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Last update: 2012-05-27

Episode 104 - All Good Things


Que the music from the ending of the Incredible Hulk TV series. That's right folks, this is the final episode of Group Therapy... or is it? After 2 years of doing shows, we are going into hiatus. When will we return? Will we return at all? Who shot J.R.? How will Batman & Robin escape this time? All of those answers (well some of them) and more on this week's show.…


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Episode 103 - You're F'n Batman


On episode 101, we deconstructed some of our favorite cartoons and discussed how modern cartoons, well, suck. This week, we right the wrongs of our childhood and talk about how we could fix the old cartoons and improve the cartoons of today. We also discuss our picks for the Summer Movie Game, Optimusgene's love for The Avengers and Jay has a new job... he's Batman! …


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Episode 102 - Take That Passy


The 2012 Summer Movie Game is up and running. It's time to submit your ballot and enter (last day May 3rd!) What, you need help making your list? We're here for you. The guys discuss all of the big movies coming out and whether or not you should put them on your top 10, put them down as a dark horse or Blah!, forget them all together. Need even more help? Diego and Alex stop by and give their opinions as well.…


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Episode 101 - Knowing Is Half the Battle


Yo Joe! By the power of Grayskull! Transform and roll out! Face it, cartoons kick ass, or at least they used to. But for every awesomeexperience they brought us on Saturday morning and after school there was at least one weird cartoon that just never made sense. And what about cartoons today? Ae they better or worst then the classics we grew up with? Put on a pair of footie pajamas and grab your bowl of sugary cereal!…


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Episode 100 - Aussies are Convicts


It's our 100th episode and we look back over the past 2 years at some of our favorite things. We love zombies and fast food, hate hackers and Sony and had a blast going to events like Diggnation, Comicon and Geekfest. Not to mention the games we've played, the new devices we've welcomed and of course the new crew members. Oh yeah and Jay tells us why Australia is a poor man's Britain.…


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2 Year Anniversary


It's our sophomore effort and hopefully better than our first. We are one week shy of two years and thought we should look back at the previous year. So once again we have compiled two, 1 minute segments from the past 50 episodes. Make sure to check the show notes to find out which clip is from which episode. And make sure to join us for episode 100! Here's to 100 more (or until we find something better to do with our time). …


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Episode 99 - The Best Toy Ever


Heads up gang, there are some big changes coming to show. First and foremost, we are moving to a bi-weekly format for the foreseeable future. We’re also cutting down the show length to an hour so we can record and edit easier; not to mention make it easier to listen to! Optimusgene will explain everything during the show. We also discuss the Steam Box, Topher Grace’s version of a Star Wars prequel movie and the best toys ever (or at least our favorites).…


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Episode 98 - I Hate the Alamo


Some big news about the show! First, Optimusgene & MiAmoreNYC had their babies; Nick and Alex! And second, because everyone is so busy right now the show is going to move to a bi-weekly format until things settle down a little bit. So enjoy this extra long episode, as it will have to last you for two weeks instead of one. This week we discuss piracy and movie ticket sales, the PS Vita and the future of handheld gaming, the people who vote in the Academy Awards and a ton of funny stories dealing with travel. We remember the Alamo all too well.…


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Episode 97 - Lies! Camera! Action!


There is no question we here at OneManAsylum.com love movies! In fact we love movies so much some of us have even made them! Along with Cy's indie movie Dawn of Twilight, Optimusgene made several home movies with his childhood friends. Find out why it takes more than just a camera and a microphone to make a movie; it takes dedication, time effort and a whole lot of misdirection. Plus Whitney Houston died and broke the Internet!…


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Episode 96 - Marijuaner Parhaps?


Another day, another dollar. And depending on where you have worked, that dollar was a lot harder to come by! This week the guys discuss ACTA, Redbox telling Warner Bros. how things are going to be and our worst jobs. Bad bosses, crappy working conditions and a ton of bad truck drivers. Oh and a special announcement from the Warrior!…


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Episode 95 - O.G. (Original Gamers)


We're back! After taking a week off we're back in full force with news about the defeat of SOPA, George Lucas' retirement and rumors about the future of video game consoles. We also put flash back to the good old days when video games were 8 bit (and we were happy to have it) and talk about some of our favorite gaming memories. So grab some Pop Rocks and blow the dust off that cartridge; it's game time!…


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Episode 94 - 2012 Better Not Suck


