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Last update: 2012-06-08

Earth 5: The Voicemail

Length: 47m 8s

Episode two begins with an unanswered phone call. Isabella the Hologram finds herself leaving a voicemail on an unsecure line on the ship. In effort to continue relaxing the stressed Commander, the Hologram returns to read fictional folklore as a monologue via voicemail. Step into a fifth parallel Earth world with Commander Diana Weiss and hear the story of how hundreds of men protected an "unknowable stone book" housed within an ancient pyramid temple. How far will people go to protect a choice? …


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Cosmic Opium: The Space Commander and the Hologram

Length: 31m 34s

In this first episode, we witness the beginning of the relationship between fatigued Commander Weiss and a programmed hologram. In what appears to be a restriction of ally-gathering, The Galactic Commission denies the Republic from meeting with anyone until the ship's transporter is repaired. In a clever move to communicate with the commander, the hologram bypasses the order by phasing in electric form to de-stress the commander. Unphased by the telepathic origins of their communications, the two agree to share in the reading of poetry and become relaxed together. The dub culture is invited to experience science fiction storytelling performed by Lilith Rising's small but vibrant cast! …


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Lilith Rising

With great pleasure, Melting Radio presents AUDIO SHOWS dedicated to broadcasting old school sci-fi themes with modern lyrical writing. We pride ourselves in giving you new, unique twists on traditional independent short films. Hundreds upon hundreds of hours went into the creation of the first episode of Lilith Rising, which includes a tripped out monologue performed by Isabella Valentine as the hologram and the role of commander played by Karen Richter. The crew provided voiceovers, a unique musical compositional score, sound effects, and many retakes -- we even hired a lively announcer with our little budget! Additional sound effects provided by Digital Juice Sound FX. The plot strategically unfolds over the course of what hopefully will become 7 seasons of 15 episodes each, if our audience desires more.

Lilith Rising

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