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Last update: 2008-11-03

Casting Crowns

Length: 24m 5s

This month we make up for the lack of an October podcast with our biggest interview yet - Casting crowns, talking to Mark Hall, Juan and Megan about how they got their big break, what inspires them, themes of some of their songs, and what the future holds for Casting crowns among other things. Plus teaching from Peter McMurray. Contact podcast@all4god.co.uk Check out www.all4God.co.uk …


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September - Nathan Jess

Length: 31m 54s

The September podcast sees Audio Detectives vocalist Nathan Jess join us for a chat about his music and using your talents for God. Plus hear Audio Detectives song In His Hands and an exclusive acoustic version of Open up your eyes. Only in the podcast from www.all4God.co.uk …


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August: Pete Greig

Length: 22m 11s

We talk to Pete Greig from 24-7 prayer about prayer, and the 24-7 prayer movement, music from Ryan Mitchell,chat and more! www.all4God.co.uk …


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LiveAll4God - RPM and Compass

Length: 14m 56s

The second June Podcast see Compass return to interview Peter, rather than get interviewed. Plus Peter catches up with Bradford band RPM to chat about their album Give My All, living all for God and we even throw in one of their songs, Give My All for you to listen to as well! www.all4God.co.uk …


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June - Tre Sheppard and Compass Interviews

Length: 23m 58s

Last time on the All4God podcast you got promised interviews and music. We don't do things by halves, so in this edition of the podcast you've got Tre Sheppard from onehundredhours and spokesman for Engage HIV/Aids, mainstage speaker at events like Summer Madness and Soul Survivor talking about HIV, and what you can do to help. Plus there is an interview with Norwegian band Compass, who even throw in a wee live song for you. Enjoy! …


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Length: 5m 39s

The LiveAll4God Podcast for April, on the theme of prayer, also mentioning All4God radio …


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003) Worship

Length: 6m 44s

A look at living a life of worship, from www.all4God.co.uk …


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Live All4God 002: True love

Length: 8m 15s

valentines day is just around the corner, so this edition of the podcast has a wee look at what true love is, based on the Bible. …


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live All4God 001: What does it mean to live All4God?

Length: 3m 46s

What does it mean to live all4God? A short look at how you can live life fully for him, that acts as the introduction to a series a podcasts to help you live more fully for God …


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This is a podcast for Christian teens and young adults who want to put their faith into action


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