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Last update: 2015-06-01

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The Moon Diet and Nadine's New Look

Length: 24s

Episode 40- June 2, 2015

The new age Moon Diet is an eating regimine that incorporates fasting, an age old practice.  Host Jennifer Ellsworth explores this fad, also called the Werewolf Diet.  She also tells a true tale about an overpopulated buffet line, and reads a short story about a woman redefining her appearance called, Nadine's New Look.  

"The date was next week, but Nadine was ready, or nearly, or could be.  She would wear her black jeans.  Snug, but not inappropriate, with the purple, satin embellishments on the back pockets.  They traced out a hint of butterfly wings without being actually insects..." 

Moon Astrology: Full Flower Moon in Sagittarius.  Restless and real.  

60% water, 3 square meals a day and the 1 thing five major religions agree on.



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Live Lunar Datebook Reading- June 10


7 p.m. at the Abbot Room of the Belfast Free Library.  

Desserts and coffee served.  Free.  All are welcome.  



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Flower Power and The Barrel Break

Length: 21s

Episode 39- May 17, 2015

The appearance of flowers on the landscape is the sign of a trustworthy Spring.  Host Jennifer Ellsworth welcomes the fifth New Moon of the year by exploring its namesake's etymology, from pistil to peduncle.  She also shares a skinny-dipping story and reads a short fiction piece from the Back-of-the-House about two dishwashers and a self-induced dare.  

"The twins were sweating over the sinks, hands darting like coi in a pond, trying to dismember the dirty dish sculpture rising at the front of their station...." 

Moon Astrology:  New Flower Moon in Taurus.  Paw the earth.  

Bisexual flora, Fates at the loom and the bullseye that counts.  


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Moonshine and Bishop's Maibaum

Length: 28s

Episode 38- May 3, 2015

Moonshine!  Host Jennifer Ellsworth explains how hooch came to be named after the moon's glow.  She also shares a song by The Rugged and reads a story about springtime love called Bishop's Maibaum.

"Frau Schmidt had explained to Bishop’s class how young German lovers proclaimed their affections which had been checked under the glare of winter but, come Spring, could no longer be contained...."  

Moon Astrology:  Full Milk Moon in Scorpio

Moonrakers chasing cheese, Nascar's birth story and visce beatha- water of life.


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Milk Does a Body Good- and White Whale in Free Beer

Length: 21s

Episode 37- April 18, 2015

Milk is the original comfort food.  In honor of the year's fourth New Moon, host Jennifer Ellsworth explores milk's importance the world over and reads a story called White Whale in Free Beer about a drummer that wants something different. 

"Josh turned off the ignition on his Forester and exhaled.  He wasn't smoking, he was just imagining he was.  Listening to John Bonham always made him think about smoking..."

Moon Astrology: New Milk Moon in Aries.

The Milk Cure, Heidi was right and a negotiated peace.


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Advanced Moon Tracking

Length: 29s

Episode 36- April 4, 2015

The Moon travels the Ecliptic just like the sun, only 12 times as fast.  Host Jennifer Ellsworth explains this mimickry and how to estimate the moon's celestial path.  She also tells a mud season survival story, and reads Bets' Baby - a tale about a waitress returning to work.  

"...I took my six-week maternity leave, though I was no longer a mother.  Maybe, technically, I was never a mother, since Joseph had died in utero..."

Moon Astrology: Full Egg Moon in Libra.  "Take a chance while you still have a choice."

An old-fashioned call for help and the sun and moon are in cahoots.




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The Egg in All of Us

Length: 29s

Episode 35- March 20, 2015

Eggs are a univsersal symbol of fertility, hope and life.  Host Jennifer Ellsworth explores this humble food as we celebrate Spring and the New Egg Moon.  She also reads Moving Day, a story about a man with million dollar songs and not much to show for it.  

