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Last update: 2015-03-31

Episode 53 - Growing up in an abusive family.

2015-03-31 :: Grown Ass Kids

I had the chance to speak with a friend about her experience growing up in an abusive family situation. Abuse comes in all shapes and forms, often shaping the very person we grown into. Sometimes for the better and other times for the worse. There are so many ways that this story could have ended. This friend was fortunate enough to take the story into her own hands. 


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Episode 52 - Walking the Pacific Crest Trail

2015-01-20 :: Grown Ass Kids

In this episode we chat with friend and fellow filmmaker Lynsey Jones about that one time she spent two months walking the Southern Portion of the Pacific Crest Trail. White folks be crazy. 


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Episode 51 - Host Chat :From Peter Pan to Grown Up

2014-12-09 :: Grown Ass Kids
Length: 1s

This week we use the podcast as an opportunity to catch up and chat about Scheereen’s current venture into adulthood. Scheereen is just settling into South Carolina as I am preparing to pack my bags and leave Colorado and head back to California. We talk about everything from critters to Stephen Hawking, deep conversations and Southern Hospitality. This is a long one (that’s what she said). 


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Episode 50 - Growing up in Alaska

2014-12-03 :: Grown Ass Kids

Thank you once again Instagram for allowing me to meet another cool person. A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of speaking with Ben Staley, a filmmaker that I stumbled upon while on Instagram early one morning. He had posted an image of the two story log cabin he was raised in while growing up in Alaska with no electricity. I was immediately hooked, I had to know more about this childhood that seemed so foreign to me. What did it look like? What did it feel like? What sort of grown up do you become when you grow up in Alaska and now live in L.A.?

As a storyteller, Ben likes to share some of his life’s stories on a blog he hosts on his website. I encourage you to check them out, especially the ones about his youth in Alaska. In the hour I spent on the phone with him, I was able to take an audible snap shot of a self sufficient storyteller with a thirst for knowledge and an Emmy at home!  htt [...]…


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Episode 49 - Burning Man

2014-11-15 :: Grown Ass Kids

Burning man is that annual event that takes place out in the desert where adults feel free to act like kids… and smelly people and druggies, etc. This episode I got to investigate a little further to see if Burning Man was really all the drugs and dirty r(c)ock and roll that it is made out to be. And perhaps in many ways it is, but on top of that is a layer of so much more… I think . Join us as we chat with Ryan and Reiff about what really happens for a week every August in Black Rock City.  …


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Episode 48 - Will online dating get any easier (Part 2)

2014-10-24 :: Grown Ass Kids

Join us as we continue the conversation from last week with guest Sarah Crews. 


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Episode 47 - Will online dating get any easier?

2014-10-14 :: Grown Ass Kids

In this two part series we are joined by one of our top fans: Sarah Crews.  From California, to Colorado and  all the way to North Carolina I talk with Scheereen and Sarah about online dating and the world that is Tinder. These ladies are fearless, hysterical and honest in talking about the world of dating , or the attempt to do so. 


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Episode 46 - Will I need so many belongings?

2014-10-11 :: Grown Ass Kids

In this extra long episode we talk about belongings, things , and stuff. Do we really need to own and have so much? Scheereen and I also divulge stories involving our cars that we some how forgot to mention to one another. Feel free to listen to this in segments, but since we have been MIA for a while, go ahead and binge on this episode. Season 3 is off to a slow start , but it’s a start none the less. Thanks for checking us out and enjoy!


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Episode 45 - Where will we live?

2014-07-27 :: Grown Ass Kids
Length: 1s

Season 3 begins with a lengthly discussion between Scheereen and Jeanette about living in places that are NOT Los Angeles. Change is in the air, and it’s not pennies. 


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Episode 44 - A walk around the Salton Sea

2014-06-26 :: Grown Ass Kids

A walk around the shoreline of the Salton Sea is 116 miles to be exact. I came to learn about this one evening while posting a picture on Instagram that I took at the Salton Sea a couple years back. I added the hashtag #saltonsea and immediately was connected to a new user on Instagram:  Saltonseawalk. The account was set up in anticipation of  a Summer 2015 journey to walk around the Salton Sea. For the past two years I have been drawn to tales about people taking to the road and traveling. From Craigslist Joe to Arthur Hitchcock, I was hooked. 