Yeah, the video seems to be fixed! Boo, the audio had an issue (but was salvaged). Looks like 2012 isn't going to be that much different than 2011. Xbox Live is getting hacked (sort of), Warner Bros. is fighting with Netflix and Sony may not make a PS4. On the upside we discuss our most anticipated movies and games of 2012. The Hobbit, The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers... 2012 looks like it's going to rock! (Hopefully)…


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Episode 93 - Cy Book Suks


What's the best way to start the new year? Obviously not by looking back at the past one. The entire panel gets together to share the five best things that happened to them in 2011. But in true OMA fashion, that is harder than it seems. Between technical difficulties and lack of preparedness, the show didn't go off without a hitch; 10 or 12 of them to be honest. But we still manage to have fun and laugh.…


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Episode 92 - And One Time at Bandcamp...


Happy New Year! While the media makers may still be on holiday, we soldier on into the next year. This week we discuss Anonymous going after Sony (again), Ocean Marketing pisses off the Internet, Red Letter Media does another unoriginal review and we share our most embarrassing moments. WARNING: this episode contains descriptions of public nudity, drunken behavior, speeches gone horribly wrong and urinating one's pants. And that's not even the half of it!…


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Episode 91 - A Boujee Christmas


It's Christmas time at OneManAsylum. Time for lights on the tree. Time for egg nog in our mugs. And time to share a little of ourselves with you. So in addition to discussing awesome movie trailers, lack-luster sales of the PS Vita and the departure of Amy & Rory from Doctor Who, we also share some of our favorite, secret pleasures. So of course that means the guys made fun of each other and will use this as ammo for years to come. Happy Holidays!…


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Episode 90 - Build-A-Nega Cyrus


Unfortunately Cy wasn't able to make this week's show. But fortunately for us he sent his cyber alter-ego, Nega Cy, in his place. But something is different about him. He didn't like the awesome action movie trailers (MIB 3, G.I.Joe: Retaliation & The Expendables 2), he was really quiet about SOPA and the no-texting bill conversation and he seemed really interested in the Golden Globe nominations; particularly about the movie with the male nudity. Jay Red & Optimusgene hold down the fort and try to figure out what went wrong (or right) with their friend.…


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Episode 89 - Helicopter


MAYDAY, MAYDAY! We're going down! The show didn't completely crash and burn but it wasn't pretty either. Technical difficulties forced Duckie to eject early and the guys just couldn't keep the momentum up. Still we share our thoughts on the new Xbox dashboard, the Three Stooges trailer and a few things we are currently into (even though it was like pulling teeth to get anything out of Cy & Jay). …


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Episode 88 - Tossing Rocks at Cars


Sometimes you need to vent. Sometimes you need to rant. And sometimes you just need to bitch. We did all three on the show! Sure we talked about Carrier IQ, Facebook getting smacked by the FTC and GamePro shutting down but we also covered our pet peeves. You know, like idiots on the road. And in the stores. And pretty much everywhere. Grab something to drink (perhaps alcoholic) and get ready to let the hatred flow.…


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Episode 87 - Hatesgiving


Thanksgiving is usually a time when we gather together with our friends and loved ones to share traditions, delicious meals and give thanks for everything we have. But when you're surrounded by jerks like these the best you can hope for is coming out at the end of your show with a little bit of your pride intact and not cursing like a sailor. The guys discuss movies, TV, Thanksgiving and the stupidity that is Black Friday. Sorry we didn't save you any Hatesgiving turkey; we were too busy dishing it out on each other.…


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Episode 86 - Taste the Emotional Rainbow


Before every episode, we chat for 30 to 45 minutes just to catch up on the previous week and get loose for the show. This week was a little different. Right before we started the show we started talking about fast food and ended up discussing it for over an hour. Then out of nowhere Optimusgene hit the gas and the guys ran through the show in record time. So make sure to listen to the audio version after the credits for the entire conversation on the foods we love, the foods we hate and the foods we love to hate.…


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Episode 85 - He Pulled a Sandusky


Wow, we didn't get off track, we never even started on the road in the first place! We discuss animated movies, hunting deer, a Where's Waldo movie, Sandusky, Murphy quitting the Oscars, MW3, Steam, hacking and Ricky Perry. Yep, it's one of those shows.…


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Episode 84 - Loyalty = Free Sandwich


Leave it to the guys to take a perfectly innocent podcast about movies, TV video games and the web and make it deep and dark. It's a surprise Duckie still shows up! This week the crew starts out talking about the Carmen Sandiego movie, Fox bringing back In Living Color and Gearbox honoring a fan but end up discussing corporate politics with concerns to religious portrayal and the effects of TV of children. At least Cy has figured out how to keep Optimusgene's loyalty... sort of.…


