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Last update: 2012-09-14

Episode 96: Do You Put The Cart Before The Horse?

Length: 50m 22s

Join us as Steve Bremner and Dave Edwards chat it up. We begin sharing a bit of a personal testimony from Steve, who is a missionary to Peru, concerning God's faithfulness and provision while currently in Canada, as well as how God's plans are not always the same as our plans. You will be encouraged. Then we talk and reminisce about the journey of the podcast over the last 5 years as well as the Fire Press site over the last four and how Dave's released his book The Call For Revivalists, as the fruit of many of his writings on the site. Afterward the discussion turns into some thoughts on how we can never be good enough to come to God and the process of repentance always begins with Him, not us. Is "vicarious repentance" Biblical? Can we really repent on behalf of other people? Join us and be encouraged, challenged, and hopefully changed. This week's intro: Show Me Heaven, by Delirious. …


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Episode 85: Prophetic Vision & Today’s Technology

Length: 56m 46s

The ceilings of one generation become the floor the next generation stands on. Do you know the purpose of your generation?  According to several surveys and studies, the current generation in America under the age of 30 outnumbers the Baby Boomer generation, and these are the ones who are going to be tomorrow's leaders, innovators, politicians, and.....church leaders.  But yet only 1 in 20 consider themselves spiritual or Christian. Dave Edwards and Steve Bremner discuss a bit of what living in a post Christian culture is starting to look like.

We also, primarily talk today about this current generation, as well as continue where we left off last week and talk about the messes of the gift of prophecy, and have safe environments to grow in the prophetic.

How do we deal with conflicting prophetic words from well-known credible men of God and church leaders, not the least of which includes dealing with when prophetic words never come to pass and they remove their prophecies from YouTube or their webpages?

How can we know when it's OK to reject a Word someone gives us, AS they're giving it to us, even if their track record is excellent?

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Books We Mentioned or Recommended:

The Millennials - Thom & Jess Rainer

The Next Story - Tim Challies

You May All Prophesy - Steve Thompson

Developing Your Prophetic Gifting - Graham Cooke

Surprised By The Voice of the Spirit - Jack Deere

The Prophetic Call - Art Katz

The Prophets - Abraham Heschel

And don't forget to get a free audio book from audibletrial.com/Fireonyourhead


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Healing the Land

0000-00-00 :: Tommi Femrite
Length: 1m 35s

Four ways that land becomes defiled, according to the Scriptures. Grab your Bible, a notepad and a pen, and sit down and listen to this very detailed, powerful and insightful teaching that will give you new understanding on how to see your land, communi…


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The Religious Spirit

0000-00-00 :: Tommi Femrite
Length: 1m 53s

A powerful teaching from Tommi Femrite on getting rid of the religious spirit. A must listen for anyone not convinced they have a religious spirit. The last half hour contains the ministry/altar time at the end, but is worth praying along with if you ne…


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Godly Character

0000-00-00 :: Dr. Josh Peters
Length: 1m 29s

Take to heart some serious teaching on building and developing godly character in our lives, which is necessary if we’re ever going to shake a nation with the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Guest speaker Dr. Josh Peters, director of missions …


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The Fire of God - audio

0000-00-00 :: Dr. Josh Peters
Length: 1m 3s

Dr. Josh Peters, guest at the FIRE for Life Summer School 2007 preaching on the fire of God on August 10th. A must listen. Download Standard Podcasts…


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Episode 8: What is true revival?

0000-00-00 :: Dan Slavin & Steve Bremner
Length: 58s

Join Dan and Steve, both missionaries from a missions movement that was birthed out of America’s longest-running Pentecostal revival in history. We discuss the pre-requisites for revival, and the fruit of it. Would we recognize revival if it broke…


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Episode 7: Does Jesus Hate Emo, or Jumpstyle More?

0000-00-00 :: Steve Bremner & Dan Slavin
Length: 1m 2s

Does music have any impact on us? Should we avoid listening to secular music at all? Is all Christian music lame? Join Dan the man and Stevie B as they pretend to think they have answers to these and the questions you didn’t know you wanted to as…


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Episode 5: This Generation

0000-00-00 :: Steve Bremner & Dan Slavin
Length: 50s

Join Dan the Man and Stevie B as they discuss what is so unique about this current generation. Are we on the brink of a youth explosion? Has there really never been a generation like the current one? This week’s intro: “Something to Believe In…


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Episode 2: Planet of the Apes.

0000-00-00 :: Dima Kurovsky, Auke de Jong, Steve Bremner
Length: 48s

Join Stevie B, Dima the Ukranian and Auke the Dutchman as they talk about the upcoming weekly creation seminars they will be putting on in the months to come. Does what one believes concerning creation/evolution really matter? Was the earth really created…


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Episode 1: What is FIRE Nederland?

0000-00-00 :: Dan Slavin & Steve Bremner
Length: 1m 3s

Join us in our first “Fire on your head” Podcast episode, with Dan Slavin and Steve Bremner. Is FIRE Nederland a cult? Do we make people pay their tithes to us? Listen to Dan and Steve pretend to have answers to these and other rumors we di…


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0000-00-00 :: Francine Heiks
Length: 1m 8s

This is a morning session at last year’s FIRE For Life Summer School that Francine Heiks taught on forgiveness. Pray for the Lord to make the way for her and Stephen to return to the Netherlands. Click here for Stephen and Francine’s FIRE Inte…


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Praying with the heart of God

0000-00-00 :: Steve Dunne
Length: 1m 5s

Spontaneous message by guest Steve Dunne at last year’s FIRE for life Summer school. This was intense and resulted in an altar call with many people in attendance dealing with things in their lives before God. Listen only if you don’t want y…


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