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Last update: 2011-04-20

FatFreeFilm 80 - Taki Oldham

2011-04-20 :: Joel Marshall
Length: 35s

Filmmaker Taki Oldham talks about his film The Billionaire's Tea Party. Joel interviews Taki at the National Conference for Media Reform in Boston, which is a conference for those concerned about internet freedom. Taki explains how he was able to make this feature film almost completely on his own and have it shown on television and in theaters, while contributing to the political discourse of the times. Topics discussed are using digital phones, waivers, establishing shots, vox pops and room tone. …


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FatFreeFilm 79 - Peer Oppenheimer

2010-09-25 :: Joel Marshall and Kamala Lopez
Length: 55s

Peer Oppenheimer, producer of more than 30 films, including the acclaimed Blue Car, starring David Strathairn, Agnes Bruckner and Frances Fisher and Rails & Ties," with Kevin Bacon and Marcia Gay Harden. Peer talks about his early, publishing, television and film career (which included attempting to make his first film in Viet Nam, during the Viet Nam War) on through his experience now. He talks about film financing, producing and the state of the film industry.…


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FatFreeFilm 78 - James Foley

2010-06-03 :: Joel Marshall and Kamala Lopez
Length: 1s

James Foley, director of such films as Reckless, At Close Range, Glengarry Glen Ross, and After Dark My Sweet, talks with Kamala and Joel about working with actors such as Sean Penn, Christopher Walken, Al Pacino, and Jack Lemmon. He also speaks about his experience at USC Film School, what brought him to directing and where the industry is headed.…


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FatFreeFilm 77 - Rob Powers

2010-04-26 :: Joel Marshall and Kamala Lopez
Length: 1s

Rob Powers, Supervisor and Creator of the Virtual Art Department on Avatar. Rob is a pioneer in the creation of virtual environments for filming movies such as James Cameron's Avatar and Aliens of the Deep. He also recently worked with Steven Spielberg. Rob is a graduate of USC Film School who took his filmmaking and art skills to a new level with 3D Modeling and computer generated images. Rob talks about how computer generated graphics are evolving and our ability, as filmmakers, to interact with and develop these creations is changing for the better. He also talks about working with the company NewTek, to help evolve their products. Listener Ben Gurvich, visiting from Australia, sits in on the interview. Click here for images of Rob's Work discussed in the show. …


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FatFreeFilm 76 - Insung Hwang

2010-04-11 :: Joel Marshall and Kamala Lopez
Length: 42s

Director Insung Hwang talks with Kamala and Joel about his new movie Justify. Insung talks about how he made his first feature film, which is a thriller shot in Los Angeles. He also talks about directing actors, being in the moment, and taking it one step at a time.…


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FatFreeFilm 75 - Heidi Levitt

2010-03-03 :: Joel Marshall and Kamala Lopez

Heidi Levitt, veteran casting director and film producer, talks with Joel and Kamala about her new iPhone App, The Actor Genie, that helps actors to be informed on what projects are currently casting, gives them contact information for casting directors and managers, key resources, and advice from industry professionals. Heidi gives some great insight into how the casting industry has changed with the Internet and how to keep a positive strong attitude and stay informed in this unpredictable, and often difficult to navigate business. Heidi has a website as well http://www.heidilevitt.com/


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FatFreeFilm 74 - Chris Levinson


Writer/Producer Chris Levinson talks about the craft of television writing. Chris gives us great information on pitching shows, cable vs. network, the network pilot process, and working in a writing room. Chris has written on shows such as Law and Order, Dawson's Creek, Charmed and Party of Five. Her father, Richard Levinson, was also a great writer/producer of such shows as Murder, She Wrote and Columbo. So she has a great working knowledge of the evolution of writing for film and television. If you are a writer, or are interested in the writing process, this is a great show for you.…


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FatFreeFilm 73 - Fangoria


Rebekah and David McKendry from Fangoria talk with Joel and Kamala about horror films, exploitation films and their annual Trinity of Terrors. They also discuss what they look for in films and how to better get your movie noticed. Other topics explored are feminism and horror, the importance of good trailers and what makes horror films last. …