"...Now that the snow was retreating, the dead soldiers were starting to appear.  Probably three dollars in Busch Lite, Old Milwaukie and Schlitz cans, and another 45 cents in whiskey bottles.  They’d been bagged up once, but good intentions only go so far, and the bag never made it to the bed of Brother Dwayne’s pickup, or the back of Nephew Rocy’s Subaru, or out of the plow’s path...." 

Moon Astrology: New Egg Moon is Aries.  Let Spring Begin!

Mankind's first food, fertility magic and a 60,000 year old Ostrich egg.


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Check You Calendar

Length: 23s

March 5, 2015- Episode 34

Busy, busy, busy.  Calendars date back tens of thousands of years.  Host Jennifer Ellsworth discusses the moon's role in Muslim, Jewish and Chinese calendars.  She also reads a story about Wanda, and this new nurse's first day on the job.  

"I was twenty-two when I met the doctor in the lobby at the County Hospital.  He’s not very attractive, and he wasn’t then either.  I didn’t know it at the time, but he’s part Indian.  His grandmother was a full-blooded Wabanaki and they’re short, dark people.  If we were ever standing toe-to-toe I’d be able to kiss his eyebrows.  To be fair, I’m not delicate.  In my younger days I could work the hay crew just about steady with most men, and complain a lot less..."  

Moon Astrology:  Full Sap Moon in Virgo: God is in the details.  

Halaqims, yin wooden sheep and clouds delaying the month's beginning. 



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Spring's Sap Moon- and A New Mailbox

Length: 25s

Episode 33- February 18, 2015

The second New Moon after the Winter Solstice is the unofficial start of Spring.  Host Jennifer Ellsworth salutes the Sap Moon and the Sheep- this year's Chinese Zodiac Animal that begins its reign today- Chinese New Year.  She also reads a short story about two men that have a funny way of showing their affection.  It's called A New Mailbox....

"It started with the Valentine expected from Sidney LaMontagne.  Though she was incarcerated down in Windham, Dave started bragging about what was on the way.  Dave and Sidney started writing when he'd been in jail...."

Moon Astrology: New Moon in Pisces.  Dare to Dream.

Chinese New Year, Reverse Osmosis, maple scented spa treatments and strong sheep.


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Origin of the Moon- and Goldfish at Cedar Street Daycare

Length: 9s

February 8, 2015- Episode 32

Where did our celestial companion come from?  Host Jennifer Ellsworth investigates the Giant Impact Hypothesis, and what our corner of the Universe looked like 4 1/2 billion years ago.  She also reads an essay about two dramatic daycare providers: Goldfish at Cedar Street Daycare.

"Hank had just had his first round of shots, but I knew I was in trouble if I didn't make it to the Ladies...."

Moon Astrology:  Waning toward the Last Quarter in Libra.  Go in peace.  

Theia, dust to dust, and our wild beginnings.  


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Chinese Full Moon Celebration- and Burdock War

Length: 18s

Episode 31- February 1, 2015

How do the Chinese introduce their babies to the world?  Host Jennifer Ellsworth explains a traditional Full Moon Celebration and reads a short story about an aging woman with one last battle in her:  Burdock War.

"The war declaration came the first day of February.  I was sitting alongside the woodstove waiting until it was time to make my biscuits, staring down along the pasture to the orchard.  The pasture was scattered with snow-covered people...."

Moon Astrology:  Full Moon Tuesday in Leo:  Come Alive!

Red egg and ginger party, baby head shaving and a restorative confinement.


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Red, White and Moontime- and Nolan's Speed Date

Length: 20s

January 25, 2015- Episode 30

It's all in the timing when it comes to Moontime.  Host Jennifer Ellsworth discusses the significance of whether a woman cycles with the the New Moon or the Full Moon.  She also reads a short story about a man reentering the Waldo County dating scene:  Nolan's Speed Date.

"We didn't break up, she just stopped spending the night, saying her plants were suffering.  Then she stopped calling or texting, saying she needed longer unplugged periods before bed...."

