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Last update: 2009-06-02

Low End Theory Exclusice - A Hughes Mix Tape

2009-06-02 :: Jason McElweenie - noemail@lowendtheory.net

Hey Young World!   Low End Theory has been pretty quiet for a while now, we've been busy designing posters. No new LET mixes on the horizon but we couldn't pass up sharing an exclusive mix by the hot up and comer, H-Towns own, A.Hughes.
  This is a straight up Party Jam mix and lordy, lordy thank god it's Friday. Now the instructions on this one are quite simple, grab some friends, some drinks head to a pool, back yard, living room, kitchen, bedroom, whatever throw this jam on and come what may
  More info on A.Hughes
  Born in the H but raised in the 'Burbs, A.Hughes has been writing and recording music since the summer of 2003.   As a second grader he received an "Intro to Rap" class from UGK and Street Military through the speakers in his older cousin's '88 Buick Park Ave. At the age of 11the young kid from Friendswood,TX became a freestyle fanatic after hearing Lil Keke on a DJ Screw tape and has been spitting rhmyes off the top of his dome ever since.    In high school  he honed his skills in the football locker room, the hallways and at the lunch table. After graduation "Al-Deekin" attended Prairie View A&M to study business and eventually graduated in May 2005.  After writing and recording any and everywhere he could  through out his college years he invested in a home studio as a college graduation present to himself.   From May 2005 to June 2006 he recorded 3 all original albums, a gang of mixtapes and an endless number of freestyles in the closet of his one bedroom apartment. When not recording or writing he grinded 9-5 at  his Uncle's landscaping company, an elementary school and a facilities management company until the beginning of 2008 when he decided to pursue a career that would fit his passions for the web and music.   After months of soul searching and with the help of the lord above he finally found a company in Houston,TX that fit perfectly with his passions, goals and skill sets.   A.Hughes is currently working on a full length all original album as well as several mixtapes and video projects.
This mixtape/podcast that he's calling Crossin Stages Turnin Pages III is a collection of verses that he has recorded mostly after 2007.
  Texas Boy Summertime with H Dubb
Sweet Chariot produced by Mack productions
Live and Die produced by Kam Walker
84's produced by 4RNMINDZ
Graduated produced by Mack productions Life is Full of Stuggle produced by A.Hughes
I'm already Saved by A.Hughes H-Town's Delight

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Christmas Podcast

2008-12-24 :: Jason McElweenie - noemail@lowendtheory.net

I know, I know - what the hell have you been doing? Well, short answer - I've been busy. Long answer, I don't really have time for that - too busy   Anyway here is an old mix I made back in T.O. that features some Fila Brasilia, Estero, Coltrane, some old Polish funk from the 60s, a track that RZA lifted for Ghostface's Daytona 500, Tosca, Lord Quas and Alice Coltrane with Pharoah Saunders
  Enjoy bitches  

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Low End Theory September 2008

2008-08-30 :: Jason McElweenie - noemail@lowendtheory.net

It's September and we have some aural treats for you. Quantic has a new album out and it is PHENOMENAL. Taking his Central/South American influences and mashing it up with reggae he certainly delivers. His track Death of the Revolution starts it off with Smith & Mighty's remix of Big Youth's Jim Screechy coming in behind. Natural Self also has a new album out and it is equally as tasty as his Tru Thoughts counter part. His The Rising with Andreya Triana channels some tribal burning making way for Battle of the Species a track off the first Antibalas record. Martin Perna of Antibalas hooked up with Grupo Fantasma's Adrian Quesada to form the genre bending Ocote Soul Sounds. Their La Reja slides out of the Antibalas ashes right into Quantic Soul Orchestra's Melodious Wayfarer. Another Tru Thoughts label mate the Limp Twins funk it up a little bit with Moving Closer to the Sofa. Herbaliser gives Lamb's B Line the remix treatment(seriously how many original Lamb tracks do you have? Mine are all remixes!) Blackalicious drop some Lyrical Fathom before de la soul's sort but damn funky It Ain't Till the Fat Lady Plays. James Pants' Do a Couple Things makes way for DJ Shadow's remix of the Flobots Handlebars - hat tip to Brentabousko for the hookup on that track. Roudning out the last track of the month is Amplive's Radiohead remix Faustz
    Quantic - Death of the Revolution Big Youth -  Jim Screechy (Smith & Mighty Remix)  3:45 Damian Marley feat Nas - Road to Zion  10:33 Natrual Self - The Rising featuring Andreya Triana  15:10 Antibalas - Battle of the Species  19:25 Ocote Soul Sounds and Adrian Quesada - La Reja  25:44 The Quantic Soul Orchestra - Melodious Wayfarer  30:35 The Limp Twins - Moving Closer to the Sofa  34:28 Lamb - B Line (Herbaliser mix)  38:28 Blackalicious - Lyric Fathom  42:49 de la soul - Not Over Till The Fat Lady Plays  46:06 James Pants - Do A Couple Of Things  47:35 Flobots - Handlebars (DJ Shadow Remix)  49:33 Amplive - Faustz  53:27      

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Low End Theory August 2008 Podcast

