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Last update: 2010-04-06

So there’s this new thing…


Hey all you beautiful people, I know what you are saying right now. “Drew is being awfully complementary, he must want something.” If that is what you were thinking, shame on you. I don’t want anything from you. Well, now that you mention it, there is one thing. I have a short story up at Smashwords.com. It’s called [...]…


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Can you help out?


Hey people, as some of you might already know, I am writing for Examiner.com in the capacity of Toronto Books Examiner. What that means is I get to write about two of my favourite things, books and Toronto. The great thing about this opportunity is that it is paid writing. The amount that I get paid [...]…


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In Space, Nobody Can Hear Them Eat Your Brain


I got a great early birthday present this weekend, my contributor copy of Zombonauts: Undead in Space! This is a fantastic Library of the Living Dead production, combining Zombies and Science fiction. That right. Zombies. In Space! My meagre contribution is a little tale called “Firebird”, but there are 30 OTHER stories in this anthology. 31 Zombie [...]…


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Lost Gods Halloween Special!

2009-10-30 :: Drew Beatty

Hey Tricksters, So, last night I had insomnia. I came up with a rough outline for another adventure staring Coyote and Anansi, just in time for Halloween. Today, at 7:00PM I started to write it. 3500 words, one quick edit and a conversion to PDF, here it is almost 11:00, and I’m ready to roll it out. It’s [...]…


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This Thursday the Winners Will Be Announced!


Hey Tricksters, in case you missed it, or couldn’t bother to scroll down to read the next post, the awesome folks at Podioracket have decided that I am interesting enough to talk to for an hour! Don’t know where they got that idea from! I’ll be talking about Lost Gods, White Trash Land, my next endevor, [...]…


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Lost Gods, Now in Print!


Hey everyone, exciting news! After a summer of mucking about, I finally have Lost Gods ready as a print novel! You can get it here: Purchase Lost Gods The book is available from Lulu.com, one of the biggest and best Print on Demand sites on the Internet! The price is $15.50, which I hope you will [...]…


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An Update on the Contests!


I forgot to mention in my last post, but I have selected the winners of both the Name the Fans of Lost Gods, and the Spread the Word Contests. I will announce the 4 winners on September 24th. Why September 24th, you ask? Well that is the date I will be interviewed live by the good [...]…


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Should we help Melzer, or stop him?

2009-06-07 :: Drew Beatty

Hey Tricksters, As any regular reader of this blog must know, I have nothing but love for my fellow Torontonian podiobook author James Melzer, but I’m starting to get worried about him.  I just got sent some weird footage, like he’s having a breakdown or something. It’s hard to describe – just watch it for yourself: Now, [...]…


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Can I get a Tweet?


Hey Tricksters, As most of you know, I am on twitter as @drewbeatty, if you don’t follow me yet,please feel free to do so. I have constantly been amazed at the level of communication and involvement that goes on there.  I had an idea to extend my twitter community into the upcoming print edition of Lost Gods. [...]…


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More free stuff, thanks to Christiana Ellis!

2009-05-14 :: Drew Beatty

Christiana Ellis is an amazing and hilarious author and podcaster who has been giving the world free stuff for years now.  One of her earlier works, Nina Kimberly the Merciless, is going to be available from Dragon Moon Press tomorrow. That’s Friday May 15th for you time sensitive people. She’s released it as a podcast, [...]…


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Lost Gods Map


I have been playing around with a map of the locations of Lost Gods. For those of you curious about Toronto, here it is. I will probably add a few more things to it in the future, but here are the main locations. View Lost Gods in a larger map For the direct link, which is a littler [...]…


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It’s Cinco de Harwood!

