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Last update: 2008-10-27


2008-10-27 :: Imaginate Productions

Hitting a major milestone with Chapter 70 Imaginate releases a major announcement. Due to Daniel being a first time father in two weeks and wanting to spend time with his son and wife he can no longer offer the quality of content he demands of himself. However, this chapter is not full of doom or tears. Daniel Sellers explorers the best portable digital recorders for podcasters measuring price versus features. Also, valuable audio production tips are released. The included procedures are amazingly effective yet seductively simple ways to clean up audio noise to pursue the cleanest sound possible.…


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69 Trivia War Sue

2008-10-20 :: Imaginate Productions

In Chapter 69 listeners will be treated with our guest Sue from the Trivia War Podcast. Sue presents an established voice in the new media industry and explains how podcasters can get more listeners without having to spend one dollar and will take a little of your time. Also, Sue explains how new podcasters can establish their brand by promoting other podcasts and establishing a community. Words can not express how new media enthusiasts need to listen to this Chapter of Imaginate Productions.…


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68 MakingYourPodcastShine

2008-10-13 :: Imaginate Productions

Chapter 68 offers valuable strategies for seasoned podcasters and those just starting out. Many podcasters feel trapped under the heavy weight of countless podcasts that are competing for audiences. Daniel Sellers provides a pit-stop break and offers key strategies including knowing your competition, who are your listeners, and more. Recent studies make it clear that there are two reasons people listen to Podcasts, to learn or to be entertained. Find out about both and techniques that will make your show noticed above the loud chatter of competing shows.…


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67 Video Podcasting Easy Distribution

2008-10-07 :: Imaginate Productions

A podcaster's dream is beginning to emerge with the advent of automatic wireless updating when you arrive home from a long day. The tools and technology that is necessary to push podcasting into mainstream recognition is covered. TubeMogul has added-on to their services that video podcasters can not afford to ignore. TubeMogul allows the podcaster to only upload their video once. TubeMogul takes your video and distributes it to all the major video services such as YouTube, Veemo, and more. Visible examples are Chris Pirillo and Justine Ezarik. Thank you Paul Colligan for his thought provoking article.…


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66 Video Collection Tools And Zune

2008-10-02 :: Imaginate Productions

The Zune Marketplace is turning out to be a podcaster's friend. With Apple slapping down applications such as the much discussed "Podcaster" allowing podcasts to be downloaded wirelessly. In Chapter 66 Daniel discusses how Bloggers are beginning to realize Podcasting as a way to better direct traffic to their site. Finally, Daniel Sellers provides a comprehensive list for free and useful video conferencing tool list and explains how to best utilize the services.…


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65 Search Engines Maze

2008-09-23 :: Imaginate Productions

If you are going to produce new media content then ensure it will reach your target market. Knowing the skills and understanding the myths of SEO is an art that must be learned. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it influences how the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN find and present your content. Included in Chapter 65 is tools needed to unlock the content for a podcaster and their podcast.…


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64 Gut Wrenching Podcaster Honesty

2008-09-16 :: Imaginate Productions

In Chapter 64, host Daniel Sellers, forgoes the content usually covered in Imaginate. Instead, Daniel drops all pretenses and explains why many New Media producers are subject to pod-fading. Podcasters must find their unique approach to presenting content in a saturated market. Examples of why Leo Laporte and his TWIT network are succeeding and why others podcasts have not are explained with gut-wrenching honesty. Finally, Imaginate's 64th chapter encourages those wishing to dive into podcasting and offers methods to better succeed in the still new media market industry.…


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2008-09-09 :: Imaginate Productions

Chapter 63 is full of useful tools to better track how users are interacting with your content. Also, Daniel Sellers warns new media producers of the pitfalls to avoid when preparing your content for monetization. The Association of Downloadable Media have updated their recommendations to turn audiences into eager members. Finally, listen to the advantages and disadvantages of being a podcaster vs. terrestrial radio.…


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62 Broadband Cap Attack

2008-09-02 :: Imaginate Productions

Podcasting gets repurposed after the New Media Expo. Daniel progresses through ways of monetizing on your new media capital. If listeners are still curious whether or not they need to produce video with their shows then Daniel has important recommendations. The announcement of Comcast placing data caps for users is an attack on podcasts that are not careful of their file sizes and bit rates. Listen to Chapter 62 to find out how to tweak your podcast.…


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61 Audio For Is Video Podcasting For You

2008-08-29 :: Imaginate Productions

This is the audio format from Imaginate's 60th podcast. The audio file is for listeners who were not able to participate due to bandwidth limitations. Within this Chapter Daniel sits down with Carlos Phoenix from Realms of Design to discuss the state of podcasting in video form. Audio podcasters are concerned they are being left behind on the video bandwagon. Daniel and Carlos address the requirements and tools needed for an effective video podcast. In this chapter we also discuss tools for getting podcasts on cell phones. Finally, in this celebratory Chapter Daniel and Carlos recommend various web hosts that will keep your videos coming and not leave you holding an oversized bill.…


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60 Is Video Podcasting For You?