2008-07-31 :: Jason McElweenie - noemail@lowendtheory.net

The good thing about being the boss is you get to make the rules and the rule I gave myself was 'take July off and go on a vacation' and I did. Sorry about that but we are getting back on track this month with a podcast that features a remix by yours truly.   First up this month we have Illa Noyz a Shawn J. Period produced track from the Boot Camp Click. Following the that is hip hop journeyman Del tha Funkee Homosapien with Catch a Bad One. Aw Shit and Hell Yeah. Brooklyn's Digable Planets drop their Dedicated from their first LP. Pharcyde's Keep Running get's the remix treatment from Soulique. Quantic hooks up with Alice Russel and gets into a head-on collision with the Talking Heads in Lifetime Search courtesy of Nirobi. de la soul drop some education on a real life story of Pos' brother who was indeed a basehead in My Brother's a Basehead. Dr Rubberfunk gets the party going with Disco Scene sliding into another de la soul track A Roller Skate Jam Named Saturday. And remember - 3 IS the magic number, yes it is. Stetsasonic's(Holy Prince Paul!!) Talkin All That Jazz gets the disco remix courtesy of who knows? Keeping in the Disco vide Beasties get the Mashed Up Funk Disco remix leading Low End Theory's first official remix. This features a regular edit of Intergalactic, a trip down memory lane, a rewind, a Too Many DJ's mix and the Blue Nun rears her beautifully bizarre head(Naturally, I'd say it's the wine) Young MC gets the second last spot before the Funky Lowlives close it out with Latazz
    Boot Camp Click - Illa Noyz Digable Planets - Dedicated  3:15 Del - Catch a Bad One  6:37 Pharcyde - Keep Running(Soulique Remix)  8:57
Quantic feat Alice Russel & Talking Heads(Nirobi Mix)  13:25
de la soul - My Brother's a Basehead  18:00
Dr Rubberfunk - Disco Scene  21:54
de la soul - A Roller Skate Jam Named Saturday  26:14
Stetsasonic - Talkin All That Jazz  30:33
Beastie Boys - Ch Ch Check it Out(Mashed Up Funk Mix)  36:39
Beastie Boys - Intergalactic(Low End Theory Mix)  42:11
Young MC - Know How 48:00
Funky Lowlives - Latazz  53:44

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Low End Theory June 2008 Podcast

2008-06-03 :: Jason McElweenie - noemail@lowendtheory.net

Where has the time gone? Let me tell you these past few months have been crazy, no rest for the wicked. I have been planning a big party here in Houston called the Lebowski Bash, celebrating - you guessed - The Big Lebowski. Check out more information on this FREE PARTY. The party is being held at Houston's new co-Working space Caroline Collective. They are having their big opening night party this Saturday June 7 it's going to be a big one so come on by.

Another mixed bag this month starting off with a reggae remix of the Fugee's Fu-Gee-La followed by Ranking Joe. G-Corp's Murder keeps the dub vibe going into 7Samurai's Feel the Same. Ballistic Brother's Provesy Reveal is nice and dubby house. DJ Cam takes it down a few notches to give a nice little come down with Meera. Jazzanova(Much love to Jazzanova), I can't see enough good things about this group of powerhouses. Jon Kennedy sample some Willy Wonka in his Nerve Centre. Cut Chemist drops in the first song of our Portuguese double shot. Ohmega Watts rounds out our double shot with his track Adaptacao featuring Tita Lima. Cut Chemist channels his inner Thievery Corp/Avalanches for his second track of the podcast, Metrorail thru Space. Skalpel's Breakin remix by Dr Rubberfunk cools it down for the Wu's Masta Killa tellin everyone that he is the Brooklyn Kin

Fugees - Fu-Gee-La Reggae Mix
Ranking Joe - World in Trouble (Vibronics 'ska boom' remix) 4:12 08
G-Corp - Murder 7:56
7 Samurai - Feel the Same Dubben Mix 13:10
Ballistic Brothers - Prophesy Reveal 18:44
Bathysphere - Where's Vicky(Quantic mix) 23:10
Dj Cam - Meera(Extra lucid remix) 27:37
Jazzanova - Another New Day 33:01
Jon Kennedy - The Nerve Centre 38:15
Cut Chemist - The Garden 41:10
Ohmega Watts - Adaptacao Featuring Tita Lima 47:14
Cut Chemist - Metrorail thru Space 50:54
Skalpel - Break In (Dr. Rubberfunk remix) 54:44
Masta Killa - Brooklyn King 58:33

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Low End Theory Podcast April 2008

2008-03-31 :: Jason McElweenie - noemail@lowendtheory.net

Hey what happened to March? I have no idea, I guess we skipped it. No worries.

This April we are all over the musical map as usual. Starting it off we have a double shot of Cut Chemist. First off it's his intro to Litmus Test and following that is his track Eye on the Gold Chain. Partner in crime DJ Shadow drops in at the number 3 spot with Mashin on the Motorway. Thievery Corp give DJ Cam's Success the once over and we give it a twice over. The track started off banging and then mellows out and we just felt that we needed to bang a little longer. Ohmega Watt's Groovin on Sunshine picks up the pieces which makes way for our funky block of tracks. First up it is Quantic's Mix of Ogyataana Show Band's Disco Africa. Mark Ronson hooks up with the Daptone Horns for his cover of Coldplay's God Put a Smile on Your Face(Yes that it two months in a row of Coldplay remixes/cover). Lefties bring us Paul Newman. THe Ike Turner shows off his Funky Mule. The Meter's give us a high powered live medley of Cissy Strut/Cardova/It's Your Thing/Love the One Your With. Rounding out the live section of this months mix is Maceo - Won't You Blow - Parker featuring Mr Fred Wesley on trombone for a funk fueled live take on JB's Pass the Peas. Swinging back to the Hip Hop tip is Mos Def from his first release featuring Bussa Bus. Next up it's two Radiohead remixes. First up it MF Doom with Change the Beat off the Me & This Army mixes. Too $hort(yes I actually played Too $hort) & MC Zumbi drop in Nudez a track off the AmpLive/Radiohead remixes. Ending off the month of April is LET favourites the Five Deez with So Good. You seriously need to go buy some Five Deez