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FatFreeFilm 72 - Bruce Campbell


Bruce Campbell, actor/producer talks with Joel and Kamala at the Fangoria Trinity of Terror Horror Conference in Las Vegas. He talks about getting started in film from his hometown of Detroit, Michigan and his relationship with high school buddy Sam Raimi. Films and television shows discussed include: Evil Dead 1 and 2, Crimewave, Army of Darkness, My Name is Bruce, Burn Notice. This frank and pragmatic interview with an independent film icon is not to be missed. …


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FatFreeFilm 71 - Tom Silvestri


Tom Silvestri, longtime script consultant for studio and independent film, also the owner of Silvestri Storyworks at http://www.silvestristoryworks.com. He joins Joel and Kamala to talk about his experiences working with such filmmakers as Amy Adelson, Richard Donner, Hutch Parker, Bob Shaye, Raymond Wagner, Toby Emmerich and many more. Tom has advice for writing screenplays, producing and presenting them in Hollywood. …


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FatFreeFilm 70 - Christopher Holmes


Editor Christopher Holmes talks with Kamala and Joel about his history in the film industry. Christopher Holmes has edited a great number of films including Five Easy Pieces, Jack Nicholson's directorial debut Drive, He Said, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, Car Wash, Rocky II, Night Hawks, and many others. …


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FatFreeFilm 69 - Arthur Hiller


Director Arthur Hiller talks about his career in the film industry. With a long list of films including The In-Laws, Love Story, Silver Streak, The Lonely Guy, The Americanization of Emily, The Hospital and many others. Arthur gives us insight on working with actors, the great writer Paddy Chayefsky and how to be prepared when luck strikes you. …


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FatFreeFilm 68 - Dan Ireland


Dan Ireland began his career as the co-founder / co-director of The Seattle International Film Festival. Among his many accomplishments, he launched the American Premieres and releases of such notable films as SOLDIER OF ORANGE, THE ROAD WARRIOR, ALIEN, THE STUNT MAN, CHOOSE ME, KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN, MONA LISA, DANCE WITH A STRANGER, ANOTHER COUNTRY, CHOOSE ME, and BLOOD SIMPLE, among many others. In the 1980's, Ireland (along with Darryl Macdonald) was the co-owner / co-operator of The Egyptian Theatre, the most successful independent theatre in the state of Washington. Ireland remained at the theatre and festival until 1986, where he was Executive Vice President of Acquisitions for Vestron Pictures. It was at Vestron that Ireland developed his filmmaking skills. During his time there, he was Executive Producer of fifteen films including John Huston's final film THE DEAD (two Oscar nominations), Bernard Rose's (CANDYMAN, IMMORTAL BELOVED, ivansxtc.) feature debut PAPERHOUSE and Ken Russell's THE RAINBOW.
In 1993, Ireland joined Cineville, one of the leading independent film production companies which produced such films as DELUSION, GAS FOOD LODGING and MI VIDA LOCA.
In 1996 Ireland made his debut as a feature director for Cineville with the highly acclaimed film, THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, starring Vincent D'Onofrio and Renee Zellweger also produced by Ireland and D'Onofrio. His subsequent directorial credits include: THE VELOCITY OF GARY, PASSIONADA and most recently, MRS. PALFREY AT THE CLAREMONT.


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FatFreeFilm 67 - Leza Lidow


Leza Lidow is an accomplished painter turned film maker; she sits down with Kamala and Joel in her beautiful Los Angeles home to talk about her twelve part series of short films. Leeza is known for her work with mannequins in such pieces as her life size chess set, and depiction of the last supper. Her latest film is the eleventh in a twelve part series. …


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FatFreeFilm 66 - Carlos Goodman


Carlos Goodman started out as the attorney on Reservoir dogs; he has been involved in the entertainment industry a number of years. Among many other films he has worked on pulp fiction, and good will hunting; he represents many high level producers, directors, and actors. …


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FatFreeFilm 65 - Scott Prendergast


Triple threat Scott Prendergast stars, directs, and writes his first feature film "Kabluey" co-starring Lisa Kudrow. Scott talks about what it took for him to get his film made; Scott's first short "Group Therapy" made it into the Sundance film festival. …


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FatFreeFilm 64 - Jean-Francois Martin


In Cannes, Kamala interviews Jean-Francois Martin, who is a red carpet photographer in Cannes, on what his job is all about, how he sells his pictures and what the competition is like.