2009-05-05 :: Drew Beatty

Seth Harwood’s “Jack Wakes Up” has been described by Michael Connelly as “…a fast, smooth ride on a highway not found on any map.” . Today is more than May 5th, it’s Cinco de Harwood, the re-release of “Jack Wakes Up”. Not only has Harwood been giving away his books for free as podiobooks for [...]…


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Lost Gods Chapter 21 PDF

2009-05-03 :: Drew Beatty

Hey Tricksters, Almost forgot, I was so excited to finish the podcast (AKA the hard part) I almost missed putting up the PDF. Thanks again! …


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Lost Gods Episode 21

2009-04-30 :: Drew Beatty
Length: 30s

Hello Tricksters, This is it. This is the last episode of Lost Gods. It’s over, it’s done.  Thank you so much for taking this journey with me, listening, commenting and everything. Thanks to everyone who helped in any way, spread the word, did a Story So Far, Tweeted, whatever. Thank you. The community around Podiobooks rocks, [...]…


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Lost Gods Chapter 20 PDF

2009-04-27 :: Drew Beatty

Hey Tricksters, Sorry I missed posting last night, just forgot. So, here is something to make your Monday morning that much better, the PDF of Lost Gods chapter 20!  As always,  I hope you enjoy the adventures of Anansi and Coyote. …


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Lost Gods Episode 20

2009-04-23 :: Drew Beatty
Length: 30s

Hello Tricksters, Here we are with the penultimate episode of Lost Gods.This is almost it. What a freaking ride. Wow. So, if the voices seem a little off in this episode, I had strep throat on the weekend. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to make it. But I really want to stay on track, [...]…


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Lost Gods Chapter 19 PDF

2009-04-19 :: Drew Beatty

Hey Tricksters, I  hope you are all having a great spring. As for me, well I am sick with the worst sore throat in the history of time! I hope it clears up in time for me to record episode 20 (lesson 123430 of doing this podcast – record EVERYTHING before you launch.  Then it is [...]…


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Lost Gods Episode 19

2009-04-16 :: Drew Beatty
Length: 25s

Hello Tricksters, Here we are with the penultimate to the penultimate episode of Lost Gods. I am already getting prepared to miss doing it! The story so far for this episode was done by Phillipa Ballantine, who has some amazing news! From her web site: Yes, I have just confirmed that I will in fact be an Ace Books [...]…


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Lost Gods, Chapter 18 PDF

2009-04-12 :: Drew Beatty

Hey Tricksters, Happy Easter! Can’t make with the chatty chat – gotta run. Wanted to post first. All right, here is the chapter! …


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Lost Gods, Episode 18

2009-04-09 :: Drew Beatty
Length: 25s

Hello Tricksters, Well, what can I say, Not only am I on time, I am about 30 minutes early! Rock ON! I think it is because I am fueld by margaritas tonight! I usually don’t drink at all, so this is pretty nutty. Seems like lots of cool things going on in the Podiosphere these days. J.C. [...]…


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Lost Gods, Chapter 17 PDF

2009-04-04 :: Drew Beatty

Hey Tricksters, It’s a quiet Saturday night, my boys are sleeping and my wife is out shopping, so I am going to release the PDF one day early. I know, Captain Latepants (AKA Latey McLates-A-Lot) is actually going to get something done ahead of schedule. Amazing. Don’t forget, there are 3 weeks left in the “Spread the Word [...]…


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Lost Gods, Chapter 17

2009-04-03 :: Drew Beatty
Length: 31s

Hello Tricksters, Well, I am almost on schedule.  I would like to share my intence (very intense, so intense I spell it wrong) annoyance with Audacity right now. Crashy Mc Crashy. Anyhow, I’m almost late for work, so without any further ado, chapter 17! Story So Far: Arlene Radasky Promos: Podioracket …


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Lost Gods, Chapter 16 PDF

2009-03-29 :: Drew Beatty

Hey Tricksters, Chapter 16, in all of its glory. Enjoy. Spread the word. Keep on rocking with your bad selves. …


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Lost Gods, Chapter 16

2009-03-26 :: Drew Beatty
Length: 30s

Hello Tricksters, Finally it has happened. After years of waiting and wondering when they would catch up with me, I have been comitted to the Brink.  I finally snapped after working on this freaking episode for so long (as of this writing it is currently crashing Audacity every time I try to edit it, so we [...]…


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Update for March 19


Hey Tricksters, Yes, there should be a new episode today. Yes, it is March Break, and I am a teacher and therefore off so I should have nothing but time. But, I accidentally deleted the episode. Not just deleted it, formatted the SD card it was on. See, the thing is, my in-laws are visiting, and March Break [...]…


