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Last update: 2008-10-07

Time in a Box

Length: 6m 9s

For the 2008 48hr. GFC in Sarasota, we made the following film. Our genre was "time travel" and our line of dialogue was "I wanted to get krunk, but I'm scared. I don't even know what that is..." We had a great time shooting it and everyone did a fantastic job. I hope you enjoy it as well. …


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What Comes Around

Length: 5m 58s

Here's our entry into this years 48 Hr Guerrilla Film Competition in Sarasota. We had a blast making it, learned a heck of a lot, and have some great ideas coming in the future for you. For the competition, we were given a genre ('80s teen movie: think john hughes), action (take a drink and spit it out) and a line of dialogue (How can I be gay? I'm afraid of my own p*nis. Remember the party last month? Danny, you were there!) So these elements were placed into the film. We think you'll like it. Yes, we truly do. Enjoy! …


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Your Son, Randal

Length: 11m 12s

This is our most recent short film shot in Orlando over our Christmas break. Hope you enjoy it! …


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The Birds: A tribute to Alfred Hitchcock

Length: 5m 49s

This is our fifth short film! We worked in collaboration with some of our friends to produce this one for a class they were taking. The film is based on the Alfred Hitchcock film "The Birds". I hope everyone enjoys it!! …


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Jonah Myers: A Fish Story

Length: 9m 39s

You asked for it... you got it. Faceplant delivers again with a new film full of laughs. This documentary proves once and for all we are funny.... please say we're funny... please? …


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The short films, video blogs, random musings, and bitter diatribes of Faceplant Production film makers, James and John Goodbrad.


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