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Last update: 2015-03-28

LWC Show #014 "PTSD"

Length: 51s

Show #014


On this episode of Laughing with Cancer we get a little serious, we talk with my oldest son and part time co-host Erik (Gunner) Baisley and how he deals with PTSD.  From boot camp, to being deployed to Iraq, and how he copes with his PTSD.  He tells us what it was like in boot camp and how they tear you down and in his words "to dirt level" just to build you back up.  He explains how he felt about going to fight for our country and being a solider ever since 9/11.  He explains how a solider feels when they come home and the mindset you take on from being in combat. From the moment he left to Iraq and we found out he was a rabbit gunner, his mother and I were both worried sick for his life. I cant imagined how he must have felt as he explains, waking up everyday and wondering if  that day would be his last. Working with the Navy Seals and having one particular seal teaching him a lesson about situational awareness by choking him out at random several times throughout the week, until he was always on guard. Like most parents of Soliders fighting for our country, all we can do is hope and pray, that they come home in one piece.  However, what we dont realize is that even though they may have come home with no visual scars, they come home with mental and emotional scars. PTSD can lead to depression, anxiety, alcoholism, drug abuse and even thoguhts of suicide. With the help from their family, other loved ones and even the VA, our soliders can work through their PTSD, one step at a time. I would like to thank my son Erik and all the other young men who fought and died for our country. I'm very proud of you and i will always be there for you, love you bud.



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LWC Show #013 "What are we even talking about"

Length: 38s

Show # 013

"What are we even talking about"

Once again Elvisrico's son (Erik Gunner Baisley) joins in as they discuss what has happened since the last show.  Warren Sapp gets arested for soliciting a prostitute after Superbowl XLIX (49) and fired from the NFL network.  2 Chainz is mulling a run for mayor of College park, GA. Why you might ask? Who knows why, but he's got his "Middle finger up to the competition" Ahh geez.  A follow up on 17 year old Cassandra C; the teenager undergoing forced chemotherapy in Connecticut and why she is forced to stay in a group home.  Why should pediatricians be turning away unvaccinated patients from there practice?  Do you agree?  DOCTORS EXCITED BY NEW CANCER TREATMENT! We like to call it the "Navy Seal team 6" of cancer treatments, but they call it "Glivec" or ST1571.  Last but not least, a 51 year old Nigerian man is purchased as a toy for a rich white kid. "What is the world coming to!", I ask you.  This and much more on Laughing with Cancer.


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LWC Show#012 "Heart wants what the Heart wants"

Length: 36s


   Show #12

 "Heart wants what the Heart wants"


  Happy Valentine's day!!!


  Guest Erik J Baisley joins us on the show.


  Not only is it Valentine's day, but its also "American Heart month" makes sense.


  Congenital Heart defect awareness week (February 7-14)


  No glove no love, "condom week" (week of Valentine's day) again, makes sense.


  To eat or not to eat, Eating disorder awareness week (last week of February)


  Erik's ex was a little on the crazy side.


  Having a bad day? Man in China has his penis cut off twice in one day.


  National "Wear Red" day (first Friday of February)


  Does the state have the right to force your child to undergo chemotherapy?


  Cassandra C. 17 in Hartford, connecticut is being forced to do chemotherapy against her will.


  Chemda of "Keith and the girl" is getting married to Lauren Hennessy in Hawaii.








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LWC Show #011 "New Year with no fear"

Length: 30s

Show # 11

"New Year with no fear"

Out with the old, in with the new: So long 2014, Hello 2015!

Gone but, not forgoten: RIP to the ones we lost in 2014.

New Year's resolutions: A list of the top 15 resolutions.

Who loves oranges? Elvisricos, dog Damon or as I like to call him, "Senior Puto" does.

Fruit of the show: 10 health benefits of Avocados

PEACE! LOVE! and stay laughing...

HAPPY 2015!!!  