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Lost Gods, Chapter 15 PDF

2009-03-16 :: Drew Beatty

Hey Tricksters, Sorry I missed the update of the PDF yesterday, it was the most beautiful day in Toronto in a while, so we spent the day outside, Picnic, Park, Parade… Just a great day. Here is the PDF for chapter 15, go nuts! …


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Lost Gods Part Fifteen

2009-03-12 :: Drew Beatty
Length: 26s

Hello Tricksters, Once again I am sick, so I don’t have much to say. I hope you are all doing well. Next week I promise I will have lots of excitement! Or not. Later! Story So Far: Scott Roche Promos: Enter The Brink …


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Lost Gods, Chapter 14 PDF

2009-03-08 :: Drew Beatty

Hey Tricksters, I hope you are enjoying the start of spring, unless you are in the southern hemisphere! Not much to talk about today, I hope you are enjoying the story, and I will post the next audio episode Thursday! …


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Lost Gods Chapter 14

2009-03-05 :: Drew Beatty
Length: 18s

Hello Tricksters, Not much to report this week. Make sure you check out this weeks Horror Addicts, because yours truly supplied the story! But now, for this weeks Lost Gods! Story So Far: Emerian Rich Promos: I skipped it this week, I’m tired! …


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Lost Gods, Chapter 13 PDF

2009-03-01 :: Drew Beatty

Hey Tricksters, If you have missed it, don’t forget to check out the information about my new contest. It’s going to be very cool. At least, it will be very cool if you help make it cool! It’s all about you, people. So, if any of you people were wondering what podcast geeks do in their spare [...]…


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Lost Gods, Chapter 13

2009-02-26 :: Drew Beatty

Hello Tricksters, Some cool things this week, I hope you have all checked out the contest announcement! You can get your hands on a one of a kind print edition of Lost Gods, just by linking here! What could be easier? Nothing, that’s what. Also, just for fun, I have created a cafe press store for Lost Gods. [...]…


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New Contest Announcement!

2009-02-24 :: Drew Beatty

Hello Tricksters! So, as you might have noticed by now, I do not have a huge marketing team behind me. In fact, the marketing team consists of me, which is difficult. I could use some help. I’d love some help spreading the word about Lost Gods, and so, I am having another contest. It’s pretty simple, really. If you [...]…


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Lost Gods, Chapter 12 PDF

2009-02-22 :: Drew Beatty

Tired. Podcamp Toronto. 2 Year olds birthday weekend. Rocking the Cradle. Beer. Chapter: …


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Lost Gods, Chapter 12

2009-02-19 :: Drew Beatty
Length: 23s

Hello all, So, you might have noticed that Lost Gods was not released last week – sorry about the lack of update, but a three day headache, my birthday, a lot of holidays and activity days and things like that just knocked me out of the loop. But, I have some great news for this week! Firstly, [...]…


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Lost Gods, Chapter 11 PDF

2009-02-08 :: Drew Beatty

The most exciting thing around here today (other than the new chapter, of course) is that the schedule for Podcamp Toronto is up! If you are going to be in the Toronto area on February 21 and 22,  you should check it out! And now, to this weeks chapter! …


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Lost Gods, Chapter 11

2009-02-05 :: Drew Beatty
Length: 26s

Hey everyone! So, with only a couple of weeks until Podcamp Toronto, I hear about another amazingly cool unconference, BookCamp Toronto! It will be all about the future of books, publishing and all the change and upheaval in the industry right now. It looks like it will be an amazing time, and I know all the [...]…


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Lost Gods, Chapter 10 PDF

2009-02-01 :: Drew Beatty

For those of you not watching the football game, here is Lost Gods Chapter 10, in PFD form. I would like to thank everybody who has voted in the “What should I call the listeners of Lost Gods?” poll, it has been great fun tracking that. I will announce the winning name next week, with [...]…


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Lost Gods, Chapter 10

2009-01-29 :: Drew Beatty
Length: 26s

Hey people! So much to write about, I don’t even know where to start. I will start with some good news for fellow podcaster James Melzer, who just got nominated for a Dead Letter Award! Check out all the details at his blog @ www.jamesmelzer.net! Or just go straight to the ballot @ http://improbabilia.com. Also, [...]…


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Poll: What should the listeners be called?