Moon Astrology:  First Quarter Moon in Taurus tomorrow.  Paw the Earth.

Red Moon Cycle, White Moon Cycle and where all that energy goes.


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Outsmarting the Hunger Moon

Length: 13s

January 18, 2015- Episode 29

Tuesday brings the first new moon of 2015- the Hunger Moon.  Host Jennifer Ellsworth explains how surviving this moon helped shape generations of Mainers.  She also reads a short story about a man in the doghouse called A Dream of Jeanie. 

"I'm not the quickest carpenter, especially when it comes to our own place.  There's no shame in this.  Every tradesman knows his place comes last..."

Moon Astrology: Nearly New in Capricorn.  Put in a hard day's work.  

Mixed Husbandry, cooperating farm neighborhoods and Eighteen-Hundred-and-Froze-to-Death.


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Tide Time Part 1

Length: 7s

January 11, 2015- Episode 28

We all know the moon causes tides.  Today, host Jennifer Ellsworth explains the science behind this dependable and elegant water movement.  She also reads a flash fiction story called Rhoda's Towels. 

"My old towels could sand off a bunion.  Rhoda's were still soft as kitten bellies when they came to me in an old Reny's bag...."

Moon Astrology:  Waning toward 3rd Quarter in Libra.  Weigh your relationships.  

Gravity, inertia and one really big wave, Baby.  


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A New Year Everyday

Length: 7s

January 4, 2015- Episode 27

To make New Year's Resolutions or to not make New Year's Resolutions- that is the question.  Host Jennifer Ellsworth philosophizes about what the moon can teach us about self-improvement and reads a poem called Family Portrait.

"In the portrait before the portrait

we were a chorus of impatience..."

Moon Astrology: Full Moon in Cancer.  Tend to the homefront.  

New Year's superstitions, a fortune cookie message and lessons from celestial cycles.    


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Christmas Dinner at the Epic Buffet

Length: 14s

December 28, 2014- Episode 26

This week host Jennifer Ellsworth diverges from her usual format to read a short story about a recent widower who rediscovers his faith at the casino.  

"Cancer sucks.  That was Betty's lesson for us this past year.  In February we'd gone ice fishing just as always.  Despite good sun, she caught a chill and before we'd had even one flag..."

Moon Astrology:  Waxing Half Moon in Aries.  Wrap things up for New Year.  

A seasonal love story.  Crab rangoons.  Peace be with you.  


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Wolf Moon at Our Door

Length: 6s

December 21, 2014- Episode 25

This year the Winter Solstice welcomes the 13th new moon of the year- the Wolf Moon.  Historically wolves have been loathed by humans, but host Jennifer Ellsworth explores ancient connections between humans and these canines that are worth celebrating.  She also reads a poem about believing in Santa.  

"This is what I heard:

bells across the rooftop..."

Moon Astrology: new moon in Capricorn.  Tackle the to-do list.  

Wolf eradication, evolution and our canine education.


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Where and When

Length: 6s

December 14, 2014- Episode 24

Some nights you see the moon and some nights you don't.  Host Jennifer Ellsworth explains the moon's appearance pattern so you'll never be left wondering where she is.  She also reads a poem about a stretching routine that is anything but Yoga. 

"Why not play guitar with a screwdriver?

Hank's rhythm stampedes..."

Moon Astrology: Last Quarter in Libra.  Balance play and work.  

Moon locator lesson and a party trick to track her rhythm.   


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We're All Lunatics Here

Length: 6s

December 7, 2014- Episode 23

Cops and emergency room workers swear it's true- the full moon makes us crazy.  Host Jennifer Ellsworth explores this claim and reads a poem about sharing bed with babies. 

"At a not-yet reasonable hour

a head bobs up from slumber..."

Moon Astrology: Just past full in Cancer.  Nurture yourself and others.  

