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Last update: 2013-04-14

The Final Episode. With David S Lewis

2013-04-14 :: Jake Tyler
Length: 1s

Rockstar journo David Lewis joins us for the finale episode. No more after this. We’re done. David tells a lot of hilarious stories like the time he got in a shootout with a hurricane or the time he got in a shootout with a farm. We discuss gun control and journalism and other things. [...]…


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Carlos Teel

2013-03-21 :: Jake Tyler

In our second to last episode, Columbus comedian Carlos Teel joins Jake and Danny to discuss race, karaoke, and Laura Sanders. [...]…


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The Many Lives of Travis Hoewischer

2013-01-25 :: Jake Tyler
Length: 1s

On today’s podcast, that old Columbus so-and-so Travis Hoewischer comes to talk about his many goings on, from his new TV Show to his film career, from his news magazine to his standup comedy. And for some reason, he tries to get us to take our shirts off several times along the way. [...]…


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Intervention with Chris Paugh

2013-01-19 :: Jake Tyler

In the first episode of 2013, Newcomer Chris Paugh refuses to answer a single question or even let us do an introduction. Chris and Danny have an intervention for Jake. [...]…


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Not Religion with Sumukh Torgalkar

2013-01-13 :: Jake Tyler

Comedian Sumukh Torgalkar stops by the podcast to get very technical about comedy and what he does. Sumukh is very analytical and insightful. Danny and Sumukh are wonderful on this episode but if you like to watch a train wreck, listen to Jake try to bring up religion. [...]…


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That Classic Xanadu Look with Weston Sherman

2013-01-09 :: Jake Tyler

Long time friend of the show and the writer-performer of the FN Stupid Theme Song Weston Sherman drops by before heading off to the mystical land of Belize. Weston regales us with tales of a trip to Niagra Falls, the Best Almost-roommate ever, being a youth pastor and touching children in their hearts, proposing to his wife while performing a live standup show, and humiliating Jake Tyler on stage. He also performs two of his best songs LIVE for the FN Stupid Audience. They’re at the end of the episode and you can also check them out on Youtube here: [...]…


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Columbus’ Funniest Person Dustin Meadows

2013-01-06 :: Jake Tyler

Dustin Meadows, the reigning champion of the Funnybone’s Funniest Person contest in Columbus, OH stops by to eat pizza and talk about comedy, self deprecation, and not watching the Wire. This was recorded a few days before Dustin won so he’s a little bit more humble than he is now. [...]…


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Live, Laugh, Love with Mike Meyers

2012-12-18 :: Jake Tyler

Low-energy hard-hitting Columbus killer Mike Meyers stops by the FN Stupid Podcast to be the subject of bad jokes and be vaguely insulted for no good reason because Jake Tyler is a moronic loser. We also discuss his unwavering devotion to standup. Live, Laugh, Love! [...]…


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Tacklef**k with Bob Cook

2012-12-07 :: Jake Tyler

Comedy veteran and Columbus, OH superstar Bob Cook joins the FN Stupid Podcast to discuss his life, career, and joke writing process. Bob tells some fantastic stories about working on the road and throws out some nuggets of advice gold to new comedians. Find Bob on twitter here. Don’t forget to subscribe or at least rate and comment on iTunes (it really helps us out!). THE JOKE THAT SPAWNED THE TITLE: [...]…


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Crayons with Dave Tevenal

2012-12-04 :: Jake Tyler
Length: 1s

Tattoo Artist David Tevenal joins hosts Danny Stratton and Jake Tyler to talk about tattooing, guns, pedophilia, and London. Dave also takes questions from the internet and gives a shoutout to tattoo artists Tara Quinn, Honkey Kong, Durb Morrison, and all the guys at Red Tree Tattoo. Don’t forget to subscribe or at least rate and comment on iTunes (it really helps us out!). You can follow Dave on Instagram and Twitter. Follow Jake and Danny: Jake: Twitter | Instagram Danny: Twitter Also, one final shout out to Iggy Sweeney, Scott Santee, Cary Aldridge, and Adam Fox at Memento Tattoo and Gallery in Columbus, OH for letting us record there and giving Dave a home. [...]…


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Laura Sanders

2012-11-26 :: Jake Tyler
Length: 1s

In today’s episode, female comedian Laura Sanders tackles serious questions about comedy such as, “Why are lady-oriented reality shows so passive aggressive?” and “Does Jake Tyler suck?” Laura as Peter Pan on Halloween: Twitter handles: @Laura_J_Sanders @Danny_Stratton @jaketylercomedy [...]…