It’s that time. Time for you to make your voice be heard. Time to heed the call to action, and believe that, yes we can. We can be called something other than “Listeners of Lost Gods.” Yes We Can! And I totally made up that slogan all by myself and I have never heard it in [...]…


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Lost Gods, Chapter 9

2009-01-24 :: Drew Beatty
Length: 24s

What can I say, Saturday is the new Thursday. Got behind, sorry. Hope you enjoy. I’ll try to get the PDF up tomorrow as regularly scheduled. And have the Name the Lost Gods Listeners poll up very soon as well. Oh, and sorry, I seem to be having some troubles figuring out what numbers my chapters [...]…


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Lost Gods, Chapter Nine PDF

2009-01-24 :: Drew Beatty

So, two days late with the audio, one day early with the PDF!! Jump right in, all you reader types! Seriously, I love that some of you read the story – as much as I love doing the podcast, it’s a great treat to share this in a written form as well. The poll will be up [...]…


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Lost Gods, Chapter 8 PDF

2009-01-18 :: Drew Beatty

Feeling more sleep deprived than witty today, people, and I am seriously getting honked off about the amount of snow that is falling on Toronto these days. Meteorologists, when you predict a “drier than average” winter, some people might actually think that means “less than a meter of snow falling every freaking week”. Just saying. I [...]…


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Lost Gods, Chapter Eight

2009-01-15 :: Drew Beatty
Length: 24s

Happy Thursday everyone (or at least everyone who is reading this on, you know, a Thursday). Once again, it is time for another exciting episode of Lost Gods. I have been getting emails, comments and Twits about the contest – some great ideas so far, keep them coming! I will hold a poll in February so [...]…


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Exciting Lost Gods Contest!!!1!


Okay, so I might not actually need that many exclamation marks to announce this contest, but when you are the little guy, you generate excitement however you can, even with the shameless misuse of our poor punctuation marks. Here is the deal. I’m starting to get a bit of a following here, people are checking out [...]…


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Lost Gods, Chapter 7 PDF

2009-01-11 :: Drew Beatty

If it’s Sunday, it must be time for the weekly PDF of Lost Gods! Our heroes are in the thick of it, now. When last we saw him, Anansi was plummeting to his death from the top of his apartment building after being attacked by fairies!  Will he find some way to survive, or have [...]…


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Lost Gods, Chapter Seven

2009-01-08 :: Drew Beatty
Length: 24s

Hey people, hope you are all doing well. Here is Lost Gods chapter 7. I would like to give a special shout out to Greg Crites, who answered a Twitter plea for help and made up a nifty Story So Far in an amazingly short time. Thanks Greg! The promo this week is for some dude called [...]…


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Lost Gods, Chapter 6 PDF

2009-01-04 :: Drew Beatty

Welcome to 2009, it’s beginning to feel a little bit sci-fi around here these days. It seems like just yesterday we were all consumed with millennial angst and worries about Y2K, now were are almost at 2010! I hope you all had an amazing holiday season, regardless of what you celebrate, if you celebrate at all. [...]…


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Lost Gods, Chapter 6

2009-01-01 :: Drew Beatty
Length: 22s

Hey everyone, lots and lots of great news here at Lost Gods headquarters this week. First up, Lost Gods is now on Podiobooks.com (yeah!). Even better, Lost Gods has been the Number One book at Podiobooks.com for the past 2 days. Sigler and Morris were number 2 and 3. Pretty good company to keep. In this episode [...]…


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Lost Gods, Chapter Five PDF

2008-12-22 :: Drew Beatty

A day late and a dollar short. Missed posting yesterday, sorry about that. I am now officially on holiday mode! Also, I rented Spider-Man, Web of Shadows for the Wii, and got a little wrapped up in it! So, now that my forearm is all sore from to much swinging through New York, I am free [...]…


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Lost Gods Chapter Five

2008-12-18 :: Drew Beatty
Length: 27s

Hello again. Thursday already? Well, here it is, episode five of Lost Gods! Story So Far: Edward G. Talbot Promo: Murder at Avedon Hill …


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He’s Back.

