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Last update: 2010-05-10

Fly With Me Episode Unknown

Length: 1s

This is the audio portion of the last live show I did on April 29.  You can watch the video of it here.   The next live show is on May 13 at 5:00 PM Pacific time.  Watch here.

My guest will be pilot/author Alex Stone. We will discuss his darkly comic "Hauling Checks" - a novel that takes the reader inside the world of the nighttime, shady operators of "Checkflight", a fictitious, but not entirely unrealistic, company of bad actors in the aviation world.  It's part "Catch-22", part "Fear and Loathing..." and nothing like any of the "Fly With Me" stories I produce.  This should be a fun one! Oh - the first two callers to the show via Skype will receive a free copy of Alex's book!

(or you can buy one yourself at www.hauligchecks.com)


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More Live Shows ... plus a story that combines brain injury, poetry, and a bra.

Length: 7s

I've scheduled two more live shows:

Join us at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/fly-with-me-live :

March 20 at 1:00 PM Pacific time with Patrick Smith, author of Salon.com's Ask The Pilot

April 10 at 1:00 PM Pacific time with Chris Christensen of the Amateur Traveler Podcast

Chris and I will discuss travel photography - and you can submit photos for us to talk about in this flickr group.

Plus, I included an interview in this podcast that I recorded on my last trip - it's the usual stuff -- there's brain injury, Cowboy poetry, and ladies underwear etc ... all in the same story.






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Announcing Fly With Me Live - Feb 21

Length: 2s

Fly With Me Live will stream live on Feb 21 at 1:00 PM Pacific Standard Time!  You can see the show at the Fly With Me Live show page at Ustream. Please drop by ahead of time (now?) and click "RSVP".

My guest will be Flight Attendant Betty from the Betty in the Sky With a Suitcast podcast. She'll join us via Skype video chat. You'll also be able to participate in the discussion via chat and Skype call-in, if everything works as planned.

I  also hope to include a segment where I encourage pilots to call in and talk about checkride stories ("Checkride Check-in"), so if you have stories you want to share, email me -- or just call in during the show!

See  you there!





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Fly With Me Episode 25

Length: 39s

How Does an Airplane (really) fly?

You may think you know the answer to this question, but you might be surprised to hear what I learned while producing this episode. I worked together with Markus Voelter (omega tau podcast) to explore the question more accurately.

If you don't already know the answer to this question, or aren't too technically inclined, don't worry. We try to simplify it enough to give you a good idea of what's going on. If nothing else, you'll spur an interesting conversation at your next cocktail party.

Also, don't forget I'm planning a live video broadcast sometime soon.  Follow me on Twitter for updates:  @Joe_dEon


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An Update (With an Insight Into the TSA Watch List)

Length: 11s

A Special Insight Into the TSA Watch List

This is not a full episode, but rather a quick update with a special announcement, as well as an interview with a pilot who tells a rather surprising story about the watch list. 

The special announcement is this:  I'm planning to do a live video broadcast via Ustream some time in the near future.  I'll post updates about it on Twitter:  http://twitter.com/Joe_dEon

You can also send me an email asking for a notification. I'll send out an email when I have a date and time established.  The email is this: --->  [my first name] podcaster @ gmail.com <--- (take out the spaces and substitute my name)


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Fly With Me Episode 24

Length: 33s

When I Grow Up

Becoming a pilot is not an easy path, and it takes motivation. Here are three true stories (and one totally made up one) about what motivated some of us to become pilots:

Ira went to England as a child ... never suspecting how the adventure would change his life's path ...

Kenya found herself on the wrong path, and needed someone to give her an extra nudge to believe she could become a pilot ...

And Tom had an experience as a young man that changed his life forever.

Plus, I tackle fiction for the first time ... enjoy!



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Length: 26s

On Discourse Politics and religion in the cockpit: how pilots handle sensitive discourse while staying on course.…


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I'm Back

Length: 5s

Just a quick podcast to let you know I'll be posting soon. This one has a rather amusing short clip about a famous cockpit prank involving a "sextant".

