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Last update: 2008-06-15

#34 - Spencer & the European Soccer Championships

2008-06-15 :: livingingermany@gmail.com
Length: 9s

Spencer discusses the finer points of the European Soccer Championships. He sounds like a sportscaster to me.…


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#33 - Shantal's School Wide Project

2008-06-08 :: livingingermany@gmail.com
Length: 13s

Shantal talks about the school wide project she just finished and what she worked on - Africa was the theme.…


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#32 - Shantal's Class Project

2008-06-03 :: livingingermany@gmail.com
Length: 10s

Shantal talks about how she and her classmates work together on their class projects. She was a bit tired and kept reverting back to German. I think I translated everything.…


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#31 - Spencer's Jedi Training

2008-06-02 :: livingingermany@gmail.com
Length: 11s

Spencer was a bit distracted and mainly wanted to talk about a Star Wars mini-movie (cartoon) he found on the internet.…


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#30 - Emma & Kindergarten

2008-05-30 :: livingingermany@gmail.com
Length: 14s

It was a big week for Emma from jumping into a soccer game to help Spencer to starting in pre-school (Kindergarten).…


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#29 - DSDS

2008-05-18 :: livingingermany@gmail.com
Length: 12s

Here is our podcast about the Finals of a DSDS, the German version of American Idol. DSDS stands for Deutschland sucht den Superstar - English: Germany seeks its Superstar.…


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#28 - We Lost the Nanny

2008-04-16 :: livingingermany@gmail.com
Length: 8s

The Health Insurance did not approve the request to extend the Nanny, "Haushaltshilfe", and so Tamara is back to fending for herself. What will she do next?…


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#27 - Quick Update from Spencer

2008-04-09 :: livingingermany@gmail.com
Length: 6s

Here are a couple of items from Spencer, including some German Jokes told by Spencer. And what does a 9 year old American do when he meets an 12 year old Englishman in Germany - they speak German.…


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#26 - Will we Lose the Nanny?

2008-04-06 :: livingingermany@gmail.com
Length: 16s

The Nanny's official last day is Wednesday April 9th. Will our request for extension be granted? Will she continue to work magic in our home?…


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#25 - A Nanny to the Rescue

2008-03-30 :: livingingermany@gmail.com
Length: 17s

After surgery Tamara gets help around the house from a Nanny provided by the health insurance.…


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#24 - A Snowy Easter with Shantal

2008-03-24 :: livingingermany@gmail.com
Length: 9s

Shantal talks about Easter, Chocolate, and Peeps, and the great surprise of having some snow on Easter and on Easter Monday (a public holiday in Germany).…


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#23 - American Flag Football

2008-03-18 :: livingingermany@gmail.com
Length: 14s

Gardner & Spencer host a Fathers-n-Sons American Flag Football day for Spencer's class.…


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#22 - Emma Discovers German

2008-01-20 :: livingingermany@gmail.com
Length: 9s

Find out how Emma, a 2 1/2 year old, deals with growing up in a bilingual home. Some words she refuses to use and others she embraces in the 2nd language. But what Emma loves most is the "mommy" language. And, who wouldn't!…


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#21 - Catching Up

2007-10-21 :: livingingermany@gmail.com
Length: 17s

Catching up after a few weeks off. Why did we take a few weeks off. Vacation with grandpa & grandma, Tamara in hospital, and scrapbooking weekend.…


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#20 - 1st Anniversay - Gardner & Tamara

2007-09-27 :: livingingermany@gmail.com
Length: 20s

Gardner & Tamara podcastalize some of their memories from their first year in Germany; including, Hannah coming out of her shell, the babies growing up, and living with rainy weather.…


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#18 - 1st Anniversary - Spencer's memories

2007-09-24 :: livingingermany@gmail.com
Length: 6s

Spencer talks about one his favorite memories from the first year in Germany - summer break.…


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#19 - 1st Anniversary - Shantal's memories

2007-09-24 :: livingingermany@gmail.com
Length: 7s

Shantal talks about some of her memories from the first year in Germany; tunnels, 1/2 day school, and waterparks.…


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#16 - Shantal, 9 year old English Teacher!

