds and audio samples that aren't typically heard in music. They disbanded in 2012, but Nick Zammuto is continuing to find creative approaches for organizing sound with his latest project, Zammuto. Learn about Nick’s decision to leave the world of chemistry to focus on creative uses of sound in this conversation recorded before a recent performance in Evanston, Illinois.…


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20: Voicemail Memories

2013-03-21 :: Everything Sounds
Length: 21s

In 2005 Frank Warren began his confession-by-mail postcard project titled Postsecret. Since then, projects involving the sharing of memories have become more widespread. However, Olga Nunes has taken the sharing of memories into the sonic realm with her “This is … Continue reading


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19: Sound Chambers

2013-03-14 :: Everything Sounds
Length: 21s

For years George had been obsessed with the stories of two sound chambers on the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington. Known as ‘acoustic test chambers’ around the campus, the two rooms (at least in George’s case) have been shrouded … Continue reading


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18: Soundwalk

2013-03-07 :: Everything Sounds
Length: 21s

While Stephan Crasneanscki was working towards his Ph.D, he found that museum guides were lacking personality and feeling. He set out to create his own audio tours that were designed to have the listener discover the story of a location … Continue reading


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17: Most Relaxing Song

2013-02-28 :: Everything Sounds
Length: 19s

Music can do a number of things, but can it help tortoises reproduce? The answer is no, but music can help us to relax and unwind. Researchers took the relaxation a step further by trying to create the most relaxing … Continue reading


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16: Song Swap

2013-02-21 :: Everything Sounds
Length: 19s

In 1857 Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville was granted a patent for an invention he called the “Phonautograph.” The contraption was the first to capture sounds, but it did not have a mechanism to play them back. These sounds were locked … Continue reading


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15: Music and Memory

2013-02-14 :: Everything Sounds
Length: 15s

Nearly everyone has strong emotional connections to music. Music can remind us of our past and affect our mood. Dan Cohen of Music and Memory realized that our relationship to music might improve the quality of life for the elderly … Continue reading


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14: Bicycle Sounds

2013-02-06 :: Everything Sounds
Length: 16s

  Rube Goldberg machines are unnecessarily complex contraptions that are assembled to perform simple tasks. Rube Goldberg machines were part of the inspiration for a video art piece by Stephen Meierding titled “Bicycle Sounds.” Find out how Stephen went from pursuing … Continue reading


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13: The Sounds of East London

2013-01-30 :: Everything Sounds
Length: 16s

Dominic WIlcox is an established artist in London, England. His work ranges from sculpture, clothing design, drawings and more recently a vinyl record. The ‘Sounds of Making in East London’ is a commissioned work by Dominic after he was asked … Continue reading


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10.5: Celestaphone (Half-isode)

2013-01-25 :: Everything Sounds
Length: 4s

In a previous episode, we visited the Rhythm! Discovery Center in Indianapolis. We shared the story behind Clair Omar Musser’s celestaphone, which is an instrument made entirely of meteorites. Matthew Altizer, The Percussive Arts Society, and Rhythm! Discovery Center wanted … Continue reading


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12: Playground Sounds

2013-01-24 :: Everything Sounds
Length: 16s

Laughter and singing help us pass the time and connect to others. Telling jokes and making music can also aid in our socialization and development as well as alleviating our anxieties. Find out about the jokes cycles and playground songs … Continue reading


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11: Microphone Museum

2013-01-17 :: Everything Sounds
Length: 20s

Bob Paquette has been collecting microphones for over six decades. His collection resides in his microphone museum that resides in the building that houses his family business in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Bob shared his knowledge of microphones and audio technology as well as anecdotes … Continue reading


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10: Rhythm Discovery

2013-01-10 :: Everything Sounds
Length: 13s

In downtown Indianapolis, there is an interactive museum where you’re free to hit, scrape, and strike just about anything you can see. The Rhythm! Discovery Center is an excellent resource for education for anyone with an interest in sound. Matthew … Continue reading


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09: Babble Machine

2013-01-02 :: Everything Sounds
Length: 11s

Aleks Kolkowski is an accomplished musician and sound artist. He is the Sound Artist in Residence at the Science Museum of London. His recent installation, known as Babble Machine, takes its name from a fictional device referenced in The H.G. Wells … Continue reading


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08: Gold Mines & Gum Boots

2012-12-20 :: Everything Sounds
Length: 13s

Craig and Betty Sibongile Dlamini from Indiana University explore the role of language, music, and dance in southern African mines and the positivity that emerged from hardships endured by miners. The history and origins of South African gumboot dancing are explained … Continue reading


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07: Music Restoration

2012-12-12 :: Everything Sounds
Length: 14s

Not every song can be a chart-topper. There is a Chicago-based record label that strives to archive and release music that was largely ignored in its own time. The Numero Group has generated a catalog of neglected music across many genres. … Continue reading


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06: Sound Extinction

2012-12-06 :: Everything Sounds
Length: 15s

Craig and George challenge themselves to make a dark subject lighter. They each tackle a separate story involving “death” and technology. They explore The Museum of Endangered Sounds and an app inspired by a power-deficient toy. Music: Norbert Herber “Two,” … Continue reading


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05: Florasonic

2012-11-29 :: Everything Sounds
Length: 10s

We often hear instruments, but we don’t get to experience their full range of sounds. Craig and George spoke with Alex Inglizian and Lou Mallozzi of the Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago about a unique sound Installation that is a part … Continue reading


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04: Thankful For Sound

2012-11-21 :: Everything Sounds
Length: 5s

In honor of Thanksgiving, Craig, George, and a number of their guests share why they are thankful for sounds. Enjoy the holidays and join us in reflecting on the sounds in our lives.   Music featured: Language of Kings – … Continue reading


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03: Walk with your Ears

2012-11-14 :: Everything Sounds
Length: 10s

Craig recently visited the Indianapolis Art Center to find out more about the ArtsPark and how their Sensory Path plays with senses and expectations. Patrick Flaherty and Ben Shine from the IAC help illuminate this unique use of sound in … Continue reading


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02: Foley Follies

2012-11-08 :: Everything Sounds
Length: 12s

  You might not know what foley is, but you know what it sounds like. Craig and George take on an assignment from a former sound designer and foley artist, Scotty Iseri, and give you a glimpse into what it … Continue reading


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01: The Tide and the Seay

2012-10-31 :: Everything Sounds
Length: 12s

    Art is often associated with the realm of vision. This week, Everything Sounds explores sound’s role in art with Jesse Seay‘s “Mechanical Tide.”     Music featured: Met City- “Vienna Burns,” “Straight From Arden,” and “Mother Goose” from … Continue reading


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00: An Introduction

2012-10-25 :: Everything Sounds
Length: 7s

Craig Shank and George Drake Jr. offer their introduction to Everything Sounds. You’ll learn about the aims of the show while experiencing no-so-silent silence, Craig’s interpretation of Miles Davis, and one of George’s favorite childhood sounds. Music featured: Miles Davis … Continue reading


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Everything Sounds

Everything Sounds is a podcast and short-form radio program exploring the role of sound in art, science, culture, and our everyday lives. Each program aims to highlight people, places, and ideas that expand our understanding of the power of sound.

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