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Last update: 2014-04-07

Medical Guardian Medical Alert Device

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The Medical Guardian portable medical alert device is excellent for anybody searching for a means to safeguard individuals from dangers of all sorts- whether it is tripping, fires, break and enters or another sudden peril. The ability to wear the Medical Guardian as a necklace or bracelet guarantees that acquiring prompt aid is conveniently available at all times. As soon as the button is pressed the medical alert device connects the user to the support center who are able to assess things and send out help to the spot. By instituting this priceless service, individuals with limited mobility or other controllable medical conditions are freed from needing to rely upon other people instead of enjoying their independence.

The fantastic thing about the Medical Guardian is its extreme portability and ease of use. To switch on the device one just has to plug it in and hook it up to any accessible telephone jack. Once these two easy steps are performed the person will have assistance directly accessible at the mere push of a button. Additionally, the Medical Guardian features complete coverage within the United states and can consequently be employed regardless where you are located. In essence, if someone takes a trip, decides to go to friends or relatives or even move elsewhere within the nation they don't have to part with their access to medical support at any stage during their transition. Such a brilliant trait is the essence of a trouble-free experience!

Since 2005 Medical Guardian has remained a top supplier of portable medical alert devices to individuals wanting to maintain their autonomy while not compromising their safety. As expected, as anticipated from a top rated BBB company, Medical Guardian goes above and beyond the call of duty. They give their customers with continual contact to their US centered medical response center operators who are all trained as well as licensed in emergency support. Their customer service and product testimonials are "unsurpassed" and most certainly account for their long standing popularity and respect inside the sector. These points, and the extreme affordability, have made peace of mind and security an accessible goal for anyone looking to take pleasure in prolonged self-sufficiency.

The ability to enjoy such a level of coverage and self-assurance devoid of any cost except spending roughly $1 per day is unprecedented inside the field. When an individual buys the Medical Guardian they are able to obtain the emergency response system with no need of spending money on activation or start-up charges. Also, there's no contracts that constrain the user to duty-bound payments. In other words, if a Medical Guardian customer decides to discontinue using the service they need simply cancel with no concern of contractual obligations. In comparison, someone living in a low cost old age facility can assume month-to-month rental costs to begin at $3000. As you can see, the Medical Guardian not just insulates its users from lost autonomy but also from worries related to the big monetary burdens of assisted living.

In terms of safeguarding our aging family members from jeopardy it certainly is crucial to take a proactive approach opposed to permitting procrastination to induce inherent dangers into their lives. The stakes are simply too high to wager with the lives which we cherish- particularly when the Cdc reveal that 33% of seniors will experience a fall each year.

Make the choice to preserve self-sufficiency while not having to compromise safety by acquiring the Medical Guardian now. Don't let procrastination to let a threat get its "foot in the door".


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Guardian Alert 911- 2-Way Emergency Communicator

Length: 6m 53s

Guardian Alert 911 is a two-way conversation tool that does not involve any month-to-month costs, no long-term agreement commitments as well as no unknown costs. The small pendant worn by the consumer instantly dials a 911 operator whenever necessary. This isn't merely a typical 911 alert device, but a two-way communication tool which allows talking directly to the operator. When the moment comes that you or your friend needs help, there's no phone number to worry about. It is as simple as pressing a single button. It’s comparable to having the safety of 911 in your pocket at all times. No matter if you happen to be a senior citizen living on your own, a baby-boomer, a guardian seeking to protect your children, or an grownup with aging parents, emergency alert systems are absolutely a must-have. A simple accident or unexpected illness has the ability to cause tremendous damage for anyone which cannot assist themselves in the event of a accident or gets ill and needs immediate support.

Buy Guardian Alert 911…


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Guardian Alert's Podcast

Guardian Alert 911 is a two-way message tool which doesn't entail any month to month payments, no long-term agreement pledges as well as no unseen costs. The small accessory worn by the person immediately contacts a 911 operator if wanted. This is not simply a traditional 911 alert device, but a two-way communication tool that makes it possible for speaking directly to the operator. If the moment arrives that you or your family member wants help, there is no number to worry about. It is as straightforward as pressing a single button. It’s akin to having the security of 911 inside your pocket at all instances. Whether or not you happen to be a senior citizen living on your own, a baby-boomer, a dad or mum wanting to safeguard your kids, or an grownup with parents growing older, crisis alert systems are simply a necessity. A simple fall or surprising ailment can bring about tremendous harm for anyone that can't assist themselves in the occurrence of a accident or becomes sick and needs instantaneous help.

Guardian Alert's Podcast

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