If you want to check out his photos, his website is http://www.tigerjeff.com


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FatFreeFilm 63 - Richard Bluck


Richard Bluck was 2nd Unit Director of Photography on the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and King Kong. Richard is also the DP on the short Peter Jackson directed to test the RED Camera called Crossing the Line.

He joins Joel to talk about his experience shooting miniatures, working with Peter Jackson, and testing out the RED Camera.


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FatFreeFilm 62 - Peter Martin


Kamala interviews Producer Peter Martin at Cannes 2007. Peter is the producer of the documentary The Workshop, that is getting a great deal of heat.

Peter talks about documentary film producing, networking in Cannes, a doc that he is planning, and directing in the nude.


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FatFreeFilm 61 - Dwayne Johnson-Cochran


Dwayne Johnson-Cochran, writer and director of "Love and Action in Chicago" joins Joel and Kamala to talk about his experiences as a writer and director in Hollywood. This is a great interview to understand the ins and outs of how to work your career as a writer, and how the industry has evolved. …


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FatFreeFilm 60 - Tanna Frederick


Tanna Frederick, the star of Henry Jaglom's "Hollywood Dreams" talks about her experience with the film that is premiering this week. Tanna joins Joel and Kamala to talk about developing the film, starting a film festival and what she is working on now. …


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FatFreeFilm 59 - Heidi Levitt


Heidi Levitt, casting director for Oliver Stone, Wim Wenders, Neil LaBute, Wayne Wang and many others, talks about her career as a casting director and a producer. She cast the films JFK, Nurse Betty, Wall Street, The Joy Luck Club and Benny and Joon, to name a few. …


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FatFreeFilm 58 - George Hickenlooper


Director George Hickenlooper shares with us his wild ride through the industry, including working for Roger Corman, the short film "Some Call it a Slingblade," collaboration with Harvey Weinstein, and his current controversial indie film Factory Girl, starring Sienna Miller, Guy Pierce (as Andy Warhol) Hayden Christensen and Jimmy Fallon. …


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FatFreeFilm 57 - Karen Black


Two-time Golden Globe winning actress Karen Black joins Kamala and Joel this week with a very personal and insightful interview. Karen's expansive career has included such films as Easy Rider, Five Easy Pieces, Family Plot, The Day of the Locust, The Great Gatsby, Nashville, Can She Bake a Cherry Pie?, Firecracker and Hollywood Dreams.

She talks about working with Alfred Hitchcock, Robert Altman, John Schlesinger and Henry Jaglom. Karen also gives some very candid and useful information for actors.


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FatFreeFilm 56 - Big Screen Entertainment Group


Big Screen Entertainment Group a publicly traded movie-making company joins Joel and Kamala for an interesting talk about how they run their company and make movies. Topics include: location scouting, film financing, shooting on film, contracts and night shoots.
Their films include Dirty Love, Forget About It, Babysitter Wanted and The Mirror and Lightfield's Home Videos.

Guests include Big Screen executives Kimberley Kates, Michael Manasseri, Stephen Eckelberry and David Zappone.


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FatFreeFilm 55 - Leonard Nimoy


Actor / Director / Writer / Photographer Leonard Nimoy sits down with Joel and Kamala to discuss being an artist in the entertainment industry, choosing projects, artistic expression, the importance of having a sense of humor. …


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FatFreeFilm 54 - Robert Allan Ackerman


Robert Allan Ackerman joins Kamala and Joel from the editing room of his new film "The Ramen Girl" which stars Brittany Murphy. He talks about his early experience at the Eugene O'Neill Playwright's Conference, directing at the Pubic Theatre in New York City, the Japanese film company Shochiku, shooting in Japan on HD and directing actors most effectively. …


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FatFreeFilm 53 - Bruce Cohen


Academy Award winner Bruce Cohen, producer of American Beauty, Big Fish, Down with Love, The Forgotten, among others. Bruce is also the Vice President, Motion Pictures for the Producers Guild of America.

