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Last update: 2012-11-17

Judge Dread Netcast 04

Length: 2h 23m 20s

As we toil in the muck of the mainstream, I can't help but challenge everything I'm a fan of. This at the same time I try to celebrate the sportsmanship of the UFC. In amongst critical engagement of the sport, me and Jay try to take a look at the androidism in society and it's technological and political roots. Digging out conceptual gems and take a holistic glance at the stances of history books and the people who claim to be the British government and royalty. We end on a tension loosening note touching on personal past and present to relate back our perspectives on Truth and knowledge at large. Judge Dread Netcast, it's a big boy thing, ya hear me man? …


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Judge Dread Netcast 03

Length: 2h 19m 39s

Our third broadcast on a chilly thursday afternoon, we jump into our most heated subject matter yet as the judge dread detective division gets deeper into the case, addressing the warriors of the self. Debunking the hyped-up suitors and breaking down those concrete boarders. Please listen, enjoy, put on in the background, have a think, a laugh or skip all that and get to whats relevant! feel free to scan the stream for your taste and wavelength of conversation. …


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Judge Dread Netcast 02

Length: 2h 35m 37s

Judge Jay and Dready Nay pile through the walls of everyday sayings and question everything from symbolism in movies to investigating into how and what we can do to empower ourselves and talk about those who already have fought the controllers and have taken their power back! So come check out this second episode as we break down the crack on Judge Dread Netcast! …


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Judge Dread Netcast 01

Length: 2h 5m 53s

Taking the power back as two detectives plow into world of corporate/religious media and hit back with an antidote for X factor's toxin. This is Judge Jay and Dready Nay, breaking down the crack and cracking though the pavement to unleash the titans of truth and imagination as we thunder back to our roots! …


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Judge Dread Netcast's Podcast

Judge Jay and Dready Nay pile through the walls of our society to investigate how and what we have to to do empower our lives and to take back what's ours!

Judge Dread Netcast's Podcast

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