Cut Chemist - Intro This Is
Cut Chemist - Eye On The Gold Chain
DJ Shadow - Mashin' on the Motorway
DJ Cam - Success (Thievery Corporation Mix)
Ohmega Watss - Groovin' On Sunshine
The Ogyataana Show Band - Disco Africa(Quantic Mix)
Mark Ronson Ft the Daptone Horns -  God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
Lefties Soul Connection - Paul Newman
Ike Turner & Kings of Rhthym - Funky Mule
The Meters - Cissy Strut-Cardova-It's Your Thing-Love The One your With
Maceo Parker - Pass The Peas
Mos Def ft Busta Rhymes - Do It Now
MF Doom (Pz Wixked Child Remix) - Change the Beat
AmpLive ft Too$hort & MC Zumbi of Zion I - Nudez
Five Deez - So Good

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Low End Theory March 2008 Podcast

2008-02-29 :: Jason McElweenie - noemail@lowendtheory.net

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Low End Theory February 2008 podcast

2008-01-30 :: Jason McElweenie - noemail@lowendtheory.net

Its February and you know what that means, spring is just around the corner. I'm telling you I don't how many more of these mild Houston winter days I can handle! Its getting hard to know if I need to wear shorts or a long sleeve shirt. I'll have you know its very inconvenient. Well enough about me lets get to the tunes.

To start the month of love and massacre off its Mr Scruff getting A Guy Called Gerald remix on 'Chicken in a Box.' Coming in at track two is Fools Gold by Madchester's the Stone Roses. Next up is LTJ Bukem's Journey Inwards. Leftfield makes their LET debut with Inspection Check One. Fort Knox is back with another remix, this time they give Dynamo Production's Get it Together the once over. LET fave Beatconductor aka if you don't know by now you aren't paying attention jams Entertainers with Jeru - where are you Jeru? Cut Chemist, always the jokester drops in for two tracks, first is the funny Open Clothes and then A Peak in Time. Propellerheads give us an example of correct microphone placing with A Number of Microphones. DJ Format's Rap Machine gets old school. DJ Shadow's short and I mean short Count & Estimate leads into our funk closers. First up its Will Holland's Quantic Soul Orchestra with Hold it Down. Poets of Rhythm keep it going with Ham Gallery. The Bamboos redo Archie Bell's Tighten Up before Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings close out our month with Genuine.

Now go out and meet someone to love. If you have someone to love, get to it. If you're Al Capone and you are listening to this when that is just strange.

Mr. Scruff - Chicken in a Box (A Guy Called Gerald remix)
The Stone Roses - Fools Good  7:35
LTJ Bukem - Journey Inwards  11:20
Leftfield - Inspection Check One  16:55
Dynamo Productions - Get It Together (Fort Knox Remix)  27:24
Beatconductor - Entertainers feat Jeru The Damaja  32:57
Cut Chemist - Open Clothes  37:09
Cut Chemist - A Peak in Time  37:37
Propellerheads - A Number of Microphones  42:29
DJ Format - Rap Machine  43:14
DJ Shadow - Count & Estimate (dub)  46:33
Quantic Soul Orchestra - Hold it Down  46:58
Poets of Rhythm - Ham Gallery  49:46
The Bamboos - Tighten Up  52:56
Shirley Jones & the Dap-Kings  56:36

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Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings

2008-01-27 :: Jason McElweenie - noemail@lowendtheory.net

If you were one of the lucky ones to catch Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings at Walters on Washington you witnessed two extraordinary events. One was Sharon and her amazing band, the other was the opening act - the Ivan Milev band. Milev a Bulgarian accordion legend played his brand of Bulgarian folk music with violinist Entcho Todorov to an astonished crowd at the fabled Walters. As the two took the stage the sold out crowd didn't know what was about to hit them. Playing song after song of dizzying time changes the crowd gave them cheer after cheer. This seemed to really get Milev and Todorov pumped stating that Houston was the best crowd that they had played to on this tour. Rarely have I ever seen an opening act get so much response from a crowd.

After a short break the 8 piece Dap-Kings took the stage to warm up for Jones. Let this be known the Dap-Kings are not merely a warm up band or are they to be taken lightly. Although they are young beyond their years they are seasoned musicians with deep roots. They have been getting a lot of press since they played back up for Jones younger, crazier British counterpart Amy Winehouse' Back to Black. Bosco and Binky, stalwarts from the Soul Providers days played the role of ring leaders keeping the the crowd and band in step. With the band warmed up the Georgia born, Brooklyn raised Jones took the stage for the first time in almost 4 years and the crowd let her know just how happy they were to see her. Always the show lady Jones grabbed people from the crowd all show long. At one point a somewhat drunk girl in a way too short skirt jumped on stage and licked Jones foot to the laughter of everyone within range of it.
Jones and the Dap-Kings played songs from all three of the full length releases including many from their fall 2007 release 100 days 100 nights. The high energy was one that should not have been missed by even the fairest of fair-weather fans. I'm sure they will be back but we hope it doesn't take them another 3+ years to get back to H-town

For more on Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings and their other label mates please visit the Daptones site. To see more Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings photos from Walters visit Deneyterrio's flick stream

Thanks to Pam of Walters on Washington. You're a great host.

Support your local live acts and bars

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Low End Theory January 2008 podcast

2007-12-31 :: Jason McElweenie - noemail@lowendtheory.net

2008!?! Are you serious? Wasn't it just 1998? Time flies when you keep yourself medicated - with beats that is. What did you think I was going to say? No-no-no we don't condone that type of thing but if you do find yourself at home after a couple of sodas grab your headphones and press play on our first podcast for 2008.