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Episode 83 - The Worst Sound Ever


It's our Halloween episode... technically. So Optimusgene is the only one who dressed up and there wasn't a spooky theme to the show, so what? We still have plenty of horrifying tales to get you in the mood. Netflix is bleeding customers, thePS Vita is going to suck your wallet dry, Nintendo lost almost $1 billion and what is the worst sound ever? Click and listen... if you dare.…


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Episode 82 - Honey Cyrus


What do you get when you take a guy who is tired and hungry (Optimusgene), a guy who is hurting and on pain meds from surgery (Jay Red), two guys not happy with the Rangers game (Cy & Techxmex) and have them do a live show? A semi-entertaining podcast full of snide remarks and back-handed comments. Plus a lot of fun! This week the guys rip into each other as well as Michael Bay not doing Transformers 4 & 5, Zombieland 2 on the small screen, The Walking Dead, Two & a Half Men, the PS Vita and tech in the future. Hold on to your butts because Honey Cyrus don't give a f*ck!…


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Episode 81 - Siri-ously


Optimusgene got the new iPhone 4S but Siri didn't want to act right and Jay Red's meds after his surgery were making him nauseous and he had to "cut out" early. So Optimusgene & Cy had to forge ahead through the death & destruction  that was the Internet this week. Netflix killed Qwikster, Universal killed Tower Heist VOD, Seth MacFarlane wants to kill Family Guy and George Lucas kills our childhood a little bit more. Grab a shotgun and a shovel, it's time to put this show down.…


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Episode 80 - Field Dressing a Hobo


You know how things can be going so well then suddenly veer off course, off the side of a mountain and burst into flames? We now have a name for that; it's called the "Jay" factor. Watch as we go from having a perfectly decent discussion about how Steve Jobs changed the world, the end of Diggnation and the Simpsons and Disney bringing classic animated movies back in 3D to literally field dressing a hobo. It's a hell of ride!…


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Episode 79 - The Cheesecake Factory


The guys take a bizarre journey into the world of cheese, cheesecake, meat and Matthew McConaughey? Just go with it. They also manage to discuss Netflix splitting apart, Sony charging for 3D glasses, scary movies and Mountain Dew giving you Double XP. It's one of "those" shows.…


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Episode 78 - Two to Lou


Phase 1 of the Fall / Winter Movie Draft is complete. The point values have been set, now all you have to do is pick your team and get in the game! Will you go for fewer movies but higher returns or pick up as many smaller movies as you can? Find out what the guys did.…


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Episode 77 - An Awesome Train Wreck


Yeah, the video didn't screw up on us! Yeah, the audio sounded good! Yeah, Optimusgene & MiAmoreNYC are having twins! Yeah for everyone! Well almost everyone; PSN is taking away your rights, Bucky Larson could be one of the worst movies ever, the Wii U may be having development issues and Hollywood keeps giving Tyler Perry more money. Boo to them but yeah to everything else!…


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Episode 76 - I Didn't Put Much Thought Into It


Oh live Internet streaming, why do you hate us so? Once again, for no reason, the video has failed us. But we manage to put together a show regardless. No news this week; we're looking back at the best, the worst and everything in between from this past summer movie season. Maybe Optimusgene will be able to use his own research and win next time around.…


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Episode 75 - Video Sucks


The video has failed Optimusgene for the last time. Well, probably not. In any case we still have a show for you. We catch up with what little happened over the past two weeks as Cy, Jay and Duckie discuss Steve Jobs retiring from Apple, George Lucas changing Star Wars (again) and GameStop has a pissing contest with Square Enix. In the end, we all lose.…


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Episode 74 - LIVE from Geekfest


Geekfest was this past Friday and Saturday at Central Texas College in Killeen, TX and we were there. Not only did we spread the podcasting gospel to the masses, we also recorded a live show from the event. For the first time ever Optimusgene and Cyrus were in the same room at the same time for a show and it was awesome. Completely the trifecta of epicness, Jay Red joins the guys as they discuss werewolves in the Lone Ranger movie, Paramount destroying World War Z and the likelyhood the PS Vita will be a car wreck. Thanks to MiAmoreNYC, Library Voodoo, the Warrior and everyone from Geekfest who came out and watched the show.…


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Episode 73 - I Didn't Post That Story