2007-09-09 :: livingingermany@gmail.com
Length: 10s

Meet Shantal, our 9 year old. She has starting helping her teacher give English lessons in her 3rd grade German class.…


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#17 - Spencer, 8 year old German Translator

2007-09-09 :: livingingermany@gmail.com
Length: 6s

Meet Spencer. He's been in Germany for one year and has already been hired as a translator. Well already been used as a translator - in primary (kids sunday school) at church.…


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#15 - A Rough Week, A Really Rough Week

2007-09-08 :: livingingermany@gmail.com
Length: 57s

What does one do when their son is beaten up at school and the school doesn't even call you? We don't really know what to do either, but it sure makes for a long and rough week, trying to do something about it. And, a long episode.…


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#14 - Shopping in Germany

2007-09-02 :: livingingermany@gmail.com
Length: 37s

Ever drive a 4 wheel-drive shopping cart? Ever shop at Aldi? Check out how Tamara navigates the German grocery shopping waters…


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#13 - Typical day at the Wheeler's

2007-08-28 :: livingingermany@gmail.com
Length: 10s

What's a typical day at your house like? Tamara puts out the flames on various and sundry school problems, and some real flames from toaster oven.…


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#12 - Hodgepodge of an Episode

2007-08-26 :: livingingermany@gmail.com
Length: 33s

Pokeman for Spencer, Levi 501s On Sale!, Shantal trip to the dentist, Emma's new "Kinderbett", and Tamara loses her grandfather.…


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#11 - Ian's about to turn One

2007-08-18 :: livingingermany@gmail.com
Length: 21s

We reflect on our past year in Germany and our Son Ian who was just three weeks old when we landed in Germany. Plus some school updates.…


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#10 - 1st week of School, Recycling, & Sperrmuell

2007-08-12 :: livingingermany@gmail.com
Length: 26s

How have the kids fared in their first week of school? What does that have to do with recycling? Tune in for this, plus a bonus feature - Sperrmuell.…


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#09 - 1st Day of School

2007-08-08 :: livingingermany@gmail.com
Length: 22s

How did Hannah's first day of school turn out. Was it overrated? Yes says Tamara. And naturally, Gardner says the exact opposite. Find out why.…


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#08 - Getting Ready for 1st Day of School

2007-08-05 :: livingingermany@gmail.com
Length: 28s

Hannah's 1st day of school is coming up on 6 August 2007 and from what we can tell it will be much like Christmas morning for Hannah. Are we ready for this amazing German tradition?…


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#07 - Driving in Germany

2007-07-29 :: livingingermany@gmail.com
Length: 27s

Through the eyes of The Wheelers: Is the "autobahn" really that cool? Yellow means "slow down"? No right turn on Red, what?…


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#06 - Berlin, a bit of History

2007-07-28 :: livingingermany@gmail.com
Length: 35s

Through the eyes of The Wheelers: History of Post War Berlin: from the Berlin air-lift, to building starting the wall at Brandenburg Gate, to escaping from East Germany, to the fall of the wall and Wall Woodpeckers.…


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#05 - Trip to Berlin

2007-07-22 :: livingingermany@gmail.com
Length: 39s

Our families experiences while in Berlin. Youth Hostiles, Site Seeing: Postdamer Platz, Spree River Boat Cruise, Brandenburger Gate, Checkpoint Charlie. And, a trip to the Baltic Sea.…


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#04 - Trip to Lengede

2007-07-15 :: livingingermany@gmail.com
Length: 34s

Our family's experiences while visiting our former Au Pair's family in Lengede, Germany.…


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#03 - Tamara's Birthday

2007-07-01 :: livingingermany@gmail.com
Length: 22s

This week we talked about The Aachen Cathedral, The Park and Ian's First Hair Cut.…


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#02 - Our First Live Episode

2007-06-24 :: livingingermany@gmail.com
Length: 16s

Get to know us in Our First Live Episode! Our 9 month old son woke up 5 minutes before our show started. And we had actual live listeners that we did not expect and took us by surprise.…


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#01 - School Activities

2007-06-17 :: livingingermany@gmail.com
Length: 16s

Hannah's Overnighter (graduation from Kingergarten) Spencer & Shantal march to Pippi Longstocking play…


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