Follow me on twitter for updates about when the next one will be out. (   http://twitter.com/Joe_dEon )

There's a video of me recording this podcast so you can see how it works behind the scenes. The link is in the twitter stream. Music is by Behrnhard Drax (  Or, for his music in iTunes:  http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/bernhard-drax/id130057249 )


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Fly With Me Episode 22

Length: 15s

Rare Bear Scare

This is what happened to the Rare Bear this year at the Reno Air Races.  I could explain what happened here in these notes, but it's better to hear the story as it unfolds ...


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Fly With Me Episode 21

Length: 32s

The sickest episode yet!

... hear about a disgusting flight attendant trick ... take a trip inside the unofficial Vomit Comet ... plus hear another visit from Fly Guy.

The "Cadet Barf" story features music from Kevin Ross (Found at garageband.com)


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Fly With Me Episode 20

Length: 22s

Never Say Die

This episode is a continuation of the theme from Episode 19 -- what happens when people have medical emergencies in flight.  I speak with a doctor, a nurse, a flight attendant, and ... Jeanne. 


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Fly With Me Episode 19

Length: 25s

Medical Emergencies in Flight -- Eye watering tales from 30,000 feet.

Music by Bernhard Drax  His other site: Drax

Also, a message from SCAN Foundation:  check out the fun walk/run on May 24th in Atlanta.


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Fly With Me Episode 18

Length: 26s

In the Public Eye ...

Stories of flight crew members who find themselves in the public eye , like one flight attendant who worked for National Airlines during their "Fly Me" ad campaign, and another who is a working actress.

Music by Bernhard Drax at cruxy.com


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Deltalina Interview

Length: 4s

Delta Airlines' latest safety video has been getting a lot of hits on Youtube, and "Deltalina" is the reason.  I talk with Chris Babb, the creator of the video, and with Katherine "Kat" Lee, the flight attendant who is featured in the video.  Kat has gotten the nickname "Deltalina" because she looks like Angelina Jolie.

I have parts of the interview that I didn't use in this short piece -- send me an email at joepodcaster -at- gmail.com  if you want to hear more.

---> OK, OK, here it is --  more from Kat on Youtube.  (This is different from what's in the podcast.)

Del.icio.us Tags: Deltalina, Delta, Safety Video, Katherine Lee
Technorati Tags: Deltalina, Delta, Safety Video, Katherine Lee


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Fly With Me Episode 17

Length: 32s

Ever seen somebody get so out of control on a flight they were arrested after landing? How about two arrests in the same flight? These are some amazing stories -- even a pilot gets arrested and tells about it.

All music used in this episode (except the intro music) can be found at garageband.com -- links below in the order they were heard in the podcast:
John Doll - New York Central
Monkeybacon - Her Secret Masala
Horse Attack - Area 19
Enter the Haggis - Another Round
Ekho - Nocturne
Monkeybacon - Roller
Dynamoe - Said and Undone

Read more of FlyGuy's posts at his blog here: "A Captain's Log" …


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Fly With Me Episode 16

Length: 23s

I get back to my podcasting roots in this episode, and it feels like I'm starting from scratch ... almost.   You'll hear people telling about various first experiences -- good, bad, and funny --  and how they were affected by them. Enjoy!

All music used in this episode (except the intro music) can be found at garageband.com -- links below in the order they were heard in the podcast:

Colette McKendrick, "Fancy Pants"
Slumberlords, "Rock Shit"
The Habit, "Any Other Love"
Philip Yon, "Stars"
John Doll, "Dog's Life"

Read more about Duncan's exploits in his blog at http://duncanmackellar.blogspot.com/…


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Singing Skysisters and an Announcement

Length: 3s

Singing Skysisters and Season Two

If you heard my NPR piece about mergers today, you heard the Singing Skysisters.  Well, there's more from them in this short episode as well as an announcement by me about my upcoming podcasts -- basically what I say is I'm creating a "podcast season" for myself to avoid podfading.  So new episodes are coming March 1!