So after last week when Optimusgene told the other guys to do the show notes so they did, and this is what we got. Techxmex posted something about an 18 year old movie that sucked and about Gamefly streaming games... then didn't show up. Jay Red posted about the 3rd Riddick movie, the 5th Resident Evil movie, World War Z, Frankenstein TV and Frank Darabont getting fired... then didn't read all the stories. And Cy posted about they only thing he knew about... himself.…


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Episode 72 - Seth MacFarlane Broke My Megatron


Well they did it. It took 72 episodes but they finally broke Optimusgene. Cy, Jay Red and Techxmex completely derail the show and all Duckie can do is watch the flames. Make no mistake, even though we still talked about the new Spider-Man, Seth MarFarlane redoing Cosmos & the possible Clue movie, things went up in flames. That's why next week, the rest of the guys will do the show prep. May God have mercy on our souls.…


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Episode 71 - Dog Days of Summer


No video show this week. Instead the guys hit up Skype and discuss trailers, Wal-Mart steps up their streaming service, Fox is taking it out on Hulu viewers Nintendo is dropping the price on the 3DS.…


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Episode 70 - Back to Basics


After last weeks shenanigans and full house on the panel we're getting back to our roots; talking about stories with no one listening :) This week we discus Robert Rodriguez has a full plate, The Amazing Spider-Man and Walking Dead Season 2 trailers and Borders going under.…


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Episode 69 - The Junior High Episode


We couldn't help ourselves! It's episode 69 and we had a hard time keeping our minds out of the gutter. When we were not making juvenile sex jokes we tried to discuss Netflix raising their rates, the Emmy nominations and playing Xbox 360 games on Windows 8. OK, we actually did very little of that. Not our most professional episode, but maybe one of our funniest. 


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Episode 68 - Pissed Off


Between Optimusgene's computer screwing up the video feed, people of Facebook not using their brains and Sony continuously screwing people, the guys are pretty pissed off. But even the bubbling rage can't keep them from laughing and having a good time. Hopefully the video will return next week.…


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Episode 67 - FIGHT!


Wow, everyone gets a little feisty and starts picking each other apart. But it's all in good fun, kind of. This week Cyrus has a few too many and rips on Shia LaBeouf being an idiot, free online games and MySpace being sold for $35 million. Put your dukes up and prepare to laugh your ass off.…


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Episode 66 - Muppets to Muscle Cars


With Optimusgene visiting Techxmex and Cy going into work, we went old-school this week and had to skip the live broadcast. But we still managed to Skype in and discuss movie remakes, reboots, sequels and Muppets.…


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Episode 65 - I'm Not Angrily


Critics and the Internet suck! Everyone has an opinion but there are those who claim to be the end-all, be-all decision makers on the worth of a movie. This week the group lets the hatred flow as they discuss critical opinions, sequels and reboots and future of comic book movies.…


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Episode 64 - Mr. Positive


It's a super-sized episode this week as we delve into all of the announcements from E3. Microsoft is bringing Kinect functionality to "serious" games, Sony officially introduces it's new hand-held the PS Vita and Nintendo shows off the next evolution of consoling gaming, the Wii U. We also manage to cram in the Summer Movie Game update, new releases and a little Apple news to boot. WARNING: Doctors recommend not taking the entire episode at once; break into smaller pieces for easier digestion.…


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Episode 63 - Bromance


Optimusgene is back in the driver's seat but he still can't keep the show from going off the tracks. And the wheels coming off. And the whole thing running off a cliff. Oh well, it was a hell of a ride! The guys manage to talk about games, movies and Windows 8 in between talking about beer, sex & Dan's dreamy voice.…


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Episode 62 - I'm Running This Bitch


The inmates are running the asylum this week as Optimusgene is on the road (and on the phone) with MiAmoreNYC. So Cyrus takes over hosting duties. So this week we have music, we have sports and some other stuff on the show notes no one cares about. Have mercy on our souls.…


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Episode 61 - The End of the World As We Know It


...And we feel fine. If you are watching / listening to this weeks episode then either A. the rapture didn't happen or B. you got left behind. In either case have a laugh as we discuss other world ending events like the Sony continuing to shake people's faith, Michael Bay calls down the thunder on the non-believers in Transformers 3 and Fox sacrifices the Flintstones on the alter before Seth MacFarlane.…


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Episode 60 - Closed-minded, Sexist Douchebags


Wow, we haven't had a show with this many hosts in forever. Or as many vile words! They guys rip apart stories (and each other) about everything from PSN still down to what shows they would like to see resurrected by Netflix to what the best video game controller is of all time. Aside from a slight audio issue, it's a giant show, and it's waiting in the school yard to kick your ass and take your lunch money.…