Bruce discusses his path to being a producer beginning with the Director's Guild Assistant Director Training Program, and working with Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall and Steven Spielberg.


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FatFreeFilm 52 - Scott Billups


Digital cinema pioneer, Scott Billups, gives us the straight talk on what we know as "High Definition," as well as his work as a digital artist, director of photography, writer and director. Scott was the DP and is the Visual effects supervisor on a new movie called Homo Erectus that will be premiered at the upcoming Slamdance Festival. Scott is also an advisor to the big camera companies and has a lot of great information on digital moviemaking. …


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FatFreeFilm 51 - Phil Hall


Phil Hall, Film Threat contributing editor and author of "Independent Film Distribution - How to Make a Successful End Run Around the Big Guys" talks with Joel and Kamala about how to best plan for distributing your indie film. …


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FatFreeFilm 50 - Jackie Lee


Jackie Lee of Company 3 talks about color correction, digital intermediates, DaVinci Suites, and bleach bypasses. Company 3 has done the color correction of films such as Collateral, Miami Vice, Domino, XMen 3, Pirates of the Caribbean 2, MI3, Lost in Translation and The Cell. …


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FatFreeFilm 49 - F. Miguel Valenti


F. Miguel Valenti, producer of "The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra" and "Netherbeast Incorporated" talks about making films in Arizona, The exciting new ASU Film program and his book about ethics in the entertainment industry. …


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FatFreeFilm 48 - Jeffrey MacIntyre


Jeffrey MacIntyre joins Joel to talk about being a buyer for films. He talks about what the different art department people do and also talks about the upcoming film he is working on that will be about the first woman in congress, Jeanette Rankin, called "A Single Woman." …


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FatFreeFilm 47 - Jesse Sternbaum and Carrie Tyson


Jesse Sternbaum, 1st Assistant Director and Carrie Tyson, Unit Production Manager. Both are currently working on "The Intervention," the film that Kamala is in. They talk about their jobs, budgeting, scheduling and handling challenges that arise on set. …


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FatFreeFilm 46 - The Intervention


"The Intervention" Joel joins Kamala north of Los Angeles on the set of a horror movie that Kamala is starring in called "The Intervention." Joel and Kamala talk with the director, Shannon Hile, the Cinematographer, Kurt Brabbee, and actor David Orr, who is also a director and former executive for Miramax and Debmar-Mercury. They all discuss the making of an indie horror film, shooting on film, script supervisors and the drive behind making your first film. …


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FatFreeFilm 45 - Thomas Jane


Actor Thomas Jane meets with Kamala Lopez-Dawson and Joel Marshall. He talks about his first film that was an Indian musical, and how he built his career in Hollywood, without “connections,” building sets at Hollywood live theaters and working his way up on the stage, to commercials and then film. He also talks about his deal with Lion’s Gate, his comic book Bad Planet and the future of 3D Cinema.He is the star of many films such as Deep Blue Sea, The Punisher, Dreamcatcher, Stander, *61, and the upcoming movies KillShot, Mutant Chronicles and The Tripper. He is also the co-author of the comic book Bad Planet, and is soon to be directing his own film. …


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FatFreeFilm 44 - Jonathan Penner


Jonathan Penner, actor/producer and current Survivor cast member, joins Kamala and Joel for a lively discussion of reality television and what it is like to be a participant, and also how we measure success and happiness in our creative lives. …


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FatFreeFilm 43 - Debbi Bossi


Debbi Bossi, Post-Production Supervisor, (Mission Impossible 3, Elizabethtown, White Chicks, Vanilla Sky, Timeline, For the Love of the Game) walks us through the post-production process. …


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FatFreeFilm 42 - Matt Henderson


