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Last update: 2015-03-23

Episode 021- Goatsucker Podkast

Length: 1s

Who said we were pod fading?  We’re back with an all new episode! Join Grumpelupagus, Cone, and Hijacker for another fun filled episode all about fighting games!

It is an exciting time for fighting gamers with the release of so many great fighting games all within the last year!! Join us for a little information about some of the more recent reveals from a couple of the greatest fighters to come out, as well as their game play! …


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Episode 020 - Goatsucker Podcast

Length: 1s

Come listen to our review of Hyrule Warriors and Super Smash for the 3DS!  Toni lets us know how her new PC experience is going.We also talk about the new 3DS that has been announced.

The Goatsucker have gotten back our original YouTube Channel so make sure you subscribe to get all of the newest Goat Plays!!

Also we reveal some of the games we will be playing for our first annual Horrorween Fest!!!


Goatsucker Podcast YouTube Channel

PC Part Picker List for Tetsuo

Hyrule Warriors

Super Smash Bros



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Episode 019- Goatsucker Podcast

Length: 1s

Join the Goatsuckers for another week of the best gaming information!

In this episode we talk Mario Kart 8 DLC, Five Nights at Freddys, and much much more!

Big announcement: For the Month of October we will be releasing Screaming Goats lets plays at least once a week for our first annual Screaming Goats Horroween Fest!!  In store for you we have Five Nights at Freddys, Outlast, Paranormal and more…


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Episode 018- Goatsucker Podcast

Length: 1s

Join the Goatsuckers for another fun filled and rage induced episode.

This week we discuss a bunch of newly released games.  Find out what the Goatsuckers think of Pay to Play and Pay to Win models of games.

Some more updates on Hyrule Warriors.

There is some pretty cool info pertaining to Skywind.

Also don;t forget to checkout and support deOrbit.





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Episode 016 Goatsucker Podcast

Length: 2s

Welcome to Episode 16. We recount Del’s (Grumps’s Sister) experience at RTX 2014, now featuring air conditioning.

We also discuss some Hyrule Warriors news, and have a little discussion about Egoraptor’s new video on Zelda.

Stay tuned after the closing song for a little blooper.

And we cannot wait for you to hear what Grump agrees to in this episode…

Links from this episode.

Egoraptor Zelda
Hyrule Warrior Lana Trailer


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Episode 015 Goatsucker Podcast

Length: 1s

Join The Goatsuckers as we recount our most memorable moments of E3.  Find out who everyone thought won between the big three Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.

We also talk a little about next-next-gen-consoles.

Alogn with all of that check out our latest Kickstarter recommendation Drinking Quest Trilogy.  We backed it so you should too!

By the way The Goatsuckers are almost all running Linux now…  find out more about the newest release of  Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr

Don’t forget to leave us a review on Stitcher and


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Episode 014 Goatsucker Podcast

Length: 2s

Join Cone Grump and Hijacker for another crazy installment of the Goatsucker Podcast.

This time around we are discussing the realease of Dragon Age: Inquisition, The Up coming D&DNext release, a few kickstarters and much much more.  Make sure you check out our YouTube channel for a couple of new Goats Plays!


Don’t forget to leave us a review on Stitcher and iTunes!  The more love you show the m [...]


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An older Audio recording.

Length: 1s

Join Cone and Hijacker for an adventure with a bunch of friends that all get stranded on an island and then have to fight off evil cats and evil Hatty…

This is an old recording of us playing some BattleBlock Theater.  I was looking through the archives and noticed I hadn’t done anything with this recording so here it is…  Now i want to warn you that the audio quality is just okay.  This is from before the capture card and before the new microphone setup so forgive us please.

Most of the good content is towards the beginning, so feel free to check it out and see how far we’ve come from this recording.

Special thanks to The Behemoth for an amazing game!



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Episode 013 Goatsucker Podcast

Length: 2s

Hurray! Episode 13 is out!!! And it’s a good one! We discuss some games that are becoming Linux compatible, we play the ever popular “Has Toni Played it”, discuss some awesome kickstarter events, and even touch upon some of Double Fine’s projects. So listen up and enjoy!