Starting off this year is DJ Format featuring Abdominal and D-Sisive with 3 Feet Deep, yeah sure they sort of sound like Big Daddy Kane and Em but Format's on some serious hip hop buzz and that's a good thing. Coming in at the #2 spot is the Beatconductor aka Freddie Cruger with Don't Stop. Keeping the pace going is a Fort Knox Five remix of Skeewiff's Now I'm Livin for Me. DJ Format's second of three songs in this podcast is his intrumental 2,3..Scrape. We've played a few of the Mashed Up Funk series in past podcasts and they have all been top notch, this one(Jackson Torpedo) included. Format is back again with Abdominal for the last of his tracks, I'm Good. Cut Chemist, the beat wizard, slams down some serious beats in Bunky's Pick before Blackalicious and Nikki Giovanni give us some ethereal history of the world with Ego Trip. Mos Def, Tash and Q-Tip's track Body Rockin gets the Drum & Bass treatment. Belleruche steps in with The Itch and Mark Ronson drops one of the strangest and funkiest remixes in recent memory with Tiggers and the late ODB and their rendition of everyone's favourite train wreck, Britney's Toxic. Next up is the first slice in a Lefties Soul Connection sandwich - Move What You Got. Making up the tofu turkey slice is the Broken Keys with Burnt Popcorn. Topping off that sandwich is the Lefties again with Sling Shot pt 2. Rounding out the first podcast of 2008 is the earth conscious Ones and J-Live with Give It Up.

Now hurry up, you'll only 5 seconds to press repeat

DJ Format ft Abdominal - 3 Feet Deep
Beatconductor - Don't Stop  4:43
Skeewiff - Now I'm Livin for Me(Fort Knox Remix)  9:46
DJ Format - 2,3.. Scrape (Remix)  15:47
Mashed Up Funk - Jackson Torpedo  19:43
Dj Format ft. Abdominal - I'm Good  24:04
Cut Chemist - Bunky's Pick  27:48
Blackalicious - Ego Trip by Nikki Giovanni  28:36
Mos Def, Tash & Q-Tip - Body Surfin (d&b mix)  30:20
Ohmega Watts - Saywhayusay  36:19
Belleruche - The Itch  40:04
Mark Ronson ft Tiggers & Ol Dirty Bastard - Toxic  43:18
Lefties Soul Connection - Move What You Got  47:22
Broken Keys - Burnt Popcorn  52:14
Lefties Soul Connection - Sling Shot Pt. 2  55:15
The Ones and J-Live - Give it Up  58:39  

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Merry Dubmas

2007-12-24 :: Jason McElweenie - noemail@lowendtheory.net

Strictly dub goodness from Rhythm & Sound featuring some of the greatest voice in reggae - Tikiman, Sugar Minot et al. Simply too many to list. If you love head noddin smoked dubby goodness then this is for you.

01 - Rhythm & Sound with Tikiman - Never Tell You
02 - Rhythm & Sound with Willi Will - See Mi Yah
03 - Rhythm & Sound with Jah Cotton - Dem Never Know
04 - Rhythm & Sound with Freddy Mel - Truly
05 - Rhythm & Sound with Rod of Iron - Lightning Storm
06 - Rhythm & Sound with Tikiman - Spend Some Time
07 - Rhythm & Sound with Koki - Rise and Praise
08 - Rhythm & Sound with Cornel Campell - King in My Empire
09 - Rhythm & Sound - Mango Drive
10 - Rhythm & Sound with Sugar Minott - Let Jah Love Come
11 - Rhythm & Sound with Wald Gabriel - Boss Man
12 - Rhythm & Sound with Bobbo Shanti - Poor People Must Work
13 - Rhythm & Sound with Ras Donovan & Ras Perez - Let We Go
14 - Rhythm & Sound with Tikiman - Why
15 - Rhythm & Sound with Paul St. Hilaire (Tikiman) - Free For All

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Low End Theory December 2007 Podcast

2007-11-30 :: Jason McElweenie - noemail@lowendtheory.net

We here at the Low End Theory would like to let you know that December is now officially the month of Dub. If you would like to take a moment to celebrate please do, we can wait... ...boy that was fun! If you are a fan of dub music or dub influenced music you are in luck with this months podcast. If you don't, well - better luck next time. If you are a fan keep your eye out around Christmas time for holiday treat that is sure to warm those wintery nights.

To start the month of Dub off we have Noisehaper with his track Bushmasta. Next up, and I can't believe it has taken us this long, we have the Easy Star All-Star with a Reggae redoing of Radiohead's Electioneering featuring Morgan Heritage. Reggae Rigby, a track I played on the Revelry Report on KTRU a couple weeks back is in the #3 spot before we slide into Terminalhead & Mr_ Spee's Twisted System. The Butch Cassidy Sound System keeps pace with Brothers & Sisters. International Observor's London features some nice bass lines. I swear the vocal sample in Bogus Buddy's Western Roots says 'Hey Battie man, leave my girl alone' but that makes no sense. There's been a string of Marley remixes lately, I guess that's what happens when you don't want to go see the doctor, huh Bob? G-Corp gives Put It On (Again) a fresh face. Wwe featured a short tease of Bill Laswell's redubbing of Horace Andy & the Aggrovator's a Noisy Place a few podcasts ago, this month we bring you the whole track. Ralph Myerz And The Jack Herren Band put us in a trance with their track Savannah.  Kabanjak's Revelation Dub gets a crossing of the minds remix by Perch. Easy Star All-Stars sneak back in with Time a track off their first dub master piece 'Dubside of the Moon'. Wicked Beat Sound System's Be Humble makes way for General Tso by Calbert Walker to round out the month of Dub.

So now all you have to do is be like Inkoluv and play over and over again, seen?

