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Last update: 2012-03-21

German Pop - Wir sind Helden

Length: 23s

They're said to have rung in German-language pop of the 21st century. Youthful fans and newspaper critics alike love them. With four albums under their belt, each concert is a surprise.…


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German Pop - Florian Ostertag

Length: 10s

Singer Florian Ostertag writes songs that go straight to the heart. Melancholy and a whole lot of emotion are trademarks of his lyrics, and his love for detail can be heard in every note of his music.…


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German Pop - Lokomotor

Length: 9s

The five musicians from Bavaria make their fans go wild with pretty melodies and their own distinct sound. And the band has a message.…


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German Pop: Alin Coen Band (live)

Length: 13s

DW welcomes the Alin Coen Band back to the podcast series, this time for a live performance from the c/o pop festival, where the full force of lead singer Alin Coen's lyrics was on display.…


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German Pop - Philipp Poisel

Length: 17s

With his mop of messy hair and shy, unassuming manner, Philipp Poisel seems like any other boy next door with a guitar. But his unusual voice and knack for songwriting have sent him to the top of the German charts.…


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German Pop - Max Prosa

Length: 14s

Max Prosa is a story-teller and an ardent poet, and he's convinced that a very special energy is created when playing the guitar - a spark which is infectious.…


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German Pop - Hans Unstern

Length: 16s

Somewhere between poet and singer, Hans Unstern's orchestral indie rock sound is like being along for a mixed-up roadtrip. And the lyrics could almost be the stuff of a seminar on German literature.…


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German Pop - Alin Coen Band

Length: 12s

The Alin Coen Band makes music that's laid-back with a heavy dose of singer-songwriter introspection. Find out just why they're picking up fans all over the place in this edition of Clip.…


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German Pop - Ja, Panik

Length: 10s

The Berlin-meets-Vienna indie rockers Ja, Panik are back with a new album, and we take a look at the music that sent them into the spotlight. This is Ja, Panik in concert at the c/o Pop Festival in 2010.…


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German Pop - Jupiter Jones

Length: 12s

They started out as a punk band from the far reaches of western Germany. Now, they've made it all the way from dingy basement concerts to a major label debut. Jupiter Jones plays melancholy music with a tough edge.…


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German Pop - 1000 Robota

Length: 11s

1000 Robota, but nope, they're not machines. They're flesh and blood, although not kin to electro-pioneers Kraftwerk. 1000 Robota play punk, post-punk, hardcore - with a cool, original sound and a 'let 'er rip' energy.…


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German Pop - The Bonny Situation

Length: 10s

The members of The Bonny Situation lifted their band name from Quentin Tarantino's cult film "Pulp Fiction." The five musicians from Duisburg try to mix & match styles - everything from electronic to melancholy rock.…


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German Pop - Klee

Length: 13s

For great, straight-up pop music from Germany, look no further than Klee. The band is fronted by Suzie Kerstgens, famous for her musicianship and intelligent songwriting - in a style personal, intimate and authentic.…


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German Pop - Shantel

Length: 15s

Stefan Hantel has many professions: DJ, musician, producer, label manager and impresario. But the man from the German state of Hesse is best known for his stage name 'Shantel' - the uncrowned king of Balkan-Pop.…


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German Pop - The Intersphere

Length: 11s

They sound as if they were old-time Pink Floyd meeting up for drinks with The Police and coming up with the idea of recording a Muse album with a lot of echo. But they're The Intersphere and come from Mannheim.…


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German Pop - Baby Benzin

Length: 11s

Guitar, bass, percussion, vocals. That's how simple and straightforward rock music can be. Meet the young Hamburg band Baby Benzin, which translates to Baby Gasoline, or Baby Petrol.…


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German Pop - Abel & Cain

Length: 10s

Abel & Cain, having been professionally coached at the Popcamp, are ready to take their cool Britpop Made in Germany to an international audience.…


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German Pop - Luis und Laserpower

Length: 10s

In this podcast titled German Pop, Deutsche Welle introduces you to Luis und Laserpower - a band that can give a one-two punch to German hip-hop.…


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