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Last update: 2013-06-17


Length: 50m 50s

Here it is the n show from this month June 14 2013 with your host Adam "KassaKnowva" And Domenick "NixSon" With PopLockDimi. Please Make sure you visit the website for more/all News, Videos and Contact information regarding the Hectic Atoms Show. Thank You For Checking us out and don't forget to subscribe. Show Is Also Now Streaming on UStream.com/HecticAtoms …


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Caller Y U HAteNN

Length: 49m 46s

The Hectic Atoms Show Continues on. Joins us and don't miss a thing. …


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Hectic Atoms Show

A Local Public Access Show With Dreams Of Making it Big **SIKE** we Just want you to watch. We've been doing this show for over 13 years. Now We're looking for new ways to interact with the viewers of the show while at the same time try to get new viewers to watch the show. So please take a look at our show that Airs live once a month in the City of Tucson, AZ on Cox Cable Channel 20 & Comcast 74 Friday's @7Pm. Also Please Check Out The Website www.hecticatoms.com Want to be on the show email us at hecticatoms@hecticatoms.com

Hectic Atoms Show

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