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Low End Theory November 2007 Podcast

2007-10-31 :: Jason McElweenie - noemail@lowendtheory.net

To start off the last full month of fall(I know right!) we have Houston's very own DJ Sun, of the Soular Grooves collective, with Marksonthekeys. You seriously need to pick up Sun's latest EP Monday Drive and book him for your next great party, just don't get him started on the Amen Break! Next up it's Medeski, Martin & Wood redoing Karminski Experiences track Exploration. Yes you read that right. The amazing jazz funk trio juggernaut recorded this track, too freakin cool!!!! Isn't it great when planets align? After that we have another great cover from Mark Ronson. Mark and Phantom Planet get together to redo the classic Radiohead track Just, sounds weird to call that one a classic - has it been that long? Either way that is some damn fine funkiness going on right there. LET mainstays Speedometer lay down a nice funk jam in Upstairs at Boston Road. Natural Self gets all over Lack of Afro's Roderigo. November artist of the month Ohmega WHAT? Watts is the name. He gathered a slew of musicians to make Platypus Strut, check out the video of the making of that track and the freak known as James King. Being sandwiched buy Ohmega is the Limp Twins and their track Elemental. Ohmega drops back in for What It's Worth, the lead off from his recently released Watts Happening. We thought we'd keep in the B Boy mood for a bit and drop some Cut Chemist featuring J5, Percee P and none other than the Big Daddy Kane. Toronto's own K-OS rounds out our B Boy break with B Boy Stance, check out his new album! Trio Electrico give Bob and the Wailers' Trenchtown Rock a spaced out jungle half step make over. Nice. Our first artist of the month Freddie Cruger AKA TOO MANY DAMN NAMES give Tip's 4 on the Floor a reggae vibe leading the way for his second track of this podcast - Bap Yo Head to This featuring Rapadon. OK, how many of you were at ACL this year and had a chance to see the ultra rare Gotan Project? If you were there and I talked to you I'm sorry I don't remember, GP was that amazing. Their Epoca makes up the Oreo center of our November podcast with DJ Sun's Ten putting the top on this delicious treat.

Oh one more thing

Be Kind - Please Rewind

Dj Sun - Marksonthekeys
Karminsky Experience - Exploration(Medeski Martin & Wood mix)  4:50
Mark Ronson - Just featuring Phantom Planet  8:50
Speedometer - Upstairs at Boston Road  14:07
Lack of Afro - Roderigo(Natural Self Mix)  16:57
Ohmega Watts - The Platypus Strut  20:32
Limp Twins - Elemental  25:26
Ohmega Watts - What It's Worth  27:46
Cut Chemist - Day at the Races featuring Jurassic 5, Big Daddy Kane and Percee P  31:30
K -OS - B Boy Stance  34:10
Bob Marley - Trenchtown Rock(Trio Electrico Remix)  37:32
Beatconductor - 4 on the Floor featuring Q-Tip  42:12
Freddie Cruger - Bap Yo Head to This featuring Rapadon  46:27
Gotan Project - Epoca  50:44
DJ Sun - Ten  55:08

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Grow A Mustache ... Help A Kid

2007-10-23 :: Jason McElweenie - noemail@lowendtheory.net

Houston Man Launches Mustache-Growing Charity to Benefit Texas Children’s Cancer Center

HOUSTON, October 23, 2007 -- When kids get sick, some guys will do almost anything to help them get better – even grow a mustache for charity and ask their lady friends to participate, said Jason McElweenie, the volunteer who is organizing the competition for the Houston chapter of Mustaches for Kids.

That’s what’s happening beginning November 8 with Sweet Stache, a competition that compares the mustache-growing ability of entrants over a 4-week period. Contestants begin growing their mustaches on November 15, and attend periodic checkpoint meetings that are more like parties, to compare the growth, density and overall appearance of facial hair. Mustache-growers solicit sponsors among friends and family and all donations go to Texas Children’s Cancer Center to further research and patient care. He said the charity started almost ten years ago in Los Angeles and has spread to several U.S. cities and Europe.

“This is the first year for Mustaches for Kids in Houston,” said McElweenie, who is the group’s self-appointed president. “People keep asking: ‘Is this a joke?’ I tell them no, and then they say, ‘swear?’” The various chapters have collectively raised more than $150,000 since 1999, “and of course, we want Houston to outpace every other Sweet Stache city,” he said.

“Our volunteers have always come up with creative ways to raise money to help sick children, but this is our first experience with a mustache-growing competition,” said Dr. ZoAnn Dreyer, medical director, Long Term Survivor Clinic, Texas Children's Cancer Center and associate professor, Department of Pediatrics, Section of Hematology-Oncology, Baylor College of Medicine. “This is inventive fundraising and we’re delighted they thought of us.”

McElweenie says the competition is all-inclusive. “It’s open to any man who shaves his face, and it’s also open to women,” he said. “The fact that a woman can’t grow a mustache doesn’t matter at all because Mustaches for Kids does not discriminate against anyone on the basis of gender, age, race, nationality or anything else you can think of. Everyone can raise money for a good cause. Just remember,” he said, "a mustache is more in the heart than on the face."

Mustaches for Kids works like this:

The event begins with a meet-and-greet November 8.  Mustache-growing kicks off November 15. Meet-and-greets continue weekly through December 15, when a panel of judges awards the “Sweetest Stache.” All meetings take place at Stag’s Head Pub, 2821 Portsmouth, near Greenbriar and the Southwest Freeway.

For contest guidelines and information on how to participate, go to http://houston.mustachesforkids.org. To sign up for the Sweet Stache competition, go to http://www.upcoming.yahoo.com/event/258367/ or call Jason McElweenie at (713) 591 5408.



