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Last update: 2013-06-27

E17 – Power Hour with Ali Spagnola

2013-06-27 :: Friday After Work
Length: 47s

The talented and creative warrior queen Ali Spagnola joins us! We discuss; eating, Tazmann‘s fail, Ali’s bleed-over/blackout weekend/week, Ali not wearing pants, Machine’s new car, bribing special guests to do proxy test drives in San Diego, Ali’s old job in video games, free paintings, legal troubles, touring, binge drinking, Asians, lucky numbers, the Machine hangs,... Read more »…


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SE4 – Dani Kollin Interviews NASA Astronaunt and SpaceX Engineer Garrett Reisman

2013-06-21 :: Friday After Work
Length: 26s

Our pal Dani Kollin hooked us up with some raw audio of an interview between him and NASA Astronaut and SpaceX Engineer Garrett Reisman. They discuss many space-related topics; the smell of space, religion in space, Ilan Ramon, SpaceX crewed vehicle, and various related topics. Enjoy SpEpisode fans! Listen…


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E16 – Tazmann #Fail

2013-06-11 :: Friday After Work
Length: 55s

Dani Kollin takes the power back, The Chisler epic fail, Tazmann RETURNS, Tazmann sucks at buying furniture, buying candles and not getting laid, moving, therapy sessions, The Heap, managing pizza places, iTunes reviews, bras and space suits, Planetary Resources’ mini-telescope, space selfies, Machine gets good at math somehow, password confusion, Coronavirus, Mr Hospitality shit talks,... Read more »…


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E15 – Kollin Bros Return!

2013-06-08 :: Friday After Work
Length: 47s

The bros analyze @MrHospitality2, Dani buys an plugin electric car, handicapped drivers, @fochisel orders “The Unincorporated Man”, the last fly-wheel breaks on Kepler, interstellar exploration and colonization, asteroid planets, self-plagiarism, Adderall, Eytan’s favorite video games, cloning humans and dinosaurs, mammoth burgers, Rabbinical Law and 3D printed pork, an article about SpaceX turns into a anti-government rant,... Read more »…


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SE3 – Dr Philip Metzger, NASA Physicist & Space Miner Explains Space Mining

2013-06-05 :: Friday After Work
Length: 50s

In SpEpisode 3 we are joined by Dr Philip Metzger, NASA Physicist & Space Miner. We keep it clean in this episode for maximum reach because this is the next step for human civilization. It’s a world of abundance tomorrow that can begin to be realized today. Phil is an excellent interview and a subject... Read more »…


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E14 – Sort of quit…

2013-05-28 :: Friday After Work
Length: 1s

We’ll take whatever cash you can spare, @MrHospitality2 returns for the trifecta, @ElonMusk and government investment, potential Georgia SpaceX launch site, Texas seems to rule, @MrHospitality2 quit/got fired for not shutting up, conditional apologies, Asian friend quota, @themachinepod gets his Nintendo back, more LEGOs, Lost sucks, Farrah Abrahams video, @MrHospitality2 knows better than NASA and the... Read more »…


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E13 – Courtesy Gayness

2013-05-24 :: Friday After Work
Length: 48s

Lucky or unlucky, or Jonestown, @TheJewFAW RETURNS, band touring, leaving concerts early, Pat Benatar, Shixa wanted to leave, tight deadlines, legal stuff, lawyers, pro-bono, @weirdmedicine and guilty pleasures, fluid, too old and cool, good, it’s no longer winter, all purpose weather, RAIN, Spring, good stuff, concerts, beer drinking, working, is it Kosher, river boat gambling,... Read more »…


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E12 – The Ringer from 76th Street

2013-05-17 :: Friday After Work
Length: 53s

Jerrid (aka The Grinder) from the 76th Street Pod joins us from a coffee house from in the mean streets of Omaha. We discuss podcasts, jerrands, self-loathing, Chucky Cheese, Oregon Trail, racial demographics in Omaha and Atlanta, humus, zero tolerance in Florida, federal spending, video gaming for a year, Grand Theft Auto, harpooning space junk, new... Read more »…


