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Last update: 2009-04-09

Direct Voice Communication

Length: 20m 44s

Beth and Nick continue their "Research Renegades" series and spotlight radical thinker Marcello Bacci in this episode. Follow the instructions for an easy spirit communication experiment using a short wave radio! …


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Video Transcommunication - VTC

Length: 20m 42s

Beth and Nick pay tribute to research pioneer Karl Schreiber by conducting one of his experiments in spirit communication using a video camera and television set. This is the first in the "Research Renegades" episodes of Ghost Lab. …


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Shedding Light on Paranormal Photography

Length: 27m 44s

Join hosts Beth Brown and Nick the Robot for a fun lesson in visible light. A quick and easy project paired with an even easier experiment test the theories that Infrared and Ultraviolet light have a lot to do with capturing spirits on film!

Nick's project of the night is rated: EASY
Field Test is rated: EASY …


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The EVP Enigma - Sound Waves or Something Else?

Length: 29m 38s

Why do paranormal investigators attempt to capture "inaudible" spirit voices with devices made to record sound waves? This episode of Ghost Lab focuses on the theory that EVP could be caused by a mysterious wavelength of different variety... Nick's project of the night is rated: EASY Field Test is rated: EASY …


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Ghost Lab Premieres February 15th!

Length: 37s

Don't miss your chance to hear Beth Brown and Nick the Robot when they debut on the Para-X Radio Network. Ghost Lab premiered Sunday, February 15th at 5:00 PM EST. Join in the fun at the Para-X Chat Room and send Beth and Nick your questions during the broadcast: CLICK HERE TO CHAT …


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Ghost Lab Radio

Join host Beth Brown and Nick, her robotic assistant, as they deliver a dose of radical thinking and explore the scientific theories related to all things supernatural. Ghost Lab will help you conduct your own experiments, build and customize equipment, and push the limits of your paranormal research every week. Each Episode Features: Simple Science – easy to understand explanations of scientific theories, processes, and mechanics that relate to the study of paranormal phenomena. Investigator’s Workshop – step by step instructions for building and customizing equipment that are easy enough for beginners. Includes web links to source lists and written/illustrated directions. Field Test – scientifically designed experiments (combining the Investigator’s Workshop creation and Simple Science discussed that hour) for listeners to conduct while researching paranormal phenomena.

Ghost Lab Radio

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