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Last update: 2015-08-24

Hot Wampa Episode X

Length: 2s

For Star Wars we discuss recently released & leaked photographs & theme park rides. It's Ridley Scott's classic 1979 Sci-Fi horror Alien in the showcase and for local news it's Daleks in Littleport, An escaped Emu near Newmarket & cathedral base jumpers. We make none of this up!


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Hot Wampa Episode IX

Length: 2s

In Star Wars we discuss the recently released photos from the set of Rogue One & a little news on the video gaming front. Showcase is a wonderfully nostalgic look at the Spielberg masterpiece Close encounters of the third kind and for local news it's a case of Tractorgeddon for Wilburton and remembering the time when Darth Vader hit Ely Co-op. What are you waiting for?


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Mark's London Comic Con 2015 Photo Slideshow One

Length: 4s

Part one of a selection of photographs taken by Mark & his entourage at the London Comic Con. Staged at Olympia these image were taken on Saturday the 18th July 2015. Mostly featuring various cos-players, exhibits plus a few stars. Who knows you may even see yourself in there. With commentary provided by the Hot Wampa team. Mark's second Comic Con photo slideshow will be uploaded to the Hot Wampa feed towards the end of August/beginning of September. Enjoy our commentary on a great set of photos. If you see yourself in there somewhere then get in touch with us & we'll give you a shout out on the main podcast program.


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Hot Wampa Episode VIII

Length: 2s

The trio cover a wealth of topics on Star Wars including the Amy Shumer GQ photoshoot, Princess Leia action figures that have caused a stir for some parents. How close we actually came to having Michael Jackson cast as Jar Jar Binks & rumours of Benicio Del Toro being cast as a villain in Star Wars episode eight. We take an expletitive laden wild ride through the 1987 Schwarzenegger classic Predator in show case and for local news we discuss If Ely suffers from emergency sirens more than Hong Kong, Plans to charge people for using Ely's toilets, Bad manners from the geriatric community & the Peterborough UFO.


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Hot Wampa Episode VII

Length: 1s

The Wampa Trio discuss the latest news on the Star Wars front before going on to take an in depth look at the 1987 Paul Verhoeven classic RoboCop. In local news we react to the recent revelations about a possible asteroid impact on East Anglia during the next 85 years & find Jesus and his disciples residing in caravans just off the Witchford bypass.


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The Force Awakens Comic-Con 2015 Reel Special

Length: 43s

Hot of the press Paul, Mark & Dave discus the recently released Star Wars The Force Awakens behind the scenes video mini-feature which aired at the San Diego Comic-Con convention on the 10th of July 2015 & is now available for viewing on the Star Wars website & on Youtube. Links for viewing the feature are available on the Hot Wampa facebook page.


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Hot Wampa Episode VI

Length: 2s

With Paul away on holiday Mark & Dave take a good look at some of the news that's currently out there on the Star Wars Periphery. Showcase covers Ron D. Moore's critically acclaimed remake of Battlestar Galactica. In local news we educate the public why it's not a good idea to throw biscuits at Norfolk folk & discuss the recent spate of cat disappearances! All of this and more.


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Hot Wampa Episode V

Length: 2s

It's a full house as Mark returns from his holiday to rejoin Paul & Dave. The Wampa team pay their respects to the late Sir Christopher Lee by taking a brief look at his life & career. Star Wars news covers the recently screened Rogue One teaser trailer & speculates on some of the rumours appearing about the planned spin off movies. Showcase takes a wild ride through the 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger movie The Running Man. Crazy local news covers a wide range of recent headlines from swimming cows to Bee swarm attacks! All of this & more!.... We'll be back.


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Hot Wampa Episode IV

Length: 1s

With Mark currently away on holiday Paul & Dave note the latest revelations about Andy Serkis's character in The Force Awakens before taking a good nostalgic look back at The Clone Wars animated series. Showcase covers the 2011 dystopic Sci-Fi novel Ready Player One & local news covers bad parking & teddy bear carnage.


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Hot Wampa Episode III

Length: 1s

It's time to take a quantum leap backwards! Paul, Mark & Dave discuss all the latest news & rumours concerning Star Wars episode seven The Force Awakens. Before moving on to take a nostalgic look back at the cult Sci-Fi series Quantum Leap. Local news covers a variety of topics including a burning manure pile which could be a clue to the Hot Wampa crew solving their first crime, The perils of leaving a talking parrot with a load of engineering students, Hitch-hiking in the 1990s and the local legend of Black Shuck.... Not to be missed!


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Celebration Europe 2007 Slideshow

Length: 6s

As we spoke about the last Star Wars Celebration Europe to be held in the UK on the last audio podcast it seemed right to submit a photo slideshow to illustrate some of the things we discussed. See a youthful looking Paul & Dave hit the Excel Center some eight years ago. Big thanks go out to Pauls' friend Leigh Cridford who took most of these photos. Audio commentary provided by Dave and optimised for use on portable apple devices this file can also be played on windows based systems by opening in quicktime player.


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Hot Wampa Episode II

Length: 1s

We're back and this time there's three of us! Dave's old school friend Mark Daws joins Paul & Dave. With Star Wars Celebration Europe set to return to London next year Paul & Dave tell a few storys about their own adventures the last time this event came to the UK some eight years ago. For showcase it's no strings attached as the trio cover the topic of Thunderbirds & compare it's latest incarnation with the classic 1960s original before closing the episode with a rather bizarre local news story.

Not to be missed!


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Hot Wampa Pilot Episode

Length: 1s

In this our global premier we outline what our podcast will cover and discuss and speculate about the recently released 2nd teaser trailer for Star Wars The Force Awakens.


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Hot Wampa - Sci-Fi and general chatter

As often as possible Paul, Mark and Dave meet up to discuss Star Wars and other television, film and pop culture topics. This podcast is a recording of those discussions.

Hot Wampa - Sci-Fi and general chatter

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