2008-08-22 :: Imaginate Productions

Imaginate 60 brings video podcasting to the front of listeners/viewers attention. Within this Chapter Daniel sits down with Carlos Phoenix from Realms of Design to discuss the state of podcasting in video form. Audio podcasters are concerned they are being left behind on the video bandwagon. Daniel and Carlos address the requirements and tools needed for an effective video podcast. In this chapter we also discuss tools for getting podcasts on cell phones. Finally, in this celebratory Chapter Daniel and Carlos recommend various web hosts that will keep your videos coming and not leave you holding an oversized bill.…


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59 New Media Parlor

2008-08-13 :: Imaginate Productions

In Chapter 59, Imaginate invite listeners to the parlor. The Podcast Parlor. Those who desire to take the next step-up from hobbyist to the professional will not want to miss the information discussed. Wizzard Media is busy explaining to advertisers the potential found in podcasts. However, bloggers are writing the epitaph for the podcasting industry. However, the New Media Expo is garnering international attention. Confused? Make yourself comfortable in the Podcast Parlor.…


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58 Podcast Secrets Exposed 2

2008-07-29 :: Imaginate Productions

The curtain is drawn back as Imaginate provides another tour to assist other podcasters to understand what is happening in the industry of podcasting. This Chapter includes invaluable tools for new media content producers. What do podcasters need to be focusing on to really attract sponsors and advertisers? The information included in Chapter 58 unveils what new media networks and traditional media do not want the average podcaster to understand. This is Part Two of "Podcast Secrets Exposed".…


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57 Podcast Secrets Exposed

2008-07-22 :: Imaginate Productions

The curtain is being drawn back as Imaginate provides a guided tour for a behind the scenes look at what is really happening in the field of podcasting. This chapter has been a long time in the making and includes invaluable tools for new media content producers. What do podcasters need to be focusing on to really attract sponsors and advertisers? The information included in Chapter 57 unveils what new media networks and traditional media do not want the average podcaster to understand. This is Part One of Two "Podcast Secrets Exposed".…


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56 Copyright Your Stuff

2008-07-15 :: Imaginate Productions

Imaginate 56 informs listeners on ways they can protect their work as an artist. Suggestions include placing your work that you want to copyright, into an envelope (music, scripts, websites, software, architecture etc. Obviously, you will still need to PROVE that the work is yours and was produced on a certain date. Also, the show includes the productivity topic of the week. Finally, Daniel covers ways to type copyright symbols whether you are on a Mac or PC.…


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55 Tales of Passion

2008-07-08 :: Imaginate Productions

Passion is defined as a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything. Host, Daniel Sellers, walks listeners through the first, yet, most powerful step of how one can be successful. Those desiring more from life must identify what they love to do. How? What do you dream of doing while you live the routines in life? This powerful chapter is a must for those dying to express who they truly are.…


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54 Take Off July 11

2008-07-02 :: Imaginate Productions

The count down began months ago and the clock is about to chime for lift-off. Cell phone manufactories are working around the clock to have a phone available come July 11th. However, all eyes are locked on the big Apple and it's new moniker "3G". In Chapter 54 we discuss the next chapter in the mobile industry. Also, we pitch truth vs. hype and explain what "3G" really means and how most consumers do not have a prayer to experience or enjoy in the near future.…


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50 The Big News

2008-05-06 :: Imaginate Productions

Imaginate is proud to have reached the 50 mark! In this chapter, we celebrate. However, it is in a very different way with news that is bound to surprise you. Set back and listen to Chapter 50 from Imaginate and your host, Daniel Sellers…


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49 Defraud The Blog

2008-04-22 :: Imaginate Productions

Most all podcasters realize the need to have their show displayed in iTunes in the most predominant categories. Most producers do not have the number to those in charge of the Podcast segment within iTunes. However, being able to learn what category that iTunes may feature is necessary if one hopes for their show to reach the front in iTunes. Daniel Sellers explains how Google may mistake a website and labeling it "This site may harm your computer". Understanding how indexing occurs and how Google is changing the search policies are essential to keep your blog out of the "crapper". Finally, Daniel answers listener emails and updates Skype switchers about the latest at OoVoo.…


