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Last update: 2012-09-23

Episode 6 - Something New

2012-09-23 :: charles@letsflywa.com (Charles)

There are new things brewing with LetsflyWa. After being silent for a time, we are back and planning on opening a flight club near Ft. Lewis Washington. Join us on Facebook as SouthSoundFlyers to share your stories about flying in the Pacific Northwest. …


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Episode 5 - Where I have been

2009-06-17 :: charles@letsflywa.com (Charles)

I haven't been able to publish a new episode of my aviation podcast because I've been a little busy. Because of this I thought I'd post a little video showing why I haven't posted and a little about what I do when I'm not flying. …


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Episode 4 - Partnerships

2009-05-16 :: charles@letsflywa.com (Charles)

In this episode we will talk about a few things to think about when it comes to forming and running a partnership. We will also cover the idea behind the new forums section on our web site at www.letsflywa.com …


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Episode 3 - Why my training was delayed

2009-04-14 :: charles@letsflywa.com (Charles)

In this episode I talk about some of my personal reasons for the slow progress of my flight training and a way that I'd like to help soldiers earn their certificate. …


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Episode 2 - The TSA

2009-04-12 :: charles@letsflywa.com (Charles)

Welcome back to the second episode of the podcast from LetsFlyWa.com This is mostly a rant about the new regulations the TSA is starting to impose at airports with scheduled air carriers and the impact of GA and maybe other modes of transportation. I also introduce the co-op ownership plan that is provided by our site and some information about us. I hope you enjoy! www.letsflywa.com …


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Episode 1 - Who we are

2009-04-08 :: charles@letsflywa.com (Charles)

Welcome to the first episode of the new podcast from Letsflywa.com Find out a little about who we are and what our purpose is by listening to this short little introduction. Lets Fly WA is all about getting people in the air, keeping you up to date on the latest aviation news and finding ways to pay for your aircraft or training. If thats not enough for you then come and listen to my adventures in becoming a private pilot. Join us today! My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-35b7a6cb6f06b4f1636d0f5fc1e0fa40} …


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Letsflywa Aviation Podcast

Join us for an adventure in aviation. We will share aircraft and equipment reviews, aviation news, event and destination info and stories from my own quest to become a private pilot. www.letsflywa.com My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-35b7a6cb6f06b4f1636d0f5fc1e0fa40}

Letsflywa Aviation Podcast

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