Matt Henderson, Senior VP, Acquisitions, Development, & Marketing at Seventh Art Releasing. Another episode taped this year at the Seattle Film Festival. Joel and Matt discuss documentary film distribution, licensing and trends. …


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FatFreeFilm 41 - Chris Brandt


Chris Brandt, director of the short film Closing Time, joins Joel at the Seattle Film Festival. Topics include selling your short film, getting it into film festivals, and putting your short online.…


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FatFreeFilm 40 - Stacy Title


Stacy Title discusses filmmaking, the best way to carve out your place in Hollywood and be as creative as and sane as possible.Stacy's first short Down on the Waterfront was nominated for an Academy Award. Her first feature film, The Last Supper, starred Cameron Diaz, Jason Alexander, Courtney B. Vance, Bill Paxton, Jonathan Penner, Ron Perlman, Annabeth Gish and many others. Let the Devil Wear Black was her next movie with Jonathan Penner, Mary Louise Parker and Phillip Baker Hall, She has sold many tv pilots, and produced the two-hour pilot of The Lone Ranger for the WB. Stacy has recently directed the horror film Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror, due to be released in November of 2006. …


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FatFreeFilm 39 - Patricia Arquette


Patricia Arquette visits with Joel and Kamala. She talks about her acting process and her experiences working with directors David Lynch, John Boorman, Richard Linklater, Sean Penn, John Madden and Martin Scorsese, and how directors can work with actors most effectively. …


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FatFreeFilm 38 - Eduardo Ponsdomenech


Eduardo Ponsdomenech is a music editor and composer who runs his own company, Ed Pons Music (www.edpons.net), in Los Angeles. He is a graduate of Yale University (with a degree in Theatre Studies and Music) and an MFA from University of Miami's department of Media Writing and Production. His credits include the feature film AKEELAH AND THE BEE and BOUND and TV Series THE GUARDIAN and INVASION. He is presently the Music Editor on David Mamet's series THE UNIT. Eddie and Kamala were in a Yale production of Grease together (as Sonny and Rizzo respectively). …


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FatFreeFilm 37 - Pitof


Director and Visual Effects Director - Pitof. Joel and Kamala talk with Pitof about his unusual career path, visual effects compositing, the differences between shooting on film and shooting on HD. Pitof directed the High Definition Feature Film Vidocq, starring Gérard Depardieu as well as the film Catwoman starring Halle Berry and Sharon Stone. Pitof was the visual effects director of films such as Delicatessen, City of Lost Children and Alien Resurrection. …


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FatFreeFilm 36 - Peter Bogdanovich


Filmmaking great Peter Bogdanovich joins Joel and Kamala to talk about his extensive career in film. Topics include: learning from the masters of film's Golden Age, studying acting with Stella Adler, the benefits of longer takes and much more. …


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FatFreeFilm 35 - Mark Steven Bosko


Joel and Kamala interview independent distribution representative and consultant Mark Steven Bosko, author of The Complete Independent Movie Marketing Handbook and DVD On Demand as well as the upcoming Making Movies that Make Money. They talk about marketing your indie film and what to do to make that the path of least resistance and maximum profitability. …


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FatFreeFilm 34 - Alan Berg and Matthew Franklin


"A Place to Dance" Writer/Director/Editor Alan Berg and Director of Photography Matthew Franklin join Joel and his new co-host Kamala Lopez-Dawson at the Los Angeles Film Festival. They talk about their documentary that was presented in the festival. …


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FatFreeFilm 33 - Stewart Stern - Part 2


Part II: Oscar Winner Stewart Stern is Joel's guest. He author of the screenplay "Rebel Without a Cause." as well as "Teresa," "Rachel Rachel" and the documentary "Benjy." Subjects include: The Group Theatre, Paul Newman, screenwriting technique, and John Huston. …


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FatFreeFilm 33 - Stewart Stern - Part 1


Oscar Winner Stewart Stern is Joel's guest. He author of the screenplay "Rebel Without a Cause." as well as "Teresa," "Rachel Rachel" and the documentary "Benjy." Subjects include: The Group Theatre, Paul Newman, screenwriting technique, and John Huston. …