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Low End Theory October Podcast 2007

2007-09-29 :: Jason McElweenie - noemail@lowendtheory.net

Is it October already? Wasn't it just 1992 last week? Time flies when you have the funk! First thing is first; we had a complaint that last months podcast was too funky. Now we have heard a lot of strange things in our lives but if someone ever says that something is 'too funky' they better be talking about a skunk or something. If they say it about music it better be said with a wide grin and prefixed with 'Hot Damn now that is....' Music can never be too funky, if it did we would be lifting off in the Mothership with George and Bootsie as our co-pilots. Not that would be Too Funky, here me now.

We are going all over the map again this month with a podcast packed with some fantastic aural treats. Starting it off we have the Bay areas very own DJ Shadow with Fixed Income off his amazing live album - In Tune and On Time. Next up is the mysterious Clutchy Hopkins. If you've been living above ground you probably haven't heard of Clutchy - yet! A few months ago Ubiquity Records announced that it had signed Clutchy to a record deal. This announcement had a picture of Clutchy, a rather spaced out looking street guy. Very strange. Since that post the quest to find out who Clutchy Hopkins is began. There are many people out there speculating on who or what he is, visit Canerican for a lowdown on links. I'm not sure if anyone will know as no one has seen Clutchy in a long time, maybe the release on Ubiquity will answer some questions. Sliding out of CH is the great Digable Planets with Highing Fly off Blowout Comb. Next up it's a pair of funk tracks; Speedometer with Accra International Airport and the Bamboos with Pussy Footin'. Audio Infunktion provides the lo fi remix of Ancient Astronauts 36 hours. That is some straight up B Boy ish. The percussionists from Tortoise got together with Stones Throw and released an album of break and things, we doubled up there Crass Jenny to full effect. Keeping the B Boy vibe alive is Braile with their track Fresh Coast. Freddie Cruger AKA the Beatconductor drops in for his remix of MC Lyte's Goes to My Head. Not too long ago a remix album of Bob & the Wailers called Roots, Rock, Remixed came out and this one is actually pretty good. Afrodisiac Sound System give Soul Shakedown Party to once or twice over. LET faves Noiseshaper keep the riddims flowing with The Creator. Smith & Mighty stay in the groove with No Justice ft. Rudy Lee before the space pimp himself Quasimoto shows up for the Return of the Loop Digga. Before I knew any better I pictured Quasimoto as a short shady MF. A spaced out Pimp that would shank you for a nickel. Quas/Madlib share a little skit that many diggers go through looking for one beat then they hit us with some raw funk, rapping about David Axelrod and diggin for loops. MF Doom sneaks in from another Clutchy remix before Quantic Soul Orchestra takes us back to the funk with Walking Through Tomorrow. The Poets of Rhythm keep the metering running with Eulogize the Source. Pnu Riff take us back to some Afro-Funk days with Bula making way for Quantic and Ohmega Watts to take us home with Ticket to Know Where.

DJ Shadow - Fixed Income
Clutchy Hopkins feat MF Doom - Melody  5:54
Digable Planets - Highing Fly  8:05
Speedometer - Accra International Airport  9:08
The Bamboos - Pussy Footin'  12:13
Ancient Astronauts - 36 hours (Audio Infunktion lo fi remix) 15:33
Bumps - Crass Jenny  19:09
Braille - Fresh Coast ft Othello & Sojourn  20:01
Beatconductor - Goes to my Head  23:09
Bob Marley & The Wailers - Soul Shakedown Party (Afrodisiac Sound System Remix)  26:19
Noiseshaper - The Creator  29:32
Smith & Mighty - No Justice ft Rudy Lee  34:38
Quasimoto ft Madlib - Return of the Loop Digga  37:51
Quantic Soul Orchestra - Walking Through Tomorrow  41:00
The Poets of Rhythm - Eulogize the Source  43:29
Pnu Riff - Bula  44:00
Quantic ft Ohmega Watts - Ticket to Know Where  56:16 

Full Podcast Info

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Low End Theory September Podcast

2007-08-31 :: Jason McElweenie - noemail@lowendtheory.net

I just want to start by saying that the Low End Theory is by no means responsible for any public ridicule you may cause yourself while listening to this podcast. If you should start to tap your feet, play air guitar or flat out shake yo money maker while in the company of others please use caution. This months podcast is F U N K Y Ya'll! I've toyed with having a trivia contest this month, still awaiting some guesses for the reggae contest, but we figured it may be too easy. If you can figure out 10 tracks that have sampled any of the songs in this podcast we will send you a Low End Theory sticker. If I find out that you used Google Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk will come for you

Starting off the last month of summer is an intro pulled from DJ Shadow's School House Funk series, check it out if you haven't already. Next up it is arguably the best live band I have ever seen live, the Meters with Chicken Strut. Not sure if they eventually started playing this song live again but I found out the hard way one night that they didn't. Some how I managed to get on stage behind Art Neville at Tipitinas and personally requested Chicken Strut.