I also recorded solo performances (impromptu, on-the-road performances) by Sue from the Singing Skysisters, and you can download them here:

Flu Germs on My Flight
Achy Breaky Cart

You can email the Singing Skysisters at Skysisters@gmail.com

If you missed the NPR story, you can hear it here.

- Joe


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The Full Bob Hoover Interview


I have uploaded the full, unedited Bob Hoover interview on the other feed ("X posts").  If you haven't subscribed to that feed, you can download it here.  It's 48 minutes long ... the file is about 31MB.

If you would like to use some portion of this, please contact me.


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My Bob Hoover Story

Length: 11s

For the 60th anniversary of the first supersonic flight, I had a slightly different take on the story than some other people had.

Here's the story on NPR - my part comes after the Chuck Yeager piece.

See Bob Hoover perform his "Energy Management" maneuver on Youtube.


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More on the Way

Length: 9s

There's more to come --

You can also check out the NPR version of this: Pilot Retirement

Want more?  Here's more Joe d'Eon on NPR.

[Note:  Some of you early downloaders may have gotten the faulty mp3 file that I first uploaded for this podcast -- if so, just re-download the correct file from the link below.]


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FWMX 014


When you walk through an airport in a pilot's uniform, it's a different experience from what you might have normally.  It's almost like being a celebrity in that you get recognized.  It's not like people actually recognize you - but they give you a look like they recognize that you're a pilot.  Or something like that.  It's most noticeable with children.  Sometimes a child will stand there and hold out a finger pointed in your direction and say "look mom, a policeman." ...



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All Is Not Lost


Last week I was in Seattle.  I headed for my gate, and the aircraft that I was going to fly had just arrived.  Soldiers in battle dress uniform were coming off the plane - and among the usual crowd of people gathered waiting to board the next flight out, the soldiers loved ones waited.

I saw one young woman fly into the arms of her returning soldier, she was swallowed up in one of those long,  close, hugs that says so much more than words could ever say ... they stood there locked in an embrace for a long time, oblivious as other soldiers filed past them.

And I saw another couple do exactly the same thing -- and then a third -- it was starting to look more like a Saturday night at a dance hall rather than an airport terminal - except for the fact that other  soldiers continued to file past them coming off the plane.

That's what it looked like -- this is what it sounded like ...Download…


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I Finally Put That Pilot Hat Back On


I'm back to work.  Back to flying airplanes.  After 2 months off, recovering from my broken ribs, I finally put on that uniform -- more importantly, both in a figurative and a literal sense, I put on my captain's hat -- more about that in this episode.

Plus I'm finally going to make good on a promise I made in episode 15 of Fly With Me (the second Freddie Laker interview), and I respond to some comments and emails you've sent.

Right click (option-click for mac) to Download

Music from the podsafe music network:  "Honolulu Shuffle" by Kaimoku, "Detective Double Bass" by Lastfuture, "Radio Friendly" by Little Fish Big Pond (includes a message for Don Imus, I think)


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Fly With Me X Post 04-14-07


An Empty Seat in First Class

I've always kind of played a little game in my mind -- you know like those little parlor games you play where you ask people what books they would want on a deserted island, or where you ask "If you could invite five famous people to dinner living or dead, who would it be"?  Well I always though it would be more telling to ask "If you could sit in first class next to anyone -- currently living -- who would that be? And what would you say to them?" This question has the advantage that it could really happen.  You might realistically, in your lifetime, have that happen. 

Well, for me -- if anyone ever bothered to ask me that question, "Who would you want to sit next to?" the answer has always been, without hesitation ...