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48 Window of Opportunity

2008-04-15 :: Imaginate Productions

Producers in the new media market must understand the essential need to separate the hype from the actual opportunity in the market. There have been seminars popping up that promise people they will get rich and receive the fame they deserve. These promises are too similar to those found in late night infomercials. Bloggers and podcasters need to be discerning in how they spend their time and their money. There is a window of opportunity for new bloggers and podcasters before mainstream media fully consolidate and buy out smaller markets. The window is closing quickly.…


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47 Filter Focus

2008-04-09 :: Imaginate Productions

Imaginate offers ways to help unburdening the artist with plans of action. Also, we discuss what makes a blog or podcast successful. The only reason so many of us obsess over our statistics is because page views and subscriber numbers are the most obvious ways to measure our success. But are they really? Finally, we cover how Microsoft plans to expand Windows XP and how that will effect ultra portable PC's.…


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46 Even More Plan

2008-04-01 :: Imaginate Productions

This is part two of the conversation between Daniel Sellers and Carlos Phoenix, an artist known in traditional and the digital media. They discuss the conception of digital media and what the future may look like. Daniel and Carlos speculate about Who are the guardians of the information we provide? Where are we willing to draw the line between connivence and privacy? One-click shopping and making use of online media makes it easier to purchase discount items while better express ourselves. There is a price we pay for every action we make.…


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45 The Whole Plan

2008-03-25 :: Imaginate Productions

Our lives are continuing to be placed online. Who are the guardians of the information we provide? Where are we willing to draw the line between connivence and privacy? One-click shopping and making use of online media makes it easier to purchase discount items while better express ourselves. There is a price we pay for every action we make. Daniel speaks with Carlos Phoenix, an artist known in traditional and the digital media, about the conception of digital media and what the future may look like. …


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44 OoVoo Me

2008-03-11 :: Imaginate Productions

Chapter 44 holds a lot of information for new media producers. Daniel breaks down the announcement of Google Sites and how that can help you getting things done. Also, Daniel discusses audio and video conferencing now dominated by Skype. However, there is a quiet runner up getting more attention. OoVoo. Finally, the show covers a Wordpress plug-in that allows web designers and bloggers to embed any video or HTML code. Listen to these tips that allow you to spend less time doing the dirty work and freeing up creativity.…


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43 Death and Taxes

2008-03-04 :: Imaginate Productions

There are two certainties in life. Death and taxes. Well, we can not help you with the first but we can give assistance regarding taxes. You work hard for your money and if you are an independent producer or artist it pays to be wise. In Chapter 43, Daniel, reviews a few categories to help make this tax season work for you. Tax Right Offs for Self Employed include Personal Expenses, New Equipment, Moving Expenses and much more. Imagiante wants to help you grow as an artist and helping you save money is a great start.…


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42 Night of Illusion

2008-03-01 :: Imaginate Productions

Within this chapter you will find Daniel and his wife, Jana, relating their experience of being on stage with David Copperfield. In the last show Daniel spoke about his goal being: to be close or on stage with "The Master Illusionist". Thursday, Feb 21, Daniel was able to cross this goal off his list as he and his wife were asked to perform an illusion with David and were able to site on the front row for the remainder of the show. Listen to this entertaining five minute audio clip of the couple recounting their tale that same night.…


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41 Tips On The Line

2008-02-21 :: Imaginate Productions

Since reviewing 39 podcast with "That Podcast Show" Daniel is able to bring many tips that will assist many podcasters. In this Chapter Daniel reviews critical keys for a successful show such as show length, co-hosts, and consistency. Also, Imaginate has received Asus EEE PC that weighs just two pounds and have a seven inch screen. Daniel reviews the advantages and dis-advantages for such a small laptop and some hacks to make it work better for you. Finally, Daniel launches into his Cooperfield scheme coming this Thursday.…


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40 Ranting Freak

2008-02-12 :: Imaginate Productions

Beware for the ranting used in Chapter 40. Daniel rips into frustrations due to the likes of Norton, all-in-one's and the new Apple Air. You are guided down each category and shown an industry that favors their advertisers products but will not admit to it. The new Air is keyed on the reasons why a Firewire port is not included on the world "thinnest laptop" along with how Apple cheated consumers by having only one USB port. The lack of ethernet ports to bloatware are chewed up and spat out. Listen in to hear the shocking truth.…


