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Last update: 2010-10-23

2010-10-24 Radio rethink

Length: 29m 28s

What is Radio? And who´s on the air? You'll hear mysterious radio voices: pirates, geeks, ranters and even spirit hosts. From future-casting's cutting edge to the ghost laden back archives, we'll be exploring the new and the old, expanding radio beyond t…


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Free Video From Bootcamp


Hi guys… If you want to watch the first members only video in the 24 part How To Study Bootcamp course, just click the link below and enter the password… exams 01 Intro | How To Study Bootcamp I’m only letting 500 students into the course so I can provide a high level of support [...]…


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The #1 Mistake Students Make


Hi guys… Want to know the #1 mistake students make when they’re studying for exams? Then head on over to Exam Blueprint and watch a video I’ve put together which explains a huge mistake you’re probably making right now when you’re studying. Correcting this mistake could be the difference between passing and failing. It was [...]…


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Join How To Study Bootcamp


Hi guys… There’s been such a huge response to the videos I made for you about how to change the way you study for exams that I decided to create a whole 24 part video course showing you in detail all the actual steps I followed to get A’s in my exams. All those videos [...]…


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Need A Laugh?

2008-06-14 :: Robert Seiler

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Hi guys… Just a reminder that if you want to stay in touch and keep getting updates about any new videos I’ll be making for you, then head on over to my Facebook Page at… www.facebook.com/pages/Studying-For-Exams-Made-Simple/6046673814 I can almost guarantee that once you’ve seen all the videos (including the one’s I’m still making for you), [...]…


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Moving To Facebook


Lots of students have been contacting me and telling me that they haven’t been getting my emails about any new videos I’ve been making. Either their friends told them or they just happened to check the blog and found a new video had been posted. Apparently lots of emails are mistaken as spam by various [...]…


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Well I’ve finally found some time to put this next video together for you. It’s all about why you need to have a system of feedback in place when you’re studying for your exams. Every successful sportsperson, musician, company etc. all make use of the principle of feedback and if you want to be successful [...]…


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Time Management


Hi guys… Just dropped in to let you know I’m working on getting the next video out to you real soon. My new Mac computer decided to spit the dummy and I’ve been "computerless" for about a week… it had a dose of "the black screen of death". It’s all better now (cards and chocolates [...]…


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Easy Test Maker


Hi guys… Just came across this web site that I thought you might find interesting. Check it out at… http://www.easytestmaker.com It’s a free online tool that you can use to create your own tests which ties in really well with the video I made for you about the “Question / Answer Reflex”.  I had a [...]…


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Making Mistakes


Just finished the third video in this series and this one is about the importance of learning from your mistakes when you’re studying. In addition, it’s a great way to draw attention to those areas of your study material that you need to devote more time to. I was able to use the power of [...]…


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