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Last update: 2012-10-09

Killers In Kilts Episode 4

Length: 2h 0m 1s

Angrier and more ratty than a fishwife's period. Stranger, darker an altogether creepier vibe this week as Scorpio messes with the will of Saturn and Capricorn takes a pounding. Coming back from the club very hungover and full of serious political hell until the injuries sustained begin to take our attention. The lads launch into it toking all the way while trying to make sense of the night and end up debating the relevance of dancing while we showcase Disturbed and a few of Nate's tracks too. Enjoy our special hangover edition! …


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Killers In Kilts Episode 3

Length: 2h 33m 48s

Dougie and Nate dive into the depths of English culture, the black and white of intellectually dedicated chat on the nature of existence in the UK and the world at large. Survival, spirit and Self-observation theme investigations into local talent and mainstream favorites. This is killers in kilts people, light up and get serious! …


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Killers In Kilts Episode 2

Length: 2h 44m 21s

Dilemmas and debates this week as we launch straight into some wild accusations about the North Easts history then touch on a bit of Irish history. Onto medicinal concerns surrounding naturally grown substances and have a heated discussion on Metallica's career. Nate introduces a theme to a bewildered dougie of the "Sick Ricks" and we finish it by investigating into some more obscure local talent. …


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Killers In Kilts Episode 1

Length: 2h 2m 54s

Join us in this first episode as we rip into Danny Filth's legacy and show respect for local musical talent that have offered us a sense of self-reflection and that have added to our electic soundtrack for life. Fondle your dish get some reception and tune in bitches; with me "Nova" Nate and the host "irish" Dougie for an intellectual chat spanning everything from music, politics, holistics, the meaning of life yes that means semantics, poetics and lunatic heretics. This ain't no informer tricks nor attempt to distract you pricks. This is just couple of druidic idiots contradicting the situation of ignored Ricks up in the North East saying screw it to the Geordie Gimmicks! …


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Killers In Kilts' Podcast

Killers In Kilts' Podcast

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