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Last update: 2015-06-06

Episode 17 - Wrestle Fights

Length: 1h 32m 22s

Special Episode with a Guest Host 'The Marcuspiece' Marcus Farrell. Also our 3rd man. This episode sees host John Cooper and Steve Emberson go head to head in a new concept called 'Wrestle Fights'(a tip of the cap to screen junkies 'movie fights) Who's the most over rated superstar of all time? what is the worst segment ever? What's the greatest match of all time? Find out who's answer wins the points? Listen and enjoy also subscribe and leave a review on iTunes or Podomatic and follow us on twitter :@kotrpodcast…


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Episode 16 - John Cena

Length: 1h 24m 29s

The Franchise and current face of the WWE John Cena. This episode we pick 5 of his best matches and find out where he is on the overall leaderboard. Plus we finally give our thoughts on the Rumble finish and the IWC reaction follow on twitter :@kotrpodcast and subscribe on iTunes and Podomatic …


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Episode 15 - Whammy Awards 2015


We're back with a long overdue Podcast. This week we bring you the Whammy Awards 2015. We discuss Best Wrestler, Best Match, Diva of the Year and many more. Embe debuts his latest gimmick and steals Johns. We're also joined by Marcus 'Babyface' Farrell the 3rd Man follow us on twitter: @kotrpodcast and Subscribe on Podomatic and iTunes …


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Episode 14 - Sting

Length: 1h 26m 9s

We are back with a new addition to the Kings of the Ring Podcast where @dukecooper85 was joined by @jx2001 to discuss 'The Icon' Sting. He requested him and he got him. We picked 5 matches that defined his career and discuss his character changes. WCW's terrible booking and whether 'Bret screwed Bret'? And find out where Sting ended up on our leaderboard Follow us on twitter :@kotrpodcast and subscribe on Podomatic and iTunes help us grow…


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Episode 13 - CM Punk

Length: 1h 43m 17s

We're back with another episode, and this week we are covering 'Te Voice of the Voiceless' CM Punk. We discuss his stint in the Straight Edge Society, his famous 'Pipebomb' and much more. Where did he end up on our overall leaderboard? Follow us : @kotrpodcast and subscribe on iTunes and Podomatic…


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Episode 12 - Fantasy Booking

Length: 1h 10m 27s

BONUS EPISODE We're back for our 12th installment and we stepped into the booking chair and fantasy booked WWE's road to Wrestlemania from TLC. Here who we picked to main event and also iscuss the current product Follow us on twitter: @kotrpodcast Also subscribe on Podomatic and iTunes…


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Episode 11 - Samoa Joe

Length: 1h 43m 33s

We're back and this time we're not using the WWE Network as we cover TNA's current longest serving performer. 'The Samoan Submission Machine' Samoa Joe. We cover 5 of his best matches. Talk about the repetitive nature of TNA's commentating. Tna product losing momentum. And another rant about MMA fans Subscribe to us on iTunes and follow us on twitter :@kotrpodcast…


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Episode 10 - Randy Orton

Length: 1h 55m 30s

We're back with the 10th Installment of Kings of the Ring and this week we discuss 'The Viper' Randy Orton. We review 5 of his best matches and rank him on our leaderboard. We also talk Brock vs Cena and the NXT Brand. Follow us on Twitter: @kotrpodcast …


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Episode 9 - Rob Van Dam


We're back with and this time we're discussing the guy with a dozen nicknames Mr Monday Night, Mr PPV, the Whole F'n Show Rob Van Dam. We pick 5 of his best matches (technically 6) and rank him and put him on the leaderboard. We also discuss the fallout from Summerslam, Joey Styles' shoot and the return of garage girl Steph. Follow us on twitter: @kotrpodcast…


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Episode 8 - SummerSlam

Length: 1h 52m 55s

It's the biggest event of the Summer! SummerSlam! So we've picked 6 Matches from it's 26 year history to review for you. Including a burial, a mid card breakthrough and a match deemed the best in it's history by WWE. Do we agree? follow us on Twitter : @kotrpodcast and help us grow…


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Episode 7 - Brock Lesnar

Length: 1h 53m 13s

We're back with Episode 7 and discuss the 'Next Big Thing' Brock Lesnar, we cover 5 of his best matches in his career and give our opinion on his upcoming Summerslam Main Event vs John Cena and also our opinion on UFC fans…


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Episode 6 - DDP

Length: 1h 51m 54s

This week's podcast covers manager turned Pro Wrestler Diamond Dallas Page. We go through 5 of his key matches in his career to find out where he comes on our leaderboard. We also discuss the fall out from Money in the Bank and the road to Battleground. Follow us on twitter: @kotrpodcast…


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Episode 5 - JBL

Length: 1h 59m 18s

This week we discuss the greatest WWE Title run in history and the Champion was John 'Bradshaw' Layfield. JBL. We pick the best 5 matches of this title run as well as discuss our picks for this weekends Money in the Bank PPV follow us on twitter: @kotrpodcast…


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Episode 4 - APA

Length: 1h 59m 15s

We discuss one of the most entertaining Tag Teams of the Attitude Era The APA. Started as The Acolytes but morphed into the Acolytes Protection Agency (APA). We cover 5 of their 'Best' Matches as well as make an outrageous fantasy booking for Money in the Bank WWE World Heavyweight Title Match and chime in on CM Punk's hiatus. Enjoy Follow us on Twitter: @kotrpodcast or on Facebook : Kings of the Ring Podcast…


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Episode 3 - Triple H

Length: 2h 33m 13s

The 3rd Episode is here. And this week we discuss quite possibly the greatest heel the Professional Business has ever known....'The Game' Triple H. We talk about our personal 5 favourite matches as well as discuss the death of gimmick matches and a little weapon called 'Barbie'…


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Episode 2 - Kane

Length: 2h 14m 30s

We're back with the 2nd episode of Kings of the Ring. This week we discuss 'The Big Red Machine' Kane. we discuss 5 of his best matches as well as discuss Fat Show and Jurassic Kane Rate, share and help us grow and follow us on twitter @kotrpodcast…


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Episode 1 - Kurt Angle


The First Podcast We discuss the first ever Olympic Gold Medalist to become a professional wrestler Kurt Angle. We chose our top 5 favourite Kurt Angle matches and do scores based on his matches, promos, success, character and in ring ability to determine who is our undisputed King of the Ring. Also Jonathan Coachman got a Summerslam moment and well he's just a sexy Kurt. Enjoy please give us feed back and help us grow and get better…


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Kings of the Ring Podcast

A podcast bought to you to determine who is the King of the Ring? A podcast sharing our opinion on some of the Greatest Professional Wrestlers of the last 20 years. Listen, share and help us make this a success

Kings of the Ring Podcast

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