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39 Sound It Out

2008-01-29 :: Imaginate Productions

The evolution of sound has been down played by the attention placed on video and special effects. Audio fidelity has been compromised to fit into the "pop" genre to equal out EQ levels and make way for high compression to fit the market of iPod's and digital downloads. However, in the era of High Definition screens and next generation DVD disc to make visuals more stunning the audio tools given to pro-sumers and even consumers is staggering. If a person is willing to learn the hardware and more importantly, the software the average audio quality becomes the extrodinary. Please click below to hear for yourself.…


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38 Piggy Bank

2008-01-22 :: Imaginate Productions

We have a packed chapter for you. In Chapter 38, we talk symbolically about loose change in our lives. In this example we use a piggy bank as an analogy to our life investments. Dropping loose change into the bank is similar to investing in a future that can not be seen. Unless I peak, I can not precisely predict when my piggy bank will be full. As we start with an empty bank the change we add will not seem to be adding much. However, over time if we are consistent, it will pay off.…


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37 Wait One Second

2008-01-15 :: Imaginate Productions

To a chronic multitasker, everything is a task. Soon, the things in life that are really important to them are in the same list as everything else, and the only tasks that get done are the ones that have become urgent, but often aren’t very important. Also, Daniel discusses American sleep expert Doctor Sara Mednick describes taking a regular nap as a "lifesaving habit" that can help improve your health and sex life, slim the waist and boost work performance.…


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36 Know Theyself

2008-01-08 :: Imaginate Productions

In Chapter 36 we cover the importance of knowing our strengths and weaknesses. The more our work integrates with our dreams the more energy we will have with what we do. We are most energized when our unique gifts are most utilized. We are unique people with unique gifts and strengths. When we move to pursue or dreams often takes a courageous bold move. This is stressful and causes anxiety. Our one and only life is not a dress rehearsal.…


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35 Creativity and ADD

2007-12-19 :: Imaginate Productions

Too often people (ADD or not) spend too much time trying to deny, hide or fix their weakness. In doing so they don’t spend enough time focusing on and developing and leveraging their strengths. That’s where you’ll find your greatest rewards, both materially and otherwise. We discuss how this affects artist of all types.…


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34 Beacon Freak

2007-12-11 :: Imaginate Productions

In this Chapter, Daniel Sellers explains how Facebook took a fatal step while offering it's advertising platform "Beacon". We at Imaginate chose the top 12 highlights and duds in 2007. The list will hopefully clarify what you really want apart from "marketing hype". Those making the top list will increase your efficiency and inspire your creativity. The "duds" are evidence of painful and costly distractions. The show is full of entertaining and interactive information that will raise your awareness and expose some truths.…


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33 That Podcast Show

2007-12-05 :: Imaginate Productions

Imaginate Productions announces to listeners and viewers an incredible selection of shows listed by topic and category. "That Podcasting Show" will review each show on a scale of 1 to 5 stars in the areas of content, delivery, production value, and audio quality. Daniel Sellers and Daniel Malneritch are the friendly voices that guide audiences to shows that shine and around those that need more improvement. You will find the "list of standards" used to rate each podcast at thatpodcastshow.com.…


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32 Podcast vs. Internet Radio

2007-11-21 :: Imaginate Productions

Podcasts are not dead but the name is in a state of transition. Just as the podcast is being decided upon so too are the official names for those who produce them. Not only will I market that I am a podcaster but Imaginate will also use terms such as "content producer/publisher and independent producer". The time has come not to be pro Apple for the sake that we dislike Microsoft. A community that can help the new media market grow must include Apple, Linux and Microsoft users.…


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31 Are You Listening

2007-11-14 :: Imaginate Productions

We talk with Dr. James Hughey, a psychologist for forty years. In this interview we discuss reasons why artist find it difficult to venture out of the "norm" of life and express their art. Dr. Hughey provides suggestions on ways to get out of the ruts found in the normalcy of life. Also, Dr. Hughey discusses the importance of personal growth before one can effectively market themselves. Brian Williams was quoted by saying "“A person starts dying when they stop dreaming.” Join us by listening to Chapter 31 so we do not stop dreaming.…


