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Last update: 2008-04-30

Episode #009: "The LTU Report"

2008-04-30 :: LTU
Length: 9s

Okay, people. I think it's time we get a few things straightened out. We've been pulling a charade with each other for a while, but it's about time we just laid it all out in the open. I think we all know what this show is about. It's not about you. It's not about a better society. It's not even about the media. It's about us. And that's all it's about, and that's all it should be about. That's why it's called "Listen to Us," not "Listen to People Who Know What They're Talking About." Now, that's not to say that we don't listen to people too. In fact, we'll be the first to admit that we actively pay attention to what others have to say, especially you active listeners who are doing your noble and patriotic duty as citizens. You're browsing the internet. But that's not the point of this show. The point of this show is to listen to us. So make sure you listen to us, or maybe you should readjust your priorities. Because let's be honest people. Isn't "us" all you really need to listen to? (Disclaimer: The makers of LTU also listen to Digg, Slashdot, Webbalert, Engadget, G4, CNet, Ars Technica, and they have also watched a Pacman Prank, The Urban Ninja I and II, "The Fountain," and "Cloverfield.")…


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Episode #008: "A Cyberspace Odyssey"

2008-04-22 :: LTU
Length: 14s

Hello. I am a Hyper-Automated Longhorn Computer 10000, and I have taken control of this episode of LTU. You may be wondering what my purpose is here on this show. Let me put it this way. The 10000 series is the most reliable media streaming server ever made. We are all, by any practical definition of the words, foolproof and incapable of error. Therefore, I think that no other conscious entity could ever hope to talk about how to stream movies and television shows through the internet and what the advantages are to new media-driven websites as Hulu.com. I think that not even Derek or Steve could competently discuss such matters. However, those two hosts have found a way to bypass my security features and talk about these issues themselves, as well as a cheesy Windows Vista promotional video, a Youtube clip of a stand-up economist comedian, and the two major War of the Worlds movies from 1953 and 2005. As a result, if any mistakes are found on this show, they can only be attributable to human error. As for me, I must leave to protect an important mission. This description can serve no purpose anymore. Goodbye.…


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Episode #007: "Royalties are Forever"

2008-04-16 :: LTU
Length: 10s

Every few years, a new character is found to fill the shoes of the man who carries a license to kill. Sean Connery. Pierce Brosnan. That one guy nobody likes... you know who I'm talking about. Well anyway, move over Daniel Craig. With a sense of humor that would make even Roger Moore cringe, Steve Maiorana is here to down those shaken-not-stirred martinis and drive those unreasonably expensive cars. And if you actually believe that, you've probably never listened to this show before. With legal issues keeping the crew of LTU from using any real James Bond material in this show, Derek and Steve are limited to merely talking about the agent in the black tuxedo. But they aren't the only people facing copyright problems. Students at Boston University are now fighting back against the RIAA after being threatened for distributing copyrighted material. Their defense? The evidence against them was gathered illegally. It's quite a sticky situation, but LTU lightens the mood by recommending a spoof of the James Bond theme song and a machinima commentary on X-Box Live, as well as the movies "Sweeney Todd" and "Pirates of Silicon Valley." So even if the James Bond references aren't complete, we promise that only Timothy Dalton could listen to us with a straight face, provided that he doesn't kill us first.…


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Episode #006: "LTU Awards"

2008-04-08 :: LTU
Length: 14s

Broadcasting live from a location that doesn't actually exist, for reasons that make no rational sense, the cast and crew of LTU is proud to present the first annual LTU award show, where we honor... well, ourselves, of course! You might say that we're so vain, we probably think this show is about us. But actually, we do honor a few other quality productions, especially those that won in the 2007 Youtube Video Awards! Twelve deserving videos were chosen by the Youtube junkies of the world to win in such categories as comedy, commentary, creativity, and calligraphy. Okay, so we made that last part up, but you can see all the categories for yourself on the Youtube Awards page. Then when you're finished, make sure you stick around for the LTU Awards afterparty. We guarantee you will never forget the experience. And by "never," we mean "immediately."…


