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Last update: 2011-10-29

Does God Exist?


In this episode, we discuss the questions, “Does God Exist, and if so… why so much pain and suffering”? Sit back, relax and join your host Mike Weiss as together, we face an uncomfortable question head On from a new and unorthodox perspective. [...]…


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My UFO Encounter

2011-10-22 :: Michael Weiss

Welcome to the First Podcast for Falling Awake 1000 and thank you for listening! This show opens with a description of the concept of the show and a detailed account of one my own UFO experiences. So by all means…….. give it a listen and I hope that you enjoy the show! [...]…


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Are You Ready?


Welcome to FallingAwake1000! First…. Bookmark, Subscribe & Share…. Because we are going to be discussing all sorts of subjects that Most people ponder in secret, but Few discuss in open. Topics that include UFOs, Orbs, Ghosts, 2012, Man’s origins and his place in the current universe are but a few of items that we dig into, with the hope of further Mind Expansion, as we all near the change that we KNOW is on the horizon. Not everyone want’s , or is ready, to acknowledge what is in our face, but that won’t stop those of us who want to be as prepared as possible for whatever occurs. Sure, some folks keep their heads in the clover and pretend not to notice the almost palatable acceleration in time, be it the years that flash by like months, or the almost comical fragments of time that attempt to pass themselves off as hours these days. What’s is this “Quickening” all about? Are You Ready?  Let’s Talk About It. [...]…


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Falling Awake 1000

UFOs, Orbs, The meaning Of Life....... These are all interesting and important subjects. Let's talk about it!

Falling Awake 1000

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