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Episode 59 - Optimusjoint


Yo, yo, yo homeboys. Optimusjoint here has the hook up. Check it; Sony keeps getting hit by this hacker thing, the networks are trying to pimp some bogus new shows with fairytales and the like and we gets to discuss the Summer Movie Game with a Canadian. Yeah boy!…


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Episode 58 - The Curious Case of Optimusgene


The Summer Movie Game is almost at hand so the guys decide to do a little recruiting by texting and calling people live during the show. In between voice mails, they also talk about the Playstation Network hacking issue, the fact Nintendo has confirmed a new console in 2012 and Optimusgene completely de-evolves during the show. Words are hard.…


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Episode 57 - Initiate Passionate Voice


 What do you get when you take 20 stories about movies, games, TV & the Web, add four goofy bastards, an awesome chat room and let them talk for 2 hours? The epic episode number 57 of course. The guys go a little long as they discuss all the news from the past two week but have a great time in the process.…


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Episode 56 - Blah!


The 2011 Summer Movie Game is officially underway and we have all of the info you need to make sure to kick some ass (or at least beat The Warrior). The guys break down every movie and give you the inside track on which movies should make your top 10 list.…


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Episode 55 - Level 3: Take Off Your Pants


This week the guys get a little deep and discuss what is OK to remake, and what is not. They debate the moral issues posed by Sony screwing their customers then getting their ass handed to them by hackers. And of course no soul revealing talk can go on without mentioning cartoons!…


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Episode 54 - The Sunday Morning Service


It's Sunday morning, time for a cup of coffee and super hero movie news of course. The guys discuss that, video game review sites feeding us garbage and a whole lot of other stuff. Next week we go back to recording the show on Friday nights, awesome!…


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Episode 53 - Simular


Sunday was a big day for the site! Cy released Ch. 40 of Ethan Eternal after a long hiatus, Nintendo released the 3DS (make sure to check out our videos) and Techxmex & Cindyrella welcomed their first son, Diego, into the world! On top of that the guys still discuss movie and TV news.…


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Episode 52 - The Porn 'Stach


It's our 1 Year Anniversary of doing Group Therapy! To celebrate, the video intro has been updated and now we have bumbers for the News & New Releases! This week the guys discuss people joining and leaving different film projects, Cy rants about the douchebags on the Internet and Jay's fascinated with The Warrior's porn 'stach? You just have to listen to figure it out.…


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Episode 50 - L is for Lunar


Another week, another Thursday and another show without our friend Cy (at least in person). That's right, Nega Cy returns to drop wit and wisdom along with a new comer to the show, Jay Red (see kids, you can obtain your goals if you shoot low enough)! This week the guys discuss the future of video games, space travel and content deliver…


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Episode 51 - The Highlight Reel


Next week is our 1 year anniversary of Group Therapy and to celebrate we have compiled a best (and worst) of show. Two one minute segments from each episode have been thrown together in a blender and mixed together to create pure joy for your ear holes. If you want to hear the entire segment, make sure to check the show notes for a complete listing of episodes and times. Here's to another great year!…


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Episode 49 - #Winning


The Academy Awards have come and gone and the summer movie season is right around the corner (some people think it has already begun). This week the guys focus on the important stuff like the new iPad, the 3DS and could Transformers 3 actually be good? And of course Charlie Sheen.…


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Episode 48 - Cutting Back on Epicness


It's a wonderful Saturday afternoon as the guys discuss the important things in the world. You know, things like the future of books, how Netflix just keeps getting better and Sony's next great idea for the PS3. Here's a hint, it might include C4.…


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Episode 47 - Nega Cy


It's a short show as everyone is extremely busy but we still cranked one out for you. For the first time ever, Cyrus isn't able to join us but in his stead sends his evil, digital alter ego, Nega Cy! Together with Techx & Mannon, the guys discuss IBM's Watson taking over, things aren't as green on the Verizon side of the fence and Hollywood video rises from the grave to collect... fees? Most zombies want brains but I guess that is what zombie businesses eat.…


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Episode 46 - I've Been Teased Enough


This one's for the ladies. Well, kind of. We have a story about another Sex and the City movie! Other than that the guys dissect the Super Bowl problems and talk about how video games make you commit rape. It's Valentine's Day!…


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Episode 45 - Haterade


The show title pretty much says it all. The guys go on the warpath as they rip through the stories and each other. No worries, we're all still friends but I can't even begin to match up what was on the show notes and what we actually talked about. Pour yourself a glass of haterade and let loose the dogs of war!…