(right click to Download)

music:  "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" by Big George Jackson Blues Band (on the podsafe music network)


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Fly WithMe X Post 04-07-07


I'm doing my revisions -- updating my jepps.  Those are the navigation charts we carry in those big black flight kits we all have.  I have two thick binders filled with these thin pages of airport diagrams, departure procedures, arrivals and so on.  Each binder is about the size and weight of two bricks stuck together.  And every two weeks they issue changes which we have to post.  As I said, that's what I'm doing now. Take out the old page, insert new one -- repeat ... it's a royal pain, as any pilot will tell you. 

It's even worse if you get behind.  And I'm way behind.  No -- I haven't flown with outdated charts -- in fact, I haven't flown at all in the last two months.

Here's what happened ... Download


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Fly WithMe X Post 02-07-07


Friendly Fire ...

Recently, the cockpit video from the 2003 A-10 "Friendly Fire" incident in Iraq was leaked to the public.  As a former A-10 pilot myself, I have strong feelings about this episode, and I want the public to understand what happened and why. I play audio clips from the tape, and explain what they mean.

Download the episode here.

Technorati Tags: Warthog, A-10, Friendly Fire, Matty Hull, cockpit, Iraq, war


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Fly With Me Epsode 15

Length: 25s

Almost Famous ... I score some interviews with some celebrities in an effort to shamelessly boost my own popularity.  I'm not any more famous for the effort, but I did learn a few things along the way. 

Pictures at my flickr page.


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Fly With Me X Post 09-25-06


A day or two at the Reno Air races ... I talk with the pilot of this jet about what happened in front of all the spectators ... more Reno Air Race posts to come...

Download the episode here:  09-25-06

Check out the flickr pics for more Reno images coming up.

Here's the Academy video I talked about in the post:  Link.


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9/11 Special Edition

Length: 6s

My thoughts on 9/11 . . . this is the full (unedited) version of the piece aired on the BBC today.  Direct download here:  Link

Enter an email address here if you would like to send a link to a friend: <!-- function jsMailThisUrl() { var email_subject = 'I thought you might like this podcast ...'; var email_body = 'An airline pilot gives his thoughts on 9/11'; var page_url = window.self.location.href.split( '?' )[0]; page_url = page_url + '?source=email_friend'; var field = document.email_friend_script.address; window.location = 'mailto:' + field.value + '?subject=' + escape( email_subject ) + '&body=' + escape( document.title + ': ' + email_body + ': ' + page_url ); } //-->
Technorati Tags: 9/11, airline, flying, pilot, terrorist, "missing man", USAFA, "LeRoy Homer", tribute


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Fly With Me X Post 09-09-06


... A copilot gives a chilling account of what he saw  on 9/11 ...

Get in iTunes under "Fly With Me X"  <---  click if you  have iTunes,

     or it's available for direct download here.

Technorati Tags: 9/11, 911, airline, flying, pilot, terrorist,


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Fly With Me X Post 08-30-2006


Get in iTunes under "Fly With Me X"  <---  click if you  have iTunes,
     or it's available for direct download here.

Note:  This post contains explicit content.
     ... flight attendant crew van revelations ... mile high stories and scatalogical references... depends, yes, they talk about depends too ...

Technorati Tags: airline, pilot, aviation, flight


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Fly With Me X Post 08-25-2006


Get it in iTunes or download it here:  08-25-06
... security in the news ... fighter escorts ... UK restrictions and how to deal ... baseball and life coaching from a copilot ... coming explicit attractions ...

tags: security…


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Fly With Me X Post 08-18-2006 plus BBC interview

Length: 34s

Download the most recent one here:  08-18-06
... Explosives in flight ... MSM vs DIGG ... would Katie get away with it today? ... my euphemism at Slate ...

Download other one here:  beeb
This one was accidentally picked up in the libsyn feed because I had checked "Smart Feed", which sounded like the  ... um ... smart thing to do ... but it wasn't.  So you may have heard it already -- it's my BBC interview with Dotun Adebayo.  You can hear what the BBC actually aired here. Click on "Listen to the Show" in the right hand sidebar.  It helps to then click on "play in stand-alone real player"  -- it's somewhere around six minutes in.


