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Last update: 2015-05-17

Episode 16: Picnics, Pickles, and Pool Parties. The four P's of summer

2015-05-17 :: Life Knocking
Length: 53s

The great weather really got us talking on this episode. Tune in as we discuss a unique idea for a pool, a fast food/restaurant bracket competition, a DIY picnic basket and more. There's even the (semi) regular segments-- Brandon's name game and a random call to a friend.…


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Episode 15: One Year Celebration

2015-04-20 :: Life Knocking
Length: 1s

We're once again all in the same location--this calls for a party! But seriously, we celebrated with a brand new segment where we try to identify sauce flavors while blindfolded. (Spoiler alert, check the extras page for the sauce lineup, or you can choose not to and share in our mystery as we try to identify them.) The party continues on this episode as we talk about calendar structure, daylight savings time, and the best and worst of April Fools Day 2015.…


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Episode 14: Thinking about Spring

2015-03-24 :: Life Knocking
Length: 55s

From putty to questions from Brandon, KTB really put their thinking caps on in this episode. There's even a special guest in a brand new segment as we look forward to springtime. And what's all this talk about apples and potatoes?…


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Episode 13: We're Back

2015-02-16 :: Life Knocking
Length: 39s

We're Back! The KTB crew is still together, and by the sounds of it they never left. As we turn teenagers in our 13th episode, we reminisce about our own teenage years and take a look at possible future technology. Other topics include Brandon's name game, fantasy football, and nice texts from Kris. Hopefully the reunion episode is as much fun for you as it was for us.…


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Episode 12: It's Crunch Time!

2014-08-13 :: Life Knocking
Length: 44s

We are back at it! This time we Do Lay's® a Flavor and try their new chips live (well kinda) on the podcast and give you our opinion of which is the best... and which falls far from the potato. Also we discuss some interesting and bizarre ideas that are making a lot of money. All of this and more in the last episode before we become teenagers.…


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Episode 11: Summer Star Tipping

2014-07-31 :: Life Knocking
Length: 54s

Summer is in full swing and we had to bring in special hosts K-vibe, Bill Miller and 'New Guy' to take over this episode...but they sound strangely familiar. Listen to find out as the guys talk about more outdoor activities, new tv shows, some new sports and more.…


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Episode 10: Our 10th Episode Celebration

2014-07-09 :: Life Knocking
Length: 37s

WE MADE IT! Decasode!! (is that even a word??) Anyway, we made it to our tenth episode and if you can't tell, we are excited! In our tenth episode we have all the normal segments that you've come to love in the previous 9, while also discussing our feelings on belly buttons, nick names and the all-important/dreaded Kiss-Cam. We thank you so much for listening to us and helping us get this far, and we can't wait to keep bringing you more exciting and awesome episodes.…


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Episode 9: Can you have too much of us?

2014-07-01 :: Life Knocking
Length: 1s

So much stuff to talk about in this episode! We bring up some topics from old episodes including a Tinder skydive and pizza bath-time. We talk about Travis and Brandon's Tough Mudder Adventure, add a new mystery game we plan to make regular, as well as have fun with our usual segments. Don't forget to follow us on twitter and facebook, and check out pictures and extras on the website.…


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Episode 8: We So Kool(aid) you'll want S'more of us

2014-06-19 :: Life Knocking
Length: 47s

Travis took off for vacation so we are happy to bring you another special episode with just Brandon and Kris. Kris has a 2 part social skydive, we talk about more summer trends, Brandon has a skydive with a running start, and much more. Don't forget to comment on this episode, check out the pictures and extras on the website, and rate our podcast!…


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Episode 7: The Chick-Fil-A Experience

2014-06-16 :: Life Knocking
Length: 37s

We FINALY tell you our stories about chickfila that we had promised for so long. Also we have a special guest to join in on all the fun we have on the show. We come up with some new summer trends, some are good! others are not. Don't forget to check the website for pictures!…


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Episode 6: Reunited

2014-06-06 :: Life Knocking
Length: 52s

The crew is reunited and it feels SO GOOD! Travis made an appearance in the good ole state of MD and we found time to bring you an episode. Brandon has a few bad topics but describes how Social Skydiving is meant to be done. We discuss new ideas on how to meet people and how to keep your germs to yourself when you do. Enjoy!…


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Episode 5: Grouper

2014-05-27 :: Life Knocking
Length: 34s

**UPDATE 6/2** Now includes after grouper conversation. This is a very special episode of Life Knocking! Kris and Brandon go on a social skydiving adventure with our friend Gus. We share with you our thoughts before and after. So what do you think? Does it go well? Or is it a major fail? Listen and find out.…


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Episode 4: The Fantastic Four(th Episode)

2014-05-19 :: Life Knocking
Length: 1s

In our fourth episode, we talk about The Fantastic Four, how big the world is and how small we are in it, and talk about an awesome adventure that we almost got to go on. Try not to scream at us!…


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Episode 1: Seasonists

2014-05-14 :: Life Knocking
Length: 39s

The First Episode of our Life Knocking Podcast. We had to jump over several hoops to record this episode. We hope you enjoy listening to the three of us as we introduce ourselves, talk about seasons, Black Eyed Susans, and other interesting topics. Enjoy!!! ~Life Knocking…


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Episode 2: Blink Twice if You Like

2014-05-14 :: Life Knocking
Length: 51s

The second (or real first) episode of Life Knocking. In this episode we talk about Kris' political platform for safe flushing, blinking is the new clapping, and the origin of our friendship. P.S. We are still audio rookies and unfortunately a ghost made it into the podcast and made a weird clicking noise . We apologize. Enjoy!! ~Life Knocking …


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Episode 3: The Secret Menu

2014-05-14 :: Life Knocking
Length: 48s

The third installment of Life Knocking. Listen as this week we discus tons and tons of food, skydiving, secret menus, not so secret menus, we touch it all. ~Life Knocking …


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