"We don't play that" grumbled Art. "Hey, get this Mutha F'er off the stage"
Good times

There is a pause in Think by Lynn Collins and the JBs(5:56 of the podcast) that might just be the funkiest pause in all of recorded music. That pause has so much thick air in it. Hot damn I miss James Brown. Pearly Queen's Quit Jive'in (is your head noddin yet?) is sandwiched nicely with another one of James Browns ladies of Funk. Marva Whitney drops in with Unwind Yourself, I know you know the hook. It would seem that I have something blocking my esophagus. So we had some ladies throw it down in a damn funky way. Why not follow that with the Singing Principal and Women's Liberation. We heard this cut sampled back in our March Podcast with Rakim and Let the Rhythm Hit Em', it's All the People with Cramp Your Style. I know what you're thinking - The Low End Theory, Goddamn that DJ saved my day. James Knight and the Butlers give Save Me a real nice treatment. Ok so we've been pretty damn funky up till now, right? I know it may be too much for the less experienced funkateers so we thought we'd slow it down a little bit. Willie Wright gives Curtis Mayfields Right On For the Darkness a Gil Scott Heron meets Santana type vibe, perfect for headphones. Man oh man that track is tight. Ok breaks over, lets have an Egg Roll, from The M&S Band. Pearl Dowdell lets us know about her man's Good Thing. Yay, more Meters! Live Wire slides out of Pearl making way for the Soul Lifters - Hot Funky and Sweaty, yes indeed. The New Mastersounds and Nervous keeps the metering running making way for the Soul Jets with Clap Your Hands. Herman Hitson has something to say to his baby and it Ain't No Other Way. Speaking of Santana the Brothers Seven give Evil Ways a funk make over. Sandi & Matues tells us to take a look at The World, same old same old. Latin Breed, man what can I say about this track? Just like the lyrics say 'it's a good good feeling'. This is just one of those tracks that puts a big smile on your face. Top notch, sweat drippin, ass shakin, brow wipin funk. HAH! Something Different from the Prepositions sounds like that type of song you want to hear in a low ceiling bar that is virtually light free. Perhaps a white russian sits close by as you sweat out the troubles of the day. No ones watching, and you are getting down. Now we all need to be right there. Thankfully Houston has Sammy. Eugene Blacknell & the New Breed drop in for the Trip before handing it off to Gow Dow Experience and Compared to What. This track from the '70s is as relevant today as it was back then. What's that saying? Those who forget the past are destined to repeat it.
Ain't no thing

School House Funk Intro
The Meters - Chicken Strut  1:04
Lyn Collins - Think About It  3:36
Pearly Queen - Quit Jive'in  6:49
Marva Whitney - Unwind Yourself  9:23
Women's Liberation  11:55
All the People - Cramp Your Style  14:40
James Knight & The Butlers - Save Me  17:31
Willie Wright - Right On For the Darkness  20:23
The M&S Band - Egg Roll  23:27
Pearl Dowdell - Good Things  25:26
The Meters - Live Wire  27:56
The Soul Lifters - Hot Funky and Sweaty  30:19
The New Mastersounds - Nervous  33:01
Soul Jets -   37:12
Herman Hitson - Ain't No Other Way  39:46
The Brothers Seven - Evil Ways  42:16
Sandi & Matues - The World  45:22
Latin Breed - I Turn You On  47:43
Prepositions - Something Different  50:00
Eugene Blacknell & the New Breed - The Trip  54:00
Gow Dow Experience - Compared to What   56:20

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Low End Theory August 2007

2007-07-31 :: Jason McElweenie - noemail@lowendtheory.net

A little while back Happy Katie made a request for our August Podcast. It was a simple one but it meant the world of difference to her and a little lady named Ella. Ella came into this world last August and we feel honoured that HK would ask us to play a song for her. Our first track of Augusts podcast, Sunshine of Your Love remix from Ella Fitzgerald is dedicated to this little lady and the two happy people whom she calls Mom and Dad. Keeping up with that 60's vibe we have Gladys Night & the Pips - I Heard It Through the Grapevine [Sympathy for the Grapes Mix]. Next up we have a great track off of the KeepinTime compilation. If you slept on this when it first came around please do your friends and family a favour and wake up. The New Mastersounds return with the funk in a big way with One Note Brown. Hot Damn! Speedometer keep the funk gliding with Work it Out. LET faves Lefties Soul Connection take the keys for a walk, or ride with 12 Inch Rims, hmm do they mean cars or...? Turntable Soul Musicians 'Belleruche' arrive on the scene to state to the world that yes they are new but they are also very serious. We look forward to more music from these cats. Jon Kennedy seems to have studied at the school of St Germain on his Chocolate & Cheese track. Ohmega Watts returns with the Bamboos and Get In The Scene. Camp Lo - WHAT - yes it's the Luchini's with Nicky Barnes. Sneaking out of Nicky is Crooklyn's Own - and out first Desert Island Album - Digable Planets with 9th Wonder. Madlib/Lord Quas drop in for a familiar crate diggin scenario before hardcore giants Bad Brains drop some righteousness with Jah Love. Noiseshaper continues that flow with Walls of Silence. This all paves way for August's Artist of the Month. Joseph Hill and Culture rework the Grateful Dead's Althea - 'This space is getting hot, you know this space is getting hot'. Rest in Peace Joseph, the house band must be amazing

Download Podcast

Track List

Rockers Hi-Fi Ella Fitzgerald - Sunshine Of Your Love
Gladys Night & the Pips - I Heard It Through the Grapevine [Sympathy for the Grapes Mix] 5:07
King Ruly & Toy Selectah! Bumpin Time! (Sistema Local Mexmix Version) 10:10
The New Mastersounds - One Note Brown 16:00
Speedometer - Work It Out (Beatfanatic Remix) 18:42
Lefties Soul Connection - 12 Inch Rims 26:52
Belleruche - Northern Girls 28:47
Jon Kennedy - Chocolate & Cheese 31:57
The Bamboos - Get In The Scene Ft. Ohmega Watts 35:58
Camp Lo - Nicky Barnes A.K.A. It's Alright 40:10
Digable Planets - 9th Wonder Blackitolism 43:11
Madlib/Lord Quas - Loopdigga 46:57
Bad Brains - Jah Love 48:15
Noiseshaper - Walls Of Silence 51:13
Culture - Althea 55:12