Confirmation bias, communal reinforcement and Aristotle's sleep deprivation theory.   


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Astrology Roots

Length: 7s

November 30, 2014- Episode 22

It's round one of the Fate vs. Free Will fight.  Host Jennifer Ellsworth explores astrology's core principles and founding father to learn the language of the stars.  She also reads a poem about her hometown of Jackson.  

"While so much of the world

works and worries and wastes..."

Moon Astrology: Waxing gibbious in Aries.  Start a project.  

Hermes Trismegistus, Musica Universalis and a roadmap you can't leave home without.  



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Moon of Long Nights

Length: 6s

November 23, 2014- Episode 21

It's 4 p.m.  It's dark.  Should you be sleeping?  The 12th new moon of the year is the Moon of Long Nights.  Host Jennifer Ellsworth explains how our 17th century ancestors slept through these dark days.  She also reads a poem about her grandfather receiving hospice.  

"The home health nurse had come

to wash Grandpa...."

Moon Astrology: New moon in Sagittarius.  Step out and speak up.  

Bi-modal sleep patterns, night nookie, and how street lights changed sleep.


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That Moontime of the Month

Length: 7s

November 16, 2014- Episode 20

Moontime: without it there would be no human life.  Host Jennifer Ellsworth introduces the connection between women's cycles and moon cycles.  She also reads a poem about dancing like no one is watching.

"This morning to protest the rain

we have a dance party..."

Moon Astrology: waning balsamic in Virgo.  Plan your week.  

The first feminine products, Mi'kmaq moon lodges, and euphemisms for a woman's full stop.  


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Romancing the Moon: Gravity

Length: 6s

November 9, 2014- Episode 19

Need a new pick-up line?  Host Jennifer Ellsworth explains gravity's bumps and curves on the moon.  She also reads a poem about a 6th grade school break-in.  

Moon Astrology: disseminating in Gemini.  A "cool breeze" for a rut.   

Mascons, NASA's GRAIL Mission, and Newton and Einstein duke it out for the gravity legacy.  



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Beaver Moon Part Two: Top Hats and Trade

Length: 6s

November 2, 2014- Episode 18

In honor of the Full Beaver Moon Thursday night, host Jennifer Ellsworth gives an historical view of how beaver pelts literally made America.  She also reads a poem about a transforming Halloween costume. 

Moon Astrology:  waxing gibbous in Pisces.  Full Moon Thusday in Taurus.  Get grounded.  


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Beaver Moon Part One: Tooth to Tail


October 26, 2014- Episode 17

The 11th moon of the year is dubbed the Beaver Moon.  In part one of two, host Jennifer Ellsworth gives the vital statistics of this underappreciated rodent.  

Moon Astrology: waxing crescent in Saggitarius.  Go forth!


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Mi'kmaq Moon Story

Length: 6s

October 19, 2014- Episode 16

Every culture attempts to explain the moon's appearance.  Today host Jennifer Ellsworth shares First Nation tribe the Mi'kmaq's take on it.  She also reads a poem about a pair of theives.  

Moon Astrology: waning balsamic in Virgo.  Go with the flow.  


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Deuling Zodiacs: Tropical vs. Sidereal

Length: 7s

October 12, 2014- Episode 15

The exploration of the Precession of the Equinoxes continues as host Jennifer Ellsworth compares two Astrological systems.  She also reads a poem about the moment a spirit leaves the body.  

Moon Astrology: Waning toward last quarter in Gemini.  Forgive your unfocused self.   


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A Wobbling World: Introduction to the Precession of the Equinoxes

Length: 6s

October 5, 2014- Episode 14

The constellation Aries is slipping westward through the sky.  Host Jennifer Ellsworth explains why.  She also shares a journal entry about a feather hunt.  

Moon Astrological Outlook:  full moon in Aries Wednesday will put fire to your feet.  