Also find us on Stitcher and give us a5 star review on iTunes!  Help get the word out about the Goatsuckers!


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Episode 012 Goatsucker Podcast

Length: 2s

Join Grump, Cone, and Hijacker for another exciting episode!  This time around we discuss a whole variety of topics including the upcoming Super Smash Brothers 4 and our new GOtY for 2013… side scrolling brawler Charlie Murder.

Don’t miss out on a few kickstarters that we think you’ll be interested in backing, and of course we ask Grump if she has played some more games…  This is a good one by the way!

And have you heard the news about Facebook and a certain device the GSPC has been excited about?  Why don’t you listen and find out.

All this and more!!!

Don’t forget to follow, like, subscribe and share!


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Episode 011 Goatsucker Podcast

Length: 2s

This is where we talk about it all! We have a new guest on the show - Laundry Zombie (aka Sexy Lizzie) and the four of us power threw quite a bit of information! We talk about everything from how this is the year of the cat for gaming, we rectify some incorrect information (which will now forever be known as coachifications) and even introduce a new segment called Has Toni Played it. However, because we let Cone write up the show notes, it was really called Has Toni Plaid Eet. We even discuss the new episode of Wolf Among Us, and the new games being made by Double Fine during Amnesia Fortnight. You’ll also get a sneek peak into what makes us rage out in video gaming.
 I guess you’ll just have to listen to the episode to hear about all the other awesome topi [...]…


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Goats Play update


Here is our first official posted Goats Play  The Wolf Among Us Episode 1

Toni (Grumpelupagus) plays while we all sit back and shoot the shit.  Let us know what you think!  Leave your comments here on the yuoutube page or email us at goatsuckerpodcast@gmail.com.
Link …


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Episode 010 Goatsucker Podcast

Length: 2s

In tonight’s episode we talk about some game updates.  The crew also discusses some of our gaming history as well as some of our favorite memories growing up gaming.  Also can you guess which member of the #GSPC crew doesn’t know who Mega Man is?

All this and more!
Here is the updated file.  If you have downloaded the old version of this episode then you now have a collectible edition of Episode 10. Many appologies, Biz (Hijacker) …


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Episode 009 Goatsucker Podcast Bloopers!

Length: 23s

Here is our first Bloopers & Outtakes episode.  We spent tireless hours compiling all of this for you.  Hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: Do not wear headphones with this. (that will make more sense after you listen to this)
ENJOY!!! …


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Update 12/17/2013


Link to our Blog

Look for something new to come out by the end of this week.


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More to come! 12/03/2013


Click here for an update found on the Goatsucker Podcast blog.


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Episode 008 Goatsucker Podcast

Length: 1s

Well it was a busy weekend for gamers and the Goatsuckers alike! No Tyler again this week

In this episode we talk Kickstarter games to watch out for, Mario Kart, oh yeah we talk a little about the disappointment behind the PS4 launch weekend.
Also we got a new intro that we put together.
Share us with your friends and remember to email us goatsuckermail@gmail.com to let us know what you think about the show! …


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Episode 007 Goatsucker Podcast

Length: 1s

Alright the long awaited Episode 007 is up and ready for you here.  Unfortunatly we recorded this one without Tyler but it still came out alright.

We talk about Linux and its affects on gamers, the game Escape Goat, water levels and other video game annoyances.  All this and more for your enjoyment. …


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Come check some Mazith gameplay tonight!


The creator of the soon to release tabletop game Mazith is streaming some game play of their current campaign now come check it out! Just click the link below i will be in chat as well to answer any questions you may have about our podcast. Make sure to follow HyjinxTheMule’s channel as well so you can catch future play sessions. 

  Stream!!! …


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Goatsucker Podcast - We Be Gaming Nerdy

Goatsucker Podcast - We Be Gaming Nerdy

Goatsucker Podcast - We Be Gaming Nerdy

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