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Last update: 2013-05-25

LH80 - Cultures of Wellness

2013-05-25 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 29s

Karel is again joined by Marie-Josée Shaar this time to discuss four approaches to creating cultures of wellness. Make sure to visit Marie-Josée’s website smartsandstamina.com which also includes a link to her book. For further information on this topic, make sure to visit positivepychologynews.com. [...]…


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LH79 - Impression Management

2013-05-20 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 28s

In response to a listener suggestion, Karel devotes this episode to various ways of improving your personal impression management using the techniques and approaches from product marketing. [...]…


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LH78 - Staying True to Yourself

2013-03-30 :: Karel Vredenburg

Karel devotes this episode to listener requests along the theme of staying true to yourself. He addresses awareness, consistency, and strength. (Updated to fix iTunes) [...]…


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LH78 - Stay True to Yourself

2013-03-17 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 16s

Karel devotes this episode to listener requests along the theme of staying true to yourself. He addresses awareness, consistency, and strength. …


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LH77 - Workplace Challenges

2012-12-31 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 31s

Karel addresses five questions listeners submitted on the topic of workplaces challenges.  The questions deal with communicating across age and experience level differences, knowing who to trust, workplace bullying, managing anger outbursts, and working effectively with a world-wide team. [...]…


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LH76 - Mom’s Life Lessons

2012-11-18 :: Karel Vredenburg

This episode is a tribute to Karel’s mother who passed away recently and reflects on seven of the life lessons she taught, lived, and modeled, and will serve as her gift and legacy. [...]…


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LH75 - Bullying

2012-09-03 :: Karel Vredenburg

Would you like to be more aware of bullying of various types and what can be done about it?  This was a topic that rose to the top of our Facebook poll of listeners.  Karel has university student, George Janeteas, as his guest on bullying in general and cyber-bullying in particular.  You can find more about George at his website at georgejaneteas.ca.  George also provided the following additional resources: the Trevor Project, Youth Line, Kids Help Phone, and Prevnet. [...]…


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LH74 - Covey’s 7 Habits

2012-08-04 :: Karel Vredenburg

This episode is a tribute to the late Stephen Covey, the author of the seminal book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”.  Karel discusses the influence Covey has had on listeners, himself, and the world.  He then provides a few quotes and briefly summarizes Covey’s seven habits. [...]…


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LH73 - Questions about Relationships

2012-07-09 :: Karel Vredenburg

Karel dedicates this episode to a set of questions submitted by listeners on the theme of relationships and is again joined by UK Psychologist Mandy Kloppers. The questions address how to deal with infidelity, getting over a failed relationship, and dealing with parents as they are progressing through a divorce. Mandy has also written further on these topics on her blog, specifically “infidelity” and “end of a relationship“. [...]…


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LH72 - Growth Mindset

2012-06-17 :: Karel Vredenburg

After having heard Carol Dweck being interviewed on the Harvard Business Review podcast and checking with the Life Habits listeners on the Facebook page, Karel decided to read Carol’s book “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” and to dedicate this episode to its major insights and recommendations. Learn how to transition your thinking from a fixed mindset to one leading to growth in all aspects of your life. [...]…


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LH71 - Doing the Right Thing

2012-04-22 :: Karel Vredenburg

At the suggestion of a listener, Karel devotes this episode to the topic of “Doing the Right Thing” and provides some practical advice on what to consider in weighing options when needing to make an ethical/moral decision. [...]…


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LH70 - Managing Money

2012-04-08 :: Karel Vredenburg

Would you like a broader perspective on managing your money?  At the suggestion of a listener, Karel provides both a conceptual perspective and some practical advice on managing money in this episode. [...]…


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LH69 - Stop Worrying

2012-02-12 :: Karel Vredenburg

In response to a listener question, Karel provides advice on the process to use to stop worrying, including the identification of your degree of control and taking action on the basis of this. [...]…


