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Last update: 2013-05-01

Future Beats Show 24.4.13

Length: 58m 33s

1. Godblesscomputers - Chocolate [Equinox] 2. Clip - We Close [Subwax BCN] 3. Nubian Mindz - TV Watches You [Phuture Shock] 4. John Beltram - Light on land [Samurai] 5. Dakini 9 - Polarity Shift [Sound Warrior] 6. Cyclonix - One divided by nought [CDR] 7. Ajukula - Benga Benga [White] 8. Rubberlips - The Paper track [Soul Deep] 9.Yanna Valdevit & Lay-Far - Brave [Tru Thoughts] 10. Si Tew - Miles (TrueSelf remix) [forthcoming on Phat Elephant] …


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Future Beats Show 27.3.13

Length: 1h 37m 3s

Luv Jam - Niplé [CDR] https://soundcloUd.com/luvjam Heion - This time [Retrospective] https://soundcloud.com/heion-music Appian - G381 [CDR] https://soundcloud.com/appian Ex-Friendly - Shokran [ISM] https://soundcloud.com/ex-friendly Blunted Monkz - Kindersülze [CDR] https://soundcloud.com/blunted-monkz Geiom - 246 (Desto remix) [Well Rounded] https://soundcloud.com/geiom Ajukaja & Andrevski - Öökulli Seedimine [CDR] https://soundcloud.com/ajukaja Christo - As much as possible [CDR] https://soundcloud.com/christo-sdr Typesun - The PL (Behling &Simpson Remix) [Root Elevation][https://soundcloud.com/type] Lay-Far - Liberation Song [Subwax Bcn] https://soundcloud.com/lay-far Matt Hughs - Monogamy [SoulfulBeats] https://soundcloud.com/soulfulbeats Asok - Project Poltergeist [CDR] https://soundcloud.com/asok-music Nubian Mindz - Verbal Lickings [CDR] https://soundcloud.com/colinlindo Polar Pair - Star feat. Anat Spiegal (Deep'a & Biri Remix) [CDR] https://soundcloud.com/ndv-polarpair System Status - Meat Confusion [CDR] https://soundcloud.com/daverendle Other Worlds - A study of Loss [CDR] https://soundcloud.com/other-worlds/ …


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Future Beats Show 13.2.13

Length: 1h 1m 21s

Hot Coins Leathered [Sonar Kollectiv] Gerry Read -Purple Fire [Fourth Wave] Seawash - Pantomine [Delsin] FaltyDl - Large Flash [50 Weapons] Bruk Boogie Kru - Aforsa [Broadcite] Mark de Clive Lowe and the Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra - Caravan [Tru Thoughts] Anstam -Whisky [50 Weapons] Ratcliffe - Flying by the sun [Atlantic Jaxx] Shed - With Bag [Monkey Town] Kuru - The Draconian Hybrids (Dakini9 remix) [Sublevel Sounds] Phlash and Friends - Hazy [Archive] Black Jazz Consortium - What's up with the Love [Soul People Music] Sepalcure - No Think [Hot Flush] …


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Future Beats Show 30.1.13

Length: 1h 0m 11s

1) My Panda Shall Fly and Benjamin Jackson - Data Module [Five Easy Pieces] 2) System Staus - Meat Confusion [CDR] 3) Garden Eden - Night Poser [Lampuka] 4) Arp 101 and Elliott Yorke - Electric Lemonage [Donky Pitch] 5) Skintologists - Downstairs Dubbing (Architeq Dub) [Melodica] 6) Silkie VS Mizz Beats‎– Purple Love [Deep Medi Musik] 7) Nubian Mindz - Lost Militants [Exprezoo] 8) Artwork - Rank [Ministry of Sound] 9) Altered Natives - Allwhere [Eye4Eye] 10) Decibel - Miss [Tectonic] 11) Martyn‎– Natural Selection (Flying Lotus' Cleanse Mix) [3024] …


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Future Beats Show 16.1.2013

Length: 54m 26s

El-P Feat. the Blue Series Continuum - Get Modal [Thristy Ear] StarRo - Shine on me [CDR] Jaslopski – Beatzeps [Sonar Kolletiv] Heion - Sure Thing [House of Disco] Garden of Eden - Romantic Archive (Tusk remix) [Lampuka] Mark Force - Friendly Fire [Diplo] OL - Cover[Faces] Nubian Mindz - Sparcity [CDR] Nuyorican Soul - The Nervous Track [Talkin Loud] Positive Flow - Do what I do featuring Omar (Cyclonix first draft remix) [CDR] …


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Future Beats Show 19.12.12

Length: 59m 59s

1619 B.A.B - World [Goldmine Soul Supply] Barry Miles Silverlight - Rebate [London Records] Mandrill - Can you get it [Arista] Herbie Hancock - Sunlight [cbs] Mark De Clive Lowe & Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra - Take the Space Train [Tru Thoughts] Deekie vs Heion- Rush [Melodica] OL - Vertical Race [Faces] Lay-Far - Down to Sky [Beats Delivery] Kuru - The Draconian Hybrids (Dakini9 remix) [Sublevel Sounds] Plutonia - Forever (Opaque Remix) [Visons] Cyclonix - Mental by Rights …


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Future Beats Show

A blend of deep futuristic beats and grooves. Beats from the past and here and now that still sound fresh. Its all about the fusion of sound! The podcast is mainly recodings of the biweekly show on weds nights at 9pm on radio.myhouse-yourhouse.net. Also occassion special mixes when I have time!

Future Beats Show

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