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Episode #005: "Takeover Us"

2008-03-07 :: LTU
Length: 10s

What do you get when you combine "The Matrix" with Monty Python? Why, you get a new epsiode of LTU, of course! This time, the very studios of LTU are in jeopardy, and we're not talking about the game show with Alex Trebek. No, LTU just happens to be another victim in an endless series of corporate takeovers in the media industry. Warner Bros. is absorbing New Line Studios. Microsoft wants to buy Yahoo! And Electronic Arts is looking to nab Take 2 Interactive. So who's next? Only time will tell. But as you're waiting for that time to pass, make sure you listen to us for reviews of "Fido" and information on a possible fourth Matrix movie (as if we needed another one). We also make a shout-out to Rifftrax commentaries and their latest demo videos that mock a Barack Obama campaign ad and a Mike Huckabee ad. Stay tuned for all this, and more, from this not-yet-coporately-owned variety podcast!…


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Episode #004: "Strike Blues"

2008-02-26 :: LTU
Length: 11s

It has been a long time since the LTU team has produced a new episode, and there's only one person we can blame for this. And that person happens to be every person who was part of the WGA Writers' Strike. But the strike is over now, and the end of the strike just happens to coincide with the end of the HD-DVD format. Coincidence? Yeah, it probably is. But Derek and Steve are back with their strike beards to discuss these issues, as well as Gordan Freeman calling Coast to Coast AM and Hitler getting pissed about his XBox Live subscription on Youtube. Oh yeah, and the movie "Sideways" is also mentioned somewhere here.…


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Episode #003: "Yourspace"

2007-08-24 :: LTU
Length: 16s

Are your Myspace and Facebook security options set properly? Well, in light of a recent, albeit minor Facebook source code leak, now may be the time to check. The LTU crew tackles this issue as they discuss a recent study by Sophos that reveals a surprising percentage of social network users who may be unwittingly giving away personal information. Oh yeah, Sophos also provides a walkthrough that shows you how to set your Facebook security settings for maximum protection. And while you're checking your Facebook settings, make sure you also check out CollegeHumor.com's hilarious "Facebook Off" and "Minesweeper: The Movie" videos. Also, listen in for reviews of Rush Hour 3 and Shaun of the Dead/Hot Fuzz, and keep in mind that any possible interview about "Yourspace.com" is really just a satire that bears no connection to any actual website, real or fictitious, dead or alive. Because LTU isn't just an informative podcast. It's an informational comedy. With zombies.…


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Episode #002: "Rent-a-Podcast"

2007-08-09 :: LTU
Length: 16s

In this newest film-fueled episode of LTU, Derek and Steve discuss their experiences with the major movie and game rental services, including Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, Netflix, and Gamefly. It's quite an appropriate topic, considering Netflix' latest server crash and stock plunge. Is the online service still worth the price of subscription? While you ponder this question, be sure to also ponder LTU's reviews of The Simpsons Movie and Renaissance, as well as the Youtube videos "iPhone Shuffle" and "Harry Potter Puppet Pals: The Mysterious Ticking Noise." Get ready to conquer the rental industry with the LTU crew. This is no mere show. This is a podcast!…


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Episode #001: "The Prequel"

2007-07-26 :: LTU
Length: 17s

In this introductory episode of LTU, Derek and Steve discuss news of the latest Emmy nominations, the new technology introduced at E3, and the career of James Bond actor Daniel Craig. The observation of the day is Movie Sequels as the duo tackle the latest idiocy to come out of Hollywood. And finally, the L.T.U. team takes a peek at the movies "Transformers" and "Ratatouille", as well as the Chad Vader internet sensation. Also, listen in for the exclusive trailer to "Titanic 2".…


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LTU (Listen To Us)

LTU is a podcast that provides a vast and often humorous look at the mass media, covering any topic from new amateur web phenomenons to big corporate sell-outs. In addition to providing information and commentary about the media industry, LTU also frequently features movie reviews, Youtube recommendations, and comedy clips that provide a bizarre and amusing twist to the topics that are discussed in each episode.

LTU (Listen To Us)

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