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Last update: 2015-09-08

Episode 1: "Messiah of Evil"

2015-09-08 :: garbagecinema@gmail.com

So the first episode is finally up! I'm certainly rusty. There are a lot of "uhs","likes",and some mumbling but hopefully you will enjoy it!
This weeks episode is about a little horror film from 1973 called, "Messiah of Evil."


"Messiah of Evil" on the garbage cinema youtube channel

Restored Code Red Messiah of Evil Blu-ray

MST3K "Devil Doll"…


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Editing in Progress

2015-09-07 :: garbagecinema@gmail.com

So Ive got the whole episode recorded. Now all I have to do is edit the various clips together. I got about seven more to polish and add to the timeline then after rendering Episode One of Garbage Cinema will go live.
I'll probably get it up tomorrow.
I'm excited to see what people think but I'm not going to lie my performance is less than perfect. I'm way out of practice so there are a lot of "uhs" and "likes" despite my best editing efforts but I hope you can see past that. I will improve with time just like I did before.…


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Happy Birthday Dario!

2015-09-07 :: garbagecinema@gmail.com


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Update: Working on it...

2015-09-06 :: garbagecinema@gmail.com

 Finished up the notes for the main segment of the show. Still got to write something for the other two and edit out some clips then I'll be good to go.
Recorded some of it already actually. Not sure if I'm going to use it or not though. Its always best to record everything at once in order to capture consistent audio. On the other hand it might be easier just to record when I can and splice it all together like some oddcast Frankenstein's monster. Yeah,I kinda like the sound of that.
I know I'm taking this a little slow but thats good. I'm way out of practice and hell its my God damn show anyway.
But to the three or four of you out there who care I'm working on it...…


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What do you think?

2015-09-04 :: garbagecinema@gmail.com

Working on ye old podcast.
What do you think? This is my first thought for an opener. Nothing too fancy. Didn't even use my good MIC so this is only a test.
Once upon a time I spliced together a bunch of quotes from movies and speeches and got professional voice over talent for a podcast I use to do but no more- 


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A Little Teaser

2015-09-03 :: garbagecinema@gmail.com

The film this still is from will be the subject of the first episode of the Garbage Cinema Oddcast when I finally get around to making it! Can you guess the film?


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2015-09-01 :: garbagecinema@gmail.com


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Garbage Cinema

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