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Last update: 2009-10-07

#159 Confused

2009-10-07 :: Jason Cable

I am confused. What rights should we fight for? Who should do it? At what government level? Etcetera... PLUS a little on Dr. Phil on how he wants to be Suze Orman.…


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#158 Beginning Sex

2009-09-28 :: Jason Cable

Listener feedback about the last show and the beginning sex talk a lot of us would have loved to have... I hope.…


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#157 The Agenda of the Country

2009-09-17 :: Jason Cable

An update on where I think we should be headed with the LGBT rights battle in this country... today. Also, an update on my status.…


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#156 Cheaper than a Shrink

2009-01-23 :: Jason Cable

This one rambles a bit as life has been a little rough this past few months. Sometimes you need to just get things off of your chest. Also, my various work coming out experiences.…


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#155 Fred and The Advocate

2008-11-25 :: Jason Cable

Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church visit Pittsburgh to picket the funeral of PA Lt. Governer Catherine Baker Knoll. Also, aggrevated at The Advocate... again.…


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#154 The Militant Married

2008-11-18 :: Jason Cable

A story from an ex-Navy man and a bit on my thoughts about what happened in California with Prop. 8.…


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#153 Social Media Talk

2008-10-18 :: Jason Cable

This is my pre-release session given at PodCamp Pittsburgh 3. PCPGH3…


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#152 Doctors

2008-10-06 :: Jason Cable

Should we choose gay doctors? How do we ask for HIV tests? This and more in another comeback episode.…


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#151 Feed Me: Your Feedback

2008-07-08 :: Jason Cable

Some great feedback including some from a guy who came out because of this show... maybe.…


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#150 3rd Anniversary Retrospect

2008-06-23 :: Jason Cable

For this first time in a while I am actually proud of something. My voice was going and I just had to get my 150th episode of the podcast for my third anniversary (23 June 2005). I decided to do a nice restrospect, showing different ideas and time periods of my own development. It's hard to believe how far I've travelled in three years.…


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#149 Pittsburgh Pride 2008

2008-06-22 :: Jason Cable

A quick review of Pride in the 'Burgh.…


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#148 Focus on OUR Family

2008-06-19 :: Jason Cable

A high-level overview of Focus on the Family along with a view into their world and take on the LGBT community. Basically, we are sinners and are actually straight.…


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#147 God Hates Fags

2008-06-16 :: Jason Cable

Real, Raw, Jason. This is about as bad as it gets out there folks. I cover the homophobic, disgusting Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas. Also, some of your feedback.…


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#146 Celebrity

2008-06-14 :: Jason Cable

In this podcast I talk about a variety of issues surrounding celebrities, especially whether they should be out and proud or not.…


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#145 Kinsey Knew

2008-06-09 :: Jason Cable

Alfred Kinsey was thinking about the issues we face today back in 1948. He solved our greatest problems. He saw 60 years ago what we see today. Yes, things may have been in a different perspective then but the ideas apply to our situations today.…


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#144 Homophobia Defined

2008-06-04 :: Jason Cable

The definition of homophobia is something we rarely think about yet should. It has changed with society and is still at the forefront of our struggles as gay people.…


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#143 Feedback, Feedback, Feedback

2008-06-01 :: Jason Cable

I love hearing from everyone. All sorts of topics covered.…


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#142 Focus on OUR Family

2008-05-27 :: Jason Cable

In this podcast I take on a very recent radio ad by James Dobson's Focus on the Family about a bill in Colorado that gives rights to GLB & T individuals in public accommodations. I also explore a new term for me, genderqueer. Listen to find out more...…


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#141 Homosexuality 101

2008-05-22 :: Jason Cable

Gay. Lesbian. Partner. Three terms every straight person must know. I teach everyone about the myths of the gay lifestyle, the gay agenda, and the gay community.…


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#140 Finding a Date

2008-05-19 :: Jason Cable

Oh, boy... my advice on finding a date and YOUR comments that sparked it.…


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#139 QAF 4 Hillary

2008-04-20 :: Jason Cable

My account of three Queer As Folk stars visiting Pittsburgh to support Hillary Clinton. Pictures at jasoncable.com…


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#138 Coming Out Tips

2008-02-21 :: Jason Cable

You wanted it. My 19 tips on coming out.…


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#137 First Things First

2007-12-11 :: Jason Cable

In what order should we try to fix our lives through government? My answer may surprise you... Who or what should YOU elect?…


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#136 Civics Lesson

2007-12-06 :: Jason Cable

A lesson on American government. We all need to know how this country works and most of us have no clue. I try to educate you to the best of my ability. Comments and corrections: post on http://jasoncable.com or leave a message at (888) 272-5848.…


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#135 Stand Up, Walk Out

2007-11-28 :: Jason Cable

A review of the Republican YouTube/CNN debates.…


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#134 PodCamp, BACN, Religion

2007-08-24 :: Jason Cable

An in-depth look at the bacn phenomenon, PodCamp Pittsburgh 2, and why religion is an important to GLBT Americans.…


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#133 Twitter

2007-08-18 :: Jason Cable

A conversation of conversations on why twitter (twitter.com) is actually interesting to people.…


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#132 Tim

2007-08-18 :: Jason Cable

A nice chat from PodCamp Pittsburgh 2 with Tim, a soon to be podcaster.…


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#131 Diversity

2007-08-18 :: Jason Cable

Jason's talk on diversity at PodCamp Pittsburgh 2.…


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#130 Biblical Bird Killing

2007-08-09 :: Jason Cable

Women need to stop harming all pigeons immediately OR I will lie with a man not as I would a woman. A talk on combatting religious hatred of gays and lesbians.…


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#129 Bars and Dicks

2007-08-04 :: Jason Cable

Memorable quote from this show: 'If you dare stick your dick up my a** you better...'…


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#128 This and That

2007-07-30 :: Jason Cable

One of my rants on gay kissing and domestic partner benefits.…


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#127 Friends

2007-07-15 :: Jason Cable

Friends and relationships. New meanings, new frontiers, and I am still bad at it.…


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#126 Lost Sanity

2007-07-10 :: Jason Cable

I truly have lost my sanity. I promise it will return for the next show...…


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#125 Second Anniversary

2007-06-29 :: Jason Cable

This show marks our 2 year anniversary of being alive and a fresh and exciting new release of JasonCable.com. More good stuff to come...…


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#124 Small Towns

2007-06-14 :: Jason Cable

A complete turn-around of my previous views on small town America.…


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#123 Gay Philly and an Update

2007-04-21 :: Jason Cable

Where I have been and interesting GLBT friendly news on Philadelphia.…


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#122 When Science Fails

2007-01-10 :: Jason Cable

My study of psychology is teaching me about how much those outside of the GLBT community do not adequately understand us or our issues. Listen to hear about how a multicultural psychologist describes LGBT issues.…


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#121 The War on Straights

2006-12-15 :: Jason Cable

Today I cover a TV mini-series on A&E entitled 'Wedding Wars' and parallel the gay wars to another one... hmmm...…


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#120 Validating the Kinsey Scale

2006-11-27 :: Jason Cable

I found modern research that validates the Kinsey Scale and Kinsey's landmark 1948 sexuality study. Sexual orientation is NOT a matter of black, white, and grey.…


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