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30 Teens In The Market

2007-11-07 :: Imaginate Productions

According To a Mintel International Group study, Americas 25 million teens are a formidable consumer market. The U.S. teen is an active consumer of products and media, affecting trends in clothing, technology and entertainment while carving out specific new market segments. In this chapter Daniel speaks with a group of teenagers asking them what type of advertisement works, their habits of consuming music legally and illegally, and their concerns over privacy invasion. Through this show advertisers and other businesses can learn how to market toward an active teen market. Many will be surprised by the differences and similarities that work with male and female teenage audiences.…


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29 To Join Or Not Join

2007-10-30 :: Imaginate Productions

Daniel Sellers explains his plans for a possible show the would specialize in reviewing podcasts giving new and experienced listeners a guide to shows that would interest them. Also, we cover the growing market of audio book podcasts. These shows are either performed with one narrator or an entire cast that perform books written by authors not known in the mainstream. A great site that is aggregating these stories is Podiobooks. Finally, Daniel discusses being part of a Podcast network and what that means to Imaginate Productions.…


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28 Focus In

2007-10-18 :: Imaginate Productions

In Chapter 28, Daniel talks about the concept and definition of the label "grownup". What does it mean to be a grown-up? While pondering these perceptions the theme of the old "Toys R Us" commercials is first to come to mind. "I don't want to grow up...I'm a Toys R Us kid.." The label of being grown up is a misnomer. Most are afraid to grow up because it is associated as one must stop growing. This applies not only to the physically but also emotionally and spiritually.…


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27 Podcast For Real

2007-10-09 :: Imaginate Productions

The road to professional blogging and podcasting is very rough and demands patience and constientcy. This new media form is not a "get rich quick" opportunity. This road up the mountain is full of ditches and possibilites of landslides. There are no paved roads yet which is why the journey can be frustrating but also is rewarding.…


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2007-10-03 :: Imaginate Productions

There is a crisis facing students, parents, teachers and administrators. The way education is set up in this country is not working. Students who do not fit into a certain mold are quickly labeled with disorders and told they will have learning difficulties for the rest of their lives. Bryan Sellers and I discuss the "Teachers Lounge" a project he is working on to enable teachers and students to learn in new ways. …


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25 Marketing Rules

2007-09-25 :: Imaginate Productions

These are secrets from a company that goes to great lengths to insure secrets are never revealed, Apple Inc. Steve M. Chazin, former Apple Marketing Executive and Consumer Marketing Expert, reveals five principles that make Apple a marketing standard. Mr. Chazin explains, "The five secrets I offer here are careful deductions, empirical results and the product of my career...". This chapter from Imaginate Productions adapts these principles enabling you to tap into people's innate desire to share their passion for your products or services. …


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24 The Next Step

2007-09-18 :: Imaginate Productions

Have you chosen to take the next step in your business or art? It is very important not to be overwelmed by trying to see the entire journey before you have started. In order to begin the next step you first put a foot forward and take the first step. Daniel covers practical and applicable tips that will guide you through taking your art to the next level.…


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23 Bella The Movie

2007-09-04 :: Imagiante Productions

Imaginate Productions had the incredible fortune to get an interview with Brian Salisbury, marketing director for the upcoming movie "Bella". Bella's list of awards is a maze to walk through but was honored with the prestigious award of "Peoples Choice Award" for the "Toronto Film Festival". Daniel J. Sellers and Brian talk about the challenges of making an independent film that earns international acclaim. From budgets to promotion Bella is one of the first films to reach a large audience leaning heavily on social networking and the blogging community.…


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22 CreativeRoadBlocks

2007-08-28 :: Imagiante Productions

Daniel J. Sellers shares in Chapter 22 the roadblocks that are common. These roadblocks are distractions that chip away at our creativity and the energy needed to create. Whether life is going well or it is a difficult time we all have responsibilities in life that has to be done. Daniel provides solutions that will help artist to regain focus and learn ways to using energy wisely. If you are still attempting to learn and express your art then this should be your answer if you were wondering if you were truly an artist.…


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21 Pillars of Belief

2007-08-21 :: Imagiante Productions

Chapter 21 covers critical disabilities that keep us from making the simplest and best choices. The reason we miss the obvious solution can be caused by us being so involved and focused on a specific item that our "tunnel" vision allows the simplicity of a situation to zoom right by. Daniel J. Sellers also answers a listener's question regarding how to approach a hostile network administrator.…


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20 Do What You Love

2007-08-14 :: Imagiante Productions

Chapter 20 for Imaginate Productions. Daniel J. Sellers reveals the upcoming interview with Brian Salisbury who is a publicist of a new independent movie, Bella. This chapter gets more specific about ways to work toward loving what you do. Using Paul Grah…