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Episode 44 - Huh


Yea, the audio is fixed and Mannon is back! Add in some stories about remakes, Sony still doesn't know what the Hell they are doing and award nominations and we have a good show. We also premier the first real episode of Thundercats Reviews. HOOOOO!…


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Episode 43 - You Pay What You Get For


We here at OneManAsylum apologize for the audio issues you are about to experience. Optimusgene & Cy have hopefully worked out the problems and the next show should sound great. Until enjoy Elmo introducing the show as the guys discuss the new Batman villains, Facebook security and Black Ops may shut down on PS3.…


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Episode 42 - The Sperfs


After a last-minute software update almost took out the show, the guys forged ahead and braved 10 whole minutes of the Red Letter Media Star Wars Episode I review. They also discussed James Cameron's comments about Hollywood using brands as a crutch and all of the important move news of the day.…


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Episode 41 - On Golden Eugene


Purple shirt + blue wall = Golden Eugene? While Optimusgene deals with camera issues, Cy hates on the PSP phone, DC characters & Star Wars Blu-ray and Techxmex rides the show under the bus. And yet we still had fun!…


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Episode 40 - I Kissed My Grimlock


Happy New Year! It's the first show of 2011 and we skip the normal news in favor of looking back at the year that was and the year ahead. We play a little Christmas Show & Tell, discuss the best and worst of 2010 and reminisce about our first full year as a website.…


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Episode 39 - Santa's Warehouse


It's our Christmas episode. Cy reports to us live from Santa's warehouse (and freezes his ass off) but luckily he makes it home in time to do the show from his nice, warm house. The guys discuss top 10 lists for 2010, video game report cards and Blockbuster loses its 28 day lead. Merry Christmas & Happy Festivus to the rest of us!…


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Episode 38 - Better Late Than Cyrus


Its a short show this week as the guys start getting ready for the holidays. Cy manages to make it on allowing him to keep his record and joins Optimusgene & Techxmex as they discuss Favreau not directing Iron Man 3, the Golden Globe nominations and the Video Game Awards.…


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Episode 37 - I'm Not Drunk Mother F'r


So Optimusgene had a bad couple of days and decided to have a drink or two. Needless to say, he was a little opinionated and had the giggles. OK, he was drunk but Cy and Peru manged to keep the show together, for the most part.…


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Episode 36 - Professionalism Exemplified


Where else can you get professional quality of this caliber? No where, that's where. Sure Mannon showed up late, there was some kind of weird audio buzz and Optimusgene completely missed some opportunities but this is high quality podcasting people.…


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Episode 35 - Cy Hates Everything


It's Thanksgiving & Techxmex joins Optimusgene in studio. While Techxmex wasn't fidgeting with his mic (that's what she said), the guys had a nice, warm glass of hater-aid from Cy. Find out why Cy hates Buffy, movie theaters and puppies. (Well, maybe not puppies.)…


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Episode 34 - Uh F'n Epic


What's that? You want even more Group therapy? No. Oh... Well too bad because this week's episode is coming at you like a karate chop to the throat. Not only do you get the entire hour and a half show you also get the entire half hour pre-show (but at the end of the show instead of the beginning. We're funny that way). Mumra reviews Scott Pilgrim, we preview the effects for The Incredible Hulk and our chat room is awesome. We also talk about news and stuff.…


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Episode 33 - Optimusgene took the Train There


Where did Optimusgene take Denzel's train? There, he took it there. This week Cy, Peru and Techxmex join him and discuss Zombies are everywhere, Conan kicks Leno's ass and The Incredible Hulk is heading back to the small screen.…


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Episode 32 - Sexual Innuendo & Poop


Skype has once again claimed a forth host but Optimusgene, Cy & Mannon press on. The guys discuss their feelings about the new Xbox 360 interface, summer 2011 movies are going to be awesome (or not), the heads of the movie studies still don't get it and a big announcement! Don't worry Techxmex, you still get credit for showing up.…


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Episode 31 - Brains!


It's the Halloween episode. The guys discuss all things spooky like an Inception sequel without Christopher Nolan, the death of the Sony Walkman, tons of movie sequels and OMA's Top 5 Scary Movies.…


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Episode 30 - The Fall of the Empire


With the exception of Skype breaking up a little bit, the sound is now under control. So we can get back to focusing on the important stuff, like Netflix going disc-less on the PS3 & Wii, Jean Claude Van Damme almost gets the ultimate take-down and Legos are the next key to Skynet. Oh yeah, and the Rangers beat the Yankees if you are into that sort of thing.…


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Episode 29 - Bolden Saves the Day!


