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Last update: 2015-11-16

Episode 6 - Sce to Aux

2015-11-16 :: Magnificent Cosmonauts


Sweater link << Go get yours quick! Time is running out!

Thanks to Jake for the equipment donation!

Also, thanks to The DoubleClicks. I forgot to mention the name of the song used in the episode. The song is called 'Imposter'. 
Here is where you can go buy all their awesome music.

 On to the show links!

Sce to Aux << this is a good article, courtesy of Motherboard

Space Station power loss 

SuperDraco Test firing   << Watch! It's so beautiful! 

Mariner 9 article

WT1190F Space debris article

Correction: It is stated in the episode that cubesats do not have propellant. They do, and I don't know what I was thinking. My apologies. On the bright side, we will learn all about them next week!

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Episode 5 - ArcaSpace with Chris Lang

2015-11-09 :: Magnificent Cosmonauts
Length: 35s

ArcaSpace's Air Strato on the launch catapult


Thanks to Chris Lang and to Arca for coming on the show!  We can't wait to have you on again!

Couple things I wanted to mention: We are trying to nail down a "formula" for the show. Bear with us as we try things with and without music, as well as different formats. Let us know what you think! You can review us on  iTunes or Stitcher, or just send us an email. 




ARCAspace Twitter

Air Strato 

Putin video  


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Episode 4 - Canadarm and Dextre

2015-11-02 :: Magnificent Cosmonauts
Length: 37s

Join us for an episode all about Canadarm and Dextre, with one of the people who helped make it!…


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Episode 3- JWST interview with David Hunter.

2015-10-26 :: Magnificent Cosmonauts
Length: 37s

David's favorite rocket: 

Correction: There was a mention of the building number at JSC. David notified me in an email that it is actually building 9, not building 30. 

There is some RF interference in the episode. Apparently I should bring RF shielded recording equipment. I didn't even think about it. Sorry for the fuzz and occasional beeps. Pedro did a really good job of removing what he could (it was sooooo bad). Rest assured, Kikoeru-san and I have already taken measures to ensure that it does not happen again. 

Thanks to COPY  for providing the music used in this show. As mentioned the song is called "Remembering Florida" and  you should go buy all of his music. It's available here ---> Link 

Also, thanks again to David. If anyone would like to thank him, I will happily pass it on to him, and you can send your thanks to either podcast@magnificentcosmonauts.com , or you can post it in the group. 

See you next week!


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Episode 2 - The Current State of Spaceflight

2015-10-19 :: Magnificent Cosmonauts
Length: 47s


Please bear with us with through our audio issues this week. Next week's episode will have better quality. 



Link to PowerPoint

Antares Explosion

Vanguard Launch

First Atlas III Launch

SpaceX Tank time lapse



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Episode 1 - Aerospikes

2015-10-15 :: Magnificent Cosmonauts Podcast
Length: 36s

Img: Wikipedia


Welcome to the first episode of Magnificent Cosmonauts Podcast! This week we discuss aerospikes, and we even have an interview with someone who helped make one. Special thanks to Tom Nicolaides for coming on the show



In-depth Aerospike description (Math)

Wikipedia (of course)


Linear Aerospike Firing

Firefly Alpha article

Brief pros and cons of engine design


Launch Schedule:
Launch Library


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We come from all over the world, and we all share a passion for space. Each week we have a new topic, and we have interviews slated for the next five episodes, including a JWST project manager, an aerospike engineer and more! We have a lot in the works, so tune in every Monday and you'll see how fast we are improving.

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