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Last update: 2015-04-20

#6 Tales from the Clink - Hacks with loose screws

Length: 1s

This episode the boys tell funny stories about prison thus Tales from the Clink.

Some dark humor as always, the kind that Law Enforcement can only understand.

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#5 Financial advice

Length: 54s

Hacks with loose screws interview a financial master. He gives tricks of the trade in regards to investing money, as well as what to do with the big lump sum payments that Officers get as comphensation settlements.

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#4 IG aka Rat Squad

Length: 1s

The boys take on IG, giving you tips of the trade and how to respond to interviews, interegation techniques that they use, and what they say. Make sure you bring a witness.  They share stories and experiences with IG.

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#3 The Homeboy interview

Length: 1s

Mark and Jay interview a current correction officer about New Jacks/Rookie officers coming into working the prison system and tips for them.

Some funny stories as always.

Questions or comments about the episode or what you would like to hear contact us:

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#2 Retirement and New Jack advice

Length: 1s

Mark and Jay discuss the possible pitfalls of retirement from the fabulous wonderful world of corrections. New Jack advice, and of course stories from the vault.

Send us your stories, fables, human interest stories, topics you want to hear, etc.

Contact us at email: hackswithloosescrews@gmail.com

Facebook: Hacks with loose screws

Twitter: @hackswithloose1



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Hacks with loose Screws

Length: 1s

Mark and Jay introduce themselves and give their work backgrounds. Also tell some stories about prison and the unique individuals they have met.

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Follow us on twitter @hackswithloose1

email: hackswithloosescrews@gmail.com




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Hacks with loose screws podcast

A couple of retired NYSDOCS officers wanting to provide a venue addressing the unique concerns of our profession.

Hacks with loose screws podcast

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