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SE2 – Chat with Dr. Steve

2013-05-08 :: Friday After Work
Length: 53s

  Dr Steve (@weirdmedicine) from the Weird Medicine satellite radio show and podcast joins @fochisel and @themachinepod to discuss a variety of medical topics, etc. Topics discussed include; the future of satellite radio, Measles outbreak in the UK, vaccinating yourself and your kids (herd immunity), H7N9 avian influenza in China, Dr. Steve’s career, the potential... Read more »…


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E11 – Space Spunk

2013-05-02 :: Friday After Work
Length: 42s

Boston bomber hunt media circus, equal-opportunity offending, productivity makes you sick, fun with the Google Streetview car, Cinnapies rule, near-food allergies, satellite harpoons, Chinese zookeeper drills, creeps in Time Square, boxers or briefs, toys in the Spank Bank, Westboro Baptist Church, and sex in space. Quick Bits Space harpoon plan to nail orbital garbage Dress like a bear to... Read more »…


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Promo Compilation 1

2013-04-28 :: Friday After Work
Length: 14s

Hot off the ChiselTop, a promo compilation from our first 10 episodes. Many questions have been answered but how many more remain? Enjoy!…


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E10 – The Sock Incident

2013-04-26 :: Friday After Work
Length: 43s

Happy 10 episodes! The Offensive Index explained, theme music reviewed, @FergatROn is a lush, Ed’s cookies, Mr Hospitality - Chisler relations, information security, Mr Hospitality doesn’t wear the pants, new video games, North Korean technology, Agent Rodman, WORMWOOD update, Wu Tang Clan drinking game, Kevin Smith, upcoming guests, Rick Flair’s son, toys and hobbies, military service,... Read more »…


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E9 – Dungeons and @FergatROn

2013-04-21 :: Friday After Work
Length: 48s

@FergatROn joins us in the Spank Bank, late of course. Topics include sedating @FergatROn’s kids, Steve Dumpsey’s antics at work, The Machine in the workplace, Spring cleaning, table-top game immersion, being on the down-low, how Dungeons and Dragons work, coupon-clipping, explaining science, sports, Chiselbots, Chisler’s revenge on the Machine, Bible violence, and parenting. Quick-Bits Respective... Read more »…


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SE1 – Interview with Sci-Fi Authors Dani & Eytan Kollin

2013-04-12 :: Friday After Work
Length: 52s

For the first time we interview folks more famous than us, Dani (@dkollin) & Eytan Kollin. These guys are both interesting and funny as they answer questions from avid fan The Machine. These guys co-wrote the award winning tetralogy the Unincorporated series. In 2010 they won the Prometheus Award from the Libertarian Futurist Society for their first... Read more »…


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E8 – Hall Pass to the Spank Bank

2013-04-10 :: Friday After Work
Length: 41s

Finally got a Space Update posted, Elon Musk ball-washing, Jews x 32, Rick Flair, Dr Phil Metzer and his authority, Tasman cometh, overspending on furniture, graduate school, two buck chuck, sexual confusion, identity crisis, Castro and North Korea, NASA’s asteroid plans, International Space Station, black holes and thermodynamics, Google glass with prescription lenses, Russian flamethrower... Read more »…


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E7 – Rounding Errors

2013-04-01 :: Friday After Work
Length: 41s

Marie Osmand’s inflated lips, GSK’s Reversitol, quit bitching bitches, Canadian proojects, double Musk and NO BLEEPS, graduate school, not moving to Roswell or Decatur, “The Jew” returns, Rick Flair’s clot and tragedy, fan-dang-go, Wormwood update, cosmic tits, prayer, Soyuz fast track, feeling guilty, spending money to get out Egypt, leaps of faith, Easter with the... Read more »…