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19 WhenTheGiantsFall

2007-08-07 :: Daniel J. Sellers

Daniel begins the show's topic by using an analogy of a baseball game and being in packed stadium to watch two great rivals playing. However, the two opposing players are Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. When the two ultimately step down who will take their place? For the question and answer part of the broadcast Daniel gives advice to Angela regarding how to maximize content in multi-focused podcast for students at a local university. Daniel J. Sellers finishes by throwing "shout outs" to the many Facebook podcasters that he has met with over the past few weeks.…


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18 Master of Words

2007-07-23 :: Daniel Sellers

Imaginate brings the art of writing and journalism to bear as Daniel Sellers interviews Atlanta native Daryl Martin McCard. Daryl is known for his accolades in poetry and creative writing. Through the interview Daryl opens his life to all those listening and shares about the passion of creating words. This Chapter is targeted for those who consider themselves writers or are interested in what it takes to get started. Daryl describes seeing the world as a series of words that are translated into sentences.…


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17-Simple Not Stupid

2007-07-17 :: Daniel Sellers

The TechCrunch podcast was interviewing James Hong, Co-Founder of Hot Or Not. Through this interview Mr. Hong could communicate in such a way that allowed me insight into the power of simplicity. They evolved from offering a service as a hobby and adapted to immediate growth by offering a paid subscription "dating" service. Recently, the company has since dropped the subscription in favor of offering it for free receiving its revenues through advertisement. Hong also brought the concept of replacing text with pictures or logos that we are familiar with. He wisely perceived that people generally, do not want to read. They would rather click a picture or watch a simple animation rather than having to read text. Also about podcasting I listened to the latest Technorati. The discussion focused on the current state of podcasting in the current multimedia industry. As the show progressed I identified with "those who pursue a quality show without the backing of a magazine or network television can still receive benefits by the experience. This is true because since I have been producing it has allowed me to learn so much about the industry. By producing content and learning how to present my message I concluded that I can use podcasting as a promotional tool for the services I offer.…


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16-Do Not Run Out Of Gas

2007-07-11 :: Daniel Sellers

This is Chapter 16 in the novel of Imaginate Productions. Hosted by Daniel J. Sellers we review the trip we took to the Apple store at Lenox Mall for the iPhone premiere. Daniel also covers the need for inspiration in our lives giving examples of those whom have inspired him. The importance of being inspired and how that will help you grow as a small business and letting others know of your work as an artist. The need to inspire others can link to our desire of leaving an important legacy. Through our work we desire to leave a legacy that will be admired and remembered. Finally we go over alternatives to iTunes for those wanting to experience podcasts on the Windows platform. Daniel reviews numerous examples for those who may not use an iPod or wish to use iTunes.…


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2007-06-30 :: Daniel Sellers

At 6 PM, Friday night the much anticipated Apple iPhone was released. Imaginate Productions was at the Lenox Mall in Atlanta, Georgia covering the event. Daniel J. Sellers interviews those who stood in line to assure they could purchase their own. We also saw how Apple went to great lengths to insure a great experience as employees cheered customers as they were escorted into the store. Security personnel were placed at key strategic locations to assure the lines moved smoothly, and no one could cut into line. It was a historical event, and Apple made sure it was a pleasant experience to remember for all time.…


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14-See You On iTunes

2007-06-26 :: Daniel Sellers

It is very important that listeners first read the article at imaginatepro.com/blogs "See You On iTunes" before listening. Promoting, distributing and submitting your original content to online music stores can be a daunting process. As independent artists and labels it is difficult for your content to even be seen without the help of the "Big Four" recording labels. The music industry is rapidly evolving, and content providers have new doors that have never been an option now available. The independent labels and artist are being called to fill a void of content. There is a desperate need for quality content. During this Chapter Daniel Sellers covers TuneCore and IODA that serve as a music delivery and distribution service that get the artist' original music, including cover versions, up for sale on all major online download services. Then we cover CDBaby and the important services they offer which include generating a barcode for you. Please review Imaginate's podcast on iTunes. Also in the blog will be an option for you to Digg this article.…