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License to Kill: the Hunter's Moon

Length: 6s

September 28, 2014- Episode 13

The 10th new moon of the year is the Hunter's Moon.  Host Jennifer Ellsworth discusses the history of hunting privleges and reads a little diddy about a cricket.  

Moon Astrological Outlook:  waxing crescent in Sagittarius.  Get ready to roam.


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Ginger Primer

Length: 6s

September 21, 2014- Episode 12

In honor of the Autumnal Equinox- also known as Mabon- host Jennifer Ellsworth takes a look at ginger, a food that celebrates this time of balance.  She also reads a poem about frost.  

Astrological outlook:  the moon is in Virgo until Tuesday.  A good time to task-master.


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Moon Surface Tour

Length: 6s

September 14, 2014- Episode 11

Craters, moondust, maria, Oh my!  Host Jennifer Ellsworth discusses selenographic highlights of the moon and reads a poem about a perfect September afternoon in Maine.  


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Crones Know: Kitchen Altars and Uncluttered Counters

Length: 6s

September 7, 2014- Episode 10

The Full Harvest Moon is tomorrow night!  Jennifer Ellsworth explains two ways you can celebrate the season and reads a poem about one of Maine's most common trades- carpentry.  


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Zodiac: Mathematic and Mystic

Length: 6s

August 31, 2014- Episode 9

Astrologers combine the scientific and the subjective when they offer horoscopes.  Host Jennifer Ellsworth  explains this balance as it applies to the zodiac, and reads a character sketch about a woman whose wealth is secrets.  


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On This Harvest Moon

Length: 5s

August 24, 2014- Episode 8

Songs have been written about it!  Host Jennifer Ellsworth philosophizes about the 9th moon of the year, the Harvest Moon, and reads a poem for a lost friendship.  


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I'd Know That Face Anywhere

Length: 5s

August 17, 2014- Episode 7

The Man in the Moon is smiling... but why do we only ever see one face?  Jennifer Ellsworth explains and reads a poem about those precious first tomatoes from the garden.  


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Sturgeon Moon of Summer

Length: 5s

July 27, 2014- Episode 6

Sturgeon equals big ugly fish, right?  Actually this creature is much more than that.  Jennifer Ellsworth explains why on this first day of the Sturgeon Moon.  She also reads a piece about a lady who's distinction comes from not thinking she's so special.  


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The Difference Between 27.3 and 29.5 Days

Length: 5s

July 20, 2014- Episode 5

The difference is more than 2.2.  Jennifer Ellsworth explains sidereal and synodic months, lunations, and reads a poem about a photo taken at Molasses Pond.  


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Greek Goddess Selene's Story

Length: 6s

July 13, 2014- Episode 4  

Moon myths abound, and in this episode, Jennifer Ellsworth explores the Ancient Greek Goddess Selene- the Titans' daughter who escorts the moon across the sky.  She also reads a poem entitled Inheritance.


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Lunar Astrology 101

Length: 5s

July 6, 2014- Episode 3 

"Hey Baby, what's your moon sign?"  Jennifer Ellsworth explains why this is a perfectly reasonable question and reads a piece about a friend that always leaves you wanting more.


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Herb Moon Means Stock Your Medicine Chest

Length: 5s

June 29, 2014- Episode 2  

The 7th new moon of the year just passed, commonly known as the Herb Moon.  Jennifer Ellsworth discusses the reasons for this and reads a poem about summer's harbinger- the firefly.  


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No Summer Solstice For the Moon

Length: 3s

June 22, 2014, Episode 1   

Welcome to the maiden podcast!  In this first episode Jennifer Ellsworth compares the moon to a 24 hour diner- nothing's finer!- and recites a love poem in honor of an 11th anniversary.   


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Maine Stories and Moon Musing. It's "All Things Considered" for the moon and short fiction about modern Maine life. Hosted by Jennifer Ellsworth. Episodes are produced on each New Moon and Full Moon.

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