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FatFreeFilm 32 - Laura Kim and John Anderson


Warner Independent's Laura Kim and Variety critic John Anderson talk with Joel about their new book "I Woke Up Screening - What to Do Once You've Made that Movie." Topics covered include: marketing your film, attending film festivals, the Seattle International Film Festival and what to do before your movie is made so that you can sell it when it's finished. …


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FatFreeFilm 31 - Paul Dinello


Joel Marshall and special guest host Chris Brandt join their guest Paul Dinello to talk about his film "Strangers with Candy." Topics include Paul's days with Second City in Chicago and working with Amy Sedaris, Steven Colbert and Steve Carell.…


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FatFreeFilm 30 - Beth Barrett


Beth Barrett - Programming Manager of The Seattle International Film Festival. Beth discusses the festival their process of choosing films and what you can do as a filmmaker to get your film into festivals. …


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FatFreeFilm 29 - Arianna Ortiz and Erik Heiberg


Arianna Ortiz and Erik Heiberg talk about their film project called Earthbound. Raising development funds through online auction, structuring a company for the raising of funds, working for Roger Corman and getting feedback on your script are discussed. …


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FatFreeFilm 28 - Mora Stephens


Mora Stephens visits with Joel. She is the director of "Conventioneers," this year's winner of the John Cassavetes award at the Independent Spirit Awards. …


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FilmShots 27 - FatFreeFilm.com Announcement


Joel and Jesse get together to discuss the emergence of Joel's new podcast FAT FREE FILM at http://www.fatfreefilm.com This will be hosted by Joel and will now be the indie film podcast. Fat Free Film will continue to interview filmmakers for up-and-coming filmmakers. Joel and Jesse take a look back on the past 6 months of FilmShots. …


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FilmShots 26 - Frank Hannah


Frank Hannah, co-writer of the terrific film, The Cooler, talks with Joel and Jesse from his home in Hollywood. Topics discussed are: film structure, character development, Robert McKee's seminars, attaching stars to your project, and whether or not there is such a thing as a "cooler." …


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FilmShots 25 - Pattey Rayne


Pattey Rayne joins us to talk about her documentary that she is putting together about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Pattey has worked in casting for a number of years and was moved to do this documentary out of a sense of urgency she felt about this tragedy. …


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FilmShots 24 - Scott Lobdell


Scott Lobdell, screenwriter of Man of the House, and writer of comic books such as The X-Men, Spiderman, The Hardy Boys, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Alpha Flight and many others. Talks about his creative process, shows us a game to stimulate our creative abilities, gives us some info about pitches and promises to come back and give a little pitching seminar. …


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FilmShots 23 - Kittie

2006-04-29 :: Joel Marshall and Dr. Jesse Rhines
Length: 33s

Voiceover and motion capture talent Kittie. She played Cita in the hit BET show "Cita's World." Talks about getting voiceover talent for your project and how she has made a career out of doing voiceover. …


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FilmShots Bonus! - NAB Interview

2006-04-27 :: Joel Marshall and Dr. Jesse Rhines
Length: 9s

NAB special interview with Red Digital Cinema Honcho Ted Schilowitz. Best of the festival winner Red Digital Cinema presents their radical new camera design to be out by the end of the year for under $18,000. Ted gives the details. …


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FilmShots 22 - Jeffrey Phelps

2006-04-22 :: Joel Marshall and Dr. Jesse Rhines
Length: 42s

Director of the feature film Special Ed starring D.W. Moffett, Greg Germann, Bill Cobbs and Connie Britton. Jeffrey talks about his experiences as a first-time director directing a film that he wrote. He talks about Writers Boot Camp, taking acting classes and creative ideas for reducing the budget. …


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FilmShots 21 - Stephen Nemeth

Length: 40s

Producer Stephen Nemeth of Rhino Films joins Joel and Jesse on a rare rainy day in Beverly Hills. Stephen is an inspirational figure in filmmaking and shares his ideas on how he approaches filmmaking with a solid sense of social responsibility and an equally solid sense of the business of filmmaking. They discuss films he has produced such as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, working with Terry Gilliam and developing films in association with Amnesty International. …