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13 Freedom Is Not Free

2007-06-20 :: Daniel Sellers

We did not want the shows that are displayed on podcast directories to be numbered than the chapter we were calling each show after episode 9.5. Officially we are now on Chapter 13. With the change we are challenging superstition with the number 13. The podcasting industry is changing with mainstream media pushing out many ametuer podcasters for the spotlight. Imaginate will focus on using podcasting as a promotional tool making sure the push to advertise does not compromise the mission Imaginate Productions has set. From the production and feedback from the Imaginate shows, I have a clearer picture of what services I want to build and add on to. Pursuing your dream will cost you. This not only applies to finances. You must be willing to ask yourself, "What am I willing to give up for the pursuit of this dream." Everything in life costs. Freedom is not free. Direction is mandatory if you will get a destination. If you do not have at least a piece of your vision, you risk being toppled by the harsh waves of life. In the review and comments portion of the show I cover Justin.tv and Justine.tv. Are these pioneers of the next step in evolution of personalizing the web?…


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11 Growth of Art

2007-06-13 :: Daniel Sellers

Longfellow once said, "Art is the gift of God, and must be used unto his glory." However at Imaginate Productions we are challenging the definition of an artist and seek to find what individual art is and then collaborate with others. Glenn Gould stated, "The purpose of art is not the release of a momentary ejection of adrenaline but rather the gradual, lifelong construction of a state of wonder and serenity." In Chapter of 11 of the Imaginate chronicle, we discuss these enduring questions with Anthony Novak. Novak is an artist in numerous ways such as a musician, painter and now fatherhood. Daniel Sellers interviews Mr. Novak about topics including how to balance internal and external art and how one remains true to the art that expands into adulthood.…


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Shai: The Gift

2007-06-05 :: Daniel Sellers

This tale was meant to be interpretive. This story was written and read by Daniel Sellers of Imaginate Productions. The following paragraph will simply give the outline of the theme and what the child Shai represents through my point of view. The name Shai is from the Hebrew language meaning "gift". The theme of the tale is most people fear what they do not understand and act accordinaly to this emotion. Society resists change. The little girl with unique abilities is symbolic of an artist often considered an outsider.…


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9.5 Announcement

2007-05-31 :: Daniel Sellers

Episode 9.5 serves as an explanation to listeners for the delayed Chapter 10. Daniel J. Sellers is extremly busy and is trying to ensure the tale for the upcoming Chapter is worth while. Also Daniel explains his struggle of not being such a perfectionist.…


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Currency for Artist

2007-05-16 :: Daniel Sellers

Imaginate Productions is changing how it labels each episode. The next episode, after Number 9, will be relabeled as Chapters. Daniel Sellers focuses on an artist creativity. Creative ideas often are the most important type of currency an artist has to exchange. Daniel explains what creativity is and explains that as we grow older the element of creative ideas begin to compete against other life skills. Practical steps are given for one to encourage creativity and why it is necessary for the business owner and artist to nurture creativity. Daniel answers Erin's email about the usefulness of "Twitter" and other applications trying to foster communication.…


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Utility Belt

2007-05-09 :: Daniel Sellers

Daniel announces his future guest to be interviewed on the show. The group of artist will range from a musician to a sculptor. Many of these guest have directly helped to mold and create the art in me. Daniel gives you some valuable advice in the form of required tools an artist needs to do the job correctly. There are several types of microphones but only two you need to be aware of. Also the best software to use for each audio or video production is recommended by budget and category. What do you need to look for when you are purchasing a prosumer or even a professional video camera to compete with the industry standard. Finally Daniel answers email questions regarding how to balance time, priorities and art.…


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Being Sold

2007-05-05 :: Daniel Sellers

Daniel updates all about the latest in the world of Imaginate Productions. We cover Business Marketing Principles and how to use them for marketing and presenting your art. How to sell to others what they already want to buy and jumping the bandwagon are a few topics covered. What types of audio compression are used, why they are needed and what has resulted from their popularity are explained. Daniel Sellers will be covering how this applies to video at a later date. The importance of knowing about this topic must become a priority. If you are a muscian, film maker, director, producer, etc. compression will affect the way your art is presented and perceived. If this one area of the distribution process is not done correctly you risk your form of expression being compromised or even non-presentable.…