2008-12-15 :: Drew Beatty

Just when you though it was safe to go back in the bookstore, when you thought the dread menace of the Future Dark Overlord had passed, he rears his triumphant head, ready once again to infect your soul with visions so terrifying, you will never, ever be able to use chicken scissors again. Ever. Sigler’s back. Rejoice [...]…


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Lost Gods, Chapter Four PDF

2008-12-14 :: Drew Beatty

Hey people, Currently I am engaged in helping out my brother-in-law, so, with no further ado, here is Lost Gods Chapter Four!  In human-readable PDF! …


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Lost Gods, Chapter Four

2008-12-11 :: Drew Beatty
Length: 30s

Welcome to episode Four of Lost Gods. I am thrilled to say that Matthew Wayne Selznick was able to overcome horrific hard drive related hardships and is the guest Story So Far-er for the week. I’m actually not sure if Story So Far-er is the official title, I will have to look into that. In other news, [...]…


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Lost Gods, Chapter Three PDF

2008-12-07 :: Drew Beatty

Hello all! I hope you have been having a great December. We have been busy busy busy, so I was worried that I would not get this done in time! Here is Lost Gods, Chapter Three, for your reading enjoyment. I hope. Remember, this is all Creative Commons, so if you want to print this out, [...]…


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Lost Gods, Chapter Three

2008-12-04 :: Drew Beatty
Length: 18s

Welcome to episode Three of Lost Gods. In this episode, Steve “Snowball” Saylor, the first albino of podcasting, attempts to break a Story So Far Record. Also, I get sick.  I believe Anansi and Coyote do some things as well. I suppose I will have to listen as well! Thanks to everyone how has commented or [...]…


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Lost Gods, Chapter Two PDF

2008-11-30 :: Drew Beatty

Here is the second Chapter of Lost Gods, in PDF format. This time, it is the EDITED version of the manuscript!  There were some errors in the first chapter, sorry about that. Thanks again for spending some time with my characters. I hope you like the novel so far. Chapter 3 will be released in [...]…


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Lost Gods, Chapter Two

2008-11-27 :: Drew Beatty
Length: 31s

Welcome to episode two of Lost Gods. Thanks to everyone for the great response to episode one. Your comments, emails and tweets are always appreciated! Story So Far: Sean McGaughey Promo: Dorothea’s Song …


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Lost Gods, Chapter One PDF

2008-11-23 :: Drew Beatty

Hello and welcome to the first PDF version of Lost Gods. This includes all of the content that is found in the audio version, plus a little bit more. Thanks for dropping in, I hope you are enjoying the novel so far. Chapter 2 will be released in audio form this Thursday, November 27th, and [...]…


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Lost Gods, Chapter One

2008-11-20 :: Drew Beatty
Length: 28s

Welcome to episode one of Lost Gods. Music:  Teenage Idol by Mike Zero http://music.podshow.com Promo: Night’s Knights Vampire Podnovel Miscellaneous: T …


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New Banners, Avatars, and Posters


I wanted to keep them on a static page, so you will need to go to http://www.lostgods.ca/?page_id=9 to take a look at some banners, avatars and posters I made up for Lost Gods. If any of you feel in your hearts that you would like to use these, that would be awesome. I would love some [...]…


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Lost Gods Promo Number Two

2008-11-10 :: Drew Beatty
Length: 1s

I’m not totally sure if the world is ready for it yet, but here is the second promo for Lost Gods.  The music is by a very talented group called Gasserpe. I hope you like it, and if so, please feel free to use it on your podcast, I am more than happy to do a [...]…


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Promo Number One

2008-10-29 :: Drew Beatty

Hey everybody, here is the first Promo for Lost Gods! I have my studio all set up and ready to go, the novel is finished and edited, and I hope to launch the Podcast within the next month! Here is the first promo for Lost Gods! …


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Lost Gods

Kweku Anansi is just another member of the African diaspora, trying to make a place for himself in his adopted home of Toronto, Canada. He dreams of better days, of a time when he could be stop running small time cons just to make the rent. He dreams of the life he used to live, centuries ago when he was revered as a god. A chance encounter with a fellow con man with a dark and secretive past of his own, plunges them both into the dark world of the lost gods, gods who would do anything to be worshipped again. Including destroying the world, if necessary. How far will Anansi go to reclaim his godhood? What will he give up to have true power again? The answers can be found in “Lost Gods”, a new weekly podcast novel from author Drew Beatty.

Lost Gods

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