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FilmShots 20 - Roger Mussenden

2006-04-07 :: Joel Marshall and Dr. Jesse Rhines
Length: 39s

Superman Returns and X-Men casting director Roger Mussenden, talks with Joel and Jesse. Topics include: what casting directors do, putting projects together using a casting director, becoming a casting director, method acting and unionizing. …


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FilmShots 19 - April Webster

2006-03-31 :: Joel Marshall and Dr. Jesse Rhines
Length: 20s

April Webster, casting Director of Mission Impossible III, Lost, Alias, CSI, Independence Day and many many other films, talks about the job of casting film and television. Joel joins her in her very busy office. …


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FilmShots 18 - David Venghaus

2006-03-25 :: Joel Marshall
Length: 35s

Veteran AD Dave Venghaus talks about his work on Gore Verbinski's Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3, Spielberg's A.I. and Minority Report, Garry Marshall's The Other Sister, Oliver Stone's JFK and Natural Born Killers and many other films. Dave is the director and writer of the film They Call Him Sasquatch, starring Neal Mc Donough and Garry Marshall. …


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FilmShots 17 - Sandra Chwialkowska

2006-03-18 :: Joel Marshall and Dr. jesse Rhines
Length: 37s

Sandra Chwialkowska, director of "It's About College," a documentary film that is making the festival rounds. Sandra documented the ivy league experience by turning the camera on her roommates for their entire college experience. Now she's in Hollywood. …


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FilmShots 16 - Louise Frogley

2006-03-10 :: Joel Marshall and Dr. Jesse Rhines
Length: 35s

Louise Frogley, veteran costume designer of Good Night, and Good Luck, Skeleton Key, Syriana, Traffic, Mona Lisa and many many other films. She joins Jesse and Joel in her office while preparing for her next film. Surprise appearance by Costumer Richard Schoen. …


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FilmShots 15 - Kyle Henry and Cyndi Williams

2006-03-03 :: Joel Marshall and Dr. Jesse Rhines
Length: 40s

Independent Spirit Award Nominees Kyle Henry and Cyndi Williams talk about their film "Room" and its journey from their home in Austin Texas to Sundance, official selection at Cannes director's fortnight and now to nominations for best female lead and the John Cassavetes Award. They also talk about the companies that were involved in this project such as The Edit Center, The 7th Floor, Michael Stipe and Jim McKay's C-Hundred Film Corp. and Celluloid Dreams. …


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FilmShots 14 - Stacey Parks

2006-02-24 :: Joel Marshall and Dr. Jesse Rhines
Length: 23s

Stacey Parks is the author of “Insider’s Guide to Film Distribution”, a comprehensive manual for filmmakers and producers dedicated to film distribution and the marketplace. Stacey has worked in Independent film for over ten years and is currently an Independent Sales Rep. She was previously a Foreign Sales Agent for several years. You can purchase “Insiders Guide to Film Distribution”, as well as sign up for a free distribution mini eCourse at www.film-distribution-secrets.com. You can also visit Stacey’s blog for distribution tips at www.all-about-film-distribution.blogspot.com. …


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FilmShots 13 - Sharyn C. Blumenthal and Linda J. Brown

Length: 45s

Director Sharyn C. Blumenthal and Cinematographer Linda J. Brown enlighten us on their new film "Take Two." We talk with them about developing scripts, their use of mulit-media, and cinéma vérité. Raw food enters into the conversation once again. We also learn about how being film professors enriches their craft. …


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FilmShots 12 - John Plenge

Length: 40s

John Plenge, composer known as Tone Factory, joins Joel Marshall. John talks about scoring films, collaborating with directors and other musicians, the Orange Project and his deaf cat. Samples of John's music are featured in show. …


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FilmShots 11 - Henry Jaglom

Length: 39s

In the editing room with Henry Jaglom and Tanna Frederick where we find out about Jaglom's new film Going Shopping. Tana is starring in the film that Henry is currently editing entitled Hollywood Dreams and she describes what it's like to work on a Jaglom movie. Henry talks about his filmmaking process, working with actors, cutting his own films by hand on a KEM flatbed editor, his friendship with Orson Welles, and being an auteur. …