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The Friday Class

2007-04-28 :: Daniel Sellers

How is the art coming from you coming? In this episode Daniel Sellers recommends a tool that helps you relax and inspire your creativity. FoxyTunes. It is a Firefox plug-in that allows you to control your music playlists, volume settings and the newest version gives easy access to YouTube. An audio clip from Veronica Bellmount of CNet's "Inside Secrets" reviews this plug-in in a more descriptive way. Thank you Veronica! Daniel Sellers gets more personal about the art of teaching. This art form requires creativity and skills of presenting a topic that will engage an audience and inspire them to explore further. Daniel explains how his specialty in audio and media inspired not only himself but also a class he is teaching to start a podcast. In the first week of February "The Friday Cast" was born. In this podcast each student uses their specialty (art) within their preferred subject. They discuss the latest in the technology world giving their opinions and recommendations. Enjoying the collaboration from the Friday team, Daniel wanted to give his talents beyond the classroom to a broader and more eclectic audience. The ending audio "Gates vs. Jobs" is a humorous outlook of how two giants of the technology are perceived and how their unique styles would clash.…


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Hard Core

2007-04-25 :: Daniel Sellers

We start out on the latest news reguarding Imaginate Productions. Daniel Sellers reviews over concepts written by Tweak at tweakheadz.com reguarding the art found in audio production and the value of successful production. An excellent free online video tutorial site is reviewed. The site is Digital Juice Television Online at digitaljuice.com. This is an excellent resource for vital production resources and a host of new ideas. Finally Daniel explains the danger presented to musical webcasters in the form of increased royalty rates. A coalition has been formed representing artist, labels, listeners, and webcasters called Savenetradio.org. Let your voice be heard and add your name to the online petition so your local representatives will know of your concerns. Preserve music diversity on the net.…


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Need Some Help

2007-04-21 :: Daniel Sellers

Many people have different learning styles. Those who learn better with visual and audio tutorials then Apple's Free Seminars and Tutorials will be a wealth of resources. Daniel Sellers overviews a few of the subjects this site offers.The Seminars and Tutorials include subjects such as: A. AudioMaking music on the Mac with GaragebandB. BusinessSupporting your growing business.C. Design Specialized Applications. Motion and Adobe After Effects for Designers. Includes Perfect Coloring in design and video applicationsD. PhotoCreating a rich media podcast. Includes histograms and color correction.E. ScienceCost effective storage deployments. Includes types of storage devices such as hard disc, CD + DVD disc, SCSI, USB 2.0, Firewire, Fiber.F. VideoHow to capture, create and share digital media.…


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Unique Business as Artist

2007-04-18 :: Daniel Sellers

In Episode 3, Unique Business as Artist, Daniel Sellers the significance of knowing how to compete against similar services as those you offer is incredibly important. However there are important questions you must first ask. What is unique about your business? Unique about the services you provide or the product you produce? You need to make a short list of your services that are the bare essentials to your business. Then define your competition by location and prices. Do not under price yourself because that may keep clients from taking you seriously. Tweak the way you present your services. It is as if you are presenting your master painting, portfolio of photos and your feature film. The talents you have can be an expression of art. Guard your art but also be willing to share and collaborate with others that may stretch your artistic ability (your services). Daniel Sellers also presents Imaginate Productions' Focus Moment, which helps you keep up with where Imaginate is targeting its creative work.…


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The Starting Line

2007-04-13 :: Daniel Sellers

Imaginate Productions describe how a person who may be an artist can be an effective business manager. Daniel covers his own experience of how he consolidated his dreams with a business plan. Daniel gives credit to his grandmother for the encouragement he needed to begin simply telling stories. She would sit for hours allowing him to create characters, develop imaginary places and attempt to express the combination into a relatable story. His grandmother was very kind. Daniel was only four years old and loved to tell his grandmamma tales he had invented. Nearly twenty-five years later Imaginate Productions was created. Many valuable lessons have been learned as Daniel worked starting out as offering home technical support for personal and business users while taking classes for certification. Experience is more important in the industry than certification. As Imaginate Productions now operates under its revised mission and business plan Daniel offers answers for those who are just getting into the industry. Use the experiences of Daniel Sellers and learn how these lessons may apply to you. We encourage you to participate in the forums and to send in comments and questions for the show.…


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2007-04-11 :: Imaginate Production

This is the first episode of the Imaginate Productions audio program. Imaginate's goal is to unite artist and small business owners into a community. This first episode covers what you can expect from the program. Daniel Sellers the host of the podcast tells you more about Imaginate Productions and the services it offers which now include this audio program. Please subscribe and join this community to help further you artistic and professional goals.…


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Imaginate Productions

Imaginate's mission is to reach out to the artistic and business communities using an audio platform (podcast, web cast, etc.) to promote communication and collaboration. Imaginate Pro is a small business that offers artistic and practical services to those wishing to communicate effectively. The audio shows will include free and valuable steps for every listener including solutions for frequent concerns that effect small businesses.

Imaginate Productions

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