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Last update: 2010-08-27

Episode 8: Big Babies

2010-08-27 :: Laugh Force Alpha
Length: 16s

What’s with all of these UN delegates aboard the Fortress of Laughitude? Don’t they realize that misfortune befalls the “guests” of this place? Perhaps they’ve come to their senses and are finally pulling the plug on this operation? Wait a minute. What’s that noise? It’s muffled screaming… very nasally muffled screaming. The Unibrowed Oil Child must be having another temper tantrum. Ah well, better check it out. It might be connected……


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Episode 7: Brought to You By...

2010-05-29 :: Laugh Force Alpha
Length: 19s

Great. Looks like a new billboard popped up overnight, and this one’s hawking a posturepedic bed of nails that claims better lumbar support and bacne-battling capabilities. This is getting ridiculous. Where are these things coming from, and why? Guess it’s time to track down Swiss and the Unibrowed Oil Child……


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Episode 6: All You Need is Love... and a Corporate-Ordered Intervention

2010-02-13 :: Laugh Force Alpha
Length: 19s

Why is everyone on this space station avoiding you? Every time you stumble upon someone, they scatter like cockroaches, giggling and mumbling about Valentine’s Day and medieval weaponry. Hmm. Now you smell something in the air. You’re pretty sure it’s not love……


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Episode 5: Merry, Happy, HOLIDAY SEASON!

2009-12-24 :: Laugh Force Alpha
Length: 22s

Something’s wrong. There has been a significant decline in anger-based activity aboard the Fortress of Laughitude. The crew hasn’t been this mellow since the time the runoff from Rainbow Sunflower’s hydroponics garden mixed with the drinking water. Heck, D.I.E. hasn’t even locked you in the Depressurizer lately. Not that you mind this, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to find out if this recent good behavior isn’t just to lull you into a false sense of security…

Note: As a holiday present to us, celebrities lent their voices! No wait, that's a lie. They were impersonated, as usual.


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Episode 4: Extra-Terrestrial Bondage

2009-11-09 :: Laugh Force Alpha
Length: 19s

Gah! Cripes! Fell into another hole… Is the Fortress of Laughitude that poorly constructed? No, this looks like it has been dug recently by someone who wears a lot of Skin Bracer cologne. Now, what’s that playing over the ship’s intercom system? Sounds like a shrill prospecting tune. Better check it out……


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Episode 3: OMF Lasers! Pew! Pew!

2009-08-20 :: Laugh Force Alpha
Length: 14s

What’s that noise? Is the Unibrowed Oil Child watching Space Mutiny, starring Reb Brown, at top volume again? No, those sound like real weapons. Are hostile forces invading the Fortress of Laughitude? If so, who would actually want possession of this rusty tub? It’s time to find out what’s going on. Put on your tinfoil helmet and stay low to the ground…

Note: Celebrity voices are still impersonated. If any celebrity would like to lend their voice to this podcast, we'll happily pay you in Funions.


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Episode 2: Toilet Troubles

2009-07-01 :: Laugh Force Alpha
Length: 15s

Do you suppose they forgot about you? They seemed so cool when they said you could bunk in the janitor’s closet, but why would they forget to give you the key code to the doors? That would have come in awfully handy when D.I.E. “accidentally” locked you in. Then you wouldn’t have had to resort to doing what you did in order to survive. Find a way out, find Swiss, and find some answers…

Note: Celebrity voices are still impersonated. Like any celebrity worth their salt would want to be associated with us...


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Episode 1: Welcome Aboard!

2009-05-30 :: Laugh Force Alpha
Length: 20s

Welcome to the Fortress of Laughitude! Please, pay no mind to the chunk of the hull that broke off when you docked. Also, feel free to ignore the warnings about an imminent reactor meltdown. It's just in need of some standard maintenance. You'll need to meet up with Swiss for some orientation. Just follow the scent of cheese, chocolate, and secure money to the most neutral-looking guy you can find. He'll give you the V.I.P tour...

Note: All celebrity voices are impersonated. As if you couldn't tell...


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Laugh Force Alpha

In space, no one can hear you scream but can they hear you laugh? That's what the scientific community now intends to find out. Either that, or they want to be rid of a band of miscreants. Exiled to orbit the Moon in a decrepit space station, these cretins are tasked to research the Universal Origins of Comedy and transmit their findings back to Earth.

Laugh Force Alpha

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