For those of you who don’t know much about the Salton Sea, it is a barren waste land/ghost town. In the 50’s it was a hot spot for families to get away and vacation. These days it looks nothing like its former self. There are boats sticking out of the middle of the desert , heat that will stroke you and people living on the outskirts of society. So why the Salton Sea? I had to know, so I immediately contacte [...]…


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Episode 43- High School Graduate to Audio Engineer

2014-05-27 :: Grown Ass Kids

This week I sat down with my little sister to chat about the youth of today and what she wants to be when she grows up, since she is heading off to college in the fall. This episode made me feel like a grown ass adult… “kids these days”. 


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Episode 42 - Am I Grown Up

2014-05-05 :: Grown Ass Kids

We bring back the panel discussion format this week with guests from last season (Anne and Amanda of “Awkward”), to discuss the concepts of Adulthood and maturity. Are you an adult?  


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Episode 41- Film Crew

2014-04-28 :: Grown Ass Kids
Length: 1s

I sit down and chat this week with friend and sometimes co-worker, Ryan Bartley. We laugh about film set hijinks and have a candid conversation about why we do what we do. If you like working hard and playing the lottery, this is the industry for you.


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Episode 40 - Vocalist

2014-04-21 :: Grown Ass Kids

This week I chat with vocalist Kia Hamm. Why did it take typing her last name to realize that her last name has to do with food, you will just have to listen to this episode to understand the reference. Kia is always on the move, going to school , working out and singing. I believe she was driving and cooking during this chat.  No one was harmed in the multi-tasking of this episode. Enjoy!


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Episode 39 - Dance Instructor

2014-04-14 :: Grown Ass Kids

On a street corner just up the block from Colorado Blvd in Pasadena sits an Arthur Murray dance school. I’ve been in the vicinity plenty of times to drop off dry cleaning or grab some late night Del Taco, but today I step into Arthur Murray to chat about dance. When I was in elementary school I remember that I wanted to be a dancer just like Michael Jackson. Somehow I thought that was a solid career choice…but perhaps I wasn’t all that wrong . 

This week George Estrada shares his love for dance and how it allows him to help others. He also offers up an interesting suggestion that those who are still wandering in search of direction should contemplate a career in dance. Dance isn’t just a career , it’s a life.  …


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Episode 38 - Motel Industry

2014-04-07 :: Grown Ass Kids

This week I chat with motel owner and operator Kumar, of the Wigwam hotel, located on historic route 66. Motels came into existence at the dawn of the highway system in 1920’s America. With more people than ever traveling by motor there was a demand for roadside rest stops. Around that time, Frank Redford established the Wigwam motel chain. The wigwam is/was a chain of seven motels with rooms shaped like teepees. In 1949 the San Bernardino Location was constructed ( One of three remaining). To this day the motel continues to serve as a road side attraction and rest stop destination for route 66 travelers and wanderers alike. What would it be like to tend to travelers day in and day out? Motels operate with small staffs, often requiring around the clock availability. Would you be willing to let your job become your life?

< [...]…


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Episode 37 - State Park Aid

2014-03-30 :: Grown Ass Kids

This week my co-host Scheereen joins me to gab about her career venture into the world of State Park work . She left a job that she could no longer stand, to return to school so she could discover the career that would bring her satisfaction. Collegiate studies played a role in her new discovery, but not in the way that one may have thought. Education is a life-long process that comes in all shapes and forms, and Scheereen’s story is a perfect example of such. 


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Episode 36 - Tech Startup to Skeeball Arcade.

2014-03-24 :: Grown Ass Kids

This week I talk with Joey the cat (no he is not a cat) in San Francisco about his career in the tech startup industry and his new transition to running his own skee-ball arcade company.  This podcast reeks of entrepreneurship and cats!


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Episode 35- Social Worker

2014-03-17 :: Grown Ass Kids

Friend and fellow Pasadenian, Oscar Gutierrez joined me on my couch for some Guacamole and chips and green beer to talk to me about just what a social worker is and what a snap shot of that career can look like. Social work is a lot more than just placing children in foster homes. So much for my television educated understanding of social workers…


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Episode 34 - Snowboarder and Brain Health Advocate

2014-03-08 :: Grown Ass Kids

Inspirational survivor and Olympic hopeful Kevin Pearce, is a snowboarder that was forced into early retirement  after suffering a traumatic brain injury.  A hard working go-getter since childhood, Kevin molded this experience into a new path in brain health and injury advocacy. I chatted with Kevin over the phone about what he wanted to be when he grew up , life as a snowboarder, his on-going recovery and the success of ” The Crash Reel” , an award wining documentary of which he is the star.


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