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LWC Show#010 " Stress and the Holidays"

Length: 33s

      Show #10

"Stress and the Holidays"

What time is it?  Well its Christmas time pretty baby!

Turkey day, bake or fry?  How many people dropped the turkey or caught their house on fire?

To Amazon or not to Amazon?  That is the Question.

Christmas music?  Elvis music?  Of course Elvis music...Its Elvis.

How tall is to tall?  Why do we need a 9' tall Christmas tree.

The boys are back in town!  My boys are moving back to Phoenix.

Stress, Depression, and Stress! Tips on how not to stress or get depressed over the holidays.

Cheers with the beers...or not?  My dad and I were banned from drinking on Christmas day or any other holiday.

Take a Christmas chill pill







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LWC Show#009 "The power of laughter"

Length: 31s


                                                     Show #9


                                        The Power Of Laughter


Cruising: Went on a cruise to Mexico and the Catalina Island.


Whose tail: Went deep sea fishing in Mexico and hooked some big yellow tail.  


Light The Night: The Light The Night Walk for Leukemia and lymphoma society went off with a bang and raised over $700,000.


Can you be my DD: My buddy Rick Goeden takes me to a Slayer concert so I can be the designated driver.


Laughter, laughter, laughter: Little children laugh 300-400 times a day, adults 15-20.


HA HA HA HA: Norman Cousins has a book called “Anatomy of an illness” where he claims he literally laughed his way to health.


Finding ways to laugh: In a dark place in my life and laughter helped pull me out with the help of Keith and the Girl.

Laugh at your kids: I would torture my kids (In a good way of course) and laugh and laugh and laugh


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Show #8 "Be Aware"

Length: 30s


         Show #8


      “Be Aware”


Be aware of what? : It’s Leukemia awareness month… Blood cancer awareness month… Childhood cancer awareness month and prostate cancer awareness month.


Flood in the desert: The I-10 floods in Phoenix.


Go see a movie with ACTION! : Expendables 3… November Man... And Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


Dance to Ebola: New song in Africa to make people aware of Ebola virus.


Light The Night: November 7th is Light The Night Walk for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society go to www.laughingwithcancerpodcast.com and click the link      


Birthday boy: Elvisrico turns 45


Leukemia: Some small facts about Leukemia and Lymphoma  



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"Bedside Manner"

Length: 25s


 Show # 7


 "Bedside manner"


 The big C word: How were you told you had cancer?


 Back to school: Kids start high school at 9th grade.


 Bedside manner: Good or bad?


 Pedestal or no pedestal: Dr's are people too.


 Patience have attitudes: Elvisrico gets tattoos when Dr's told him not to


 Stories of bedside manner: People email and message with their story.


 Donate! Donate! Donate! November 7th is the "Light The Night Walk" for Leukemia lymphoma Society,    go to www.laughingwithcancerpodcast.com and click on the LLS/Light The Night Walk to donate.





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"Let's Talk About Stress Baby"

Length: 27s


Laughing with Cancer Show #6


"Let’s Talk About Stress Baby"


July:  USA! USA! USA!


July is be aware of what month?  Bladder cancer, skin cancer and sarcoma cancer.


Lets raise money:  Light The Night Walk for Leukemia Lymphoma Society November 7th.


5K  race:  The R.O.C race November 15th in Phoenix.


Lets talk about stress:  How do we deal with stress?


Elvis you make no sense:   Avoid your stress by accepting your stress.


Different ways to relieve your stress:  Start with a hobby.


Words of wisdom:  Kevin Feeney gets words of wisdom from a Tibetan Lama 



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"Good old fashioned R & R"

Length: 35s


                                             Laughing with Cancer show #5


                                                "Good old fashioned R & R"


Rest and relaxation: Elvisrico and his girlfriend Julie go to La Jolla beach for 6 days.


Duck’s the name: Neighbors upstairs have a pet duck named Duck.