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FilmShots 10 - Dan Mirvish

2006-01-27 :: Joel Marshall and Dr. Jesse Rhines
Length: 44s

Dan Mirvish, Slamdance founder and director of Open House and Omaha the Movie is our guest. Joel hangs out with him in his Culver City garage/studio, just down the street from Sony Pictures. Green screens, Slamdance, American Kickboxer 2, and independent musicals are the subjects covered. …


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FilmShots 9 - Kathy Busby

2006-01-21 :: Joel Marshall and Dr. Jesse Rhines
Length: 33s

Director Kathy Busby is the guest. Her short film "Max and Josh" will be premiering at the Sundance Film Festival. She is also Senior VP of Production for New Line Cinema. Joel and Jesse talk with her about how she got her film into Sundance, her experience making the film and her experience at New Line Cinema and Carsey-Werner hearing script pitches and developing scripts and ideas. …


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FilmShots 8 - Tom Rolf

2006-01-13 :: Joel Marshall and Dr. Jesse Rhines
Length: 42s

Oscar® Winner Tom Rolf, editor of The Right Stuff, Taxi Driver, Jacob's Ladder, Heat, Equilibrium and many other films. Joel and Jesse sit down to a cup of tea with the master editor and talk shop. …


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FilmShots 7 - Josh Welsh

2006-01-06 :: Joel Marshall and Dr. Jesse Rhines
Length: 33s

Josh Welsh of the organization Film Independent joins Rhines and Marshall. They discuss Film Independent's filmmaker labs, the Spirit Awards, as well as what constitutes an independent film. …


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FilmShots 6 - Holiday Episode

2005-12-21 :: Joel Marshall and Dr. Jesse Rhines
Length: 34s

Software and Film Editing. Holiday episode in which Joel and Jesse discuss non-linear editing software, script writing software, the new Panasonic HD camera and the idea of film criticism. …


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FilmShots 5 - Johnny "Gleaming Way" Wilson

2005-12-18 :: Joel Marshall and Dr. Jesse Rhines
Length: 27s

Interview with musician and freelance film scorer Johnny Wilson at his funky music studio in downtown Los Angeles. Johnny talks about the equipment he uses, explains some music terminology and gives some tips on creating great tunes. He also discloses his secret name, gives us some health food recipes and describes his yoga bathing habits. Dr. Jesse Rhines plays a tune on the piano. …


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FilmShots 4 - Phaedra "Erika Ellis"

2005-12-11 :: Joel Marshall and Dr. Jesse Rhines
Length: 30s

Lunch in the kitchen of Phaedra aka Erika Ellis, author of the book "Good Fences." She prepares raw food and gives the backstory on how her book became a movie starring Whoopie Goldberg and Danny Glover. The organization FIND, or Film Independent, and their upcoming Spirit awards are also discussed. …


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FilmShots 3 - Juliano's Raw Food

2005-12-05 :: Joel Marshall and Dr. Jesse Rhines
Length: 34s

On location at Juliano's Raw Food Restaurant. Topics include getting your film into film festivals, inciting incidents and "CSA: Confederate States of America" by Kevin Willmot. Alison, the waitress, is interviewed. …


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FilmShots 2 - Kamala Lopez-Dawson

2005-11-26 :: Joel Marshall and Dr. Jesse Rhines
Length: 18s

Dr. Jesse Rhines and Joel Marshall have an interview with actress/writer/director Kamala Lopez-Dawson. She talks about a pilot presentation she is directing about cheerleaders called Sideliners. Also discusses her roles in Star Trek Voyager, Deep Cover, I Heart Huckabees and Medium. Rhines, Marshall and Lopez-Dawson give practical tips to startup filmmakers. …


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FilmShots - Premiere Episode

2005-11-18 :: Joel Marshall and Jesse Rhines
Length: 15s

FilmShots A new podcast about the independent film industry with a little health food thrown in. …


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