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Last update: 2013-01-28


2013-01-28 :: petertimothycooper@hotmail.co.uk (Peter Cooper)

The Message from the Celebration at Mill Hill East Church by Des Yarde Martin. Bible reading: Luke 4:14-28…


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Mustard Seed

2012-09-03 :: petertimothycooper@hotmail.co.uk (Peter Cooper)

Mark 4:30-32Preaching from the Mill Hill East Church Celebration by Peter Cooper.…


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Worship, Give, Forgive

2012-05-21 :: petertimothycooper@hotmail.co.uk (Peter Cooper)

The good news message from the Celebration at Mill Hill East Church with Des Yarde Martin…


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Living for God

2012-04-08 :: petertimothycooper@hotmail.co.uk (Peter Cooper)

Preaching and teaching from Mill Hill East Church.…


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The Empty Tomb: Believe

2012-04-08 :: petertimothycooper@hotmail.co.uk (Peter Cooper)

The salient points of the Easter message from the Celebration at Mill Hill East Church.…


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2012-03-18 :: petertimothycooper@hotmail.co.uk (Peter Cooper)

The Good News Message by Peter Cooper from the Celebration on Mothering Sunday at Mill Hill East Church.…


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God's Culture

2012-03-12 :: petertimothycooper@hotmail.co.uk (Peter Cooper)

The first of two Good News messages on God's Mission to save. By Chris Newlyn.…


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Church Mission

2012-02-04 :: petertimothycooper@hotmail.co.uk (Peter Cooper)

The Good News section of the Celebration at Mill Hill East Church featured teaching from the Bible on outreach.Luke 10:1-18…


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2012-01-29 :: petertimothycooper@hotmail.co.uk (Peter Cooper)

The sermon from the morning Celebration at Mill Hill East Church giving the Biblical basis for giving regularly to church.…


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Spirit Baptism

2011-12-18 :: petertimothycooper@hotmail.co.uk (Peter Cooper)

How to be baptised in the spirit, a step by step guide.
Bible references: James 2:20, Act 2:4 - and for Peter walking on water - Matthew 14:29.
Song: ''Alive Again'' by Risen from Ruins. http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/you-are-far-more-powerful/id459442572…


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2011-10-14 :: petertimothycooper@hotmail.co.uk (Peter Cooper)

Romans 8:37-39…


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The God Direction

2011-08-11 :: petertimothycooper@hotmail.co.uk (Peter Cooper)

Proverbs 3:5-6Sermon from Mill Hill East Church…


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Healing and Banking

2011-07-06 :: petertimothycooper@hotmail.co.uk (Peter Cooper)

Comedy sketch performed by James Byers and yours truly, adapted from ''The Merchant Banker'' by Monty Python. Web: http://pythonline.com.

Christians Against Poverty Web: http://www.capuk.org/

A summary of sermon on miraculous healing today.
Bible: Matthew 12:22-32 and John 14:12.
For more see ''The Nearly Perfect Crime'' by Francis MacNutt
Web: http://www.christianhealingmin.org/…


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2011-06-28 :: petertimothycooper@hotmail.co.uk (Peter Cooper)

What gifts do you have?Romans 12:6-8…


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The Promise

2011-06-17 :: petertimothycooper@hotmail.co.uk (Peter Cooper)

The importance of Pentecost now. Bible teaching for today from Mill Hill East Cafe Church. Bible references: Acts 2:1-4, Acts 2:1-18, Acts 2:38-39, Acts 19:1-2, Luke 11:13. Quotation from J.B. Phillips from Preface to ''The Young Church in Action…


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Come, Lord Jesus

2011-05-27 :: petertimothycooper@hotmail.co.uk (Peter Cooper)

Sermon clip from cafe church on the return of Jesus Christ and its implications.Bible Reading: Revelation 22:12-17Song: Psalm 100 by Emily Lodes from the Album Quiet places. To download the Album and make a donation go to her website - emilylodes.com…


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Jesus Christ!

2011-05-17 :: petertimothycooper@hotmail.co.uk (Peter Cooper)

Sketch: Flooding by James Byers, originally performed in Espresso Church.
Reading from the Bible: Rev 1:9-18
Excerpt from the Sermon: ''Jesus Christ'' based on the description of Jesus in Revelation - with direct application to our lives and attitudes.…


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2011-05-10 :: petertimothycooper@hotmail.co.uk (Peter Cooper)

Acts 2:36-47Isaiah 40:30-31Highlights of the Church Report from Mill Hill East Church.…


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Good News Over Coffee

The Good News talks and other stuff from Mill Hill East Church London UK. A centre for outreach, Bible exposition and contemporary worship. Over coffee.

Good News Over Coffee

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