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Last update: 2013-06-06

German Ice Cream Colors Under Surveillance

2013-06-06 :: Psycho Jellyfish
Length: 48s

Ask yourself. How many colors would a German boy see if he was eating ice cream while the government tracked him on a magic based electronic app? If you can answer that, then I'll see you in clown court! ENJOY!…


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No Flapdoodle Forum this Week

2013-05-31 :: Psycho Jellyfish

Hey Jellyheads! For those of you who haven't seen the heads up on our Facebook page, we wont be having an episode of Flapdoodle Forum this week. Highwaymen has begun production again, leaving us minimal time to record our bi-weekly shows. Look for it next week!…


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Genetic Ice Cream Bacon Flies from Iceland

2013-05-13 :: Psycho Jellyfish
Length: 31s

You ready for this ice cream and bacon flavored adventure!? All genetically recreated and prepared to make aviation history? Just make sure you know who you're related to first. …


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Dog Burglar

2013-04-27 :: Psycho Jellyfish
Length: 16s

Dog lovers, be on the lookout for a strange young man with a shovel sized bruise prowling the streets and kidnapping your beloved pets. Stay vigilant and you'll never have to worry about Fido getting involved in one of those subterranean canine train gangs ever again. …


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Realistic Spaceship

2013-04-14 :: Psycho Jellyfish
Length: 26s

Welcome to the future of reality, where you will live to be 200 years old with vat grown rat hips and watch movies all day long on the moon base's virtual theater! You will give academy awards to actors who doen't exist when this masterpeice of podcasting pleasures blinds you with SCIENCE! …


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Toilet Climbing Squid: The Movie

2013-03-28 :: Psycho Jellyfish
Length: 33s

Don't spend your life sitting on the toilet, get out there and explore! You could climb to the top of a pyramid if you wanted to, but don't be surprised when squids start suicide bombing your beach party. Who knows, they might even make a movie about you. Or maybe a hundred movies! Warning: This statement may cause you to have higher expectations for your life than are reasonably possible or even healthy to think about. But seriously, quit hogging the bathroom, other people live here too ya know.…


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Mutant Telepathic Rats

2013-03-14 :: Psycho Jellyfish
Length: 20s

"Rats. Rats. Rats! Thousands! Millions of them! All red-blood! All these I will give you if you will obey me!"…


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Stealthy Cybernetic Jelly

2013-02-22 :: Psycho Jellyfish
Length: 23s

Look over your shoulders folks! Jelly is raining from the sky! It could be stealthily watching your every move, or maybe that's just the government? Better prepare those cybernetic fists you've been saving for a special occasion. …


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Tombstone Canned Miracles

2013-02-07 :: Psycho Jellyfish
Length: 26s

Will the Chinese government survive the tomb of the sadomassocistic cult, or vomit pure cows milk after inhaling canned air? You, the listener, must decide! Enjoy!…


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Webcam Neanderthals

2013-01-24 :: Psycho Jellyfish
Length: 17s

Have you ever suffered from the paranoid delusion that a neanderthal was watching you through the webcam in your computer? Perhaps you're not as crazy as you think? Or maybe you are, it's up to you really. But that's besides the point! Tonight Matt and Lucas discuss the public access of private webcams and the implications of bringing the neanderthals back from extinction. …


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Hot Assassins from Space

2013-01-10 :: Psycho Jellyfish
Length: 26s

Have you ever had to look over your shoulder while playing a game for fear of being attacked by assassins? Have you ever eaten the most spicy thing in the word and lived? Have you ever dreamed of living in your own Millenium Falcon? Well, we explore all these questions and more on season two's first episode!…


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Feathered Mongoose

2012-12-27 :: Psycho Jellyfish
Length: 24s

Matt and Bubba away so David Halstead has come to play! Join Luke and Dave as the two sit down to discuss feathery biological abnormalities and what to expect when a ghostly mongoose comes to make itself at home in your walls. …


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The Fastest House With An Axe

2012-12-06 :: Psycho Jellyfish
Length: 22s

Just in time to save you from quirky news withdrawal, Flapdoodle Forum returns to deliver the biweekly goodness! Now with 100% more Bubba! Feast your ears on an unbelievable story of survival, a house in a very inconvenient place, and the remarkable talents of the "fastest human in the world." NOTE: There was a technical diffculty during recording, so the episode is cut a little short. Sorry for the inconvenience to your listening pleasure. …


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A Demonic Conspiracy

2012-11-21 :: Psycho Jellyfish
Length: 19s

The jellycasters have their work cut out for them with a pair of mindblowing stories. A baffling possessed toaster and headscratching crackpot theories about Earth are what Matt and Lucas will have to contend with as they continue to search for the weirdest and most interesting news found on our flat planet!…


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Death of the Japanese Cannibal UFO

