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Last update: 2006-11-30

Nihongo Episode 2


Part 2 of our two part series on the Japanese language. This round we confront the trials and tribulations of spoken Japanese.
Also this time around, no commercial. No skits. No sweepers. No special report. No Rupert (sorry ladies). Just Sonny & Keiko and the soothing tones of our voices.…


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Nihongo Episode


Japanese: the written word, Sonny and Keiko struggle to make sense of this odd, complex, and wonderful means of communication. , Rupert's back too.…


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Osaka Story

2006-10-27 :: Sonny

Sonny's exciting adventure to the city of Osaka. -- Japanese Proverbs -- 24 -- No-Love…


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Episode 3: Getting a Move on

2006-10-13 :: Sonny

Moving, White Trash, Roommates, Fees of moving, Rupert Chedlwick's: Japanese Proverb, Machine Gun Out & About…


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Episode 2: Pingin' & Singin'


Pachinko, Silver Balls, Karaoke, Out & About, Video Acrade & Lobster…


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Episode 1: Getting here and there


Inaugural Episode, Sushi Bucket, Sonny & Keiko arrivals, Japanese trains, Out & About…


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J-TALK is an audio podcast about all things Japan from the inside out. Your hosts , Sonny and Keiko, discuss their personal experiences and ideas from an outsiders perspective of modern Japanese culture. J-TALK also features interviews with natives, polls, interesting tid-bits and J-Talk's unique home-made commercials.


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