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Last update: 2010-04-28

Live Life to the Fullest!


[MEDIA=14] Dr. Aruna is a Oncologist and a Surgeon. Inspite of many challenges her approach to life is something that all of us have to learn from. A cancer survivor, her zest for life is humongous. Be it the present life or life from scriptures, she has mastered it all. A down to earth, humble, affectionate and [...]…


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Raise you bar, set high standards


[MEDIA=13] Mr. Vasudevan, Managing Director of Hot Chips like a lot of people had a very secure job of being a Professor in a college. But the desire in him made him start a Pharmacy. You standards can get what you want. Never accept what you have but dream of things that is beyond your reach says [...]…


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Art of Entrepreneurship


[MEDIA=12] I always wanted to find out what it takes to be an Entrepreneur and a Great Leader. The most fitting person was Ms. Vandana of the The Banyan. Having a "Bigger Purpose" of helping the society and also wanting to build an organization around the same purpose is not dreamt of by many people and [...]…


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No Money…No Experience…so what?????


[MEDIA=11]   "No Money....No Experience.......". Sounds familiar?? These are the very reasons or EXCUSES people give towards not living their Dreams. Can it get them somewhere??. But there is a different set of People who say "So What???" loud and clear and act with their Strengths to achieve Success in their life. More importantly they live a fulfilled [...]…


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Essence of Leadership-III


What shapes your destiny is your Beliefs. A tower is built tall with a strong foundation which makes the tower looks great. Learn what Winston Churchill, Bill Gates and every other great leader in life believed about leadership. Remember What you perceive is not the reality, its only a thought and perception of reality. What [...]…


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Essence of Leadership-II


Part 2 of Essence of Leadership covers 3 important aspects that everyone must be aware of! If you driving along a road not knowing where you want to go, you can end up in the desert and struggle for water! A Tree stands tall because it know where to grow and it holds itself for [...]…


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Essense Of Leadership


How True is it "Only when the tide goes out you discover who's been swimming naked". Most people have a lot of emotional certainty, but traumatic events tend to trigger emotions like anger, anxiety, grief, shame, vengeance and make them un-resourceful and ineffective at times. Tap the instant power in those uncertain moments, take control of [...]…


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CEO Of OnlySuccess Learning Technologies on “Ultimate Success Formula”


[MEDIA=7] Everyone in this world wants to be successful. But only a handful of people ever make it to climb to top of the Mountain called "SUCCESS". Rests of them don't even have any clue about what is that ‘One Thing' that helped the people at the top to achieve that position. Mr.Vidyashankar, CEO of Only [...]…


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Time Management


With everyone having the same 24 hrs at their disposal, few achieve success faster than others with the right action on the right time with the right priority. Attain control over time and work smart with time Download this Audio…


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Mr.Vidyakar-Udavum Karangal


[MEDIA=5]    Mr.Vidyakar,a person who have inspired millions by his compassion towards the society.He has dedicated his entire "Life" for raising the Children,who has been Left out by the society.Starting out with nothing,today he have adopted thousands of kids and provide them with Everything.He is the backbone of the Non-Profit Organisation called "Udavum Karangal",which happens to be [...]…


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