We finally fixed the audio problems, but not until after the show :( So Cylon Cy returns this week and just in the nick of time to do the show. This week, studies show you would become a super villian, Harry Potter drops the 3D and Bumblebee takes on the real life Barricade. Thanks again Bolden!…


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Episode 28 - Nee ner nee ner nee ner


It's always something. Fast Internet: Check. Good mics: Check. All of the cords plugged in properly on the mixer: ... So this week Optimusgene is joined by Cylon Cy and Cylon Techxmex to discuss Congress wanting to filter the Internet, the FBI wants a backdoor into Skype and General Zod will be back! On second thought, maybe we said too much about the whole Internet censorship thing. Huh?…


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Episode 27 - That's Kinect!


Peru joins Optimusgene in studio (I guess you can call it a studio) and together with Cy the guys discuss  $30 movie rentals, NBA Jam breaks out on it's own and Star Wars in 3D! It's Kinect!…


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Episode 26 - Off Topic


On the docket: Blu-ray is cracked, Bill & Ted & Doc Brown are going back in time and the King (of Kong) is back baby! What the guys end up talking about: everything under the sun.…


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Episode 25 - Lou's Internet Sucks


This week the guys are plagued with bandwidth issues but still manage to talk about Super Mario turns 25, Playstation Move released early and are video games as big as movies?…


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Episode 24 - MacGruber'd


The Summer Movie Game is over and we're going to look at the winners, the losers and why the movies did as well (or as poorly) as they did. 'Cy has way too much coffee and sings throughout the show. MacGruber. MACGRUBER!'…


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Episode 23 - I Can't Talk


This week it's just Optimusgene & Cy holding down the fort. Can they fill a whole show? Of course they can, they won't shut up. This week the guys are talking about Xbox Live prices going up, Digg users are pissed and Apple updates almost everything "i".…


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Episode 22 - Accidently Awesome


We are almost to the end of the Summer Movie Game with only 2 weeks left to go! The guys also discuss the future the Xbox, Playstation & Wii, Netflix keeps kicking ass while Blockbuster prepares to file for bankruptcy and Christopher Nolan likes Michael Bay movies... seriously.…


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Episode 21 - Obama vs Hitler


The guys dive deep into the world of movies discussing why Jean Claude Van-Damme wasn't in The Expendables, what the worst movie of 2009 really was (Wolverine or G.I. Joe) and is Star Wars on Blu-ray a good or a bad thing? Oh yeah and Obama vs Hitler! Special guest: Jorge Mata…


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Episode 20 - Back the Bus Up!


Episode 20! Group Therapy keeps trucking on (and running over the hosts). Optimusgene, Cy, Techxmex and Mannon discuss Stephen Hawkings saying it's time to get out of Dodge, Abraham Lincoln will be killing vampires on the big screen, Netflix gets even more movies and don't get between a woman and her Chicken McNuggets! Remember to hold the mustard for Cy :)…


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Episode 19 - Like Nobody's Business


What the what? This week we're talking Looney Tunes shorts in 3D, Oregon Trail the Movie, Google 'Waves' goodbye & Superman saves a home! Oh yeah, and the Warrior and Techxmex throw Optimusgene under the bus ... and back over him with it.…


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Episode 18 - 3 is Better Than 2


This week Optimusgene, Cy and Mannon discuss Comic Con highlights, Android phones get pwnd and dead tree books are dead. The live show died and the edited version is out two days late; sorry about that. Guess you get what you pay for (which is nothing, it's free you cheap bastards :)…


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Episode 17 - The Good Points of Crack Cocaine


This week Optimusgene, Cy and Peru have a rant fest! Why? Facebook hit 500 million members, states want to pass a law against selling violent games to kids and Cy has an "opinion" about the Tea Party.…


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Episode 16 - !#@% the FCC


Optimusgene and Cy talk about Google getting into gaming, lots of super hero movie updates and you could start seeing uncensored boobies and curse words on TV!…


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Episode 15 - Apparently ...