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LH68 - Type I Personality

2012-01-15 :: Karel Vredenburg

Karel summarizes key insights from Daniel H. Pink’s book “Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us”, on the recommendation of a podcast listener. He summarizes the alternatives to “carrot and stick” approaches which include a focus on Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose.  Find out more about Dan Pink and how to get a copy of his book. [...]…


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LH67 - Types of Help

2011-12-08 :: Karel Vredenburg

Karel is again joined by guest UK Psychologist Mandy Kloppers to address a listener request about professional help.  Mandy outlines when you seek help, what types of help are available, and what to expect so that you can get the most out of any professional help you seek. More information and advice on a number of topics from Mandy can be found on her YouTube channel and on her website. [...]…


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LH66 - 5 Lazy Ways to Get in Shape

2011-11-23 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 25s

Karel is joined again by guest Marie-Josée Shaar who describes five simple, lazy, ways to get in shape based on the content in her great new book Smarts and Stamina: The Busy Person’s Guide to Optimal Health and Performance, which she authored with occasional guest on the podcast, Kathryn Britton. [...]…


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LH65 - Life Lessons

2011-11-20 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 19s

Karel reflects on the life of Steve Jobs and discusses his life lessons as conveyed through Walter Isaacson’s authorized biography “Steve Jobs” and Steve’s 2005 Stanford Commencement Address.  You may also want to check out Karel’s blog post on Steve Jobs’s contributions to design. [...]…


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LH64 - Visualizing Progress

2011-09-04 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 16s

Are you still getting stuck and lacking sufficient motivation? Karel devotes this episode to using visualization of the goal and progress toward the goal as additional means of increasing your motivation and being successful. These techniques are applicable to virtually all the areas of focus and topics covered in this podcast series. [...]…


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LH63 - Take Time for Yourself

2011-08-01 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 14s

Many people either don’t take time off or do so only with others. Karel devotes this episode to advice for taking time for yourself via five Rs. [...]…


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LH62 - Making a Difference

2011-07-03 :: Karel Vredenburg

Want to make a difference in life, at home, at work, or throughout all society? Karel devotes this episode to an approach to plan and make progress on this topic. [...]…


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LH61 - Mastering Gratitude

2011-06-05 :: Karel Vredenburg

Want to improve your overall sense of well-being?  Master gratitude. Karel is joined on this episode by guest Kathryn Britton who is the author of “Gratitude: How to Appreciate Life’s Gifts“. You can reach Kathryn by sending her email at kathryn@theano-coaching.com. [...]…


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LH60 - Complaining Effectively

2011-05-27 :: Karel Vredenburg

Clinical Psychologist Dr. Guy Winch joins Karel on this episode to provide a set of quotes and top 10 tips for learning to complain effectively. Guy is the author of a great book on the topic called “The Squeaky Wheel: Complaining the right way to get results, improve your relationships, and enhance self-esteem”.  Learn more about Guy at his website, Facebook page, or on Twitter. [...]…


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LH59 - Listener Questions

2011-05-15 :: Karel Vredenburg

At the suggestion of an Australian listener, Karel solicited questions from listeners and devotes this episode to providing answers to three listener questions. [...]…


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LH58 - Authentic Listening

2011-04-17 :: Karel Vredenburg

Want to improve your interpersonal communication? Learn how to listen authentically. In this episode, Karel provides 10 ideas for developing the habit of authentic listening. [...]…


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LH57 - Vegetarianism

2011-03-18 :: Karel Vredenburg

Whether you’re interested for health, the environment, ethics, or just to eat tasty food, this episode will help you with moving toward a plant-based diet and provide you with 10 practical progressive steps to get there. Karel has long-time vegetarian advocate Dilip Barman as his guest on this episode. Dilip makes reference to two websites during the session: the first is an article on FAO and the second is an article on the Guardian website.  For more information, you can visit Dilip’s own website, his cooking site, his photography site, and the International Vegetarian Union site, and also the Triangle Vegetarian Society site.  Please note that there is a knocking sound during parts of the podcast which we’ve done the best to try to edit out but still is able to be heard in certain places.  Apologies for any annoyance this may cause you while listening to this episode. [...]…


