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Last update: 2009-05-07

Episode 3 The Beard Is Hungry

Length: 51m 48s

Same old Same old here new one up new stuff in it have a look and please leave some feedback!! …


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Episode 2: Too Much Sci-Fi

Length: 1h 7m 4s

Our first actual episode ladies and gentleman! This episode has tons of goodies for you including some gaming news updates, a preview of the upcoming game Singularity, information on a little piece of technology called the Pogoplug, Fiddle raves about Red Faction 2, and to cap it all off we have a review of Resident Evil 5. Enjoy! …


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#1 Coming Out of the Closet

Length: 3m 35s

What Game Digest is about …


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Game Digest

This is The podcast for those people who want to be informed on gaming in general whether you play a Xbox 360 or a PS3 or a PC we have information on your platform and will always have a great time getting the information to you. We will be talking to you about whats new in the gaming world, new strategys, and anything you want to know: brought to you by Colton Peterson, Tyler Gasper, and Logan Meyer

Game Digest

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