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Last update: 2007-10-22

Summary Proverb

2007-10-22 :: david@davidmaister.com (David (Maister))

We will close this series with a proverb that I use to conclude many of my seminars. It illustrates that what most businesses need, is not clarification on what is the right thing to do, but the courage to not give in to short term gratification.…


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Earning a Relationship

2007-10-08 :: david@davidmaister.com (David (Maister))

One of my views of the world is that everything we want must be given to us by another human being. So weather it is about getting our staff to cooperate with us,or to get clients to entrust us with business,We must learn to earn relationships.…


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2007-09-24 :: david@davidmaister.com (David (Maister))

In this video clip we're going to look at the issue of energy, excitement, and ambition in a different way and talk about the different states of drive that you and I might experience at different stages of our career.…


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Think of Work

2007-09-10 :: david@davidmaister.com (David (Maister))

A core proposition in my way of thinking about business development is that you will have more success if you're trying to market things that turn you on for clients that you are truly interested in.…


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Getting Hired by New Clients

2007-08-27 :: david@davidmaister.com (David (Maister))

In this video clip, we explore how you can win business from a non-client who is looking around and talking to many providers…


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Experts vs. Advisors

2007-08-13 :: david@davidmaister.com (David (Maister))

In the marketing of professional services, you can come across in one of two ways to the buyer. You are either interested in them, or you are interested in their cash. We will show why the former is the key to successful business marketing.…


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Marketing To Existing Clients

2007-07-30 :: david@davidmaister.com (David (Maister))

In this clip, we examine all of the places that marketing efforts can go. We make some very clear recommendations about where the priorities are.…


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Rules of Relationships

2007-07-23 :: david@davidmaister.com (David (Maister))

We all say we want relationships and we want to be good at romance, but we have not all thought through the actions and behaviors that a Necessary to create those things. In this video clip, we begin to explore the necessary skills.…


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Romance and Sincerity

2007-07-16 :: david@davidmaister.com (David (Maister))

In thinking about business development, there are two basic mindsets that must be distinguished. You can focus on the one night stand or you cant romance. get good a…


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How We Buy

2007-07-09 :: david@davidmaister.com (David (Maister))

The key to all marketing, selling, client service, and client relations questions is actually not about how do you market, or how do you sell. The thing that we need to understand is,…


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What We Hate About Those People

2007-07-02 :: david@davidmaister.com (David (Maister))

The key to giving your clients a great client experience is to understand what it feels like to be a client. In the following clip, we explore exactly that, by drawing on our common experience of being the patient of a doctor.…


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Where Should Marketing Time Go?

2007-06-25 :: david@davidmaister.com (David (Maister))

In this video clip, we're going to explore another example of how you go about investing in a relationship in order to get involved in more of the transactions in business that your client has, otherwise known as cross-selling or expanding a relationship.…


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2007-06-18 :: david@davidmaister.com (David (Maister))

In the following video we will make the case that, if the employees of an organization are to raise their performance, then logically what is required is that the managers must first be better at performing their role.…


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Managing Dad

2007-06-11 :: david@davidmaister.com (David (Maister))

In this clip we dig into the parallels between being an effective manager in the workplace and being an effective change agent within your family.…


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Using Language To Get What You Want

2007-06-04 :: david@davidmaister.com (David (Maister))

In business, performance appraisal or even out and out criticism supplants skillful use of language and careful presentation of issues and solutions. We will examine a story of exemplary language skills and note the various applications in business life.…


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Train a Pigeon

2007-05-28 :: david@davidmaister.com (David (Maister))

In this video, we’re going to explore the proposition that helping another human being to improve is a general process with general lessons which we can draw upon both from within business life and from our personal experiences outside work.…


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Getting Others to Give You What You Want

2007-05-21 :: david@davidmaister.com (David (Maister))

A crucial difference in our style in dealing with the world is whether we deal with other people as…


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How Managers Should Spend Their Time

2007-05-14 :: david@davidmaister.com (David (Maister))

Everyone agrees that professional groups need to be led by a player coach or a producer manager. But the balance between those roles is not always agreed even with in firms or within the group themselves.…


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2007-05-07 :: david@davidmaister.com (David (Maister))

In this video we are going to dig deep into the issue of excitement. Of how you ensure that in fact people bring to their work passion and excitement and enthusiasm. And the question is going to be not only about yourself but also the people around you.…


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Not Qualified to Manage

2007-04-30 :: david@davidmaister.com (David (Maister))

In the following video clip, I try to make the case that being an effective manager is not about knowledge, and is not even about skills, but that the crucial element in becoming an effective manager is entering into the role with the right set attitudes.…


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Managing Works

2007-04-23 :: david@davidmaister.com (David (Maister))

How can management, in a society of professionals, really be made to work? There are examples of fabulous management and coaching, in contrast to the sorts of management that we often see inside professional firms.…


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Fat Smoker

2007-04-16 :: david@davidmaister.com (David (Maister))

In business, very often we already know what we need to improve but we don't get around to tackling it. In this video, I suggest ways that we can actually improve our business by drawing upon what it takes to improve our personal lives.…


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Survey Results

2007-04-09 :: david@davidmaister.com (David (Maister))

In the year 2001, I did a study which resulted in a book called "Practice What You Preach", in which I studied 139 professional businesses around the world. This video clip shows the early results of that study.…


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Strategy is Standards

2007-04-02 :: david@davidmaister.com (David (Maister))

In order to succeed, a professional firm must have values, principles and standards. These should not exist as goals or aspirations, but as solid bottom lines that the professionals within the firm must live up to.…


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Profit Formula

2007-03-26 :: david@davidmaister.com (David (Maister))

In business many factors lead to ultimate financial and business success. The challenge is to identify which factors tend to drive other factors and hence, where you really should start to launch the sequence that leads to ultimate profitability.…


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Managing, Strategy, Business: David Maister Live videocast

Leading global consultant, business author, and former Harvard Business School professor David Maister presents a videocast of highlights from his speaking engagements covering his four main topic areas: Strategy, Management, Client Relations, and Careers.

Managing, Strategy, Business: David Maister Live videocast

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