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LH56 - Get Up and Move

2011-03-01 :: Karel Vredenburg

Want to get into shape?  Karel has guest Marie-Josee Shaar back again this time providing advice on the exercise part of her Sleep, Food, Mood, and Exercise system.  Make sure to visit Marie-Josee’s website and sign up for her amazing newsletter. [...]…


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LH55 - Getting the Job

2011-02-26 :: Karel Vredenburg

Need advice on getting that next job, a new position in your current organization, or any other situation where you’ll be evaluated and assessed?  Karel devotes this episode to outlining 10 practical tips for preparing for and handling the interview. [...]…


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LH54 - Relaxation

2011-02-06 :: Karel Vredenburg

Want to learn to achieve a deep state of relaxation?  Karel provides this special episode with guided instruction to achieve deep progressive muscle relaxation. This episode can be listened to whenever you would like to achieve deep relaxation and it is recommended that you only listen to it in a private and quiet setting with no distractions. The background music used on this episode is Antonio Vivaldi’s Sonata 5 Largo (I & III) performed by the Telemann Trio and is used courtesy of Musopen (musopen.org). [...]…


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LH53 - Confirmation Bias

2011-01-29 :: Karel Vredenburg

Confirmation bias is the cause of many of the problems in relationships, communities, and the world. Learn how to recognize and start to conquer it. [...]…


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LH52 - Taking Things Personally

2010-12-06 :: Karel Vredenburg

Do you tend to take things personally more than you should?  Karel devotes this episode to a listener request to address the topic of taking things personally. After discussing some developmental and individual difference dimensions related to the topic and some relevant quotes, he provides advice for improving in this important area via a top 10 list. [...]…


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LH51 - Sleep

2010-10-18 :: Karel Vredenburg

Do you have difficulty with sleep?  Karel has guest Marie-Josee Shaar back again to do a follow-up drill-down episode on the topic of sleep. Check out Marie-Josee’s website at SmartsandStamina.com. [...]…


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LH50 - Effective Management

2010-09-06 :: Karel Vredenburg

Do you want to improve your skills for managing people either in a formal management position or an informal one (as a parent, coach, etc.)?  In response to a listener request, Karel devotes this episode to providing practical advice for becoming more effective in the management of people. [...]…


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LH49 - Assertiveness

2010-08-14 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 24s

Do you tend to be too passive or too aggressive? Do you want to optimize the effectiveness of your communication?  Karel devotes this episode to providing advice on becoming appropriately assertive. [...]…


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LH48 - Difficult People

2010-07-11 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 26s

Are you dealing with a difficult person in your life? In response to a listener request, Karel provides 10 suggestions for dealing with difficult people. [...]…


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LH47 - Teamwork

2010-06-27 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 26s

Do you have to work with others in groups? Pretty well everyone does. Do you want to improve the teamwork exhibited by those teams? In response to a listener request, Karel devotes this episode to the various ways teamwork can be optimized. [...]…


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LH46 - Familial Insights

2010-05-16 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 26s

Do you think about the insights you’ve gleaned from your parents and family?  Have you captured and communicated them?  Karel recommends that you do and provides a top 10 list to provide you some advice on how to do it. [...]…


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LH45 - Recap and Review

2010-04-18 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 44s

In response to a listener request, Karel provides a brief recap and review of each of the podcast episodes recorded to date, episode 1 through to episode 44.  See which episodes you missed or want to listen to again.  Also, consider recommending a particular episode to a friend or the whole series. [...]…


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LH44 - Advice and Mentoring

2010-04-02 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 32s

Do need help in getting advice and finding a mentor.  That’s the focus of this episode.  Karel goes through the top 10 list of suggestions for approaching getting appropriate help and also giving it as well.  Please refer to the show notes for episodes 32, 42, and 40 for contact details for people you can contact for professional advice as well. [...]…