2012-11-08 :: Psycho Jellyfish
Length: 22s

Listen intently as the Psycho Jellyfish crew takes you through four tales of unusual occurrences. You'll be tantalized by curious anime costumes, messages from the grave, lights in the sky, and a cannibal celebrity in Japan. …


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Neural Pigeon Stabs A Bear

2012-10-18 :: Psycho Jellyfish
Length: 20s

Join Matt, Luke, and Bubba as they contemplate a future full of dream machines, the mysteries of the Birdmuda Triangle, murderous chickens, and how unlucky you must be to run over a bear. …


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Flapdoodle Forum Postponed

2012-10-11 :: Psycho Jellyfish

Sorry jellycasters, a new episode of Flapdoodle Forum is being postponed until next week. The staff is preoccupied with the production of Psycho Jellyfish's original miniseries, Highwaymen. They're preparing for the first round of shooting happening this weekend and wont be able to devote time to Flapdoodle Forum until next week. We'll bring you all up to speed as production commences.…


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Virtual Mountain Lion Kidney

2012-09-27 :: Psycho Jellyfish
Length: 18s

Hold on to your virtual kidneys for another shock and awe of bizarre news! The full Flapdoodle team is reunited just in time to tackle some stories about a trashed kidney, big cat on the loose, and the ethics behind one man's quest for love.…


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The Stolen Atomic Mayor of Bats

2012-09-13 :: Psycho Jellyfish
Length: 21s

The Flapdoodle team dissects a slate of stories about some delectable oddities. This time they must contend with nuclear explosion artwork, a non-human mayor of a small town, and a fanboy dream-tribute to batman.…


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3 Million Treadmill DWIs

2012-08-30 :: Psycho Jellyfish
Length: 22s

The things people will do for, well, the things people do. This week on Flapdoodle Foum, Matt and Lucas sit down to discuss children strapped to car hoods, vehicles lasting way longer than they should, and tricky questions behind banning skinny people from gyms. …


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Alien Hot Tub Restaurant

2012-08-16 :: Psycho Jellyfish
Length: 17s

Amazement is on the menu of this week's delicious episode! Bubba takes Lucas's place as the Flapdoodlers face off against a plethora of unfathomabilities, including a freak speargun accident, hobo hot-tubbing, the search for extraterrestrial life, and so much more!…


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Feline Smurf Cycle

2012-08-02 :: Psycho Jellyfish
Length: 22s

All aboard this week's tour of the bizarre and curious! Matt and Lucas react to a real-life MacGuyver in the desert, a smurf stalker on the loose in England, and a grotesque work of art that raises some ethical questions. Come see what the mainstream news has been missing out on!…


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Nuclear Fish Blood

2012-07-19 :: Psycho Jellyfish
Length: 24s

Buckle your strait jackets... the latest zany episode of Flapdoodle Forum is up! This week Luke, Matt, and Bubba discuss doomsday hideouts, the dangers of throat-lodged fish, and the unknown status of the blood of a former president!…


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Exploding Exhibition

2012-06-28 :: Psycho Jellyfish
Length: 20s

Get those rocks out of your pants for they just might burn you alive! Crispy legs aren't good for podcast listening. Especially when contemplating the aesthetics of an invisible art gallery.…


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Flapdoodle Forum Hits the iTunes Store!

2012-06-26 :: Psycho Jellyfish

Flapdoodle Forum joins the ranks of our podcasts available on iTunes! If you're a fan of weird news, head to the store right now and subscribe! And please, leave us reviews!…


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Mayan Virgin Clown Dog

2012-06-14 :: Psycho Jellyfish
Length: 20s

The world never ceases to provide us with fascinating subjects. Join Matt and Lucas with their good friend, Ryan Traver, as they discuss the sensibility of dog-centered television, terrorizing children with hit clowns for hire, old women finally ready for love, and rethinking the end of the Earth.…


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Prattling Pineapple

2012-05-31 :: Psycho Jellyfish
Length: 21s

It has arrived! Flapdoodle Foum, the newest show on Psycho Jellyfish, is ready for your listening pleasure. We discuss weird news across the internet, so join Lucas Wilson and Matthew Buckley as they discuss the merits of eating a sentient pineapple, its ability to race, and why gambling on such a creature might bring out the worst in you. Just so you know, they don't have sleeves.…


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Flapdoodle Forum on the Way!

2012-05-23 :: Psycho Jellyfish

Hey folks! I just wanted to give all you jellycasters a heads up on our new show. It will be making its premiere here on the website May 31st around 8:00 pm. It's a bi-weekly discussion of weird news found on the web, hosted by Matthew Buckley and myself, with occasional guest appearances. So mark the date on your calendar!…


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Join hosts, Lucas Wilson and Matt Buckley, as they scour the internet for the world's most unbelievable stories, from the humorous to the curious to the bizarre. There is no shortage of entertainment to be had as these two try to make sense of it all through jokes, debates, and critical analysis. You just might find yourself shouting, "That's poppycock," too!

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