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Low End Theory July 2007

2007-06-30 :: Jason McElweenie - noemail@lowendtheory.net

It's July and its hot so what are you going to do? Cool off, right? Exactly. In order to really appreciate this months podcast you need to fill a bucket up with ice and Corona and head out back to your pool, your friends pool, your neighbours pool, hell a complete strangers pool. Grab a drink, drop the bucket, drop the robe, apply some sun tan lotion, press play and slip into the pool

First up this month we have Kinny & Horne with Why Me off of the Tru Thoughts label. Next its Speedometer keeping the meter with their cut Two Beat Beast. Australia's The Bamboos tickle our ears with a little sound tease, sound familiar? It's the Bamboo's version of label mates Broken Keys 'The Witch'. The Key's version seems to channel Iron Butterfly and this one lays down the funk. Sounds Stylistics come crashing in from some manic drum playing that would make Melvin Parker jealous. Time to come down a little we think. If you don't have headphones on please put some on because Greyboy lays down some head snappin bass. Low End mainstay Ohmega Watts drop in with A Request of his new record. Dudley Perkins shares some thoughts on the world with Falling. Boca 45 provides the remix of Thunderball's Stereo Tonic. We dug deep into the crate, well not too deep, and grabbed some classic head nodders from the turn of the century. First up its Bomb the Bass with Bug Powder Dust off of the K&D Sessions followed by Aphrodelics and Rollin On Chrome also off the K&D Sessions. Next up its Smith and Might with Same featuring Tammy Payne. Lamb has been remixed so many times its hard to pick one but Fila Brazilia's remix of Cotton Wool is definitely a giant. Another giant is Nina Simone. We started off last month with so lets finish this one with her as well. I Can't See Nobody is the Daniel Y remix off of the great Remixed and Reimagined record.

Download Low End Theory July 2007 Podcast

Complete Track Listing
Kinny & Horne - Why Me
Speedometer - Two Beat Beast 3:18
The Bamboos Version - The Witch 6:35
The Sound Stylistics - The Players Theme 10:41
DJ Greyboy - Go Brooklyn 15:25
Ohmega Watts - A Request 17:59
Dudley Perkins - Falling 24:23
Thunderball - Stereo Tonic (Boca 45 Remix) 25:54
Bomb The Bass - Bug Powder Dust (K&D Remix) 30:25
Aphrodelics - Rollin' On Chrome (K&D Remix) 37:45
Smith & Mighty - Same ft. Tammy Payne 42:46
Lamb - Cotton Wool (Fila Brazilia Remix) 48:58
Nina Simone - I Can't See Nobody (Daniel Y Remix)  57:19

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Low End Theory June 2007 Podcast

2007-05-30 :: Jason McElweenie - noemail@lowendtheory.net

First up this month we have, arguably, one of the best Nina Simone remixes that has ever been made. Jazzeem's All Styles remix of Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter captures the true essence of who and what Nina Simone was. It is manic and funky all at the same time. Nina was a polarizing individual while she was alive and this remix carries on that freak flag torch of hers fantastically. Sliding right out of this great track is the Paul Nice remix of Greyboy's Got to be Love feat. Quantic and Sharon Jones - BTW the Greyboy Allstars are back together and have just dropped a new album and it's tight! Connie Price and the Keystones with Sucker Punch lay down some head noddin goodness before Sharon Jones jumps back in with the Dap-Kings and the anthem 'What if We All Stopped Paying Taxes', what if? Next up it's Quantic's Blow Your Horn feat. Ohmega Watts of his latest 'An Announcement To Answer'. Next up it's J5 with Concrete Schoolyard, a track off their first EP. Quasimoto drops Rappcats with Madlib(could they be the same person!) an unreleased track from Stones Throw - check the video. A couple months back we played some funky mash ups and pick up where we left off with a funky stitch up featuring the vocals of Jay Kay. Let's count it off - One, Two, Three, Four! James, I wish you were still alive but thanks to Kool Herc and the rest of the Bronx in the 70's we have remixers and this particular remix of Sex Machine from Readymade Jazz Defector gives us faith that you will be with us always. Rest in Peace. Blackalicious with their 'Fabulous Ones' keep up the pace with Mos Def and Talib Kweli - aka Blackstar keeps on trucking with B Boys will B Boys. What would a Low End Theory Podcast be with with out some riddims? Exactly. Noisehaper lays down some more head noddin niceness with Me Done. Rising out the fire is a Dubblestandart vs. Sly and Robbie remix. This all leads into our last track - Fred Locks with a live version of his classic Black Star Liner. Fred Channels some Willie Williams to end this months where last months began, well sort of.

Contest Update - Guess the voice of the sign off at the end of this podcast and I will help you out with our contest from April's Podcast

Nina Simone - Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter(Jazzeem's All Styles remix -
Greyboy feat Quantic & Sharon Jones - Got to be Love 5:08
Connie Price & the Keystones - Sucker Punch 9:41
Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings - What if We All Stopped Paying Taxes 13:57
Quantic feat Ohmega Watts - Blow Your Horn 18:25
Jurassic 5 - Concrete Schoolyard 22:18
Quasimoto feat Madlib - Rappcats 27:30
Funk Mash Up feat Jay Kay - Black Heat 29:15
James Brown - Sex Machine(Readymade Jazz Defector remix) 34:51
Blackalicious - The Fabulous Ones 39:48
Noiseshaper - Me Done 45:09
Dubblestandart vs Sly and Robbie 49:47
Fred Locks - Black Star Liner 55:52

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Curse of the Serpent

2007-05-08 :: Jason McElweenie - noemail@lowendtheory.net

This unreleased Shaw Brothers movie is a guaranteed classic. Starring Shui Liu, Lyng Yao, Eddie Fu, Lily Li and directed by Run Run Shaw

8-May-07 8:00 AM …


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