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LH43 - Getting Unstuck

2010-03-28 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 27s

Are you stuck or in a rut?  Are you finding that you’re not able to get going effectively on the improvements you’d like to make to your life?  This episode is devoted to getting you unstuck so that you can make effective progress on whatever improvements you’d like to make in your life with a practical set of top 10 items. [...]…


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LH42 - Sleep, Food, Mood, & Exercise

2010-03-19 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 57s

Joining Karel for this episode is Marie-Josee Salvas Shaar.  While most other episodes deal with a single topic, this one is different in that it deals with four topics and, importantly, the integration of them together - sleep, food, mood, and exercise.  Refer to the top 10 list on this site and visit Marie-Josee’s website for more information. [...]…


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LH41 - Reflection & Feedback

2010-03-13 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 29s

Take some time to step back, reflect, and provide feedback.  Karel gives a preview of what topics are on the candidate list for future episodes and then provides a top 10 list for reflecting and providing feedback on this and other podcasts and similar technology mediated content and conversations. [...]…


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LH40 - Psychological Capital

2010-02-12 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 54s

Learn to develop Psychological Capital during this episode when Karel has special guest Kathryn Britton back again.  Kathryn was also on Episode 16 and talked that time about Positive Psychology.  This time she focuses on Hope and Resilience the latter of which she has also recently co-edited a book on which is available at Amazon.  She is also available for individual coaching sessions. You can reach her at Theano Coaching. [...]…


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LH39 - Effective Meetings

2010-02-01 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 30s

Do you find that the meetings you lead and/or attend aren’t as effective as they could be?  Karel provides a context for evaluating the cost of a meeting and the resulting need for increased effectiveness and then provides a top 10 list of practical advice to use in making meetings you lead as a formal leader or as an emergent one much more effective and enjoyable. [...]…


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LH38 - Designing Your Life

2010-01-24 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 23s

In this episode, Karel takes the approaches, methods, and techniques used in product design and applies them to designing the product, you.  The quotes and top 10 list provide you a way to think about and approach self-improvement by designing your life. [...]…


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LH37 - Developing Skills into Habits

2010-01-17 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 44s

Have you wondered how long it should take to develop a skill into a habit?  In response to a listener request, Karel addresses the very important topic in this episode.  He describes the factors that determine the length of time that it takes and then summarizes the rules of thumb for simple and complex behaviors as well as what it takes to get to mastery.  The top 10 list for this episode provides advice on optimizing the realization of the development of skills into habits. [...]…


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LH36 - Progress

2009-10-26 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 41s

In response to a listener request, Karel reviews key points from ten previous episodes in order for you to assess your progress, celebrate successes and identify additional areas of continued and intensified focus. [...]…


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LH35 - Presentations

2009-10-17 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 41s

Want to improve the presentations you give?  Whether you’re in school or beginning your career and just starting to give presentations or you’re a veteran presenter, Karel provides advice on how to improve the overall effectiveness of your presentations.  He addresses the following topics: audience, objectives, three main points, duration, slides/structure, graphics/text, audio-video/animation, humor, practice, and delivery. [...]…


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LH34 - Work-Life Balance

2009-08-23 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 33s

Does your life feel out of control? Are you not spending time on the things you think are important in life? In this episode, Karel summarizes some insightful quotes and then reviews ten ideas for optimizing the balance and integration of the work and non-work aspects of your life. [...]…


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LH33 - Electronic Communication

2009-07-19 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 53s

Want to improve your electronic communication?  Karel devotes this longer than usual episode on the topic of electronic communication which includes everything from Facebook and Twitter to texting, instant messaging, e-mail, conference calling, and video conferencing.  Karel provides advice on increasing your effective use of these mechanisms as well as how to limit them as well. [...]…