The Incredibles: Elvisrico puts on a wetsuit and looks like the dad from the movie The Incredibles


Backpack girl: Drew Alyssa Dawson backpacks across California.


Yoga man: I’m guessing saying good morning to someone doing yoga is the wrong thing to do.


Meeting people and making friends: Met a lady with cancer, a lady that’s a cancer survivor, and a guy with chronic illness and pain.


Stingray anyone: Elvisrico hooks a thornback stingray while fishing on the pier in Mission beach.


Beads and More: Juan and Julia owners of Beads and More tell us how making jewelry relaxes you and takes your mind off things that are stressing you at that moment.


THE ROC RACE: 5k race in Phoenix on November 15th… come join us for loads of fun.  



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Show #4 "Starve the cancer, cure the disease"

Length: 30s

                      "Starve the cancer, cure the disesse"

Elvisrico talks about foods that can starve cancer cells. Are organic foods worth the cost?
Elvisrico is pretty sure the radiation he worked with for over 15 years at the powerplants gave him leukemia.

The price of eating out for a family of four compared to eating at home.

Foods with pesticides in them, good or not so much?

The steroids in the meat are making the kids giants.

It's better to grow your own vegetables.

The "Cantin Ketogenic Diet" a book by Elaine Cantin. Does it work? She is sending him the book and he will be interviewing her in the future.



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Laughing with cancer show#3

Length: 44s

Laughing with Cancer Show #3.  How do we cope?

ELVISRICO HAS A NEW THEME SONG!! Sung by none other than..... Elvisrico

Elvisrico talks about different ways of coping.

Kaitlyn's dad passed away a year ago. How she has been coping and what she uses as an outlet.

Elvisrico explains to Kaitlyn why boys are pigs.

Elvisrico's girlfriend has had to cope with the loss of 2 ex-husbands and her boyfriend (Elvisrico) has cancer.

OH?! Did I tell you there's a new theme song?!

Several people emailed Elvisrico on how they cope with cancer.

Andy Kennedy's mom has lung cancer and tells Elvisrico how they cope. (This guy did Elvisrico's new intro with www.monkosaurproductions.com)

Elvisrico explains how friends and other people try to help you cope with words of wisdom and end up saying things you really don't want to hear.



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Laughing with cancer show #2

Length: 28s

 Laughing with Cancer Show #2 "MOTIVATION"

Elvisrico talks about what gets you moving, what gets you out of bed, and what gets the juices flowing
What Motivates you?
Is it anger?
Is it death?
Is it fear?
Is it music?
Is it a podcast?

Elvis tells his girlfriend he will "allow" her not to go to the gym, making her mad, which in turn motivates her to go and excercise.
Elvis's friend on facebook is motivated by a little girl with Microcphaly
Elvis say's silly stuff on Twitter and Facebook to motivate himself and others

Elvis does cardio listening to VIVA ELVIS, then 80's rock

Elvis daughter has lupus. 

Elvis Jr was robbed of $500 at gun point

Elvis gives props to Keith and the girl for saving his life


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Laughing with cancer

Length: 25s


1. Elvisrico talks a little about what you can expect from the show, being told he has cancer and what type of cancer he has

2. Making this a community we can help and motivate each other

3. Getting your workout on

4. Who is Elvisrico 

5. Going through the 5 stages of grief.

6. Anger: Elvis was mad at everyone including God.

7. Denial: maybe the Dr's high maybe the test was wrong

8. Bargaining: all the what if's and if only

9. Depression: Elvis cried watching the movie Cars

10. Accecptance: yep i have cancer so what do we need to do?

11. Starting all over again

12. who helped Elvis out http://www.keithandthegirl.com/of his depression.


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Laughing with Cancer

"Laughing with Cancer" a podcast that I host once or twice a month. I talk about cancer, diet, exercise, all around life, and of course Laughter and how it can help you deal with health issues.

Laughing with Cancer

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