This week the guys discuss Blockbuster is circling the drain, the Emmy nominations are out and the Internets are dead (according to Prince).…


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Episode 14 - One Man Asylum PLUS


Optimusgene and Cy are on vacation! So what's on the agenda? Working on the site of course. This week the guys discuss Hulu Plus, Playstation Plus and Kinect minus four players. Optimusgene also gives his review of The Last Airbender and it isn't pretty.…


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Episode 13 - Embrace the Sexy


Excellent! Yet another member of the site has joined the podcast. This week Optimusgene, Cy, Warrior, Techxmex and Peru talk movies (more sequels of course), iPhone 4 impressions and Optimusgene talks about his wreck (he's OK). Plus we catch the big games from E3 we somehow missed.…


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Episode 12.1 - Murder She Wrote The Movie


It's the second part of the show. Optimusgene & Cy talk up all of the movie news from the week; more sequels, more remakes and more superheroes than you can shake a stick at!…


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Episode 12 - E3 Kings


This week Optimusgene, Cy & Techmex talked E3 and, well, that took up the whole show. So we did a second one that will be coming out later this week with the movie news. So for now let's focus on why Nintendo won E3, Sony brings out the PSWii attachment and Microsoft Kinect is bullshit (at least Optimusgene thinks so). Oh yeah, and AT&T fails again.…


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Episode 11 - Video Games Made Me Do It


This week Cy has technical issues, but the show must go on! Optimusgene, Cy, the Warrior, Techxmex & Mannon talk about iPhone 4, more movies and TV shows get made into movies and do violent video games make kids violent? Optimusgene goes on a rant!…


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Episode 10 - Two Scoops of FAIL


Maybe the show should be renamed Technical Difficulties? A day early and an hour late, Cy, Mannon & Optimusgene have two weeks worth of news to go through plus Cy's interesting Friday afternoon (it has to do with a red dress, a white car and the police). It's another really long episode so get comfortable.…


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Episode 9 - The Brothers Conspiracy


It's the brothers Stephens & the brothers Martin on this episode. Optimusgene rants about his job (with a little help from Cy), Cy rants about George Lucas (with no help from anyone), CBS is axing shows, Heroes is done for and the Warrior tries to cheat / bribe / sweeten the pot for the Summer Movie Game (you decide).…


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Episode 8 - Lady's Night


It's ladies night on Group Therapy as MiAmoreNYC & Aubrey Lou join Optimusgene & Cy. This week Optimusgene rants about Family Guy (again), girls don't care about Microsoft's Project Natal and buying tickets for movies is good but buying tickets for dinner is bad.…


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Episode 7 - The Remake


It's another week with just Optimusgene & Cy. This time around the guys discuss chick flicks, remakes, video games coming of age and other "non-stories." The Summer Movie Game kicked off with Iron Man 2 and Cy is excited for Sex & the City 2? Something about "justice." Tune in and find out.…


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Episode 6 - Sony FTL


This week it's just Cy & Optimusgene. No worries, the guys hold down the fort with discussions about Netflix's 28 days later deal, Cy's rant about how Sony sucks and a rapid fire session of other news topics that could become a regular feature. If you're a Sony fanboy, stay away from this episode.…


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Episode 5 - FAIL!


Plagued by technical issues, the group forges ahead into a massive 3-hour episode! This week Optimusgene, Cy and Techxmex are joined by Cindyrella to discuss the leaked iPhone 4.0, nudity in games, Jay Leno’s lackluster ratings and the 2010 Summer Movie game. Top that off with a visit from MiAmoreNYC and a discussion about college life and no wonder the show went long.…


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Episode 4 - I Love Rudy


Techxmex is out (again) so the guys have to forge on without him. Optimusgene kicks ass, Cy hates Infinity Ward and the Warrior hits us with some SCIENCE! It could be the end of the world; thank goodness we have some good games to play and movies to watch.…


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Episode 3B - Hemorrhoids & Orajel


It's two for the price of one! In this episode we go back to our usual multi-topic discussion about the events of the week. Join Cy, Techxmex, Warrior & Optimusgene as we discuss the iPad, Scott Pilgrim and Cy's toothache.…


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Episode 3A - Snickers, Michetes & Zombies


It's two for the price of one! In this episode we stick to a single topic; zombies! Find out how Cy, Techxmex, Warrior and Optimusgene plan to survive the zombie apocalypse. It's not "if" the zombies attack, it's "when."…


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Episode 2 - I Hate YouTube!


Old video games are awesome, 3D is just a fad and Jack Bauer has had his last day in the sun.…


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Episode 1 - Evolve or Die!


It's our first episode of our new podcast, Group Therapy! Optimusgene, Cyrus Martin and Warrior (aka Rudy) talk about the site, zombies and Predators. Sounds fun to me!…


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