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LH32 - Self-Confidence

2009-04-24 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 47s

Karel is joined on this episode by special guest UK Psychologist Mandy Kloppers who discusses the important topic of self-confidence.  Mandy shares her favorite quotes on the topic and outlines her top 10 ideas for increasing self-confidence. Mandy also recommends the book Mind over Mood as a particularly good source of information on this topic. If you live in the UK, you can also checkout the innovative service she founded called text-tonic. If you live outside the UK, you can still visit the website but for now can’t make use of the mobile/cell phone service itself. [...]…


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LH31 - Relationships

2009-03-19 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 35s

How are the various relationships in your life doing? Karel focuses this episode on the topic of relationships - taking stock, increasing, decreasing, and deepening them across all contexts and roles within your life.  He also provides advice on improving the quality of relationships, something that is so important to the overall quality of all our lives. [...]…


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LH30 - Staying Focussed

2009-02-07 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 29s

Having trouble staying focussed with everything going on in your life?  Karel devotes this episode to the topic of getting and staying focussed and shares his thoughts and ideas so that you can improve your approach to this important aspect of your life. [...]…


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LH29 - Leadership

2009-01-24 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 28s

Want to further develop and hone your leadership skills?  Whether you’re a political or business leader, a little league coach, a parent or student, a formal designated leader or an emergent one, the advice Karel provides in this episode will help you improve your leadership skills. The problem wih the initial mp3 file for this episode is now fixed. Sorry for any inconvenience. [...]…


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LH28 - Resolutions

2008-12-29 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 24s

Want to make New Year’s resolutions that will last?  Karel devotes this episode to providing advice on determining how to select appropriate resolutions and how to make sure that you’ll be able to successfully carry them out. [...]…


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LifeHabits 27 - Gratitude

2008-11-28 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 26s

Want to get better at expressing gratitude?  Most people don’t express gratitude enough.  Karel summarizes some good thinking on this topic and then provides 10 ideas for understanding gratitude and getting good at expressing it yourself. [...]…


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LifeHabits 26 - Resilience

2008-11-24 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 27s

Do you have the necessary level of resilience to deal with the changes happening in the world?  Karel outlines the concept of personal resilience in this episode and provides ten ideas to develop into habits that will increase your capacity to deal with major changes, the results of them, and ways to turn challenges into opportunities. [...]…


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LifeHabits 25 - Blogs and Podcasts

2008-11-17 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 32s

Want to make sense of blogs, mini-blogs, and podcasts?  Karel devotes this episode to describing the curent trends in blog and podcast technologies (Google Alerts, Twitter, iTunes) and providing specific advice on how to find the content that is of interest to you using these technologies.  The top 10 list for this episode provides Karel’s specific recommendations of blogs and podcasts.  Feel free to provide any recommendations you may have for blogs and podcasts via comments on this site or in an e-mail to lifehabits@gmail.com. [...]…


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LifeHabits 24 - Managing Stress

2008-10-26 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 29s

Feeling stressed?  Karel devotes this episode to a set of ideas and skills to develop into routine habits to help you manage stress on a day-to-day basis.  After summarizing the ever popular insightful famous quotes on the topic, Karel starts by helping you understand your circle of influence then describes a series of practical techniques and encourages listeners to try them and assess progress in using them.  He also briefly outlines but doesn’t provide the detailed instructions for practicing a technique called Progressive Muscle Relaxation.  Here is some further information on this technique. [...]…


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LifeHabits 23 - Taking Stock

2008-10-20 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 32s

How are things working out for you?  Every once in a while it’s good to take stock of how things are going.  Inspired by a listener suggestion, Karel takes this episode to review key ideas from previous podcasts and provide additional perspectives on them in order for you to check your progress and make any necessary mid-course corrections. [...]…


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LifeHabits 22 - Stop Procrastinating