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Anthony O’Connell and Aaron Nemo

2012-10-22 :: Jake Tyler
Length: 1s

Double Twouble as Anthony O’Connell joins friend of the show Aaron Nemo and hosts Jake Tyler and Danny Stratton as we discuss twitter, 9/11, twitter some more, romance, podcast quality control, and some more twitter. [...]…


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Justin Golak

2012-09-18 :: Jake Tyler
Length: 1s

Justin Golak swings by the FN Stupid Podcast to talk about comedy in Columbus, his new album, and the time he implored an open mic host to leave Jake Tyler on stage to hilarious results. Check out his website here AND GO BUY HIS ALBUM HERE [...]…


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Matt Horn

2012-09-11 :: Jake Tyler

Comedian and Ron Paulogist Matt Horn comes by to discuss lolbertarianism and comedy and other things. If you’re not tired of hearing about politics this one’s for you! Not mentioned: Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, legitimate rape. [...]…


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Mark Lucas

2012-09-06 :: Jake Tyler

In this episode, Jake and Danny sit down with Mark Lucas, a PROFESSIONAL standup comedian, a veteran of the Columbus comedy scene, and truly one of the funniest guys around. You should listen to this voice if only to hear the dulcet tone’s of Lucas’ beautiful singing and radio voice. Also Jake insults Mark accidentally several times and hilarity ensues.  Mark hosts some of the best comedy shows around town and has a few stories to tell. LISTEN UP. [...]…


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Dylan Shelton

2012-08-13 :: Jake Tyler
Length: 1s

Dylan Shelton, a NYC based comic drops by during a stop in Columbus featuring for Judah Friedlander. Dylan talks about making the jump to NYC and pursuing comedy full time. Dylan is also a booker and promoter and has a successful series of shows at Woodland’s Tavern in Columbus, OH where he has booked everyone from Anthony Jeselnik to Doug Stanhope, so we talk about the business side of things as well. [...]…


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Food with Andy Luttrell

2012-08-06 :: Jake Tyler
Length: 1s

Comedian and Gold Prospector Andy Luttrell stops by to talk about foods like pie, falafel, and babaganoush. He is very condescending. [...]…


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“Hug Your Human Canvass” with Dave Tevenal

2012-07-25 :: Jake Tyler
Length: 1s

Local Columbus Tattoo Artist and Instagram Sensation Dave Tevenal welcomes us to his studio to talk about everything from hugging kids to Dave Navarro. We take questions directly from instagram and discuss his wild ride as an artist. Check out Dave’s website here. Swing by Jake Tyler’s website and follow him on twitter! Follow Danny Stratton here. Last but not least, Subscribe on iTunes and be sure to leave us a rating and a review! [...]…


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11 Tainted Love with Erik Tait

2012-07-12 :: Jake Tyler
Length: 1s

Magical comedian stops by the studio to make things effin’ stupid with Jake and Danny. We discuss whether or not there are taboo subjects, dealing with hecklers, and how not to be good with women. THIS AND MORE, on this week’s FN Stupid Podcast! Check out Erik Tait’s website at eriktait.com. Subscribe on iTunes and be sure to leave us a rating and a review! [...]…


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10 - “You Ruined My Life” with Jeff Burgstrom

2012-07-05 :: Jake Tyler
Length: 1s

In a very special 10th Episode, local grizzled veteran Jeff Burgstrom joins us in the studio to confront host Danny Stratton about an incident last year in which Danny single-handedly led to the cancellation of a show, the termination of Jeff’s employment, and the starvation of Jeff’s daughter. And also The Wire.  **Disclaimer** Jeff is SOOOOOOOOO FUNNY that he broke the production software so the audio on this episode is absolutely terrible and I really apologize but in terms of content it may be one of if not the best episodes yet so bear with us and we promise to get it fixed by next week. [...]…


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#9 “RIP Lonesome George” with Jason Clemmer

2012-06-28 :: Jake Tyler
Length: 1s

Jason Clemmer, Columbus’ funniest person, stops by the podcast for a chat about comedy, Galapagos tortoises, and Oh Sandusky, OH. Featuring a BRAND NEW THEMESONG by Weston Sherman! Subscribe on iTunes! …


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#8 “Can You Edit That Out?” with Dan Loper

2012-06-21 :: Jake Tyler
Length: 1s

This weeks episode features guest Dan Loper. With probably the most laughs per minute yet, we delve into the world of comedy and discuss up and comers and the greats. We discuss Adam Carolla and whether women are funny. With music by the Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club. Check out Dan Loper’s website at theLoperofComedy.com. Subscribe [...]…


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