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I Got Some Splainin to Do

Length: 3s

What's up with the two feeds and why the heck am I posting at Podshow ?

Get that first Podshow-only post here.

Or get it in iTunes: here

Here are the two feeds if you need them:
Fly With Me
Fly With Me X


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Special UK Terror Plot Edition

Length: 14s

Should you panic about the UK terror plot uncovered yesterday? 

This episode was originally going to be posted only at Podshow like my last mini-episode, but I changed my mind.  I figured too many people would miss it.  You might get double-downloads of this one if you followed my advice and subscribed to both feeds.  Sorry.  I won't do it again.


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First Fly With Me X Post 08-10-2006

Length: 29s

I just posted a new episode over at the Podshow+ network.  Check it out at the Podshow site

It's a Podshow exclusive!  I've decided to make certain episodes available only on Podshow, mainly because I think the new Podshow+ site lends itself well to a certain type of episode -- I talk about stuff I wouldn't include in these episodes here, like current events in aviation, issues that affect us in the industry etc....  I also plan to include random interviews, and to read some of your emails there.  I hope to post much more frequently at the Podshow+ site, so check it out ... but stay tuned here for future full-length episodes.

- Joe


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Fly With Me Episode 14

Length: 19s

JBOS ... Just a Bunch Of Stories. (And a few surprises)

Music clips from Podsafe Music Network (in order of appearance in the podcast) Love and Comedy by Backwards Moon No Sleep Funk by Beau Hall Untie Your Head by 3 feet Up Comedy stops here by Amplifico Cheryl B. Engelhardt Talk Talk Talk Only Laughing by Gareth Christian …


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The Rest of Episode 13

Length: 3s

... a short addendum to episode 13…


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Fly With Me Episode 13

Length: 38s

"Why Do We Do This?"

I interview a blogger, a columnist, and a podcaer, all crewmembers,trying to find out what motivates us to give you this inside information ...

Fly Guy's Blog is a A Captain's Log

Patrick Smith's website column is at Ask The Pilot

Flight Attendant Betty is at Betty in the Sky With a Suitcase


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Fly With Me Episode 12

Length: 32s

"On the Inside" ... a closer look at what it means to be on the inside. Hear about snakes on a plane, a copilot who was on "The Mole II", and get some insight into the secret language of flight attendants.

If you visit http://www.Godaddy.com, enter code "Fly1" when you check out to get an additional 10% off any order. "Fly2" will get you an additional $5.00 off any order of $30.00 or more. Use "Fly3" to get a dot com name for just $6.95 a year.

Music clips from Podsafe Music Network All Your Sins by Amplifico Frag Mich Nicht by Elizabeth Lehinger Quartet The Dream by Greendome Sheck Going Down to Georgia by Justin Gordon Inside Joke by Little Thom


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Fly With Me Episode 11

Length: 20s

"Listen..." We sometimes depend on just our ears for information, and when we do, it's surprising how much we can gather. We have an uncanny ability to create a world in our minds when we take information in aurally. Comments for Scott can be sent to electronicman1961@myfreedombox.com. See the copter mentioned at http://www.rotorway.com…


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I'm Still Here

Length: 59s

... just to let you know I'm working on another podcast and to answer the question about Myra...…


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Christmas Traffic Alert

Length: 3s

A special brief Christmas message, plus an introduction to a copilot I flew with named Myra. Who is Myra?…


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Fly With Me Episode Ten

Length: 35s

"Captain at Last... " My personal journey to the left seat. In this episode I talk about the process of upgrading to captain, from simulator training, through initial flights with instructors, the checkride, and finally, my first trip as captain.…


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Upgrade Update 2

Length: 2s

Another update on my progress... video available here: Video ...Link to the pictures from PME here: Pics…


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Upgrade Update 1

Length: 11s

"Upgrade Update" . . . Just a quick update on my training to upgrade to captain . . . plus the results of the “Flightplan? movie poll.…


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Fly With Me Episode 9

Length: 31s

"The Recognition Edition" ...Romper room at 35000' ... Fire in the cabin, and that's OK... a passenger is keeping a list, and you want to be on it... and more ...