2008-09-29 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 27s

Haven’t been getting certain things done?  Many people procrastinate and don’t know how to stop.  In this episode, Karel reads some insightful quotes on the topic of procrastination and then takes listeners through 10 ideas for dealing with it and developing life-long habits to prevent getting into cycles of procrastination. He also summarizes the feedback received regarding the format of the podcast which strongly favored sticking with the current 30-40 minute length and content. Thanks so those of you who provided feedback. [...]…


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LifeHabits 21 - Simplifying Life

2008-09-15 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 33s

Is your life getting too complicated?  Most people experience this and don’t know how to go about dealing with it.  In this episode, Karel reads the usual famous quotes to get started and then summarizes 10 ideas for taking stock of your life and systematically simplifying it.  In response to a listener request, the famous quotes are now going to be made available starting with this episode right in the mp3 file along with the top 10 list. [...]…


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LifeHabits 20 - Fostering Creativity

2008-09-05 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 31s

Everyone wants to be more creative but few know how to go about it.  After reviewing some insightful and thought-provoking famous quotes on the topic, Karel details 10 ideas for fostering creativity.  The approaches are applicable to work situations involving products, services, and processes but equally to your personal and home life.  At the end of the episode, Karel also asks for input on a suggestion for improving the podcast series by providing short 5-8 minute daily refresher podcast episodes. [...]…


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LifeHabits 19 - Forgiveness and Compassion

2008-08-10 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 28s

Many people hang on to resentment, hurt, and anger.  Many people also haven’t experienced the power of helping others.  This episode provides you with 10 ideas for skills to develop into habits so that you can appropriately and regularly express forgiveness and compassion. [...]…


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LifeHabits 18 - Self-Actualization

2008-08-07 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 37s

After the basic needs in life are met, many people still look for something else that will make their life everything that it can be.  Maslow’s hierarchy of needs provides a context for this and his work on self-actualization outlines the attributes people have who have achieved the highest levels of personal fulfillment.  Karel summarizes Maslow’s hierarchy approach and then uses it as the basis for a proposed set of 10 ideas for you to develop into self-actualization skills and, in time, habits. [...]…


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LifeHabits 17 - Anger Management

2008-07-29 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 35s

Most people find themselves getting angry and reacting in ways that they later regret.  After providing some description of what happens in the body and setting the context with some insightful quotes, Karel details ten ideas for skills to develop into habits that can help you to control your emotions, like anger, rather than them controlling you. [...]…


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LifeHabits 16 - Positive Psychology

2008-07-21 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 42s

A new area in the field of psychology is Applied Positive Psychology.  Karel interviews Kathryn Britton a professional coach who specializes in this area. Kathryn describes the major career changes she made to become become an expert in Applied Positive Psychology.  She outlines its history and the major themes it addresses given practical examples of each.  Discussion in the episode mentions Kathryn’s website, blog, and the newsletter to which she is a regular contributor. [...]…


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LifeHabits 15 - Achieving Success

2008-07-14 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 32s

Some people just dream of success while others actually achieve it.  After reading some insightful quotes on the topic, Karel summarizes 10 ideas for you to develop into skills and in turn into habits to increase the likelihood of you being clear about what success means to you and then systematically achieving it.  He also reads a comment from a listener regarding a previous podcast which includes the recommendation for a book titled “Screamfree Parenting” by Hal Runkel. [...]…


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LifeHabits 14 - Sex Differences

2008-07-07 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 33s

The sexes are different.  Karel reviews some surprising recent research findings regarding gender differences, provides some personal context for the topic, and then summarizes 10 ideas for developing some good skills in this area which can be honed into life habits.  Karel deals with topics having to do with equality, ideas for cross-gender learning yielding optimized androgyny, and advice regarding the celebration of one’s gender including its strengths and advantages.  Karel recommends the book “Why Gender Matters” by Leonard Sax which can also be found at audible.com. [...]…


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LifeHabits 13 - Taming Technology