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E6 – Communist Unicorns

2013-03-24 :: Friday After Work
Length: 40s

Missing special guest, new “bleep count” record, alien visitations, gauntlets at work, shit talking, Jeff Bezos and Apollo rockets, found treasure transferred to China, military tech spin offs, Korean communist unicorns, red wine is #happening, cheaper air travel, comic hackery, dumped bits, ideas for Mr. Musk, energon cubes, Falcon Heavy (or Voltron), and upcoming special... Read more »…


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E5 – Irish Roots

2013-03-22 :: Friday After Work
Length: 38s

Regarding #MrHospitality, SimCity DRM, a free sh!t game from EA, Wicked musical, “bleep count”, the proposed “offensive meter”, NASA’s space miner Dr Phil Metzger (@Philtill777), naming WORMWOOD and Curiosity Rover, rats in the sewer lair, UFO flies in a volcano, ancient aliens, Iron Man flying in a circle, Elon Musk in Iron Man, Christopher Nolan and... Read more »…


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E4 – Genetic Disasters

2013-03-13 :: Friday After Work
Length: 41s

Listeners are offended (hint: then don’t listen), @smolderkisses, killer comet (i.e. WORMWOOD) visiting for Mars in 2014, work-life balance, the Chisel Plague, Melissa King (again), our favorite Tyson’s vest, spare change, SimCity woes and proposed remedy, Mass Effect, Rockstar Games, suitcases full of money, life in New York, Wizard of Oz and Pink Floyd, munchkins, suffering... Read more »…


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E3 – NutriFusion for the Chislets

2013-03-07 :: Friday After Work
Length: 50s

A budding porn-star (aka former Miss Delaware Teen USA), bittorrent, Six Sigma holidays, who’s who on the podcast, British English, Mr Hospitality and verbal contracts, our friend The Jew, @smolderkisses, Neil deGrasse Tyson on the Joe Rogan Experience, Elon Musk (again), Hawaiians, Kim Jong-un, SpaceX CRS-2 launch, Curiosity on Mars, comet headed for Mars, freezing meat and... Read more »…


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E2 – Cognitive Bi-Ass

2013-02-26 :: Friday After Work
Length: 46s

Roger Rabbit, a white mist, the amazingly talented @LenPeralta, the chiselite @fergatron, local breweries, our Canadian friend, Superman canon, Episode 0.75 and @smolderkisses, bandwidth testing, high school, the great Elon Musk, our favorite Tyson, the F-35 and sequestration, hover-boards, Biden on gun safety, election regret (comments on Twitter, tweet #mrhospitality), Gary Johnson, clean coal, sound... Read more »…


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E1 – Access to Drones…kind of

2013-02-16 :: Friday After Work
Length: 39s

What are “bleep” settings, our local corporate sponsor, failed recordings, @smolderkisses, stuff we’re supposed to like, Battlestar Galactica, South Park re: Scientology, geocentricity, taxes, drill holes on Mars, wrestling, the Hitlernet, drones, oral treats, cosmic fear-mongering, Tunguska event, avoiding midlife crisis, quitting for Jesus, DC-8s, the Catholic quitter, North Korea’s latest antics, X-band radar, and... Read more »…


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E0.5 – The Beginning

2013-02-10 :: Friday After Work
Length: 35s

On this episode we discuss Hawaiians, “chiseling”, bit-torrent, friends with better plans, tips on speech making, asteroid mining, m-f** Jupiter, tycoons, and much more. We train-wrecked the first episode so we decided to release this episode instead. It was originally intended to be a test episode but turned out good enough to release. We apologize in advance for the audio quality. We’ve... Read more »…


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Last Time.. (Trailer)

2013-02-05 :: Friday After Work
Length: 1s

Last time….on Friday After Work… We discover the true nature of birds. Also, Superman has a secret. Where is @smolderkisses?…


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Friday After Work

Many questions have been answered but how many more remain?

Friday After Work

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