Music clips by P.W. Fenton and .22 at Podsafe Music Network…


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Flightplan Poll

Length: 1s

Thanks for your comments. See the results of the poll in the "Upgrade Update" posted October 20th.…


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Fly With Me Episode 8 and a Half

Length: 10s

I captured some audio from the Jet Blue emergency landing at LAX yesterday. Listen as the Captain discusses his options with maintenance and his dispatcher.…


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Fly With Me Episode 8

Length: 27s

"When Things Go Wrong..." What happens when things go wrong, what we take away from those experiences, and what things we do as crew members to prepare for these kinds of situations . . . so things don't turn out so bad. Also introducing co-worker and now fellow podcaster Flight Attendant Betty (Check out her podcast, Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase, at betty.libsyn.com)

Music clips from Garageband
"Merry Prank" by Frankie Ho
"The Likes of Me" my Pynoukia Duet
"Razor Jazz" by Aroha
"Music Box" by Black and White Eleven
"The Tremelo Song" by Charlatans
"A Lady's Favour" by Chivalra


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Fly With Me Episode 7

Length: 17s

"Fear" ... Conversations with passengers who have a fear of flying, a pilot who has no fear, and what we pilots fear most ...…


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If Your Browser Doesn't Show Episodes 4, 5, and 6 ...


It's a temporary problem, but for now you can click here. If you do see these post, then disregard this post.

- Joe


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Fly With Me Episode 6

Length: 27s

"I See Famous People" ... celebrities among us, big time celebrities, and a special kind of celebrity. Plus, results from the cell phone poll...and a personal announcement.

Music clips from Garageband
"The Tooth" by Ryan Fraley, performed by The Indianapolis Jazz Orchestra
"Hold Your Own Bag" by Glen Rexach Group
"The New Sun" by My Next Girlfriend
"Bad Day in Bedrock" by Stop Irrational Logic
"Pressin' Ma Bit" by the TCQ"Bubikopf" by Wet Spot
"Back Home" by Syd
"When the Jitterbug Bites" by Joe Turley


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Opinion Poll -- Cell phones on aircraft


Re: The FCC is currently considering allowing passengers to use cell phones on aircraft. I've asked some flight attendants what they think, and I'll post their replies along with some of yours. ------------------------------------------ The results are in -- thank you all who have called in. I've received a lot of comments, and a lot of good points were made. I'm putting it all together for the next podcast due out ... when it's done. Joe…


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Fly With Me Episode 5

Length: 21s

"Early Departures" ... how turmoil in the airline industry is affecting some of our pilots. Also featuring original music by the Dreadful Snake Guy (from Dreadful Snake Radio)…


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Fly With Me Episode 4

Length: 21s

In this episode I have collected some stories that illustrate the unique relationship our flight attendants have with our passengers. You'll hear about some problem passengers, some friendly passengers, and some famous passengers. Oh, and more cockpit chatter over the Pacific…


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Fly With Me Episode 3


This podcast is archived here Cockpit radio chatter over the Pacific, crew member pranks, and more . . .…


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Fly With Me Episode 2


This podcast is archived here Hear from two pilots who are chasing their dreams in their free time, and a flight attendant who is trying to forget something she said on the job.…


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Thanks for the comments . . .


Yes, I think "Fly With Me" would be a good name for the podcast. I'll probably change it before the first official cast.

I'm off to fly a trip with microphone in hand . . . wish me luck. I hope to have something put together before the end of the month.…


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