2008-06-22 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 38s

Technology pervades all aspects of our lives.  This episode provides you with advice to make technology work for you rather than you being a slave to it.  Karel gives advice on how to control the inputs, which are often technology interruptions, and the outputs, which are your ways of taking action.  He also provides his usual list of 10 items to consider in this case to optimize the aspects of your life that have to do with technology.  During the podcast, Karel mentions several products or tools.  Here are the links to those that were mentioned, audible.com, post-it notes, Facebook, and Google Reader. [...]…


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LifeHabits 12 - Dealing with a Flat World

2008-06-16 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 25s

Tom Friedman wrote the best-seller “The World is Flat” and described how the world was becoming smaller and more interconnected as a result of, among other things, the advancement of technology.  After quoting some statistics regarding internet, blog, and podcast use worldwide, Karel makes the case for being more aware of and sensitive to global audiences and cultures.  He summarizes 10 skills that should be considered on this topic for honing into habits in order to more effectively deal with a flat world.  He also makes reference to avoiding cultural faux pas. [...]…


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LifeHabits 11 - Interpersonal Communication

2008-06-08 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 36s

Spoken language is one of the most important abilities humans possess but, surprisingly, also often the most neglected in terms of skill development.  The last episode dealt with spoken language as it relates to public speaking, an activity that is most feared by many people.  This episode deals with person-to-person, or interpersonal, communication which everyone does everyday.  After reviewing some insightful famous quotes on the topic, Karel summarizes 10 key habits do develop in order to optimize your interpersonal communication.  These are as as important to a business setting as they are to a non-business one.  Further honing these skills into habits will dramatically improve your communication skills and, in turn, your overall effectiveness and the quality of your relationships with others. [...]…


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LifeHabits 10 - Effective Public Speaking

2008-06-01 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 41s

Being effective at public speaking is among the most important skills to have yet most people fear speaking in public and lack some of the skills to be effective at it.  Karel provides advice regarding 10 valuable habits to develop in this important aspect of life.  He discusses relevance to work as well as non-work settings. [...]…


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LifeHabits 9 - Fitness for Life

2008-05-26 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 28s

This episode deals with the important topic of fitness both in terms of doing it for life and gleaning the benefits that include a better and longer life. After reading some famous quotes on the topic of fitness, Karel provides 10 things to think about regarding fitness. The first three deal with ways of thinking about the importance and the benefits of optimal fitness and the remaining seven deal with the development of specific fitness habits. This guidance assumes that you are in contact with your doctor to ensure that there are no medical reasons that would prevent you from engaging in an exercise program. [...]…


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LifeHabits 8 - Authentic Parenting

2008-05-11 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 37s

This episode deals with the important topic of Authentic Parenting. Whether you’re a parent now, planning to be one in the future, or simply want to understand the world of parenting better, this is for you. Based on the first-hand experience of being a parent of four kids, observing the parenting of others, and the academic literature, Karel provides his list of 10 most important habits for being an authentic parent. These ideas will help you to be a better parent, make parenting less stressful, and lead to more enjoyment of your role as parent as well as give your kids the optimal family environment within which to flourish in life. [...]…


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LifeHabits 7 - Career Strategies

2008-05-04 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 33s

Building on Episode 6 which dealt with the topic of Career Planning, this episode addresses Career Strategies.  Karel provides 10 strategies for choosing a career and being successful in it.  The ideas are relevant to those who are still in school and just thinking about future careers, those at the start of their career in order to enhance their success, and those well into their career who are looking for further career optimization or an alternative career. [...]…


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LifeHabits 6 - Career Planning

2008-03-31 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 34s

Whether you’re still in school and haven’t started your career, just got your first job, or in mid-career, the topic of career planning is hugely important.  As Lewis Carroll said, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”  Most people don’t pay enough attention to career planning or think about it too narrowly and then wonder why they don’t have the career they truly wanted.  Karel addresses this topic by introducing three factors that he believes are key to consider during pre-career, early career, and mid-career planning.  He then takes each and gives advice on how to approach making progress in a tangible way. [...]…


