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Last update: 2011-01-15

Other projects


Hello! I do hope to one day add some more awesome audio to Lit-Cast, but in the meantime, check out some of my favorite literary podcasts: Pseudopod Escape Pod Starship Sofa …


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Kickstarter and Short Story Collection


I realized a few months ago that I’ve churned out a good number of genre-related psychedelic/horror science fiction, so I ran with it, wrote a couple more, and now I’m at a point where I can publish these as a short collection. Please consider pledging to help raise funds for the publication, I plan on [...]…


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Molly McNett

2009-03-21 :: Lit-Cast
Length: 15s

Ok, so after a two-year hiatus, I’m attempting to add some more content. I’ve wrestled with explaining to everyone why I haven’t been able to keep up with Lit-Cast, but it is the usual financially-oriented woe, so I’ll just leave it at that. Nonetheless, I hope to add contently as often as I can, and [...]…


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Elizabeth Kadetsky

2008-02-21 :: Lit-Cast
Length: 6s

Men More Than Mortal Featured in Best New American Voices, 2008. Visit Elizabeth’s Blog. …


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Cory Doctorow


Cory Doctorow reads Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll. This is the direct link to the .mp3. Please forgive the lack of content over the past few months as I have been preoccupied building online courses for a few universities to help pay the bills here in Sunny Florida. I hope to be done with [...]…


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Scott Carpenter

2007-11-08 :: Lit-Cast
Length: 18s

General Relativity Scott Carpenter teaches French literature at Carleton College (Minnesota). Most of his creative work takes the form of short stories, but he is now completing a first novel called An Empire of Dust. In addition to fiction, he writes extensively on nineteenth-century literature and on approaches to reading, and he is finishing [...]…


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Diane Lockward

2007-09-13 :: Lit-Cast
Length: 8s

Annelida The Missing Wife Pyromania Diane Lockward’s second collection, What Feeds Us (Wind Publications), received the 2006 Quentin R. Howard Poetry Prize. Her poems appear in Garrison Keillor’s Good Poems for Hard Times and in such journals as The Beloit Poetry Journal, Seattle Review, and Prairie Schooner. A former high school English teacher, Diane now works as [...]…


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Brian Oliu

2007-08-14 :: Lit-Cast
Length: 6s

Virus Bio: Brian Oliu is originally from New Jersey and is currently receiving his MFA from the University of Alabama. His work has been featured in Swink and is forthcoming in the New Ohio Review. From the Author: Being a non-fiction writer, I struggle with the idea of memory in my writing, therefore I choose to frame the [...]…


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In the meantime….


Since I’m too busy to get the next Lit-Cast up, which can happen any day now, I’m posting this, this . . . deviation. Enjoy! …


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Valerie Vogrin

2007-07-14 :: Lit-Cast
Length: 11s

Aim Valerie Vogrin, is author of the novel, Shebang, (University Press of Mississippi, 2004). Her short stories have appeared or will soon appear in, The Florida Review, The Carolina Quarterly, Black Warrior Review, New Orleans Review, and elsewhere. Currently assistant professor of English at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, she is also prose editor of the [...]…


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David Clewell Part II

Length: 11m 27s

Part II of II, RAVEN Benefit reading held at the Black Bear Bakery in St. Louis, MO. The Collector Desperate Measures…


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