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LifeHabits 5 - Working Remotely

2008-03-25 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 51s

There is a significant trend toward people working from home but there is very little information about good habits and best practices regarding this mode of working. Karel summarizes the three most common types of working from home and then outlines the benefits and challenges of remote work. He then provides specific advice about how best to arrange and handle working remotely as well as when it may not be the best option. [...]…


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LH4 - The Power of the Mind

2008-03-16 :: Karel Vredenburg

The mind is amazingly powerful. We can either control it or be controlled by it. This episode is all about being aware of what your mind is capable of doing when you don’t control it and, once you’re aware of it, to take control. Karel quotes Marcus Aurelius, who said, “You have the power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this and you will find strength”. Karel gives a few examples of the power of the mind and the ways in which it can take control without our knowledge. [...]…


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LH4 - The Power of the Mind

2008-03-15 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 26s

The mind is amazingly powerful. We can either control it or be controlled by it. This episode is all about being aware of what your mind is capable of doing when you don’t control it and, once you’re aware of it, to take control. Karel quotes Marcus Aurelius, who said, “You have [...]…


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LH3 - Staying Positive

2008-03-08 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 20s

One of the most important habits to learn is to stay positive no matter what the stimulus and now matter what the context. Karel starts off this episode by quoting Helen Keller who said, “when one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us”. The episode includes a story about a university coach who was overly negative but whose behavior changed dramatically when confronted to an unwavering positive reaction. We have the power to decide how to react to a stimulus and if we decide to take the negative reaction it often yields less than optimal results; when we react positively, the outcomes are often much more favorable. Karel gives examples of positive approaches in situations regarding work and career, relationships, parenting, and health. In each, a specific positive approach can yield incredibly desirable outcomes. [...]…


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LH2 - Time Management

2008-02-22 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 31s

Karel Vredenburg focuses on time management in this episode. You might be thinking, “I don’t have time for that!” but after listening and taking the advice given you will have a lot more time to devote to the important items in your life. Karel starts off by quoting Thomas Edison who said, “Time is really the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing he can’t afford to lose.” to reinforce the importance of valuing time and thus managing it effectively. Karel discusses taking control of your time, yearly and weekly time scales, prioritizing the roles you play, and then has specific advice on new habits to consider for use on the job including default meeting length, staying focussed during meetings, deciding whether a meeting, a phone call, an e-mail, or an IM chat is most appropriate and efficient. His advice for the rest of your life includes multitasking with an iPod, using audible.com to get your reading material, listening to po [...]…


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LH1 - Overview & Setting Priorities

2008-02-02 :: Karel Vredenburg
Length: 14s

Karel Vredenburg welcomes listeners to this new podcast series and provides an overview of the content, format, and frequency. He also introduces the first topic - starting with the end in mind and finishes up by inviting listeners to provide feedback via the website or gmail. [...]…


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Welcome to LifeHabits!


I’d like to welcome you to my new podcast, LifeHabits. I’ll be making the podcast available on a regular basis. The focus will be on learning new habits to optimize your life and to stay sane in a crazy world. We have good and bad habits in all aspect of our lives, at [...]…


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Welcome to Life Habits!


I’d like to welcome you to my new podcast, Life Habits. I’ll be making the podcast available on a regular basis. The focus will be on learning new habits to optimize your life and to stay sane in a crazy world. We have good and bad habits in all aspect of our lives, at work, at home, with friends and associates, in relationships and in our approach to health, spirituality, and our overall outlook on life. We often don’t know that we have certain bad habits and when we do, they’re often difficult to break. Similarly, we often aren’t aware of new habits that would be really good for us and often need to learn ways of forming these good habits and making them stick. This podcast series will deal with these topics usually by focusing on a single topic per session. I invite you to listen in and to provide feedback here as well as by sending an e-mail to lifehabits@gmail.com.  Let me know if you agree or disagree with anything I’ve said, have an addition [...]…


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